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"Summer Sauté" - The Last 2hB MegaBeat (@2HungryBros)

From Robert M:

"Summer Sauté" - The Last 2hB MegaBeat

This week Ben Boogz is signing off on his funky mega beat campaign with a consistent break sample orchestra and humorous soundbytes to accompany them. This week's Boogz beat doesn't carry heavy or dark undertones of a pulled pork sandwich but rather the lightness and sweetness of the grilled watermelon slice or some saute'ed veggies in a lil soy sauce and some citrusy splash. So there you have it, a 9 minute soundtrack for your 4th of July Celebration and early too. So you can give it your approval rating and stamp.

Ben Boogz is known in his circle for his excellent black bean salsa and for preparing bright festive meals for holidays and birthdays.  Always watching their health and avoiding any sort of heavy sodium infusion, Boogz's family learned tasty substitutes for salts. So you can ask artists like Fresh Daily, Likwuid, the Earthtone King, L.i.f.e. Long to Homeboy Sandman how Boogz's food is a feel good sensation post consumption sans meat sweats and alarming heart palpitations.

His style and finesse in the kitchen translate into his music production. His ear for samples like his knack for ingredients and spices. Well let's call this post a Trader Joe's sampling station, go get a taste. .

@KingMagnetic Update June 2012

From Mag Music:

King Magnetic Update June 2012

"EAG 3" - JULY 3, 2012

iTunes is showing us a lot of love this trip...let's hit the charts again! "EAG 2" debuted on the Top 200. Let's get on there and stay this time !!! SPREAD THE WORD

iTunes: .


NEW TRACK FT. CELPH TITLED & RUSTE JUXX !!! Produced by Astronote. Cuts by DJ Revolution. "Guns Theme" .

King Magnetic releases "Everything's A Gamble 3" on July 3, 2012

iTunes: .

Pre-order CD: .

01. POP
Produced by DJ Low Cut and Mixed by EQ
02. Guns Theme Featuring Celph Titled, Ruste Juxx & DJ Revolution
Produced and Mixed by Astronote
03. Wild Out NOW
Produced by Murdoc and Mixed by EQ
04. Promises Featuring Hannibal the Great (formerly of Ice Water)
Produced by DJ Rybe and Mixed by Oxydz of Grim Reaperz
05. The Grim Reaperz Featuring Adlib, Main Flow, Diabolic, Blacastan & GQ nothin' pretty
Produced by Grim Reaperz and Mixed by Oxydz of Grim Reaperz
06. Who You?
Produced by Marco Polo and Mixed by Joe Nardone
07. WTF Happened? Featuring GQ nothin' pretty & DJ Revolution
Produced by D.A.N for Soulslicers Beatmakers and Mixed by Soulslicers
08. The Life Featuring Block McCloud, Tug McRaw & Sha Stimuli
Produced and Mixed by Astronote
09. Wake Up Featuring Murdoc, GQ nothin' pretty & DJ Revolution
Produced by JBL The Titan and Mixed by Oxydz of Grim Reaperz
10. This Ain't Gonna Work Featuring DJ Revolution
Produced by Diamond Legit and Mixed by EQ
11. BEAST (Part 2) Featuring Saigon, Ruste Juxx & Sean P
Produced by Viktor Ax and Mixed by Janne Jutila
12. Nothing Featuring Cappadonna (Wu Tang Clan) & GQ nothin' pretty
Produced by Misanthropist and Mixed by EQ
13. Watch Out Featuring General Steele (Smif N Wessun), Esoteric, Godilla, Ali Armz, Jus Allah & Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks)
Produced and Mixed by Astronote


GQ nothin' pretty

"Circus After Sundown" on iTunes .


"EAG 3" (7/3/12)

Pre-order: .

"3rd Time's A Charm"


* *


"In Death Reborn" TBA 2012



"David & Goliath" 2012

* *




 OCTOBER MAGNETIC + GQ - EUROPE for more information !



"Everything's A Gamble" .

"Everything's A Gamble 2" .

Video: @Precise_Chi - "It's On Me" (prod. The Produktionix)

From Redell D:

Video: Precise - "It's On Me" (prod. The Produktionix)

It's On Me by Precise produced by The Produktionix for Take Axshun Marketing Inc and Niche Distribution. Shot and edited by LFT. Please contact for booking or any other inquiries.

D-Pryde f/ Bun B - "Hometown Hero" + "FLAGSHIP" MIXTAPE

From BF Blasts:

D-Pryde f/ Bun B - "Hometown Hero" + "FLAGSHIP" MIXTAPE

With over 50 million YouTube views, D-Pryde is the incredible 18-year-old Canadian rapper/singer. This Toronto Filipino artist likes to refer to his music as "hip-pop" for his infectious singing melodies intertwined with his clever lyrical delivery. Fresh off his critically acclaimed mixtape Flagship is Hometown Hero featuring Bun B.

