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Californian Female Emcee POCA Releases "Spilled Milk" Mixtape

Californian Female Emcee POCA Releases "Spilled Milk" Mixtape

Courtesy: 2SPR.

Southern California Native POCA Releases "Spilled Milk" CD, Featuring Nate Dogg, Chevy Jones and more.

Los Angeles, CA (Aug 2011) - In a rap music world that is heavily focused on appearances, marketing and music that doesn't always have substance, it's hard for true artistry to shine. Today's hip-hop climate seems to have strayed away from its original essence, which is something that female emcee POCA hopes to change. Armed with a pen, microphone and an unshakeable will to succeed, she's ready to show everyone she's up for the challenge. And with the help of Mr Jazzy from Jazzy Management she can't be stopped!

The Southern California native has had to deal with adversity nearly all her life, on and off records. From serving jail time in the past to having to work to overcome the negative stereotypes that face women in hip-hop, she's moved past countless roadblocks. Instead of letting it conquer her, she's used it all as an inspiration to make the most of her musical skills, showcasing her ability on the mic and earning herself a name. Her debut mixtape "Spilled Milk" was born of those struggles, a perfect personification of the talent she brings to the table.

The mixtape is 15 songs of raw artistic ability covering topics that range from radio politics to life's struggles and much more. The project received lots of positive feedback after a limited release and was re-released with Coast2Coast DJ Don Moroko. It features production from notables like Dae One, The H.E.R.O.E.S, Jansport J and others. It also includes appearances from Nate Dogg, Chevy Jones, B.F.L.Y, Pac 10, Ms. Jade and more.

Her rhymes and lyrical ability have earned her notoriety and acclaim in the Los Angeles hip-hop scene and beyond. With the release of "Spilled Milk" advancing her name and music to new circles, POCA is determined to make the most of her opportunities as she continues to work her way toward achieving the respect of fans and fellow emcees alike.

AUDIO: POCA – "Spilled Milk" Mixtape [Free Download] http://www.datpiff.com/POCA-Spilled-Milk-mixtape.147264.html .

Video: Ivan Ives & Fresh - "Truth Juice"

Video: Ivan Ives & Fresh - "Truth Juice"

Courtesy of Dunn Deal PR.

“Don’t let his indie rocker persona fool you – this guy can spit,” said XXL in 2008 of Russian-born, Cali-residing rapper Ivan Ives. one million Youtube views, over a million streams, ten US tours and a dozen albums after Rolling Stone, Spin, URB, CMJ and many more magazines named him an artist to watch, Ivan presents the music video to "Truth Juice", the first single from Juice 2 Get Loose 2, the second in a series of collaboration albums with longtime producer Fresh The Hitman. Ivan has collaborated with artists like The Cool Kids, Black Milk, Tre Hardson of Tha Pharcyde, Oh No, Cappadonna of Wu-Tang Clan, O.C., Vast Aire and many more. Juice 2 Get Loose 2 is slated for a spring 2012 release.

Video: Gianni f/ Whisper - "Dirty Diana"

Video: Gianni f/ Whisper - "Dirty Diana"

Courtesy of Park Street PR.

The 18 year old singer, songwriter & rapper has managed to transform a classic MICHEAL Jackson hit into a new youthful dance record. The song has a beautiful summer dance vibe too it, perfect for the last few days of summer or for a very exciting winter season of partying! The song that samples the lines from the MICHEAL Jackson classic was originally picked as the artist has always taken a liking to the princess and the royal family. He feels everyone should enjoy the record just as MICHEAL and Diana enjoyed each others company!

Video: Soul Khan - "Speeding Bullets" Live at Arlenes Grocery

Video: Soul Khan - "Speeding Bullets" Live at Arlenes Grocery

Courtesy of Soul Khan Biz.

Soul Khan performs "Speeding Bullets" LIVE at Arlenes Grocery, NYC from BarrelhouseBKLYN.

Video: Lyrikill - "Yes Inf**kindeed"

Video: Lyrikill - "Yes Inf**kindeed"

Courtesy of Elevated Minds.

