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Wednesday October 01, 2014
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[Neverlove] Juno what I'm sayin'?

Buck 65 Review

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Chuck D's "By the Time I Got to Arizona" Art to Premier 3/4

From Dunn Deal PR:

Chuck D's "By the Time I Got to Arizona" Art to Premier March 4th

Where does racial profiling end when it’s the law? This is only one of the many questions Public Enemy founder and music visionary Chuck D poses with By The Time I Got To Arizona, an explosive fine art collaboration created under his specific direction that foreshadows the future of America if policies based on profiling continue.  For his first foray into fine art, Chuck has worked hand-in-hand with artist Ravi Dosaj of creativity house SceneFour - whose recent art project with RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan was named “The Greatest Painting Of 2010” by Village Voice – re-engineering a variety of traditional 20th century American imagery to create a frighteningly accurate portrait of a country eating itself.  With a release set slated for March 4th, those interested in learning more before the public unveiling are encourage to sign up exclusively at

P.E. frontman Chuck D has made a career out of saying the kinds of things that, even, twenty years later, mainstream America still isn’t ready to hear. 1988’s It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back album revolutionized music, had the entire world shouting fight the power, heralded hip-hop’s ‘Golden Era’, and has made every critic’s best-albums-ever list since. It also set the tone for Chuck’s ascendancy to the self-appointed post of hip-hop’s elder statesman, during which he has answered to the titles of writer, producer, label owner, orator, radio host and narrator. He has testified before Congress, and was responsible for releasing one of the first albums in the mp3 format. He has collaborated with Janet Jackson, John Mellencamp, Rage Against The Machine, Sonic Youth and Henry Rollins among many others.

Though the piece won’t be shown publicly until March 4, 2011, the concept behind the work is described as “a future Arizona border created in a sophisticated collage utilizing a cache of recognizable figures (created over the last 100 years) to show how our “nation of immigrants” has been lost to legislation.  Hidden within the piece are more than 30 various figures, lyrics, and messages for viewers to find. Arizona, which takes its name from Public Enemy’s classic 1991 song “By The Time I Get To Arizona”, picks up where Chuck’s recently released track “Tear Down That Wall” left off, keeping the spotlight on what he feels is one of America’s most important issues today, in a style guaranteed to raise some eyebrows. Each piece in this epic release comes with an authenticity placard, is numbered and signed by Chuck, and features his original handprints on the canvas in acrylic paint. Only 500 drafts will exist in the world.

By The Time I Got To Arizona will be released March 4, 2011. Visit or for more details as they become available.

MP3: Isaiah Toothtaker - "Baby"

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Isaiah Toothtaker - "Baby"

Tucson's Finest Releases Latest Single From Illuminati Thug Mafia, Preps New Video

Critical Praise for Isaiah Toothtaker:

"I am fairly certain that my former scripture teacher would confirm that this is, beyond a reasonable doubt, the devil's work." - Cool'eh Magazine

"You can't really compare this record to anything because right now there isn't shit out there that sounds like this." - Sergdun of BEERANDRAP.COM /

"If you're a fan of raw hip-hop, Toothtaker's Illuminati Thug Mafia is the first must-hear record of this young 2011." -

The Song:

When he's not tattooing the likes of MURS, Jean Grae, 2Mex, Big Pooh, members of Arcade Fire, and others at his popular tattoo shop STARING WITHOUT CARING, Tucson, Arizona rapper Isaiah Toothtaker continues to turn heads with his latest album, Illuminati Thug Mafia, released late last month as part of a joint venture between Alpha Pup Records and his own label Machina Muerte. Now the Tucson native is treating fans with the latest single, "Baby," which fans can also expect a video for in the coming days.

Convicted multiple felon and participant in over 400 witnessed street fights -- all after being kicked out of his home at the age of 11 and having his father murdered by Tucson Police -- it's no secret that Isaiah Toothtaker has seen and experienced plenty of violence's shady underworld. And the combination of heavily reverberating drums, high-speed crashing percussion, deep bass, and shrill organ stabs, create a perfectly grim and sinister backdrop for the Machina Muerte Capo to unwind his tales, starting with his off-kilter, semi-melodic chorus, as he sings, "Dear mama, didn't mean to kill your baby, is that your baby?/ Holy father, I'm waiting for you to save me, so can you save me?" Later referring to himself as the "Only undertaker that overachieves," Toothtaker, on "Baby" as with the rest of the album, mixes mayhem with deft wordplay, and leaves it up to listeners to decipher their own meanings.

Isaiah Toothtaker's newest album Illuminati Thug Mafia is available now via Machina Muerte/Alpha Pup.

Download Isaiah Toothtaker's "Baby" here: .

Video: Epiphany - "The Introduction"

From Jeff Chen:

Video: Epiphany - "The Introduction"

After two acclaimed releases in his "RESPECT" series, up-and-coming rapper and Little Rock, Arkansas native Epiphany is proud to unveil "RESPECT Part 3: The Wait" a mixtape dedicated to the thoughts, joys, pains, mistakes, and gains in waiting for your day to come.