Download Here

D-Pryde "FlagShip"
* *

50 Cent Injured In Car Accident


50 Cent was in a bad accident [early this morning] as his bullet-proof SUV was rear-ended by a Mack truck on the LIE in NYC. He was put on a stretcher and taken to the nearest Queens hospital where they are currently running test on his neck and back. His driver is also currently in the hospital as the SUV almost flipped over. The truck driver reportedly told police his loaded shifted and lost control of the vehicle.


Video: P.L.O. & Ralph Rip Sh!t - "Hold That" @AssociatedMinds

From 730 Promo:

Video: P.L.O. & Ralph Rip Sh!t - "Hold That"

"This is the kind of material that satisfies us as a record label and as fans. Sounding like he's busting out his best bars obscured in a cloud of smoke, unique and original emcee Ralph Rip Sh!t features on P.L.O.'s serious banger and new single Hold That, taking you deeper into P's sonic landscapes. Is this Ralph's finest moment? Sounds like he caught the holy ghost and married some certified raw rap."

Video: @PhestoHieroSoul - "ChampSwagger"

From Audible Treats:

Video: Phesto Dee - "ChampSwagger"

Last week, Phesto Dee, along with fellow Hiero Imperium artists Souls Of Mischief, Casual, and Pep Love, announced their Hiero Imperium Summer Tour 2012. On the tour, which kicks off later this summer, the Hiero crew will perform a mix of classics and new material, of which there is plenty of both, with new albums in 2012 from Tajai, Opio Pep Love, and Casual, in addition to Phesto Dee, who released his long-awaited debut album, Background Check, earlier this year. One of the new cuts from Phesto that fans can surely look forward to catching live is "ChampSwagger," and now, Phesto is excited to release a new visual for the single.

Audio: G.Huff & Vice Souletric "Feelzogood" (Jheri Curl Theme Music)

From Matt B:

Audio: G.Huff & Vice Souletric "Feelzogood" (Jheri Curl Theme Music)

G. Huff and Vice Souletric have quickly become two of the most respected new Hip-Hop artists to come out the Midwest. The Ohio MC/Producer duo made waves in 2011 with their debut album, Where Do We Go From Here?, which featured a who's who of talent such as Guilty Simpson, REKS, Termanology, and more. In addition, Vice will have production on upcoming albums from Scarface, Reek Da Villian and others in 2012.

As a duo G.Huff and Vice are now set to follow up with a new EP, Are We There Yet?, a carefully crafted masterpiece packed with lyricism, soul, and energy. It’s a recipe the duo knows how to cook up so well! Not only do Huff and Vice receive the co-signs of hip hop legends Pete Rock and Scarface (who grace the intro track of Are We There Yet?), they create their own lane with an original sound that is unique yet universal enough for all to enjoy!

Here is the third leak from there Are We There Yet? EP

DL link to G.Huff & Vice Souletric’s “Feelzogood” (Jheri Curl Theme Music):
* *

The (W)rap Up - Week of June 19, 2012

If you missed any of the new reviews this past week including Cookbook's "The Smell of Success" then do yourself a favor and check out this week's edition of the (W)rap Up!

[The Smell of Success] Cookbook :: The Smell of Success
Just-Us Records

Author: Steve 'Flash' Juon

"On a short list of slept on, underrated, quality hip-hop producers Cookbook would be right near the top for me - and he can rap too. That's not rare any more in 2012 though is it? The more expensive sampling gets, and the more overcrowded the rap marketplace becomes, the more economical it gets for artists to produce their own songs. What's truly rare about Cookbook, besides L.A. Symphony credentials few other people can claim, is that he's a beat maestro who raps "I hope I get bodied by my guest on my own song." In an industry where swollen heads are the norm, Cookbook brags about his beats a little, but ultimately his olfactory leads "The Smell of Success" to guests like Chino XL on "Musica Grande." "Chino the lyric Jesus" definitely lives up to Cook's vow that he wanted to be bodied on his own song - in fact Chino bodies it so hard he may have bumped into Uno Mas on the following track "D.I.Y. (My Way)" by accident. Styliztik Jones and El Prez join Uno Mas on the very next cut - the album's first official single "The Party's Still Jumpin'." Back to the guest list for "The Smell of Success" party though, and it's a dope selection on this 14 track album. Eligh creates a "Wonderful Taste" when he gets to add his flavors, but Open Mike Eagle's got some "Original Ideas" for his track, and Guilty Simpson does his thing on the album's title song too."

