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@BrownBagAllStar: Brown Label 2 OUT NOW

Brown Bag AllStars: Brown Label 2 OUT NOW

Courtesy BBAS.

The moment you've all been waiting for is finally here! The Brown Bag AllStars have officially dropped their sequel to The Brown Label EP available exclusively at BrownBagAllStars.Com. Check it out HERE

or stream the full project via YouTube HERE

MTVHive.Com recently interviewed J57 & debuted 2 tracks off the upcoming "Brown Label: Part 2" EP. Check the full interview with J57 and stream the tracks from the link below.

J57 Says Brown Bag AllStars’ New EP Goes Well With Whiskey HERE

Audible Doctor just dropped the newest leak off his upcoming FREE EP "I Think That..." today! The song "(((((Resonate)))))" features west coast TUS crew member Chuuwee and is produced by Audible Doctor. The full "I Think That..." EP drops 9/25. Check out the track below.

Stream & Download the REAL version of "(((((Resonate)))))" HERE
Stream & Download the CLEAN version of "(((((Resonate)))))" HERE

Also, Koncept, J57, Mike13, & Parks teamed up to create the new New York Mets Anthem.
If you are a Mets fan, &/or from Queens, here is the new anthem! Wait till you hear it in CitiField!

Watch: The 7 Line presents "It's Amazin" - Koncept (produced by J57, Mike13, Parks) Official Video HERE

Get the song HERE

The Brown Bag AllStars Are:
The Audible Doctor (Emcee/Producer)
J57 (Emcee/Producer)
Soul Khan (Emcee)
E Holla (DJ)
Deejay Element (DJ)
DJ Goo (DJ)

For more info check out the blog.
Video: Da Camp - "Hero" (@_Da_Camp_ @PrezP_BeCampin @LUCCI_VesPucci @_JBenjamins @Zyto_BeCampin @FlacoPaco)

Video: Da Camp - "Hero"

Courtesy Matt B.

Da Camp falls thru with a comical video for their Benny Beats produced "Hero" off their previous Mixtape, VII Day Vacay, shot and edited by Unkleluc. Watch as each member of Da Camp plays the role of a different super hero to save the women of the world from the less fortunate lame dudes they are forced to deal with. Call 1-800-555-HERO and maybe you can be saved too. Timeless and olDCool Pt 2 coming up next... Stay tuned for more from the Miami team in the near future.

MP3: @AudibleDoctor f/ Chuuwee - "Resonate"

MP3: Audible Doctor f/ Chuuwee - "Resonate"

Courtesy BBAS.

"The Audible Doctor (Of The Brown Bag AllStars) just dropped the newest leak off his upcoming FREE EP "I Think That...". The song "(((((Resonate)))))" features west coast TUS crew member Chuuwee and is produced by Audible Doctor. Doc's full "I Think That..." EP drops 9/25."

Audible Doctor Feat. Chuuwee "(((((Resonate)))))" (Prod. By Audible Doctor) .

MP3: @AlOneTheRemedy - "Spliffs & Vodka" ft. Chase Moore

MP3: Al-One (of Sandpeople) - "Spliffs & Vodka" ft. Chase Moore & J Leake

Courtesy Heaven Noise.

Just a month after releasing his new album #WORK, Al-One The Remedy is back with a brand new single dedicated to some internationally acquired and locally endorsed habits.  "Spliffs & Vodka" finds the Portland MC teaming up with Sacramento artists Chase Moore, J Leake, and the production duo known as Hippie Sabotage (So Crates x Sour Beats).

Download: "Spliffs & Vodka" ft. Chase Moore & J Leake
Soundcloud: .
Hulkshare: .
Buy #WORK (new album) .

Video: The Niceguys Run NY! (@265Nice)

Video: The Niceguys Run NY!

Courtesy Dove @ Tygereye.

The Niceguys lost their minds in NYC last week as they met with industry VIPs in mysterious places to discuss their new album James Kelley, arriving on 9/11!  Even more mysterious were the "freestyles" they dropped randomly all over the Big Apple... we're so confused! Check out The Niceguys "New York Minute" video below, and enjoy the fun with this Houston Hip Hop quartet!

Styles of Beyond f/ Michael Buble - "Damn" (@TherealRyu @StylesOfBeyond1)

Audio: Styles of Beyond f/ Michael Buble - "Damn"

Courtesy Matt B.