MP3: Bwan - "Grindstone" (prod. Fatgums)

MP3: Bwan - "Grindstone" (prod. Fatgums)

Courtesy of Beatrock Music.

* http://www.mediafire.com/?f1h50gg3z9k2g7s *

Video: Quanstar - "Step Up Your Game"

Video: Quanstar - "Step Up Your Game"

Courtesy of First Team.

MP3: DJ Scream f/ 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane & More - "Shinin'"

MP3: DJ Scream f/ 2 Chainz, Future, Gucci Mane, Stuey Rock, Yo Gotti - "Shinin'"

Courtesy of BF Blasts.

CLEAN http://www.sendspace.com/file/tf9b8c .
DIRTY http://www.sendspace.com/file/qcya73o .
4 BAR INTRO CLEAN http://www.sendspace.com/file/mog2xh .

Free EP: DaVinci - Feast Or Famine EP

Free EP: DaVinci - Feast Or Famine EP

Courtesy of Audible Treats.

Second Offering From DaVinci Shows Growth, Evolution In Sound

Selected as a member of 106 KMEL's (the biggest Bay Area hip-hop station) Freshmen Class of 2010.

The EP:

DaVinci is excited to release his new EP, Feast Or Famine. Starting today, the eight-track EP is being offered for free download via DaVinci's hometown label, SWTBRDS.

The Day The Turf Stood Still, DaVinci's debut LP released last year, offered listeners a look into the often-conflicted ponderings of a young black man as he watches his neighborhood turned upside down due to gentrification and urban renewal. And with Feast Or Famine, DaVinci once again puts focus on the realities that surround his day-to-day. "I grew up in the heart of San Francisco," remarks the Fillmore District native. "It's eat or starve; it's really an urban jungle. You never know what's around that next corner or behind those bushes."

But Feast Or Famine isn't just TDTTSS 2.0, quite the contrary. The EP is DaVinci showing off a level of diversity that was too often overlooked on his previous work. "The Day The Turf Stood Still was dark, it was me feeling like the last of the Mohicans," explains DaVinci. "With this one, it's hella layers – varied tempos, a more diverse range of topics."

Also setting the EP apart from TDTTSS is the range of artists featured. "I don't really reach out to too many people," notes DaVinci, adding that he prefers to work "only with people that I know and that I feel will add to the project." But while collaboration may not be the norm for DaVinci, Feast Or Famine shows a keen ear for choosing complimentary talent, as he calls on the likes of Roach Gigz, Nio Tha Gift, Young Gully, C-Plus, Rae Rosero, and rising Oakland rapper Ginger, with each bringing something unique to the project.

The EP isn't all features, though, and the EP's two solo tracks, lead single "D.R.E.A.M." and album closer "Nothing Like Home," also serve as two of the EP's strongest – and two of DaVinci's favorites. "With 'Nothing Like Home,' anyone who's really from San Francisco will love that one," says DaVinci. "I'm talking about real San Francisco moments; neighborhoods and projects in the city that ain't even standing no more."

Download the Feast Or Famine EP here: http://www.swtbrds.com/davinci or http://swtbrds.bandcamp.com/album/feast-or-famine .

Audio: Koyce D - "Work it Out"

Audio: Koyce D - "Work it Out"

Courtesy of AheadPR.

Growing up in urban Toronto to a single mother, Koyce D Caesar listened to a number of musical styles, including pop, reggae, hip-hop, techno and alternative. He started rapping at the age of 15, harvesting his talents and taking time to find his voice so he could not only rap, but make thematic music to match his skill for performing. Now Koyce has become exceptional at both crafts, infusing the different musical influences from his childhood into a style and sound unique to himself. To be a fan of Koyce D means more than just listening to his music; it means immersing yourself in the sounds and aura he creates with both his music and his live shows.

Koyce D has performed at many of Toronto's prime venues, including Nathan Phillips Square, Dundas Square during Caribana weekend, which is the biggest festival of the summer; he also performed at the classic Harlem's Underground, and was the headline artist in the first all hip hop show at Loki Lounge.

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