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Video: @SeanToure "In the Heat of the Night" f/ @yUthe78er

Video: Sean-Toure' "In the Heat of the Night" ft. yU of Diamond District

Courtesy Wanja Lange.

Sean-Toure' has released his brand new music video for “In the Heat of the Night” ft. yU of Diamond District/Mello Music Group. The song was written some time ago and quickly became a fan favorite, with Sean performing it live on his MPC drum machine at his energetic shows. The music video (Directed by Seannie Cameras) gave the song new life. The video also features a cameo appearance from J. Sands of Lone Catalyst.

@AdamsWorldBlog for 12/10 - Wild Weekend

Adam's World Weekly for 12/10 - Wild Weekend

Courtesy Adam B.

Welcome to the new week everyone. Sometimes I overextend myself. Actually, most of the time I overextend myself, and this past week was no exception. From Wednesday - Sunday I went to FIVE concerts in the area, including two in one night. As I take time to recover from all of that, check out some of the great features I have for you this week, starting with an all new Pop Shots, because we all need a dose of humor to start the week. I also have an interview with up and coming hip-hop/pop artist Colette Carr, a photo gallery from the Sheppard / Chevonne / Anna Rose show in the city, and a Vid Pick from Illus and Headsnack that gives props to an underrepresented group in hip-hop - hip-hop dads.

If you dig any of these features please feel free to forward this email to a friend. Thanks, and enjoy!

Pop Shots - Winners & Losers

Welcome to your weekly dose of pop world musings. Covering all things pop culture, this week Pop Shots is hitting you with thoughts on everything from Katy Perry taking home multiple end of the year honors, to Justin Bieber’s manager being upset at his Canadian golden child not being nominated for a Grammy, to P. Diddy’s new fashion idea that is sure to make anyone who wears it incredibly unpopular, and since it’s Pop Shots you know everything is seasoned with a little bit of attitude.

Read all the shots at .

Colette Carr - Controlled Only By Creativity

Colette Carr’s passion has always led her to achieve great things. Her original passion of tennis had her on the cusp of playing in her first professional tournament. After a back injury permanently sidelined her, Carr, who has always been obsessed with all things creative, found her next passion when her sister influenced her to go on stage before a concert at UCLA where The Game was performing. She loved the experience, and the resultant whirlwind for Carr has included a video that shot to number one on MTVu (“Back It Up”), a record deal with Cherrytree Records (which is an imprint of Interscope), and the recent release of Skitszo, her first of four EPs that will culminate in a full length album.

This week I caught up with Carr to find out more about her journey, her effort to make albums that are well rounded, and her unique relationship with her fans. Carr also revealed some of the hijinks that went on when she toured with LMFAO, and why she’s a great friend to have if you’re under the weather.

Read the full interview at .

Photo Album: Sheppard, Chevonne, & Anna Rose in NYC

See all the pictures at .

Vid Pick: Illus w/ Headsnack - Daddy Duty

See the video at .

As always, thanks for reading and have a fantastic week.

- Adam B
Press Release: "Just Might Be..." Sankofa's Final LP

Press Release: "Just Might Be..." Sankofa's Final LP

Courtesy Sankofa.

Broadcasting live from Sankofa's Kickstarter HQ...

Just Might Be...a funky fresh rap album's Kickstarter jump off.

* *

16 songs of goodbye, the Kickstarter drive is live. Resume: URBNext100, CunninLynguists, Kashal-Tee, Noah23, Silversmiths, 14 solo releases, 1986 city Lego building champ. Fresh beats and dope lyrics.


Sankofa, a rapper calling Fort Wayne home. The 1986 Lego building champion of Geelong. Scorer of a 7.1 from Pitchfork. One of URB Magazine's Next 100. You might have heard him on songs with Cunninlynguists, Ceschi, Kashal-Tee, Noah23, White Collar Criminals, the Silversmiths, SA-2, Seron, and tons more.


Your hard-given dollars will build a tower of Babel, a CD stairway to heaven featuring raps from a guy too fascinated by his magical son to keep doing this much longer. Packed with ballpark 16 songs in the dope like a pound or key of life produced by Agent Orange, EDS, enoch root, DRU PHIT, adrien75, Geno, and Purify.


With Egyptian ingenuity (and your dollars), I will pull it off like no other.