Los Angeles hip-hop heroes, Styles of Beyond, return to bring you their long awaited third album entitled "Reseda Beach" which will be released on 10-23-2012 via Dirty Version Records. To set things off properly, it seems there was this song laying around featuring guest vocals from Grammy award winner Michael Bublé that was originally recorded and intended to be on "Reseda Beach." A non-Bublé version of this song will end up on the retail album, but for now let's all enjoy this little buzz starter/teaser treat from the West Coast wing of the Demigodz. "Damn" is produced by the group's production team, Vin Skully & Cheapshot.

Link to Styles Of Beyond f/ Michael Buble "Damn": .

@TherealRyu @StylesOfBeyond1

Video: @TroyAve - "Red Cup"

Video: Troy Ave - "Red Cup"

Courtesy SPLIF.

From the album, "Bricks In My Backpack 3" Available now on iTunes!

PR: @RealCormega Pays Respect to Chris Lighty in Letter

PR: Cormega Pays Respect to Chris Lighty in Letter

Courtesy Jackie O.

Did you ever see a karate movie where the student impatiently wants to do more then the chores the master gives him; only to later find out that the chores are key parts to the training. That's what my relationship with Chris Lighty was like. He was Steinbrenner and I was Billy Martin (he just never fired me as much). He was a leader, a true leader is measured by the success of those he leads and Chris led a multitude of artist,producers, and DJs to success. When I came home from jail I was supremely ignorant. Intelligent yes, but ignorant when it came to the music industry. I thought being a good emcee meant I would automatically be successful. I thought I was somebody because I was known and respected in the streets. Chris taught me that respect in the street means nothing in the industry and that being a MC and being a recording artist are two completely different identities. He advised me not to bring certain friends around. At the time I didn't understand or appreciate that advice, but sure enough the same people he spoke of I don't associate with anymore.

He invited me to a barbecue at his house. The invite was for Mega and one person. I came alone and was upset when I saw my peers with more than one guest. Later I realized why my invite was for Mega and one person. Most rappers aren't known street figures and I was still one foot in the industry and the other in the streets. Now I understand exactly why my invite was Mega and one person! Honestly, now that I have a house, I would do the same thing. Home is where family is and for him to even invite me to his home was a gesture of trust. He gave me a tour of his house just he and I and said in so many words this is what its about, not the streets. He had the basketball court in the back and when I got some money (years later) I got myself one similar to his. So yes I swagga jacked Chris.

My album sat on the shelf for years but Chris (and he alone) tried to put me on the "Survival Of The Illest Tour." I wanted to prove to him that I was ready and by most accounts I was. So when the tour was over and I was on a few albums, I felt I was ready but I didn't feel like I was a priority at Violator, so I told them to release me from my contract. I had to speak to another exec at Def Jam and finally I was released, free to sign elsewhere or in my case go back to the streets.

I bumped into Chris years later and he hooked me up with someone who wanted to do business with me. I respected that, but I fell out with him months later when I discovered that he was managing my then rival (a rapper you may have heard of). I felt betrayed because Chris was like a big brother to me. I said things in interviews about Violator because I was hurt. Truth be told when I later put out The Realness, it was for the fans, but it was for me to prove to Chris, that I had what it took to succeed.

About a year ago DJ J. Love called me and said my name was brought up and Chris' response was "that's the one that got away" I was happy to hear that he said something positive. Just last month we saw each other and it was like we never parted. But now we part! Chris is always going to be who I aspire to be like in the industry. He represents WINNING, LOYALTY, and CONSISTENCY and to this day I've never heard an artist say Chris jerked them. Even though Testament wasn't released by Violator, I will say this, he gave me 100 % publishing and I had nice point percentage. My first deal was the biggest at the time for a new artist. A quarter million and that was because of Chris. My first recording plaque came from Chris, first tour came from Chris, and the first true sorrow I ever felt for a music executive dying is from Chris. - Cormega

PR: Bay Area Rapper @TheRealSkyBalla Brings New Perspective

PR: Bay Area Rapper Sky Balla Brings New Perspective

Courtesy Dove @ Tygereye.

Once one of the hardest working artists in the music industry, prior to his career being put on hold due to incarceration, Bay area rapper Sky Balla and his team had created a substantial buzz and all signs pointed up.

Now, Sky Balla celebrates the Deluxe Edition release of his independent album Tha Life I Chose, currently available on iTunes, Amazon and other digital outlets.

Known for his flashy, yet gritty rhymes about the hustler lifestyle, Sky built solid relationships with some of the real power players both in and outside of the studio.

