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Saturday November 01, 2014
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[Run the Jewels 2] Don't cry.

Run the Jewels Review

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MP3: Black Titanium - "5 Mics"

From Who Got Next:

MP3: Black Titanium - "5 Mics"

* *

Introducing one of the hottest up and coming song writers/hip hop artists on the new york circuit. Yes, the lyrical genius: "black titanium". Possessing some of the most deadliest word-play, and some the hottest punch-lines, "black titanium" is a force to be recon with.

Some might even consider "black titanium" to be hypocritical, where subject matter is concerned; but on the other side of the same token, "black titanium's" creative writing ability shows the mark of a true genius, stopping listeners, dead in their tracks, when it comes time to categorize him.

Clearly painting pictures of art (hip hop), in the form of freedom of expression: boldly going, where many "rappers" have no heart to go; "black titanium" is clearly a run-a-way train, without breaks. Giving the opposition a very good reason to want to put a stop to his journey. But with skillz like "black titanium's", it is obvious, that he is supposed to rise. But it is also clear, that anyone who steps in his way, will get posterized.

PR: New Artist From Alabama - Yung Kris

From ArtistPR:

New Artist From Alabama - Yung Kris

Christian ”Yung Kris” Anderson was born in Birmingham, Al on February 27, 1991. At a young age Chris had a love for music, his favorite song being Kris Kross’s hit “Jump”, which is where he gets his stage name from. By the age of 8 Chris was writing his own songs, from there he knew he had a gift. When Chris turned 12, he and his cousin Marcus “TruStaxx” Anderson began recording music. Staxx was producer and Chris was the rapper and from that they began recording song after song.

By the age of 14, Chris learned how to produce from Marcus and began producing his own songs. During Chris’s senior year of high school is when people really started to notice him as an artist. The summer after his first year of college he released his first mixtape “Yung & Restless” which made him an instant hit among the people because of his realness, his catchy hooks, and his drive to want to be the greatest.

Now at age 19, Chris has guest appeared on many different tracks from tracks from Alabama, Delaware, and California. Now he is building up a catalog as not only a rapper/singer/songwriter but now as a producer also. Chris is now gearing up for the release of his second mixtape “Forever Yung.” His self-produced first single is “Top of the World” which is making a big impact all over the internet.

* *

Video: JFK & Mac Miller - "17" (prod. Statik Selektah)

From High Dok:

Video: JFK & Mac Miller - "17" (prod. Statik Selektah)

Video: Singapore Kane f/ DJ Grazzhoppa - "Dividends"

From BurntMD:

Video: Singapore Kane f/ DJ Grazzhoppa - "Dividends"

MP3: Virtuoso - "Statue" (prod. Sicknature)

From Big Bang Records:

MP3: Virtuoso - "Statue" (prod. Sicknature)

    Lyrical legend Virtuoso and production powerhouse Snowgoons team up for another classic collaboration. This fan favorite cut off of Snowgoons latest LP "Kraftwerk" (available now on Goon Muzik / Ihiphop Distribution) is produced by Denmark musical mastermind Sicknature. Virtuoso tears this track into tiny pieces with his trademark verbal acrobatics over a rock solid boom-bap backdrop. One of the best selling tracks in Snowgoons and Virtuoso's respective careers this song has been setting fire to speakers across the globe. The video is in the works and should be coming your way shortly. Check it out and support that real hip-hop!

    Download Available at: or .

    or any of the 14 backup links available via: .

Video: Donwill f/ Nicky Guiland - "Breathe"

From Audible Treats:

Video: Donwill f/ Nicky Guiland - "Breathe"

MP3: DJ Flaco - "Wrapped Around My Finger" & More

From DJ Blast:

MP3: "Wrapped Around My Finger" & More

* *
* *

PR: Chuck D "By the Time I Got to Arizona" Fine Art Piece

From Dunn Deal PR:

Chuck D "By the Time I Got to Arizona" Fine Art Piece

Each canvas in the series measures 60 by 33 inches, but the statement each makes looms way larger. Arizona’s SB 1070 law, which many feel encourages police to racially profile Latinos, takes America a large step towards fascism. Ultimately, the decision to allow America to turn on the come-one-come-all philosophy that once made it the most progressive country in the world rests with we, the people. And it is the people whose minds Chuck D seeks to move with By The Time I Got To Arizona, his limited edition fine art collaboration with notorious Los Angeles creativity house SceneFour that was released to the public March 4th and has rapidly become their fastest-selling piece in a line of artwork that includes collaborations with RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan and Bootsy Collins. “This statement of artwork is maybe reminding people that they gotta have more of a voice,” says Chuck. “We can’t rely on the people who are scrutinized – quote unquote ‘illegal immigrants’ – to speak up, because they’re terrified by some sort of terror law that has been enacted upon human beings. And the United States has bogarted their territory under the Manifest Destiny principle which basically doesn’t speak to human development as far as sharing the planet. Where do we go with that? Make a statement in art, and hope that they will stick.”

Few figures in music are better suited to tackle this topic than Chuck D. From the moment he stepped on the world stage in the ‘80s with Public Enemy he has crusaded relentlessly in the name of America’s oppressed. Arizona in particular has drawn Chuck’s ire in the past, from Public Enemy’s 1991 song “By The Time I Get To Arizona” which slams the state for not recognizing Martin Luther King Jr Day, to last year’s “Tear Down That Wall”, the musical counterpart to the art piece. Chuck stresses, however, that he doesn’t consider Arizonians bad people. “I think [all this] is a coincidence over the last 25 years. For years [Arizona] was a refuge for a lot of people to take their attitudes, build a space apart from each other, and just go down there in a different type of climate and kinda sit still without having to capitulate to other beliefs, just like a lot of places in the West. So I think a lot of those beliefs happened to travel with people wanting to get out of areas where they didn’t really feel like living with people as much. It was a latter-day coincidence that Arizona turns into the Alabama of now. Arizona is a beautiful state, people know it’s beautiful. I think the people who are actually taking these attitudes in the wrong places, they actually know it’s beautiful too and they want to keep it.”

Each canvas in this limited series of 300 is signed and numbered by Chuck, comes with an authenticity placard, and bears an aerosol stencil of the Public Enemy logo. Hidden within the piece are more than 30 various figures, lyrics, and messages for viewers to find, making it an artifact that reveals itself fully over time. Visit or for more details.

MP3/Album: Buddy Love Project - "5454 A.D."

From BF Blasts:

MP3/Album: Buddy Love Project - "5454 A.D."

* *

07 IM SO

* *

MP3: Shadow Woods - "Globetrotter"

From M3W:

MP3: Shadow Woods - "Globetrotter"

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