Having this album marinate for such a time period meant I had more time to think of cool Kickstarter trinkets. I usually go silly on such things (word to Obese America's Cottage Cheese Industries), but I went full on ludicrous and truly outdid myself. This album and all its side trinkets are a thank you to the collectors who hold dear Sankofa releases and merch I don't even have.

Where's the money go?

Mixing down/mastering the album, graphic design/layout, pressing 300 CDs with 8 page full-color booklets, full color on disc printing, CDbaby for digital distribution (iTunes, spotify, etc.), shipping out your goodness.

What if more money is raised?

I'll press more CDs, maybe even film a video.

Risks and challenges

I have gathered all aforementioned goodies. This is not a case of scrambling to get ducks in a line. The graphic design fellow and mixdown/mastering sonic wizard are ready to go. Outside of living at the post office, I should be doing okay.
Video: @NuBrandFlexxx - "Project: Cherryade"

Video: Nu Brand Flexxx - "Project: Cherryade"

Courtesy Beatrice A.

After taking us on a herb-infused trip to Amsterdam with 'Chillin 'n' Billin', Nu Brand Flexxx invite us to their house party with their new video 'Project: Cherryade'. Brushing up on Darq E Freaker's glorious instrumental 'Cherryade', the clan keeps the lungs filled with smoke (puff puff pass?) gearing up for the release of their forthcoming release 'The Trip' EP, out on December 12th on iTunes.

Video: SMACK/URL ARMAGEDDON Recap via @JusDaze

Video: SMACK/URL ARMAGEDDON Recap via Jus Daze

Courtesy JDM.

URL/Smack Armageddon Recap via Jus Daze.

Video: Animal Nation - The Lasagne Song (@URBNET)

Video: Animal Nation - The Lasagne Song

Courtesy URBNET.

Animal Nation is from Whistler, BC They combine harmonicas, guitars, and drum machines with turntables, sampling, and banjos to create a hip-hop show unlike anything you've ever seen before. Most recently Animal Nation was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award for Best Hip-Hop Album on the recently released "Basement Tapes vol.1"

Audio: Drea - "So Good" (prod. by Frank G)

Audio: Drea - "So Good" (prod. by Frank G)

Courtesy Frank G.

To set it off, here's a new single by singer/emcee Drea, entitled, "So Good (Prod. by Frank G)." This song is off her newly released album Beauty and the Beats.

@Illmaculate vs. @Black_Milk Demo Beats 2012 Part One

Illmaculate vs. Black Milk Demo Beats 2012 Part One

Courtesy Sandpeople Music.

In a strange twist of fate, that’s basically like one of our week recaps of selections come to life - Illmaculate (whose latest video we selected on Wednesday) has taken it upon himself to record a new song over the first half of yesterday’s selection – Black Milk‘s Demo Beats 2012.

Now normally, we’re against rappers taking liberties over uncleared beats, especially those released for free as a good gesture for the fans but in this case – fuck it. We like it. (Sorry, Rosalinda!)

* *
Audio: @DreMarshall - "Dope" (@PTheWyse)

Audio: Dre Marshall - "Dope"

Courtesy Praverb.

"Dope" is the latest single from energetic South Florida emcee Dre Marshall. The bio on Dre's website states that his message is a formulation of high octane rhythms and "fire"lyrics that welds the heart and soul of every note to the bass line of every pulse.

The Hip-Hop Shop #201 - Fall & Winter Favorites Flashback

It's time for another new edition of The Hip-Hop Shop, and this week we've got Fall & Winter Favorites Flashback. It may be cold outside but this "Best Of" HHS collection featuring Apollo Brown, Rock Mecca, AWAR and V!rtu among others will warm you up! Send feedback to @RapReviews on this episode! Thanks for listening and remember to share the show with a friend and tell them to check it out every Tuesday on! This show is co-sponsored by and can be found there every Thursday.

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* Scheme - Grown Man Smoke
* Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson - Truth Be Told
* Famoso f/ Whosane, Shabaam Sahdeeq - Me, Myself & Music (Remix)
* Random a/k/a Mega Ran - Wreck-It Ran
* Rock Mecca - Girls All Around
* AWAR - Keep Risin'
* Simeon Viltz & Mulatto Patriot f/ Pugs Atomz - Once Again
* V!rtu - Faded

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