BURNTmd :: Not So Black & White :: GTD Entertainment/DM360
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[Not So Black & White] 
"We last heard from BURNTmd back in 2010, when I wrote the following words about him: "The producers who work with BURNT need to learn how to use his unique vocal tone to maximum effect, and BURNT himself needs to pull his rhymes back a bit to make everything he wants to say fit. The ultimate conclusion is that BURNTmd has a lot of potential." It appears as if the "Brooklyn made, Vermont raised" emcee has taken that advice to heart, but before we get to that let's discuss a few of the actual factuals relating to this new CD. First and foremost it's easily the longest release of BURNTmd's career to date - 19 tracks clocking in at 58:32 in length - nearly a whole hour of new tunes. Secondly his ability to pull in top name guests to appear on his release has also increased. Keith Murray jumps on the beat with him on the symphonic "Smugglers Notch,"Planet Asia and Copyright both appear on "Medicine Ball," Craig G appears on both the original and the second chapter of "Smooth Criminal" (nothing like Michael Jackson or Alien Ant Farm, trust) and Phil the Agony is on multiple tracks from start to finish. BURNTmd is definitely clever with the wordplay, but the key to his improvement over "Let's Get Ill" is that he slowed down his pace just a little bit, which makes it easier to understand his gruff phlegmy delivery."

Devin the Dude :: Seriously Trippin' EP :: E1 Entertainment
as reviewed by Emanuel Wallace

[Seriously Trippin' EP]

"Fast forward about six more well-received solo albums, two group albums with Coughee Brothaz and an EP later and we're back to the modern day where Devin's charismatic but ordinary everyman approach to most life situations in general allows him to be as crass as he wants to be without necessarily coming off as threatening and has enabled him to have a cult following among weed-smokers and nonsmokers alike. When "Landing Gear" was released in 2008, Rap-A-Lot, no longer being Devin's home label, decided to release their own album of Devin material on the same day entitled "Hi Life." Subsequently, my eyebrows were raised in 2010 when "Suite 420" came out and then just a couple of months later, another release, "Gotta Be Me" hit the streets. While I've now come to the conclusion that "Gotta Be Me" was an official release from The Dude, I will have to admit that I initially passed on it due to my skepticism. As of late, Devin's been on the guest verse circuit and you can hear him on the latest albums from the likes of Young Jeezy and Big K.R.I.T.. This most recent offering from Devin is his second EP and he mostly doesn't stray too far at all from the subject matter that makes him so endearing to his fans: weed, women, alcohol. Rinse. Repeat. "

Earl Sweatshirt :: Earl :: Odd Future
** RapReviews "Back to the Lab" series **

as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"As the Juice Crew was to the 1980's, the Wu-Tang Clan was to the 90's and G-Unit was to the 2000's, the Odd Future crew is to the 2010's. Each collective group has both the fame and organized force in rap to call their own shots and release solo albums and spin-off projects as they please. Beyond that the analogy also extends to the members within said crews. Each one has their acclaimed lyricist - a Big Daddy Kane or GZA, and each has their cult favorite - an ODB or Lloyd Banks. When it comes right down to it though one member always seems to get the most critical acclaim and exposure in the pop culture mainstream - the 50 Cent or Tyler, the Creator of the clique. For better or worse when you're the Craig G of a crew, no matter how talented you are or how acclaimed your live performances are, you wind up being in the shadow of a rapper like Kane. Ultimately these are the tensions that often shatter rap crews into fragments. Songs like "Thisniggaugly" on Earl Sweatshirt's solo album "Earl" have been the source of much speculation on Odd Future fansites, with people wondering how Earl earned his membership in the #OFWGKTA clique. Most dismiss the story Tyler tells in this song as just a way to illustrate how close their friendship is. Others speculate that they knew each other as skaters long before anybody in O.F. realized Earl could rap, and some even think that Tyler and Earl first met each other on MySpace. "

Harn Solo :: Shooting Star :: Reaching Higher Records
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

[Shooting Star] 
"In an interview on the public radio show Bullseye recently, Ice-T described how in the 1980s, you could buy every hip-hop album that came out, since only a handful were released each month. That meant that hip-hop fans from that time period almost all knew the same albums and had the same points of reference. Fast forward 25 years and the situation is drastically different. For one thing, you can't BUY most hip-hop albums. They are released as free albums or mixtapes or net tapes or whatever you want to call them. DatPiff, Hulkshare and Bandcamp have become the biggest distributors of rap music in 2012. As a result, not only can you not get every hip-hop album released each month, you can't get every hip-hop album released each WEEK. There isn't physically enough time to listen to them all. The market is so oversaturated that even trying to keep up is fruitless. Into this deluge of hip-hop music come New Orleans MC Harn Solo. He's teamed up with producer Prospek to offer up twelve tracks of hip-hop. The album available for free on Bandcamp, so there is no financial investment, but is it worth your time? Let's start with the positives: Prospek makes pretty dope beats. Though he's from New Orleans, the heavily synthesized beats typical of that region are absent. "