Direct Download Link -
Via - REFINED HYPE x We All Scheme

The Introduction (Promo Video) -

Video & MP3: Vain f/ Red Cafe - "All Ghetto"

From Rap Star Promo #1:

Video & MP3: Vain f/ Red Cafe - "All Ghetto"


MP3: "All Ghetto" w/ Red Cafe

(Dirty) .

MP3: Swagg Royalty - "Super Cool"

From Future Star Music:

MP3: Swagg Royalty - "Super Cool"




DJ's this is the brand new single from upcoming rap group Swagg Royalty.  The record is called "Super Cool" and was produced by Vybe Beatz.  They are putting in hard work on this grind to get their music heard so give it a listen and if you like the record show some support with a spin!  If you need anything hit them directly below.  Let's work!

Video: Saigon & King Magnetic @ The Firehouse

From Mag Music:

Video: Saigon & King Magnetic @ The Firehouse

Saigon & King Magnetic @ The Firehouse from King Mag Music.

MP3: Akon f/ Rock City - "Wanna Rock"

From M3W:

MP3: Akon f/ Rock City - "Wanna Rock"

* *

Video: Raekwon - "Shaolin VS. Wu-Tang"

The visuals from the title track of Raekwon's upcoming "Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang" album

PR: Tricksta & Deeze 'Late Nights Early Mornings EP'

From Park Street PR:

Tricksta & Deeze 'Late Nights Early Mornings EP'

Wolftown Recordings producer Tricksta is set to unleash his debut album 'Out Of Darkness Cometh Light' in 2011 which promises to be a real treat for Hip-Hop fans as it features over forty of the UK's leading rappers.  To get 2011 off to a bang Tricksta decided to produce a string of EP's for digital release on Wolftown Recordings, one of the UK's longest running independent Hip-Hop labels founded back in May 1999.

Here we get a five track EP from Wolverhampton rapper Deeze who has recently been setting the internet alive with his last three mixtapes 'The Pre-Turn', 'The Re-Turn' & 'The Re-Birth'. Deeze has featured on mixtapes hosted by the likes of Sheek Louch, French Montana, Freekey Zeekey and S.A.S, as well as getting excellent feedback from on-line magazines and underground radio stations. 

There's no guests needed for this amazing five track EP which got its title as it was conceived, written and recorded all in one weekend without any sleep. With the music video to the track 'Big Tingz' getting over 10,000 views on You Tube in a month it's plain to see what Hip-Hop fans all over the globe are loving their unique sound and vibe. This EP is great taste of what to come from producer Tricksta and rapper Deeze. This is real Hip-Hop for real Hip-Hop heads! UK all day!

01 - Lyrical Warfare 3.48
02 - Big Tingz 3.48
03 - Focussed 4.35
04 - Now That I Am Getting Thru 4.07
05 - Late Nights, Early Mornings 3.47

Buy it now from this direct link:

Watch the video to Tricksta & Deeze 'Big Tingz' now.

Tricksta & Deeze - Big Tingz (Radio) MP3

Tricksta & Deeze - Big Tingz (Street) MP3

Tricksta & Deeze - Big Tingz (Instrumental) MP3

Connect with Deeze
PR: Syntax Records Is Justified

From Syntax Records:

Syntax Records Is Justified

Free EP Download Inspired by the FX series Justified

The creative minds at Syntax Records have come together in full force to create a five-song EP entitled “Syntax Records Is Justified” inspired by the FX show Justified. With the premiere of the show’s second season tonight at 10 p.m., Syntax is offering the EP as a free download at

“The two main ingredients of Justified are country-living and street life which is what I know the least about” admitted Tim Trudeau, President of Syntax Records, “However once we were in the studio we were able to commandeer these fictitious characters and essentially let them write these songs.”

Trudeau, who goes by alias rocdomz (pronounced rock-domes) when in the studio, used his years of experience in production and songwriting to lead an all-star lineup that included in-house producer and Syntax Recording artist- Shane Newville, member of Sackcloth Fashion- Sam Hart, Syntax Records’ own Director of Customer Development- Jeremiah Bonds, and brother of rocdomz and Syntax Records co-founder- MaxOne.

The goal of this project was to create music that could be synchronized in the show. “Writing from the perspective of someone else throughout this whole project was a new endeavor for me, but the experience was awesome, the chemistry in the studio was irreplaceable” said Jeremiah Bonds, one of the project writers.

Justified is based on the works of crime novelist Elmore Leonard, including Leonard's short story Fire in the Hole. It follows fictional character Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens getting tangled in the new criminal organizations moving into Harlan County. Season two picks up with a cliffhanger after an epic gun battle.

About Syntax Records: Syntax Records, a division of Quality Junk, has been in the business of making high quality music since 1997. Beginning with the trend-breaking success Sackcloth Fashion, Syntax Records has also been home to artists such as Braille, Kaboose, L.A. Symphony, and the famous Night Owls series. For more information, check out:

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