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Video: Foreign Legion - "Son of a Gun" & "Night Moves"

Video: Foreign Legion - "Son of a Gun" & "Night Moves"

Uploaded by QCMarketingLLC.

This is Foreign Legion. They are from Oakland, California. These two hip-hop vigilantes represent the wild wild west coast in everything they do. Their newest single, Son Of A Gun, is an all out showdown at the (insert so-so hand gesture) Just O.K. Rapper Corral for 2011. Prozack Turner and Marc Stretch are here to clean up this here town and they're putting holes in every sub-par rap song in sight.

California hip hop legends, Foreign Legion(Prozack Turner and Marc Stretch) star in this dark comedy directed by Prozack Turner. When the group finally gets a meeting with a major label record company, their plans of fortune and fame are derailed by record producer G Koop(playing himself) who refuses to release their masters until they pay and outstanding debt to him. Debauchery,booze,hookers and self inflicted gun shot wounds ensue as the pair try anything to get back the masters!

MP3: Broadway Fatal f/ Royal, Trundeed - "Pauly D"

MP3: Broadway Fatal f/ Royal, Trundeed - "Pauly D"

Broadway Fatal coming from one of Hartford’s CT biggest families in the capital City The Gillespie Family. Fatal was born in Belvue Square projects where he learned to diversify himself and adapt to his environment of hard knock living. Broadway Fatal obtained his name from a Fatal life threatening accident that a cured in the Belvue Square projects at 2yrs old. Fatal was electrocuted in his mouth from the electric socket in the project building which caused him to wear a Trade Mark scar on his lip for ever.

* *

From that day Fatal knew he was here for a purpose and was blessed. Fatal moved around a lot due to family situations that accrued in a single family home. Music was always played in the home that brought about feelings and emotions such as Gospel, Blues, Jazz, R&B and Hardcore Rap Music. Fatal took on the liking of rap music and other genres from the influence of his old brother.

Fatal wrote music and learn lyrical arrangements at the age of 12. Fatal begin his journey as a Solo artist and became very successful capturing the ears of Urban and Suburban listeners due to his Reality Lyrics and Believable Content. On his course to stardom Fatal ran into his life long brother Mike Charles the R&B talent which then became his musical other half in the group PaperBoyz. PaperBoyz the R&B and Hiphop duo put out there first album in August 2003 YOUNG CLASSICS which had overwhelming response in the CT Area. The album was then followed up by Mixtapes and Digital Albums WE DELIVER and YOUNG CLASSICS II. Broadway Fatal performed with artist such as Ryan Leslie, 50 Cent, Nas, TI, Tpain, Buster Rhymes, and many more….. Fatal most memorial tour was getting his passport stamped and experiencing International life in Europe and Africa where he learned music is loved all around the world. Broadway Fatal sound is unique and has a broad spectrum to touch all types of musical listeners.

MP3: Lo Keys - "I'm Fly" (prod. Stereo Symphony)

From Lo Keys:

MP3: Lo Keys - "I'm Fly" (prod. Stereo Symphony)

Lo Keys Drops Off A New Track Entitled "Im Fly" Off His Upcoming
Mixtape "American Greed" (Scams, Schemes, and Broken Dreams) Coming Soon!!!

Lo Keys New Mixtape "The Green Hornet" Out Now!!!

MP3: Birdman f/ Rick Ross - "Born Stunna"

MP3: Birdman f/ Rick Ross - "Born Stunna"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

MP3: Trey C f/ Krypto & Playa Rae - "I Don't Care" @Monstaville

From Monstaville:

MP3: Trey C f/ Smigg Dirtee, Krypto & Playa Rae - "I Don't Care"

Don't forget you can follow Trey C on twitter: @westcoasttrey and Monstaville as well @monstaville  Like Trey C on Facebook: .


Video: Venomous2000 - "As the Beat & the Rhyme Goes On"


Video: Venomous2000 - "As the Beat & the Rhyme Goes On" (prod. Kyo Itachi, cuts DJ Priority)

This song appears on the album "A MOMENT TO REFLECT II" by Venomous2000
The full album is available for download:

Madchild to Perform @ Ozone Rap Battle in Sweden This Weekend

From Kerosene Media:

Madchild To Perform At The Ozone Rap Battle In Sweden This Weekend With Crooked I, Yukmouth and Krayzie Bone

Swollen Members’ Madchild will be performing at The Ozone rap battle event in Malmö, Sweden at Babel nightclub on May 12th, along with other acts Crooked I, Yukmouth and Krayzie Bone. The Ozone Battles event is one of the largest battle rap competitions in Europe. The event will feature battle rappers from all over the globe including the UK, Sweden, Canada, the United States of America, and parts of Europe.

I'm excited to go check out this battle, as Sweden is one of my favorite places in Europe," said Madchild. "I will be there performing on stage and I'm looking forward to taking in all the battles and watching some of the best battle rappers in the world."

Madchild first competed in the battle rap circuit at the KOTD World Domination Rap last year in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Madchild can be seen defeating Dirtbag Dan in the main event online at .

Madchild will unleash his new solo album “Dope Sick” later this summer on Suburban Noize/Battle Axe Records. Madchild is offering a limited edition 7" Vinyl version of "Dope Sick" for fans online at .

Say Hello Vs. Because (Jay-Z Vs. The Beatles) - The Melker Project

From Scott Melker:

Say Hello Vs. Because (Jay-Z Vs. The Beatles) - The Melker Project

"I am really pleased with it... I flipped a rare Beatles acappella and threw Jay-Z on top to spice it up.  Let me know what you think."

* *

Mix: DJ Scream, Bigga Rankin & Dave - "1000 Ways to Get Paid"

Mixtape: DJ Scream, Bigga Rankin & Dirty Dave - "1000 Ways to Get Paid"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

MP3: Wais P f/ Roc Marciano - "Put Jewels On It"

From DM360:

MP3: Wais P f/ Roc Marciano - "Put Jewels On It" (prod. Statik Selektah)

After nearly six months since the release of Premo Pimpin', everybody's favorite panderer is back with "Jewels On It," the debut leak off his forthcoming free album Pussy Rich.  Featuring Roc Marciano and produced by Statik Selektah, "Put Jewels On It" provides introspection into the lifestyle of both emcees, emphasized by Statik's scratch chorus that borrows from Prodigy's quotable on "Keep It Thoro" "Move on it, put jewels on it, who want...I don't fuck around dunny."  Although an exact release date has yet to be confirmed, Pussy Rich is set to include guest features from Action Bronson, Sean Price, REKS, 8Ball & MJG, Mario Winans, Sauce Money among others and includes production from The Bizness Sebb, Frequency, Domingo, Shuko, ATG and more.

* *

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