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@IronSolomon Says He Would Destroy @MeekMill in a Battle

Iron Solomon Says He Would Destroy Meek Mill in a Battle

DJ Vlad: "Famed battle rapper Iron Soloman sat down with Mr. Locario, where Solomon speaks about Meek Mill wanting to get into the battle rap scene, and what the outcome would be if he battled Meek."

Super Fresh Philly Music prod. @2HungryBros's w/ Acorn Moroco & DJ KB

Super Fresh Philly Music prod. 2HB's w/ Acorn Moroco & DJ KB

Courtesy Robert M.

My brother Soul One introduced his cousin, Acorn Moroco to us, like yo he rap. Actually I think Acorn was like yo I rap. Regardless, it tends to be a death nell to good friendships- yo I rap. But on the strength of the "Bull" he def got to cop a dope 2hB track and not only did he finesse a fly song, he organized a dope video which really brought me back to my days hanging out in Philly & digging & eating. Please give this joint a listen, the slang and message is impeccable and fly. Peace-
Deep of the 2 Hungry Bros

DL: @YaminAllDay of Clan Destined, "Yen Dollar Music Vol. 1"

DL: Yamin Semali of Clan Destined, "Yen Dollar Music Vol. 1"

Courtesy Dunn Deal PR.

Atlanta-based emcee/producer Yamin Semali of rap duo Clan Destined presents Yen Dollar Music Vol. 1, an album of self-produced instrumentals presented in conjunction with ProducersIKnow.com and Yen Dollar Music (¥$M), Yamin's new production company and brand. He has compiled 20 instrumentals for volume one, with other volumes to include compilations from various artists in Hip Hop's global community.

As half of Clan Destined, Yamin aka DJ AmDex has been tied to releases going back to Shaman Work Recordings (Ta'Raach, Wale Oyejide, CL Smooth) and has more recently been working alongside Illastrate, Boog Brown, and J-Live to name a few. The sound of ¥$M is indicative of loop digging, crate sampling, and synth manipulation. From Atlanta, Semali has a sound unlike much of what many consider to be Southern, but the tradition of the regional sound is well preserved for fans of Organized Noize, Supastition, Willie Evans Jr. and Count Bass-D. His last single was "Never Leave" (watch the video here). Clan Destined's third LP Self Titled, received 5 out of 5 stars on CreativeLoafing.com (read the review here). February 2013 will see the CD/LP release of his solo album Yamin.

ATTN: The Black Sunn Has Passed

ATTN: The Black Sunn Has Passed

Courtesy Mia Jones.

My name is Mia Jones. I am contacting you today to share unfortunate news with those who knew, knew of and liked The Black Sunn.

He is no more, The Black Sunn passed a few days ago under unusual circumstances. However, there was a bottle of gin and a message left at the scene of death with his email login, this linkand a message urging those who found it to check it out and pass it on to those whom he loved.

* http://trueandliving.com/post/35334293707/free-radical-profile-herugin-the-corner-looks *

Art is very important and it is unfortunate that Black Sunn went out the way he did. There will be a candlelight vigil tonight at True & Livin', the event we helped organize together.

This is a tough time for all of us and I hope that you, being in The Black Sunn's email directory, overstand and appreciate what this young man brought to the world. All due respect to Heru Gin and Refined Hype for continuing the cause.

Mixtape: @DJMickeyKnox - The Best Of Big Pun

Mixtape: DJ Mickey Knox - The Best Of Big Pun

in honor of Puns Bday here is my Best of Big Pun that i dropped back in 2005. 1 of my first major mixtapes, and even though you can here the rookie mistakes, i still get props for this one. again i used 100% vinyl for this mixtape. spread the love, download for free and enjoy.

* http://www.audiomack.com/album/dj-mickey-knox/the-best-of-big-pun-2005 *
Poisoned Piano by @TheTomBombadil

Poisoned Piano by Tom Bombadil

Courtesy Black Chalk.

Conor Smalakis, known by his artist name Tom Bombadil, is a 20 year old trip hop instrumental artist residing in Van Nuys, California. His newest release, "Poisoned Piano", is an attempt to string together different pieces of impactful music into a reflection of his own emotional perspective. Rather than sonic perfection, he strives to find his own voice within the media around him. "Poisoned Piano", is heavily influenced by the series “Darker than Black” and producers such as DJ Okawari, DJ Whitesmith, and Nujabes. This EP is a follow up to his recent compilation tape, "Agoraphobia", released via Bliss Eternal.

New @Angerville Video 'Alone'

New Angerville Video 'Alone'

Courtesy Angerville.

Angerville Entertainment Proudly Presents In Conjunction With Concrete Films 'Alone'

Q Dot "ILLER" Video, Song Produced by Kuddie Fresh

Q Dot "ILLER" Video, Song Produced by Kuddie Fresh

Courtesy Maurice T.

Hope all is well. Please take a moment to view the new video from Q Dot titled "Iller" off of his upcoming project "The Darkness" with multi-platinum Tha Bizness affiliated producer Kuddie Fresh. The song and video are a play off of Michael Jackson's legendary Thriller. We'd really appreciate any feedback you may have. Thank you for your time.

Video: Bizarre - IDWMD (@bizarresworld)

Video: Bizarre - IDWMD

Courtesy Coast 2 Coast.

New Video From Bizarre - Just Another Night.

A.C. & Ryujin - End of Times EP (Free DL) @acthemc @iamkishanlad @parkstreetpr

A.C. & Ryujin - End of Times EP (Free Download)

Courtesy Park Street PR.

A.C. has been interested in the 2012 prophecy of the end of the world for a while and so decided to base this EP on this theme, of humanity going increasingly mad and destroying itself, while the effects are felt on the psyche of the average man and woman in the street, making them act in unpredictable, selfish and inconsistent ways, which A.C. finds very frustrating and annoying to say the least.

A.C. met Ryujin over twitter and was immediately impressed by his modern sounding hard beats, so instantly wanted to work with him. In case the world does end on December 21st 2012 as is predicted by the Mayan Calendar, they decided to do an EP rather than a whole album, so it could be released before the end of the world!

The EP features the soul singers D-Harmony on the track 'They Who Dare', which deals with trying to achieve success in our obstacle-ridden society. A.C. also injects the EP with motivational messages of positivity to help people get themselves self-sufficient, as that seems the only way to not be prey in this vicious climate, while Ryujin's melodic, yet robust beats give the proceedings the momentum of a runaway train.

A.C. & Ryujin - End of Times EP (Track-listing)

1. End of Times
2. Rise Up
3. Respect
4. Save Me
5. They Who Dare Feat. D-Harmony
6. Life's Crazy

Download links:
* www.acthemc.bandcamp.com/album/end-of-times-ep *
* www.datpiff.com/AC-x-RyuJin-End-Of-Times-mixtape.404194.html *

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