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Monday July 28, 2014
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Muneshine Review

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Video: JNaturaL @ The Grasshopper - Part 2

From JNaturaL:

Video: JNaturaL @ The Grasshopper - Part 2

Video: JNaturaL @ The Grasshopper - Part 1

From JNaturaL:

Video: JNaturaL @ The Grasshopper - Part 1

MP3: Robust & Pore - "Something to Sit On"

From Galapagos4:

MP3: Robust & Pore - "Something to Sit On"

Download/stream the track 'High Roller' here:

Download the zip file with 3 tracks + instrumentals from the EP here:

The "Something To Sit On" EP marks the first in what is sure to be a slew of collaborations by Chicago hip hop veteran Robust and G4 newcomer Pore. It's reminiscent of a time before corporate America got it's greedy hands on our livelihood. When having dope raps was more important than who's got more money or notoriety. A time when being honest and true to yourself was still admired and respected by the average hip hop fan.

The EP is meant as somewhat of a prelude and hold-over to 'sit on' while awaiting Robust's upcoming 2011 full length sequel to 2004's Chicago underground classic 'Potholes In Our Molecules', It's a mid-range EP, that still resonates as a complete project. Clocking in around 30 minutes, it's onomatopoeia for a ride from Kimball to the Loop on the CTA Brown Line.

Production on "Something to Sit On" was crafted by Chicago native Pore. After stints on the east coast and in the dirty south, he recently returned to the Windy City with little more than his MPC and a few crates of records. With styles ranging from hard hitting head nodders to soulful original grooves, Pore provides Robust with a dusty sampled backdrop that even the most elitist of beat heads can appreciate.

Never one to stay stuck in a niche, Robust finds himself more comfortable than ever in the pocket of Pore's alternating sound scape. His lyrics serve as a tour guide around Chi town from the average heads perspective, giving outsiders a true glimpse into the modern day struggles and hustles one witness' on a daily basis as a Chicago resident. From gang bangers, to poverty, to sarcastic social commentary, Robust proves once again that he
continues to grow and improve as an artist with each release.

Together, Robust & Pore tell tales of life in Chicago, from the diverse Albany Park neighborhood on the northwest side of town to a broke mans stroll down the Magnificent Mile. Sprinkled with introspective and comedic interludes, the tracks were placed carefully in transition to create a seamless mix throughout the 15 track EP, encouraging the listener to relax, roll one up, and find something to sit on.

Video: Billy Drease Williams - "Run" (Long Form)

From DTR45:

Video: Billy Drease Williams - "Run" (Long Form)

Cashy aka CA Dolla - Self Serve - Hosted By DJ Mac Millie

From BF Blasts:

Cashy aka CA Dolla - Self Serve - Hosted By DJ Mac Millie

* *


   9. GENIUS

PR: Dave Dub Teams w/ JTheSarge for Punk-Rock Hip-Hop LP

From Ballin' PR:

Dave Dub Teams w/ JTheSarge for Punk-Rock Hip-Hop LP

After years of rumors of time in Cuba, loosing his mind, and rehab, San Jose’s most unorthodox emcee Dave Dub, in conjunction with JtheSarge (M9 Entertainment), are set to drop a raw mash-up LP Mind Police. An aggressive, progressive, adrenaline-fueled, 12-track foray into the mind of Dave Dub, Mind Police  marks Dave Dub’s triumphant return to music and partnership with one of Humboldt’s busiest music labels. In addition to Jthesarge, Mind Police features hip-hop legends Myka 9 and Medusa.

“There’s always been a poppin’ hip-hop scene in The Zae,” insists Dave Dub, who adds that he coined the term the Zae. He proudly lists off the most noteworthy artists who have hailed from San Jose: “We got Peanut Butter Wolf, Fanatik, The Architect, and Traxamillion.”

Raised in San Francisco in the 80s, Dave describes his childhood as lonely and isolated. By the time he reached high school, his mother, afraid for her son in the notoriously abysmal San Francisco public schools, sent Dave to live with his grandmother in the quainter city just south of the Bay, San Jose.

“It didn’t keep me out of trouble,” quips Dave. “But I love it here.” In 94, while working at the local Tower Records and being exposed to groups from Bad Brains to Iggy Pop, Dave met a then an unknown deejay, and San Jose native, Peanut Butter Wolf. Those two events would alter his life.

“Bad Brains expanded my horizons musically,” explains Dave, who admits to listening exclusively to hip-hop until then. In 97, Dave, along with an up-and-coming emcee Persevere were featured on “Under Bomber Theories” on Peanut Butter Wolf’s EP Step On Our Egos. In 98, Dave recorded “Necromancin” which ended up on Peanut Butter Wolf’s underground classic, My Vinyl Weighs a Ton.

Soon after, Dave and Persevere formed the group Sub Contents. In 98, they released two 12 inches, “Table Turns” and “Death Becomes Her,” but by then Dave was fighting—and losing—a battling with  his own demons in the form of drug addiction. After signing with Dan the Automators’ 75 Ark and recording Notes from the Cliff, the label folded. Caught up in red tape, the album was released, but on several labels with various different covers and, unfortunately, no thorough push.

After years of getting into trouble with the law and a few stints in rehab, Dave is the first to admit he hasn’t lived up to his own musical ambitions, let alone those of his cult following. But today he is serious about his career. He revamped his label, Isolated Wax, and is back writing rhymes. In 2005 ran into old friend, musician, and label owner of M9 Entertainment Jthesarge.

“I had Dave in mind for this record for a while,” explains JtheSarge, from his Arcata, CA studio where he runs M9 Entertainment, the label he co-owns with rap legend Myka 9.  “I had been recording the album over the past year, purposely using bare bones engineering techniques. I hired a local bass player Chris Smiley and incorporated some live horns organ, some guitar. But most of these tracks are super raw: just bass, drums and vocals. I wanted it to be head-nodding, foot-stomping, body-moshing music to riot to!  All I needed was the right emcee.”

To be sure, he is back making music and if nothing else, with his collaboration with M9, Dave will now be counted among the legends who hail from The Zae.

Video: Saigon - "Come On Baby"

From Mitchell Dudley:

Video: Saigon - "Come On Baby"

MP3: Mica Swain f/ Willie B - "Bubble Gum Thang"

From DMN:

MP3: Mica Swain f/ Willie B - "Bubble Gum Thang"

* *

MP3: Vast Aire - "The Will" (prod. Scifi Stu)

From Digi Crates:

MP3: Vast Aire - "The Will" (prod. Scifi Stu)

Check out another classic Scifi Stu - Around My Way, featuring Vast Aire, Tha Connection, Prolifical + more.

Digital now available @ iTunes , CD @

Hip-Hop Shop #100 - Classics From the Last 50

It's time for another dope edition of Hip-Hop Shop! Episode #100 of the show is titled Classics From the Last 50 as we celebrate 100 episodes by looking back at some classics spun on the show. Drake, Ric Atari, Souls of Michief and Quanstar among others all get love as we rewind to past greatness. Send your feedback, podsafe (RIAA free) music, and advertising requests to Thanks for listening and remember to share the show with a friend and tell them to check out the replay every Tuesday on!

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* Pugs Atomz - Fire!
* Del & Tame One - I'm A...
* Drake f/ Ric Atari - All I Know
* Souls of Mischief - Proper Aim
* Bisco Smith f/ Esen, Human Grimace - Railroads
* Eternia & MoSS f/ Joell Ortiz - It's Funny (Remix)
* Quanstar - Underdog

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