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MP3: J-Star - "Real Recognize The Reel"

MP3: J-Star - "Real Recognize The Reel"

Courtesy M3W.

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MP3: Richie Wess f/ Verse Simmonds - "Put It Down"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: Richie Wess f/ Verse Simmonds - "Put It Down"

You've heard Richie Wess on one of his various collaborations with Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, 2 Pistols, and The Game. Richie Wess is heavy in the mixtape circuit and he has dropped 8 mixtapes with DJ Spinatik. In 2011 Richie's single "Shawty Is A Freak" ft. Sammie and Yung Dred peaked at #60 on the Billboard Top 100. As of current Richie Wess is preparing to take over the airwaves once again with his New Single “Put it Down” Ft. Def Jam Recording Artist Verse Simmonds!!!

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Video: Slum Village - "Reppin"

Video: Slum Village - "Reppin"

From Ty Cannon.

Music video by Slum Village performing Reppin'.

Video: DubbleOO - "The World We Live In"

From Audible Treats:

Video: DubbleOO - "The World We Live In"

As DubbleOO continues to build towards the online release of his latest mixtape Beast Mode, Vol. 2, an effort that will precede his own sophomore solo album, in addition to a joint album with Bay Area rapper The Jacka, he's today giving fans the chance to check out the video for "The World We Live In," pulled from his recent Beast Mode, Vol. 1 mixtape.

MP3: SUN - "Demonstration"

From J Melo:

MP3: SUN - "Demonstration"

Following the release of his "Tunnel Vision" mixtape and MTV featured video "Round & Round" with Slim Thug, SUN returns with a new single titled "Demonstration" produced by Mayhem.

This track actually world premiered on 40 Glocc's new mixtape, "Seedz of Makaveli" which is available here:
MP3: B.O.B.G. f/ Juvenile - "I Am Paid"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: B.O.B.G. f/ Juvenile - "I Am Paid"




"I Am Paid"

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Rap & Religion: Understanding The Gangstas God by Dr. Ebony Utley

From Brett & Top Notch:

Rap & Religion: Understanding The Gangstas God by Dr. Ebony Utley

Amazon - Rap and Religion: Understanding the Gangsta's God

     Rap and Religion: Understanding the Gangsta’s God (Available from Praeger, June 30, 2012) tackles a sensitive and controversial topic: the juxtaposition—and seeming hypocrisy—of references to God within rap music. Hip hop culture and rap music in particular have been condemned for inciting violence, promoting misogyny, and perpetuating racial stereotypes. However, Dr. Ebony A. Utley argues that religion has always been an integral part of the urban environments that birthed rap music and she shows exactly how a God-sanctioned gangsta identity can be empowering. Dr. Utley sources lyrics, videos, award acceptance speeches, magazine and website content, liner notes, and survey data to provide an enlightening, representative account of how and why rappers talk about God.


"Rap and Religion is elegant, compelling, and desperately needed. Utley’s bracing exploration of the godly and divine in rap music illuminates new, powerful, and poignant intersections between the politics of religion, race, gender, and commerce. A remarkable scholarly achievement, and a gift to hip hop fans everywhere."
- Michael P. Jeffries, Author of Thug Life
"A close reading of mainstream hip hop lyrics and artists of the last three decades Rap and Religion uncovers the place where God, spirituality, and Christianity meet. Hip hop aficionados have long proclaimed that hip hop is a culture. If this is true, what is its spiritual philosophy? Ebony Utley offers a persuasive answer."
- Bakari Kitwana, Author of The Hip-Hop Generation
"The intellectual range with which Utley explores the spiritual contours of rap and hip hop are perhaps only matched by the vocalic range of the lyricism she examines. In this fascinating, thought-provoking, experience-driven, and often encyclopedic journey through hip hop's multifaceted legacies, Utley makes a compelling case about rap and hip hop's spiritual relevance, leaving us both breathless and reenergized."
- Ronald L. Jackson II, Author of Scripting the Black Masculine Body

Video: High Times Interviews @SmokeDZA + Harry Fraud

From Nature Sounds:

Video: High Times Interviews Smoke DZA + Harry Fraud

Rugby Thompson, the highly anticipated full-length collaboration between Harlem rapper Smoke DZA and rising hitmaker Harry Fraud, hits stores everywhere today.  To celebrate, High Times caught up with the two certified stoners to discuss some of their smoking habits and preferences - including weed's role in Harry's beat-making process, DZA's thoughts on performing while high, and more.  The duo will be both judging and performing at the 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco on June 23rd.

New Audio: G.Huff & Vice Souletric - "Are We There Yet?"

From Matt B:

New Audio: G.Huff & Vice Souletric - "Are We There Yet?"

G. Huff and Vice Souletric have quickly become two of the most respected new Hip-Hop artists to come out the Midwest. The Ohio MC/Producer duo made waves in 2011 with their debut album, Where Do We Go From Here?, which featured a who's who of talent such as Guilty Simpson, REKS, Termanology, and more. In addition, Vice will have production on upcoming albums from Scarface, Reek Da Villian and others in 2012.

As a duo G.Huff and Vice are now set to follow up with a new EP, Are We There Yet?, a carefully crafted masterpiece packed with lyricism, soul, and energy. It’s a recipe the duo knows how to cook up so well! Not only do Huff and Vice receive the co-signs of hip hop legends Pete Rock and Scarface (who grace the intro track of Are We There Yet?), they create their own lane with an original sound that is unique yet universal enough for all to enjoy!

Included is the title track for G.Huff & Vice Souletric’s Are We There Yet? EP: .

PR: "Being Beastie" Cancer Benefit September 7th (@dtr45)

From Julianna @ DTR45:

Announcing "Being Beastie" | Cancer Benefit Event | September 7, 2012

The ground in Buffalo is still shaking following the highly successful event, "Being BIG", a hip hop karaoke-inspired, cancer awareness-raising benefit and tribute held this past March. On Friday September 7th at DBGB, longtime local producer-promoters Damon Bodine and Tony Caferro are teaming up to bring you round two of this dynamic fundraiser, and this time around they're calling it "Being Beastie".

Following his diagnosis and now remission of Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer, Damon Bodine has dedicated his life to promoting blood cancer awareness. "We want to raise as much money for leukemia and lymphoma and create another positive event that contributes to the nightlife of Buffalo, New York" states Bodine. The long time WNY concert mogul has completed several half marathons this year, all leading up to his participation in the 26.2 mile NYC Marathon on November 4.

DTR founder Tony Caferro adds "Being BIG was so successful that we wanted to figure out where to go with it next. In the wake of Beastie Boys founder MCA's untimely passing after his own bout with cancer, Damon and I both agreed it was a good time to pay tribute to one of the most popular musical groups in history… and Being Beastie was born".

100% of the proceeds from Being Beastie will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Who can't get behind that? Everyone knows at least one classic or contemporary Beastie Boys song. Find a couple friends and sign up to be a featured onstage vocalist with local heroes Rhubarb and DJ Cutler, who will be provided the backing Beastie Boys track of your choice. You can even rehearse with them beforehand and steal the show!

Being Beastie. September 7. Doors open at Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar at 10pm, $5 cover. For more information, visit or

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