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Video/Album Stream: @40Love - "Tiki Tiki" f/ @Zumbi808

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Video/Album Stream: 40Love - "Tiki Tiki" f/ Zumbi (of Zion I)

Today, 40Love is excited to celebrate the release of their new album, Dreams Don't Sleep. The album, which is available through iTunes and can also be streamed in full via SoundCloud, is being released in conjunction with famed Bay Area skateboard brand FTC, with the two also coming together for a collaborative t-shirt that will be released in the coming weeks. Now, following a successful European tour – and with a hometown album/shirt release party at FTC's flagship store in San Francisco scheduled for August 11th – 40Love is releasing the video for "Tiki Tiki" featuring Zumbi of the legendary Bay duo Zion I.

The video, directed by John Coyne, is for the album's latest single, the mp3 of which the Bay Area group released last week. The video was shot in San Francisco's famed Chinatown district, a fitting choice for the visual, since, as 40Love recently noted, the song (including the track's hook and the Far East-inspired production) riffs off the classic children's story Tiki Tiki Tembo. If the song sounds familiar, it might be because you heard a sample of it used on the title track of Bassnectar's Wildstyle EP.

The group was also exited to work with Zion I emcee Zumbi. "It's been dope working with him because we all grew up bumpin' Zion I as a Bay classic," says 40Love. "Now, we've been able to build with him on shows and recordings - he's an inspiring artist in his performance, music and message." The song is a clever play on the children's story, Tiki Tiki Tembo, with the hook comprised of the very long ancient Chinese name used in the book. Tag-team producers Mikos and The Whooligan turned out a heavy, Far East-inspired beat for "Tiki Tiki," while Miss Haze, G-OFF, and Zumbi verbally dance all over it.

Stream the full album here: http://soundcloud.com/40lovemusic/sets/40love-dreams-dont-sleep .

Preview 40Love's collaborative t-shirt with FTC here: http://www.40Lovemusic.com .

MP3: Keyshia Cole f/ Lil Wayne - "Enough of No Love"

MP3: Keyshia Cole f/ Lil Wayne - "Enough of No Love"

Courtesy IE.

"Enough of No Love"

Download Here

New Video: @TheRealReks f/ @JNics305 "Bang Bang"

From Matt B:

New Video: Reks f/ J Nics "Bang Bang"

REKS "Bang Bang (featuring J NiCS)" Official Video from the new album "REBELutionary" out NOW.

Get an AUTOGRAPHED copy of REKS "REBELutionary" at http://gracieproductions.bigcartel.com

Audio: @TrueSunAli "Gotta Get It" prod. by Vinny Idol

From Dove @ Tygereye:

Audio: T.S.A. "Gotta Get It" prod. by Vinny Idol

While T.S.A. (True Sun Ali) is preparing for the filming of his "Party People" video, the Brooklyn MC is unleashing one more track from The Candidate Mixtape: Business & Politricks!  This is "Gotta Get It" produced by Vinny Idol of D-Block, which is also currently available on iTunes!

* http://soundcloud.com/tsaofficial/gotta-get-it *

Music Submission: John Smith - Ol' Man Winter (@URBNET)


Music Submission: John Smith - Ol' Man Winter

Stream: http://urbnet.bandcamp.com/album/ol-man-winter .
iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/ol-man-winter/id537706626 .
File Under: Hip-Hop

"Ol' Man Winter" will be released on July 24, 2012, on Peanuts & Corn Records, marketed and distributed by URBNET.

The first single, "Ol' Man WInter", is available in music video form on youtube.

If you wanted to sound something like John Smith, you would have to work at it. You would have to grow up broke in Winnipeg's gritty north end. You would have to spend time in Churchill, Manitoba, on the frigid shores of the Hudson Bay. You would love rap as a young teen, skip school, smoke weed, and get into trouble. You would have to spend time with Farm Fresh and fermented reptile, and acquire that legendary do-it-yourself ethic from Peanuts & Corn head mcenroe. You would have to enter battles and win them, again and again. You would have to read Dostoyevsky. You would have to have a chip on your shoulder and a huge belief in yourself. You would have to tour Canada back and forth for gas money. You would have to release solo albums (Blunderbus - 2001, Pinky's Laundromat - 2004, Growing Pains - 2006), as well as group LPs as Park-Like Setting (with mcenroe and Yy), Break Bread, Hip-Hop Wieners (with Pip Skid), and more.

Even if you did all that, I doubt you would be as good as John Smith. You can't write like he does.

His new album, "Ol' Man Winter", is where he finds that balance. The balance between intellect and street, sensitive and hardcore. The balance between raw skill and great songwriting. Its 14 tracks, produced entirely by mcenroe, feature a maturity and wit 30 years in the making. The album features guests Pip Skid, Yy, and Birdapres, and continues the tradition of excellence that fans have come to expect from Peanuts & Corn.

Other URBNET Priorities!

D-Sisive - Suicide Heaven
Download/Stream: http://thedesolatecollective.bandcamp.com/track/suicide-heaven .

D-Sisive - Graceland
Download/Stream: http://thedesolatecollective.bandcamp.com/track/graceland .

