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Video: Moe Pope f/ Slaine - "Dead Kennedy's" @moepope77

Video: Moe Pope f/ Slaine - "Dead Kennedy's"

Courtesy Matt B.

Moe Pope's career first took off in the early 2000s with the Bay Area-based hip-hop band Mission (who later became known as Crown City Rockers). After a series of 12"s, Pope appeared on the group's LP, One, in 2001, before deciding to return to Boston in order to look after his daughter. Back in his hometown, he connected with rapper/producer Insight and his five-man outfit, Electric (aka Electric Company).

Free Download: Stryfe - "The Opening Act" EP @stryfed

Free Download: Stryfe - "The Opening Act" EP

Courtesy Matt B.

After generating significant attention with last weeks single "We In New York" by Sadat X,  Loyalty Digital Corp. is back with a another treat.   "The Opening Act" a FreEP by Stryfe, a Local MU-12 Union member and artist on the Loyalty Digital Corp. Roster...

With the upcoming LP (“The Vintage Album”) slated to be released this Spring, overseeing Sadat X’s upcoming project and with a burgeoning roster for his own fledgling Loyalty Digital Corp. imprint, Fokis is primed for a breakout year in 2012, as he states “The Opening Act EP is a classic, Stryfe is a Wizard on the Mic and Illingsworth is a magician with the beats.  This project is filled with head nodding, neck snapping dope music.  I believe in his talent and feel he is going to be a really big artist.”

Upon completing his forthcoming LP, "The Last Resort", Stryfe teamed up with fellow Detroit native Illingsworth to create “The Opening Act,” EP which will serve as the prelude to his debut LP and is now available here for download.

Loyalty Digital Corp Presents: Styfe!

DL link to Stryfe’s “The Opening Act” EP: .

MP3: @MarcusManchild @Chamillionaire - "Mercy Remix"

MP3: Marcus Manchild & Chamillionaire - "Mercy Remix"

Courtesy Nancy B.

I serviced this out last night and the census so far is that they BODIED this beat. G.O.O.D. Music may as well go on and retire it. BOIIIII!!!!!!!!


Video: D Strong f/ Orign - "Out to Tax" (prod. Kyo Itachi)

Video: D Strong f/ Orign - "Out to Tax" (prod. Kyo Itachi)

Courtesy John Robinson.

Cuts by:CHINCH 33

People on the Street Weigh in on Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Video: People on the Street Weigh in on Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

The public speaks their mind on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's alleged relationship, if they think it's real and how long it will last.

Video: Super N.E.S. - "Introducing N.E.S." (prod. Nick Wiz)

Video: Super N.E.S. - "Introducing N.E.S." (prod. Nick Wiz)

Courtesy Mal Moe.

Super N.E.S.  - "Introducing Nes" Produced by legendary super producer Nick Wiz  off the mixtape "On The Verge" Hosted & Mixed by J-Love  (Dropping next month)

Video: 2PAC LIVE at COACHELLA 2012

Video: 2PAC LIVE at COACHELLA 2012

Published on Apr 16, 2012 by TeamSWaZ

will probably be taken down soon, but it was amazing to watch in HD. looked hella real! quality is crap from recording tho...
-for those who don't know, it's a hologram. i mean, obviously you didn't think he was alive but it's crazy how real it looked. hopefully an HD version will be up at some point.

MP3: Fatal Lucciauno - "Big Bro (Action Jackson Remix)"

MP3: Fatal Lucciauno - "Big Bro (Action Jackson Remix)"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Seattle's Fatal Lucciauno has released not one but two noteworthy projects this year. First came his collaborative EP with Jake One, The Message, a free project that was followed by the retail release of his official sophomore LP, Respect. As new fans continue to pick up on both releases, Fatal is busy keeping the music flowing, with a collection of new tracks and remixes, the latest being today's remix for album single "Big Bro."

he remix is handled by Action Jackson, one-half of the electro-soul duo Fly Moon Royalty that share a label, Sportn' Life Records, with Lucciauno. In addition to being label mates, Fatal's been anxious to work with Action Jackson, whose music he's a personal fan of. "He's one hell of a producer," remarks Fatal. "It was a no-brainer."

Musically, for Lucciauno and Jackson, it was about "finding the right fit, but something that would still contrast against the original," and Action Jackson hit the nail on the head. While the original, produced by Kuddie Fresh, was a staggered and frenetic, synth- and guitar-laden affair, Action Jackson's remix slows things down, delivering a much more somber vibe, a perfect fit for Fatal's honestly raw lyrics, as he raps, "For this life I live, I'll probably get three strikes/ Little ni**as peddle bikes/ Peddle goods/ Peddle rocks through your block/ Through your hood."

Download "Big Bro (Action Jackson Remix)" here: .

Video: Casual (Hieroglyphics) - "Tears"

Video: Casual (Hieroglyphics) - "Tears"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

On May 22nd, Casual, one of the most revered lyricists from the Hieroglyphics crew, will release his latest album, He Still Think He Raw. The album, a follow up of sorts to Casual's He Think He Raw album released in 2001, will be produced entirely by DJ Fresh & The Whole Shabang, and to celebrate the announcement, Casual is excited to release the album's Aris Jerome-directed debut video, "Tears."

Red Eye of The Closers ft. Cella Dwellas & L.I.F.E. Long

Red Eye of The Closers ft. Cella Dwellas & L.I.F.E. Long "Drawn-N-Quartered" prod by Skammadix

Courtesy L.I.F.E. Long.

Newest leak off Red Eye's much anticipated St. Fatrick's Day mixtape.

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