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Wednesday March 04, 2015
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[Soul Veggies] It's good AND good for you.

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Mixtape: Brisco - "21 Jump Street"

From Poe Boy Music:

Mixtape: Brisco - "21 Jump Street"

* *

01. Intro feat. Billy Blue & Jase of Kulture Shock
02. Bitch I'm Paid
03. Baller feat. Figgie McKnight
04. Promise
05. Fuck Nigga Free (FNF) feat. Cadilac
06. Dope Boy feat. Mike Bless & Ball Greezy
07. Keep It 100 feat. Charles Reed
08. Imma Dog feat. Ronnie
09. By Your Side feat. Jade & Lil' Wayne
10. Miami feat. Rick Ross & Billy Blue
11. Oh Lord feat. Rodney Cash
12. Welcome To The Club
13. Bird Boy feat. Birdman & Mack Maine
14. Invitation feat. Shonie & J Martin
15. Out Of My Mind feat. Ghost Wridah
16. My Turn feat. Mike Bless
17. Goon feat. Billy Blue
18. Face Down feat. Trav Falcone


R.I.P. Gil Scott-Heron

From Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) -- The author of the song "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" - which helped pioneer sounds that would fuse to become rap - has died in New York City. Musician Gil Scott-Heron was 62.

A friend who answered the telephone listed for his Manhattan recording company confirms he died Friday afternoon at a hospital. Doris C. Nolan says he died after becoming sick upon returning from a European trip.

Scott-Heron recorded "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" in the 1970s in Harlem.

He mixed minimalistic percussion and spoken-word performances tinged with politics in a style he sometimes referred to as bluesology. He recorded more than a dozen albums and wrote a handful of books.

Scott-Heron was born in Chicago on April 1, 1949. He was raised in Jackson, Tenn.


Video: Louie Gonz - "Paradise Plottin" (prod. Cosmo)

From J-Ronin:

Video: Louie Gonz - "Paradise Plottin" (prod. Cosmo)

Paradise Plottin' download
Bonus Freestyle download

Video: Drums & Ammo & DaVinci - "Round Me" (Prod. by Al Jieh)

From Audible Treats:

Video: Drums & Ammo & DaVinci - "Round Me" (Prod. by Al Jieh)

The virtuoso producers behind Drums & Ammo are happy to announce the release of their latest video, this one for the song "'Round Me." The fourth music video from their instrumental debut album, Vol. 1, which was released for free last month, displays the talents of the collective's fourth member, Al Jieh. Listeners might remmeber this song from DaVinci's debut album last year, The Day The Turf Stood Still. "This beat was always one of my favorites--real straight-forward, hard shit--so I wanted to include the beat on the instrumental album. On top of that, I always wanted to do a video for this song when TDTTSS came out, but we never got a chance to," explains Al Jieh, expanding on the Drums & Ammo video series, by adding, "We're not content with just being beat-makers; we're producers. That's why all of the music videos for an insturmental album showcase the finished song."

Arguably the darkest single in the series, "'Round Me" is a dourly realistic visual. The video, directed by D&A's REL (Ariel Nuñez), was shot partly in the middle of San Francisco's Chinatown. "DaVinci always talks about 'hustling hard, like an immigrant,'" says Al Jieh. "Chinatown is all hustlers, and it's a big part of San Francisco history. REL thought it would be fitting to also have him in front of a the US flag mural out there, because there's no bigger hustlers than our government." Adding to the theme, director REL also captured other iconic symbols of hustle, so he pieced in scenes of SF's Financial District. Indeed, it was, as DaVinci's whispery flow and the video's shadowy slow-mo shots ultimately compliment Al Jieh's haunted instrumental perfectly.

Next month, Drums & Ammo will be dropping an EP that will serve as a supplement to Vol. 1 and will include the songs that have been featured as a part of the instrumental album's music video series, and more.

Video: Poe Rilla - "We Bomb"

Video: Poe Rilla - "We Bomb"

Video: Andre 'Gitt' Brown - "My Pain"

From BF Blasts:

Video: Andre 'Gitt' Brown - "My Pain"

MP3: Nicki Minaj - "Catch Me"

Video: Lil B (Thank You Based God) - "Justin Bieber"

Video: Lil B (Thank You Based God) - "Justin Bieber"

This Is My Rifle: Lil Wayne Isn't the Only Alien Among Us

From Web Since 1982:

This Is My Rifle: Lil Wayne Isn't the Only Alien Among Us

For the past few years there has been no question in my mind that has puzzled me more than the question of whether we are alone in the universe or not. As an intelligent, open-minded and freethinking individual (or so I like to believe), I often allow myself to consider a number of possibilities when searching for a solution to a problem. But when it comes to the topic of extra-terrestrial beings I’ve always been fairly skeptical, which for somebody like myself who believes in secret societies and what are generally perceived as being outlandish conspiracies is beyond unusual. Surely if I believe that there is a secret Illuminist agenda to control every aspect of human life, the idea that visitors from a distant solar system wouldn’t be too far of a stretch.

For some reason the thought of Earth being contacted by alien life forms always seemed unlikely to me. Maybe it was all the years of watching movies about inter-stellar space battles or the fact that everybody who believed in aliens seemed to be nutjobs who were unbelievably disconnected from reality, but I just couldn’t realistically conclude that there was indeed a connection between us and a civilization from another planet.

Then a few months ago I became determined to conduct my own investigation into the matter and educate myself on the truth behind the numerous accounts of UFO sightings and alien/human contact. What I immediately found was that the evidence of extra-terrestrials having been to planet Earth and even maintaining contact with us was overwhelming, and I am now convinced that it’s not just a slight possibility but it’s unquestionably valid.


Video: Trina Talks About 25 Most Influential Southern Rappers

Video: Trina Talks About 25 Most Influential Southern Rappers

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