@Has_Lo // Stained Glass (prod. @APOLLOBROWN) X Make A Bet

From Mello Music Group:

HAS-LO // Stained Glass (prod. APOLLO BROWN) X Make A Bet (prod. ILLMIND)

The cold and calculated MC, Has-Lo, has quietly smoldered on his acclaimed debut, In Case I Don’t Make It. Teetering between street and backpack, Has-Lo raps with an analytical mind and a streetwise tongue.  Earlier today, Has-Lo debuted two songs at Passion of the Weiss and released his first vinyl 45.

* http://mellomusicgroup.bandcamp.com/album/mmg-7-series-has-lo *

“Stained Glass” finds Has spitting over powerful horns courtesy of Apollo Brown. Brown is a master of restraint, allowing the beat to come into it’s own with minimal meddling, and Has-Lo responds with a calculated and detailed set of verses, no bar is by accident. With a subtle confidence, the East Coast spitter intricately compares his style to the loading of a bullet in a burner’s chamber. On the B side, “Make A Bet”,  Has-Lo is less confident and a bit more paranoid, as if he’s racing against the clock. Illmind’s driving beat culminates with a jarring synth arrangement at the chorus that emphasizes the feeling of pursuit: “put the hours on the clock, let your god count it down”.
Has-Lo spits with the vision of a veteran. His words are careful and deliberate; his flow is patient and steady. Proving that some still take the craft of writing dead serious, Has-Lo is a genuine lyricist.

Video: The @DailyLoud Interview w/ @MeekMill

From DL:

Video: TheDailyLoud Interview w/ Meek Mill

The Daily Loud caught up with Meek Mill after the Summer Jam Concert In Pittsburgh PA. Meek discusses signing to MMG, Recent success with his "Dream Chasers 2" mixtape, and the upcoming "Dreams & Nightmares" album & tour. All other information is below, thank you for your time.

Video: @NickLondonTV - "Molly Water" (@TheRegimeGroup)

From Quinton Hatfield:

Video: Nick London - "Molly Water"

Miami, Florida artist Nick London comes with his brand new video "Molly Water" that will be on his soon to be released project "London's Game" EP that you can watch below.

Video: J-Bru f/ Chad Hatcher - "Christina" (@selfhired @livevisionpr)

From Live Vision:

Video: J-Bru f/ Chad Hatcher - "Christina"

"Christina is about a run away girl, basically I was sitting in a Tim Hortons drinking a hot chocolate and I heard this lady on the phone, she was on the phone with her daughter who ran away, I was running late for a meeting and ended up staying for 40 minutes listening to there conversation, ran home right after missed my meeting and wrote that song from everything she said."

Mixtape/Video: @IamSu - KILT (Deluxe Edition) + "Over"

From Audible Treats:

Mixtape/Video: IamSu! - KILT (Deluxe Edition) + "Over"

IamSu!, in conjunction with Karmaloop, is excited to release the deluxe edition of his recent mixtape, KILT. The tape is available for free download now, and to accompany the mixtape, Su! is also excited to release a new video from the tape, for the fan-favorite track "Over."

IamSu! first released KILT back in May, and the tape served as the first full body of work released by the Bay Area rapper following the commercial successes of LoveRance's "UP!" and E-40's "Function," both songs of which Su! played an integral role. Since release, Su!'s mainstream success has been matched with critical acclaim, with KILT hailed as SPIN's Rap Release Of The Week - the outlet also later featured Su! as one their 5 Best New Artists for June '12. Su! has stayed equally busy on the road in support of the tape, with a recent run of dates that served as his debut headline tour and also featured his first-ever headline show in the Bay.

Now, IamSu! has partnered with Karmaloop for a deluxe edition re-release of KILT. The new version, in addition to being re-mixed and re-mastered, includes a handful of previously unreleased tracks, as well as some fresh new artwork. "Every mixtape I drop," explains Su!," I always say I want to do a re-release with more tracks - but I would always wind up just releasing a new tape. This time, I'm in a position to do it the right way."

In doing it the right way, not only does the music sound sonically better ("It sounds like an album now," says Su!), but IamSu! was also able to partner with Karmaloop, to offer the release on a larger platform, while allowing Su! to collaborate with a favorite company of his. "I've always been into fashion, and since I was in high school, Karmaloop was the spot for me to shop," he explains. "They're a big part of the street wear culture." For Karmaloop, the collaboration was equally exciting. "It was an easy decision to partner with Su! on this project for Karmaloop Music," explains Karmaloop Special Projects Coordinator Chedda. "Su!'s been on my radar for some time now and his music and fashion sense are a perfect match for our Verge Culture customers."

Since the original release of KILT, Su! has continued to give fans new visuals from the tape, and he continues that tradition today with a video for the track "Over." The video, shot and directed by, Chris Simmons, is a straightforward sun-drenched clip that features Su! kicking back and riding through the city alongside his HBK Gang crew.

Also on the tape is one final bonus track, "Break Her Down" featuring fellow HBK Gang rapper P-Lo, a late addition to the deluxe edition that IamSu! added in order to give fans a look at the direction that the fast-rising rapper plans to go with his upcoming mixtape, $uzy 6 $peed. "'Break Her Down' represents where my next mixtape is going to be musically," says Su! of the self-produced new song. "It's high energy party music, just classic California music."

Download the deluxe edition of KILT here: http://klp.virb.com/kilt-iamsu-karmaloop-music-deluxe-editio .

Watch "Over" video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzNgN4jxIAo .

Stream "Break Her Down" here: http://media.audibletreats.com/IamSu-Break_Her_Down_Ft_P-Lo.mp3 .

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