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MP3: Knoc-Turn'Al "Rock the Party" (Prod. By Scott Storch)

MP3: Knoc-Turn'Al "Rock the Party" (Prod. By Scott Storch)

Courtesy of J. Melo.

Artist: Knoc-turn'al
Song: Rock the Party
Producer: Scott Storch
Label: Treacherous Records/Hoopla Worldwide

Song link:

People can buy Knoc's latest release "Knoc's Ville" digitally here:
MP3: Roach Gigz - "Got 'Em Like (Styrofoam Cup Session)"

MP3: Roach Gigz - "Got 'Em Like (Styrofoam Cup Session)" (Prod. By Zodiac)

Courtesy: Audible Treats.

Producer For The Weeknd Partners With Roach, Southern Hospitality For New Remix

Critical Praise for Roach Gigz:

"Here’s to the new age of rap. And Roach Gigz. Who is awesome." - The FADER

The Video:

Roach Gigz has kept fans plenty busy over the past few weeks. First came the "Stupid (Remix)," featuring Husalah and Lil B. Next, the release of Roach's debut EP, Bitch, I'm A Player, followed last week with the release of his video for "F A Chorus," shot and directed by Kreayshawn. Now, with more BIAP videos forthcoming, Roach has teamed up with the good folks over at Southern Hospitality, to take fans back a little, with a remix from Roachy Balboa 2 fan favorite "Got 'Em Like."

The remix, officially titled "Got 'Em Like (Styrofoam Cup Session)," comes courtesy of Canadian producer Zodiac, best known for his work producing for The Weeknd, including House Of Balloons favorites "What You Need," "The Party & The After Party," and "Loft Music." And his work remixing Roach proves just as enjoyable. Or as Southern Hospitality co-founder Davey Boy Smith puts it, "We didn't expect [Zodiac] to tap so deeply into [Roach Gigz'] very real love for under-the-counter cough mixture. But that's exactly what he did, in this gritty, overflowing, potent reinvention."

Download Roach Gigz' latest remix here: .

Video: Chain Swangaz - "Don't U Want Me Babee?"

Video: Chain Swangaz - "Don't U Want Me Babee?"

From Sophie @ Grubman PR.

Video: Styles P f/ Jadakiss - "It's Ok"

Video: Styles P f/ Jadakiss - "It's Ok"

Courtesy: Chris @ E1.

MP3: Kyle Rapps - "Streets Move On" (Air Redux)

MP3: Kyle Rapps - "Streets Move On" (Air Redux)

Courtesy: Audible Treats.

Second Single From On Air Offers Stoned, Stoic Take On Street Life

The Song:

Kyle Rapps is back, this time with the second single from his forthcoming mixtape On Air. For the Harlem-based rapper's latest project, Kyle enlisted producer and long-time collaborator Nate G, who flips samples from legendary French electronic band Air, while Kyle also called on a few friends for guest appearances, including Talib Kweli, for the previously released single "Universe Traveler," along with C-Rayz Walz and recent collaborators KRS-One and Homeboy Sandman.

For this new single, however, Kyle goes for dolo with "Streets Move On," a track that carries the soul of the streets, while not shying away from its harsh realities in a way that allows it to transcend what has become so typical of rappers discussing street life. "I was daydreaming and got stoned off my imagination," explains Kyle. "I imagined a painting showing various cliches, each dealing with the harsh realities of city life. Then I thought to myself, Wouldn't it be dope if you could put this painting in reverse?" Nate G's production on the track - a straight ahead drum beat, serving as a bed for industrial and synth loops from Air's song "Mike Mills" - allows Kyle's vivid imagery to play the forefront as he raps, "A jungle's a jungle by any other name/ We pray, and stumble and struggle another day," and pulls everything together with a chorus, more catchy than most given the deep subject matter, built around the repeating line, "the streets move on with out you, money."

Download "Streets Move On" here: .

The Background:

By age 20, Princeton, New Jersey native Kyle Rapps started winning poetry slams in NYC with a concept-strong, socially sharp raw hip-hop delivery. Once he graduated from Rutgers University, he had already opened for big name acts like Wyclef Jean, Fat Joe, Talib Kweli and Dead Prez with his group, Thought Breakers. And once he decided to change his name to Kyle Rapps, he was getting ready to release the single "Love, Love" with KRS-One and Homeboy Sandman, which eventually went on to reach #1 on the college radio charts for hip-hop. Now, fresh off his critically acclaimed EP, RE-Edutainment, which features Joell Ortiz and KRS-One, and production from Kev Brown, Kyle has put together a new concept project called On Air, which samples from one of his favorite artists, the French-electro DJ duo, Air. The album features Talib Kweli and C-Rayz Walz, along with previous artists like KRS-One and Homeboy Sandman, and will be released this summer.

