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Tuesday September 02, 2014
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[There Is Only Now] Returning from Montezuma with revenge on their minds!

Souls of Mischief Review

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MP3: Ace Reporter - "Pepsicosign"

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Ace Reporter - "Pepsicosign"

Ace to Unveil Live Show, Releases Single From threesixfive Project EPs

The Song:

Ace Reporter dedicated himself to making music in 2010, immersing himself in the monumental threesixfive project. In 2011 he is bringing the music from the bedroom to stages of the city, starting February 17th with his first live show at Cameo Gallery.

In addition to hitting the stage, Ace Reporter is happy to be hitting speakers with the release of a new single from his Lean Honey Lean EP. The electro-laced single, “Pepsicosign,” combines a haze of dirty synths with an infectious, hard hitting backline. Set against the backdrop of Long Island City’s famed Pepsi-Cola sign, the heartfelt narrative finds Ace imagining leaving the city in search of a better life in which he’s a “luckier man” working in a “buttercup bank,” only to realize that he already has everything he’ll ever need: his friends and loved ones. “I tell you softly to believe” sings Ace, “in people, language, and in me.” Believe in Ace Reporter and download ‘Pepsicosign” today.

Download Ace Reporter - "Pepsicosign": .

In case you missed it, download the Sleepyhead EP: .

The Background:

In 1986 a young Ace Reporter (also born as Chris Snyder) saw Itzhak Perlman playing violin on Sesame Street and became enamored with the world of classical music. A few years later, Ace landed his first gig as a singer as the boy soprano on the soundtrack for The Crow. His voice appeared in dozens of movies, TV shows and commercials throughout the course of the next several years. An electric guitar and a creative spark led Ace from recording tracks in his garage to forming The States in 2002, a band he spent 7 years with, releasing 3 albums and playing over 300 shows. With The States on permanent hiatus, the threesixfive project was born in Brooklyn in 2010 and can be found in its entirety here: .

Video: Medusa - "Choclet Giddy Up"

From Ballin' PR:

Video: Medusa - "Choclet Giddy Up"

MP3: Rick Ross f/ Meek Mill - "Perfectionist"

From M3W:

MP3: Rick Ross f/ Meek Mill - "Perfectionist"

* *

PR: Nic Paper Releases Debut Street Album & Music Video

From Yo! PR:

Nic Paper Releases Debut Street Album & Music Video

VIDEO: Nic Paper - Cash It Or Plastic (YouTube) .

MIXTAPE: Nic Paper - Cash It Or Plastic (LiveMixtapes) .

Aspiring Hip-Hop freshman Nic Paper is thrilled to present his much-buzzed music video and debut project "Cash It Or Plastic", via Atlanta-based production company Chartcontrol.

"Cash It Or Plastic" is the stunning title track from the East St. Louis youngster’s street album of the same name, hosted by turntable heavyweight DJ Teknikz, which is now available at and />
The critically acclaimed debut effort is a musically-rich work that showcases Nic Paper’s originalist style while breaking new sonic ground with his “pretty boy thug” appeal, rebellious nature, and special magnetic charm.

Nic Paper, born Nic Garner, is the fist artist signed to Isaac "Ike Dirty" Hayes III’s (son of iconic R&B legend Isaac Hayes) Atlanta-based production company Chartcontrol. With such a strong backing, the aspiring rhymespitter is positioned for success with a powerful team that navigates his career in the music industry. Chartcontrol is responsible for producing hits for today’s stars in urban music, including, "Money In The Bank" for rapper Lil Scrappy featuring Young Buck.

As a native of East Saint Louis, one of the most crime-stricken areas in the Midwest, Nic Paper faced a life threatening situation at age 17, when he was sliced in the head with a fixed blade pocket knife, while attending a local party at a hotel. The brawl almost resulted in his death, but instead left him with 32 stitches. This wake-up call inspired Nic to change his life’s direction, and at 18, he became more serious about a career as a recording artist.

"Nic is the perfect storm," his mentor Ike Dirty elaborates. "He has all of the elements of what a superstar is; the look, the lyrical ability, and  the marketability."

Often compared to the likes of T.I., because of his charismatic persona, Nic Paper exemplifies the “It” factor needed to inspire the male fans to want to be like him, and the charm to entice the female fans to want to be with him.

Nic Paper sites T.I., Jay-Z, Gucci Mane and Nas as inspirations for their real and uncut deliveries, and is adamant that future fans will be inspired by him.

"When the world thinks of me, I want them to think of genuine music, and get a feel for who I really am," Nic says. "My hood has never been represented properly."

The perfect look, the perfect sound, the perfect team, equals a lethal combination creating the perfect storm for Nic Paper to become the East Saint Louis hometown hero.



Official: .
Twitter: .
Facebook: .
Reverbnation: .
MySpace: .

Mixtape: Kay Slay & Slim Dymes - "Who the F Is Slim Dymes"

From BF Blasts:

Mixtape: Kay Slay & Slim Dymes - "Who the F Is Slim Dymes"

* *




Video: Wes Coas f/ International O - "Hater Auction"

From J. Melo:

Video: Wes Coas f/ International O - "Hater Auction"

MP3: Unk - "Wiggle"

From BF Blasts and E1 Music:

MP3: Unk - "Wiggle"

MP3 .

MP3: Missy Burton - "Free to Be Me"

From M3W:

MP3: Missy Burton - "Free to Be Me"

* *

MP3: Savant f/ R.J. & Technique - "Cypher Pas De Trois"

From Savant a/k/a Stanstro:

MP3: Savant f/ R.J. & Technique - "Cypher Pas De Trois"

Check point 3 of 2011... location: Chicago. Savant heads home and tabs the rising southside tandem R.J. & Technique for his most recent #CrashCourse leak, the "Cypher Pas De Trois". Forging a homage of sorts to one of hip hop's cornerstones, the cypher, the 3 emcees seamlessly trade bars over a beat box based, eargasm of an instrumental laced by Vancouver's rising sun, Ebrahim aka EebSoFresh

Stream and download "Cypher Pas De Trois" (prod. by EebSoFresh) HERE:
Song Title: Cypher Pas De Trois
Producer: EebSoFresh
Vocals: Savant, R.J. and Technique

Video: K.V.O. DaGreat - "Head Head" Instructional Video

From Kinfolk Kia Shine:

Video: K.V.O. DaGreat - "Head Head" Instructional Video

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