Illogic and Blockhead :: Preparing For Capture :: {self-released}
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

[Preparing For Capture] 
"New York producer Anthony "Blockhead" Simon has been making hip-hop beats since the days of dial-up. He was a frequent collaborator with Aesop Rock, and has also released five solo albums, including his recent "Interludes After Midnight." Columbus, Ohio MC Illogic has been making his brand of positive rap for as long as Blockhead, releasing seven albums since 2009. Now they have banded together for this EP. The album starts with a woman declaring "Music is the bridge between earth and heaven." The beat starts with pounding floor toms and a sample of a man singing. Blockhead mixes in piano flourishes and guitar, so that the beat is provided by both the drums and percussive piano. It's banging and beautiful, which is what Blockhead does best. Throughout this EP, and his entire career, he makes hip-hop that combines head-nodding beats, non-traditional sonic elements, and a pretty but sad vibe. He uses drums, pianos, flutes, and guitars to make music that is banging and melancholy at the same time. "Nails" has a bluesy vibe thanks to a slide guitar and harmonica, providing a nice template for Illogic and Rob Sonic to trade lines. "Ego's Orbit" uses reverbed buitar as the backdrop for Illogic's introspective rhymes, dropping lines like "What do you do when you don't wan to do anything/When you're a caged bird without a song to sing?" "Weigh You Down" has an upbeat disco beat."

Smoke DZA :: Rugby Thompson :: High Times Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[Rugby Thompson] 
"If Lil B is the #BasedGod, then Smoke DZA is the #KushedGod. Since he dropped his first mixtape "Substance Abuse" back in 2009, DZA has consistently portrayed himself as a top chronic smoker, a fact reflected by his nom de plume itself is a reference to smoking "Sour Diesel." Those looking for ways to describe his flow invariably use the same terms once applied to Parrish Smith - laid-back, smoothed out, relaxed, et cetera. I've even seen him called "the cool kid's cool kid" but personally that one seems like a little bit of a stretch. Nevertheless you name a who's who of today's up-and-coming young rappers like A$AP Rocky and ScHoolboy Q, and invariably the Harlemite has recorded tracks with them and appeared on their shit. 2012 is the year for Smoke DZA to take it to the next level, from free mixtapes and cameo appearances, to a commercially released album available physically and digitally worldwide. Appropriately he has teamed with High Times Records to put out "Rugby Thompson," an album produced entirely by his friend Harry Fraud. DZA says this album's title and concept is inspired by Nucky Thompson from the TV show "Boardwalk Empire." Nucky (as portrayed by Steve Buscemi) is a ruthless politician who controls an Atlantic City racket (hence the "Boardwalk") of influence and bootlegging during the prohibition of the 1920's."

The Yes Yes Yalls :: 9000 :: {self-released}
as reviewed by Zach 'Goose' Gase

"The rapper who can sing (or singer who can rap) has long suffered from a condition I like to refer to as the "Wyclef Syndrome." There's no question 'Clef was one of the most skilled musicians of the 90s, as he juggled rapping, singing, reggae, hip hop, pop and other styles and skills. But when it came down to making a focused, cohesive record, his solo albums fell short (also see most of Cee-Lo's solo work). Rapper/Vocalist/Singer-songwriter, Shameless Plug, lead man of the New Jersey-based, Yes Yes Yalls has many talents no question, but does he fall into the "Wyclef Syndrome?" The Yes Yes Yalls consist of Shamelss Plug (Vocals/Lyrics), Chris Jenkins (Music/Production) and their Live DJ, Paul Nyce. Despite what their name suggests, their sound isn't traditional hip hop, in fact it's quite the opposite. And it's a point of pride as they describe themselves as "Originality from New Jersey...Think Gnarls Barkley meets Justin Timberlake meets Atmosphere meets N.E.R.D. meets Beck and you'd be close." And that's a pretty apt description of the group, as they juggle sounds from indie rap, to electro pop, to piano driven R&B, to just about everything short of country and heavy metal. But the surprising part is, they do it seamlessly over the span of nine tracks on their latest album "9000," which is both daringly experimental and surprisingly accessible. "

Video: @MrMiranda83 - "The Superfreak Tape Trailer"

From MM:

Video: Mr. Miranda - "The Superfreak Tape Trailer"

Mr. Miranda brings you the trailer to his upcoming project "The Superfreak Tape: A Tribute to Rick James" coming out August 6th! Directed by Cedric Owens, track produced by Hexsagon, please share it and spread the word!!! Thank you!

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