MP3: Yelawolf f/ Lil Jon - "Hard White (Up in the Club)"

MP3: Yelawolf f/ Lil Jon - "Hard White (Up in the Club)"

Courtesy of Big Dev.

* *

Video: MonkeyBarz Freestyle Cypher, Episode 3 (Chicago)

Video: MonkeyBarz Freestyle Cypher, Episode 3 (Chicago)

From Wanja Lange.

MP3: Hassaan Mackey - "Something" (prod. Apollo Brown)

MP3: Hassaan Mackey - "Something" (prod. Apollo Brown)

From Mello Music Group.

Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown are sharing the final single from the Daily Bread album, the introspective "Something."  The chemistry between Apollo Brown and Hassaan Mackey are undeniable, fans and critics alike have spoken loud and clear, singing praises for the recently released album.  In an album that is characterized by it's gritty sound and raw raps, "Something" is a reflective song about love, memories, loss, and pain.
The heartfelt chorus echos through a filter with surprising emotional power drawn from the truth of the lyrical content being delivered by Hassaan:
"Lose my mind to the memory of you / makes me think of all the sh*t we been through / Lose my mind to the thought of you / of you." 
Apollo combines the solid 1-2 hard snare with a crackling record, light chimes, and swirling strings.
Free Download:
Daily Bread (Apollo Brown & Hassaan Mackey) "Something": .
Support The New Album:
Daily Bread CD Buy-Link: .
Daily Bread iTunes Buy-Link: .

MP3: NoraLynn Rowe f/ Tity Boi (2 Chainz) - "We Know E'rbody"

MP3: NoraLynn Rowe f/ Tity Boi (2 Chainz) - "We Know E'rbody"

From M3W.

* *

MP3: Metermaids To Release Rooftop Shake On September 6

MP3: Metermaids To Release Rooftop Shake Via Strange Famous Records On September 6

From Audible Treats.

New Album Features 9th Wonder, Sage Francis, DJ Rob Swift; "Graveyard Shift" Released As First Single

(August 3, 2011 - Brooklyn, NY) Metermaids, the tag-team duo of rappers Sentence and Swell, are excited to announce their new LP, Rooftop Shake. The two Brooklynites have picked an A-team to work with for the album, enlisting 9th Wonder, DJ Rob Swift of the X-Ecutioners, and Sage Francis. Sage Francis is also responsible for the release of Rooftop Shake, through his label, Strange Famous Records, on September 6th.

After releasing a slew of EP's over the past couple years, Metermaids perked the ears of a variety of big-name players, including Grammy Award-winning producer 9th Wonder, who produced half of the new LP. "It was obviously a dream come true," says Metermaids of working with 9th. "We hung out in North Carolina with him for six days, and made five songs together while we were there. It was a blast."

Subsequently, Metermaids also caught the attention of Sage Francis after touring together. Impressed by the duo, Sage not only lent his assistance for the new project, but signed Metermaids to his Strange Famous Records this past year. "When we were putting together the album, Sage helped us pick out beats, he helped us with direction," explains Swell. "And he sent back two tracks with incredible verses on them," adds Sentence, alluding to "Bad Things" and "Kill The Crow," the latter of which also features Buck 65.

"Graveyard Shift," the lead single from Rooftop Shake, is a tribute to those who hustle hard, way past bedtime, with Rob Swift cutting up 9th Wonder's wailing, electric guitar-driven beat. "Neither of us sleep - ever - and when we heard 9th's beat, it gave us that vibe of being up all night," says Metermaids. "So that's exactly what we wrote about. 'Same shit, different night' sums up the song perfectly."

As the album's lead single, "Graveyard Shift," is a good taste of what fans can expect from much of Rooftop Shake: a pairing of 9th Wonder's classic production with Metermaids' punk attitude and sharp delivery. Matt Stine held up the other half of production with tracks like the aforementioned "Bad Things," which Swell says is "in my top five favorite beats ever," while 9th Wonder also appears with a few guest verses of his own on tracks including "Gone" and the albums' title track "Rooftop Shake."

Download "Graveyard Shift" here: .

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