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@ShaStimuli Releases "Hold Me Down" ft. @Phene, @MALAHCHEE (@PRDean)

Sha Stimuli Releases "Hold Me Down" ft. Phene, King Malachi

Courtesy PR Dean.

Sha Stimuli recently released a collaboration album with Atlanta based production duo, Dynamite Bruhz. The project boasts notable features such as Planet Asia, Skyzoo, King Malachi of the Dungeon Family, Phene, + more... Check out Track #8 below..

Audio: Willie Starks - "High Ride 3"

Audio: Willie Starks - "High Ride 3"

Courtesy DB.

South Jersey artist Willie Starks. He recently released his latest single Runaway featuring crooner J.Munoz from his forth-coming EP "Fear & Faith" which is due to be released late February, is set to be a game changer, displaying so many different styles on one project. Starks has been working closely with Waju Beats of Street Racer Productions to create a fresh new sound, also producing some records himself with additional production from New Jersey based producers, Kameron Cooper & SpvcxGvng. Starks transcends genres and understands the significance of breaking barriers and extending a "rapper's" limitations.

Arizona Rapper @Kaliq777 "Fighting" Video (@QTheQuestion)

Arizona Rapper Kaliq Drops "Fighting" Video

Courtesy Quinton H.

Besides the ever looming cloud called "gangsta rap" that the West will forever be associated with, a new caliber of skill driven MCs are emerging out of the Left Coast and one among this growing breed is a complex personality simply known as Kaliq.

Born to NOI minister Jamal Muhammad and Martha Pitts, Kaliq grew up in the midst of the Hip Hop influenced LA rebellion, which set him on the path to use his talent to teach the masses. Kaliq's father introduced him to Hip Hop through the likes of Wu Tang, Common, Nas, James Brown, and Lauryn Hill, instilling in him the pro-Black, positive themes that still resonate in his music today. Now residing in Phoenix, Kaliq has solidified himself on the Arizona scene, dropping 10 well-received projects there, which blossomed into an opportunity to write songs for the one and only Dr. Dre in LA. An avid practitioner of mixed martial arts, Kaliq is dedicated to living a positive and healthy lifestyle that he intends to promote through his music and his everyday life.
Video: @TrinidadJamesGG Admits He Just Started Rapping

Video: Trinidad James Admits He Just Started Rapping

DJ Vlad: Atlanta rapper Trinidad James confirmed that he's only been rapping for less than a year, but explained that he's always been into music. He also speaks on the success of his "All Gold Everything" video, which he says he didn't heavily promote, and how he deals with people jealous of his success.

Audio: JP Balboa's Bootlegs - Remixes & Collaborations

Audio: JP Balboa's Bootlegs - Remixes & Collaborations

Courtesy JPBP.

JP Balboa's Bootlegs - Remixes & Collaborations is my first "solo" release, except for the outro produced by my big homie StayReal!, after 14 years. Contains bad acapellas and rough mixes...oldies but goodies!!

@ShabaamSahdeeq 'Motion Picture' (Prod. By: DJ Spinna) @PRDean

Shabaam Sahdeeq 'Motion Picture' (Prod. By: DJ Spinna)

Courtesy PR Dean.

Starting the year off with a limited edition 45 Vinyl produced by DJ Spinna available on pre order next week. For now here is the sneak peek. The art of story telling is still alive, taking a page from Slick Rick and Nas, Shabaam Sahdeeq engages in a action packed story with the backdrop provided by DJ Spinna. Digi 12" drops next week also with the B Side 'Do You'.

Audio: @JuviDizzle - "Good Mornin'"

Audio: Juvi Dizzle - "Good Mornin'"

Courtesy JD.


King Smooth (@KingSmooth989) King-N-80 featuring ME8ighty (@MikeyofDreemEnt)

Audio Submission - Dope Michiganders

Courtesy Dreem Entertainment.

D.R.E.E.M. Entertainment is a indie/unsigned music collective from Saginaw, MI. In a world where creativity and originality is lacking, their music has that "breath of fresh air" quality that it so badly needs and it exceedingly shows. It has a raw emotion that lives, breathes, and speaks for itself. The energy it possess is enough to power even the entire Las Vegas strip; this is especially seen while performing live. Growing up in the impoverished city of Saginaw, violence and crime is at an all-time high and the only positive outlets for youth to be apart of was organized sports. The collective has come a long way from the slums and last year they performed all across the Midwest gracing venues in cities such as Detroit, Grand Rapids, Mt. Pleasant, Flint, and Chicago.

Artist: King Smooth (@KingSmooth989)
Title: King-N-80 featuring ME8ighty (@MikeyofDreemEnt) Album: HBK: Half-Baked-Kid

Audio: @TheRealReks "Judas" (Produced by Lee Bannon)

Audio: Reks "Judas" (Produced by Lee Bannon)

Courtesy Matt B.

Never one to bite his tongue for anyone REKS is starting this new year off with select words for those who extend one hand while holding the dagger in the other. Brought to you by, 'Revolution Cocktail' is a warm up for what promises to be another productive year for REKS.

Audio: @UptownXO - Finding My Way (@MelloMusicGroup)

Audio: Uptown XO - Finding My Way

Courtesy Mello Music Group.

Diamond District emcee Uptown XO teamed up with MTVhive today to release the first single from his upcoming solo album "Colour de Grey". The track, Finding My Way, was produced by A.B. The Pro and features a percussive funk loop that finds XO in an introspective mood - lyrically exploring all he's been through - from childhood evictions and lost memories, to the battle for his soul: "Lost erything in life and had to start all over / I had to cope with the pain, no I can't stay sober"

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