Musically, Sky got his start in the heart of the Bay Area's mid '90s Mobb era under the tutelage of JT The Bigga Figga and San Quinn as a member of the group Tha Gamblaz. This included a Gold plaque for his appearance on Master P's West Coast Bad Boyz II compilation. The San Francisco native is now known for his star studded collaborations with the likes of Fabolous, Game, Juelz Santana and Jim Jones of Dipset, N.O.R.E, Cassidy, E-40, Capone, Slick Pulla of USDA, Hell Rell, 2Eleven of CTE, and many others. He also worked with the late Mac Dre and Stack Bundles.

Sky has also worked with some of the industry's top producers including Scott Storch, Hi-Tek, Shawty Red, Focus, Tone Capone, Amadeus, Ron Browz, Nick Fury, Raw Smoov, Cozmo, Nu Jerzey Devil and more.

As he branched out from his Bay Area roots and networked his way across the country, Sky Balla was closely affiliated and worked heavily with both Dipset and G-Unit. When mixtapes exploded on to the industry, Sky Balla was as active as anybody, taking cues from his New York brethren and learning the ropes while living there, he released several tapes of his own, hosting others and networking with top DJs around the world.

Sky appeared on mixtapes from or released tapes with the likes of DJ Whoo Kid, Tapemasters Inc., Sickamore, Nu Jerzey Devil, Big Mike, September 7th, J. Armz, DJ Woogie, DJ Haze, DJ Rah2K, DJ Delz, DJ Wizkid, Digital Product and many more.

With his 2008 album Tycoon Status, Sky Balla sold an impressive 5,000+ units even though he was locked up three days before its official release. This is a testament to the relentless work Sky Balla and his team were putting in and the buzz he had created throughout the industry. The lead single from the album, "Posted At Da Bar" featuring Cassidy and Willie Henn, was played on New York's Hot 97; and the second single "Mobbin' All Day" featuring E-40 and San Quinn received strong play on the Bay Area's 106 KMEL.

Sky's newest album Tha Life I Chose has been released in conjunction with Endless Hustle Entertainment through Empire Distribution, and includes feature guest appearances from Fabolous, Game, 2Eleven of Young Jeezy's CTE, Konvict Muzik artist YB The Rockstar, San Quinn, J-Diggs, Freck Billionaire, Big Rich, Dubee a.k.a. Sugawolf, Belly, Harm, Spyda D and Enoc. Production is handled by Dr. Dre protégé Focus, J-Money, Cozmo, Young Yonny, Matheo, Priceless and Trackaddict among others.

Until he is back in the studio, Sky has a few gracious words for his loyal supporters, "I want to thank everyone who played a role in keeping my music lit and my name ringing!"

Find out more about Sky Balla at and .

Tha Life I Chose iTunes link: .

Sky Balla Tha Life I Chose Deluxe Edition Tracklist
Produced By - Focus, J-Money, Cozmo, Matheo, Young Yonny, Trackaddict and more
01. Intro
02. Balla Of Ballas
03. Block Shit
04. M.O.B. Affiliated
05. I Got Money ft. Ya Boy
06. Gangsta Rapper ft. J-Diggs & Dubee A.K.A. Sugawolf
07. You Already Know
08. That's Him ft. San Quinn, Big Rich & Harm
09. Yo Ma
10. I Don't Play ft. Belly
11. I'm Not A Rapper (Remix) ft. Fabolous & Freck Billionaire
12. Keep On Talking ft. 2eleven
13. Nothin To Lose
14. 2 Step
15. H.U.S.T.L.E.R
16. Fresh 2 Death ft. Spyda D
17. Gimme The Cash
18. I Got Da Feelin 2 ft. Game
19. I Need You
20. Block Work
21. I Make Money ft. Enoc
22. A Long Way To Go (Bonus Track)
23. Either Or (Bonus Track)
24. Stuck To The Grind ft. Spyda D (Bonus Track)

It Was Rewritten Teaser - Take It In Blood (@DevineCarama)

Video: It Was Rewritten Teaser - Take It In Blood

Courtesy Devine C.

This is a video teaser for my upcoming Nas tribute project, It Was Rewritten, slated to drop October 1st. The video features the first verse of "Take It In Blood". In 2 weeks I'm releasing the final leak, "White Girl Lost", before the entire tape drops next month. The video is directed by 2 Mello who is also responsible for the production of the entire project.

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