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Audio: Bobby @VACapri "Lindsay Lohan" @MacMediaPromo

New Audio: Bobby Capri "Lindsay Lohan"

Courtesy Matt B.

Bobby Capri grew up as part of a nomadic family, relocating from rural Oregon to Alabama’s capital city of Montgomery. “We used to be the poor family. In Montgomery, everybody was poor,” he admits today. Living in the lower class and living in the south, Bobby Capri watched the No Limit Records tanks on his television and enlisted himself to express himself by writing rhymes.

In the years that followed, Bobby Capri channeled his energies into music and no matter the challenging circumstances he was facing at home, he injected humor and humility into his Everyman themes, accented with skillful wordplay. “I pulled from childhood. My stories are real, and its little observations, but I try to put humor on it. I’m not as super deep as a Macklemore or a Kendrick [Lamar], but it’s just slick-ass lines.” Easy to relate to, Bobby Capri built an audience slowly, and he never shied away from an opportunity to perform.

Having spent his recent years in Virginia, the studio stalwart cliqued with a number of producers in the area and began producing content at a staggering rate. Capri’s catalog highlights include The Blur 1 & 2, Ray Bans & Cardigans, The 27 Club and the forthcoming Instant Gratification. The 27 Club won many new fans for Bobby, as the 27-track CD was inspired by the litany of celebrity deaths that happen at 27. Fleshed-out concepts like this prove that Bobby researches his witticisms and lyrics. “Before I lay my vocals, my lines are fact-checked and Googled” he notes.

With the recent viral success of “Rent’s Due” (now nearing seven-figures on YouTube) Bobby admits that his philosophy is to give music to the fans in order too build a long-term relationship. “I love givin’ it away. The music speaks for itself, as people respect talent. How many times will somebody at a gas station try to sell you a CD for $5. If they can’t sell it, you never hear it, and what good does that do?”

Instant Gratification continues Bobby Capri’s focus on theme. “I’m big on enjoying every moment you get. The future is imaginary; tomorrow doesn’t exist. The whole concept is to do what makes you happy, every day life provides enough obstacles for us and sometimes we just want to zone out like Lindsay Lohan.”

DL Link to Bobby Capri’s “Lindsay Lohan”: http://soundcloud.com/macmediapromo/bobby-capri-lindsay-lohan .

New Free LP: @dahLak "Of No Consequence" (@MacMediaPromo)

New Free LP: dahLak "Of No Consequence"

Courtesy Matt B.

“I’m living in a world with no consequences” Sacramento emcee/producer dahLak describes the cultural landscape he’s found himself in. In rap, you can have far more drinks than hangovers. You can f*ck with no strings attached and spend with no worries. No health problems will ensue, the money grows on trees. Fantasy is fun! Right?

The problem is it’s not easy to leave; as dahLak articulates with his pre-album mixtape Of No Consequence. It’s too fun, it sounds so good. You can party to it, it’s sexy and seductive and it confirms what we all want to believe. And for those good times, those great moments, those high-points, it has its purpose. It obviously can’t last, but while it’s here, don’t think to hard about it. After all, it is Of No Consequence.

Video: @BlackLung69 - Pass Me the Blunt (@KoshaDillz)

Video: Black Lung - Pass Me the Blunt

Courtesy Kosha Dillz.

Black Lung hails from the midwest but gets a chance to relocate to LA and Indianapolis where he filmed this video in a hotel rager atmosphere. Take notice that he is polite when asking for his hip hop neccessities (the blunt). The midwest trapper has recently done a tour with Riff Raff, and rocked shows with Sash Go Hard, Kid Ink and Sash Go Hard to name a few.

Music By Small Professor: "Cool Haiku, Pro" (@SmallPro)

Music By Small Professor: "Cool Haiku, Pro"

Courtesy SP.

"Cool Haiku, Pro" is Small Professor's second instrumental project in two months, a quick follow up to his well-received "Cool Story, Pro" album. Clocking in at a brisk 7 minutes and change, it continues its predecessor's chopped soul sample/ boom bap-y drums blueprint with more of a focus on groove and song structure. Oh, and the song titles form a haiku...naturally.

Stream/purchase "Cool Haiku, Pro" here on bandcamp: http://smallprofessor.bandcamp.com/album/cool-haiku-pro .

Video: @RealTitoLopez - Options (Venting Session #7)

Video: Tito Lopez - Options (Venting Session #7)

Courtesy Capitol/EMI.

Usually a series of audio thoughts, Tito Lopez steps in front the camera to deliver his latest venting session.

New Video: @KreForch "My Life" (@QTheQuestion)

New Video: Kre Forch "My Life"

Courtesy Quinton H.

Philadelphia hip-hop artist Kre Forch is back with his new video "MY Life". On his grind as always building the buzz he currently has in the streets felt it was only right to smash the net with another visual.

Audio: Par-City's "Fuck With Me" (@GiFtheGreat @WillyDope)

Audio: Par-City's "Fuck With Me"

As debuted this past Saturday on Shade 45 / Sirius 's VIP Saturdays with Da Union's DJ Self, Kimmi Cupcakes, and Da Union's DJ Superstar Jay, Check out the latest release from Par-city entitled "Fuck with Me." The track is produced by Tom Davids. Listen as Par-City shares life lessons on how they have dealt with their share of haters and how important it is to keep positivity in your immediate circle as well as your mindset. "Even at my lowest, i'm feeling rather heroic," says GiF. Follow them on twitter @GiFtheGreat @WillyDope.

DIRTY - http://www.audiomack.com/song/par-city/fuck-with-me-no-more .
CLEAN - http://www.audiomack.com/song/par-city/fuck-with-me-no-more-clean .
Video: @JTBiggaFigga "Rocket Ship" (@PRDean)

Video: JT The Bigga Figga "Rocket Ship"

Courtesy PR Dean.


Video: @Vinnie_Paz, @Pacewon and BMX pro Edwin De La Rosa @GreenHipHop

Video: Vinnie Paz, Pacewon and BMX pro Edwin De La Rosa

Courtesy Mr. Green.

"The latest episode of Live From The Streets is unlike any other featuring more ambition, more souls, and more artists per measure than any other episode. From Jedi Mind Tricks to BMX, Mr. Green mixes magic in his lab."

Press Release: @SoulKhan "Psalm EP"

Press Release: Soul Khan "Psalm EP"

Courtesy SK.

If you've been following me on Facebook, you know that I asked everybody to send artwork considerations for the Psalm EP. We got a lot of great submissions over the last few weeks, thanks to all who submitted! I'm proud to say that Riki Takaoka delivered the winning submission.

(Video coming in two weeks, EP coming mid-December)

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