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Wednesday April 23, 2014
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[Keepers of the Lost Art] Sahdeeq injure your fleet.

Shabaam Sahdeeq Review

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PR: Pimpin' Ken Turns Successful Book Into Online Curriculum

From Nancy B:

Pimpin' Ken Turns Successful Book Into Online Curriculum

Milwaukee, WI - The principles of pimping, according to former pimp-turned-author, Pimpin' Ken, can be applied to the every day lives of the average citizen; from the decisions they make in their friendships and relationships to the roads they take in their business lives, and this is the basis of the curriculum at Pimpin' Ken's newly founded Pimp College.

Using the rules set forth in his highly successful book, "Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game" (Simon & Schuster, 2008), Professor Ken and fellow former pimp and protege, T.P. (Truth & Power), will conduct online classes, 48 in all, to those seeking to have more leverage in their day-to-day interactions with the people in their lives.

In Ken's opinion, there is little difference in the way business is conducted in the streets or the boardroom. There are sharks everywhere and the stakes are high. By applying the principles broken down within the curriculum at Pimp College, you can always be assured of coming out on top. Gender is not an issue either for this is not about learning how to become a pimp. It is simply a way for Ken and T.P. to pass along the 'game' they have learned on their own journeys from doing street business to starting and running their own very successful business franchises. The combined businesses of these two entrepreneurs includes the production of 4 popular documentaries, a successful book release, an internet radio show, a rent-to-own realty agency, a fleet of vending machines, a record label and music collaborations with everyone from Puffy to Pimp C. All this from intelligently applying the principles each of them took away from their early years conducting business in the streets.

Classes at Pimp College will include examples like, "Law #2 - Get a name in the game" during which students are taught the importance of branding; how to go about it and how to keep the brand fresh. Other examples are "Law #12 - Ain't no love in the game" where Professor Ken explains the importance of keeping your emotions out of your business dealings. As Ken puts it, "For a business to be successful, the bottom line must be the only thing you commit to. Feelings and emotions are irrelevant when it comes to making money. Business is no place for love. Money is all that matters; when the stock drops, drop the stock."

Ten minute snippets of each new class will be posted to every 2 weeks and Ken's 48 class curriculum can be purchased via his site from which buyers will be sent a secret access code upon completion of purchase.

Also on the horizon for Ken is release of his new book, "The Art of Human Chess" and a collaborative CD and multi-city tour with T.P. Stay tuned for details.

Shot Records Presents "Tha Mixtape"

Shot Records Presents:

SniperShot's new album "Tha Mixtape" OUT NOW!!!!!!


Support Real Hip Hop!

SniperShot Download

SniperShot Download

“SniperShot… making real music about real life issues.”

SniperShot is an up and coming rapper and producer in the music industry, representing his hometown of East Dallas. With his own unique delivery of hip-hop and ear for good music, he is setting himself apart from the rest of the pack. SniperShot has more to talk about in his music than the stereotypical rapper. He is a real, to the point lyricist, who will tell it as it is and believing that life is too short to sugar coat the truth. SniperShot was once a great athlete, being an all-state football player in High School and excelling in soccer, yet he turned down numerous college soccer scholarships and chose a path of selling drugs. “I was senior class Vice President, I got a special award at graduation that is still given out annually at my high school, MVP of the football team, colleges watching me play soccer, but outside of school I was selling and using a shit ton of drugs.” Having hustled in East Dallas from a young age, combined with a five-year stint in South Austin, SniperShot’s history comes out in his music. After having numerous run-ins with the “laws” a.k.a. the police, a turning point came on Christmas Eve 2005, when SniperShot walked away from a dangerous car accident, flipping his Honda Prelude multiple times at a high speed. After years of legal battle, and luckily avoiding numerous criminal charges, SniperShot began a long transformation towards becoming a more legal and healthier individual and eventually quitting the dope game for good. SniperShot is pursuing the legal route and showing the world his skills on the microphone, while conveying a more positive message with his words and in his life. “We are all on a path of learning and growth, and I am no different” says SniperShot.

SniperShot has accomplished independently releasing, his debut album in 2008, “What You Think About That?” A 2-disc set that features his earliest work in its raw state. From 2008 – 2010, SniperShot appeared on numerous mixtapes, including regions ranging from Dallas to the U.K. 2010 saw the release of “Tha Mixtape”, which showcases a more polished and skilled SniperShot, gaining him more respect in today’s Hip-Hop culture. “Tha Mixtape – Chopped and Screwed” version is offered for the true fans of slowed down music, a genre that originates from Texas. Currently SniperShot is in the studio adding the final touches to his new project “Ballin On A Budget”. The album is comprised of mostly in-house production from SniperShot’s record label, Shot Records, with the title track “Ballin On A Budget” produced by Chops.

SniperShot has more material recorded for future projects to follow the release of “Ballin On A Budget” and is continuing to establish his brand, by networking with like minded individuals, developing his fan base and capturing new interest in different markets, to secure his place in the Hip-Hop industry. SniperShot’s main objective as a musician is to: “Make sonically respectable, creative music, that people enjoy listening to”. His funny, thought provoking, creative style and positive message, receives encouraging feedback from listeners. “After performances I frequently get met at the side of the stage by people waiting to shake my hand and to tell me how good I was, and how surprised they were that I was that good, this for me is what its all about, opening peoples’ ears to my style of good music”

SniperShot’s music will tell you the truth about what is going on in our world today, through his witty original metaphors he will show you the hustler life and hidden knowledge that is not mainstream. SniperShot will make you laugh and keep your head spinning, while revealing glimpses into his life and the real issues that he and many others face in this world today. So support real hip hop and follow along as SniperShot shares his experiences and knowledge with you through his music.


For more information please visit these links:

SniperShot's New Website (Coming Soon)
SniperShot's Myspace Page
Purchase Music
Shot Records's Youtube Page
ZDUB Graphics
Shot Records

- If you need beats or graphic design hit us up @

Video: Blueprint - "Dream Big"

Download FREE Blueprint Who EP at

Official music video for the song "Dream Big" from the Blueprint Who EP released on Weightless Recordings ( Beats and Rhymes by Blueprint. Video directed by Dan Gillespie for Purple Films (

Video: Cormega Interview w/ All Elements TV

From J-Ronin:

Video: Cormega Interview w/ All Elements TV

Video: Kokane - "Twilight Zone"

From LS Promotions:

Video: Kokane - "Twilight Zone"

Video: Math Hoffa - "Light It Up"

From J-Ronin:

Video: Math Hoffa - "Light It Up"

MP3: MF DOOM Gets Live Performing Doomsday Classic "Hey!"

From Gold Dust Media:

MF DOOM Gets Live Performing The Operation Doomsday Classic "Hey!"

Obviously a fan favorite, you can hear the energy radiating from the crowd as DOOM launches into the track "Hey!" on his Expektoration live collection.  The song originally appeared on the classic Operation Doomsday album, and features several of the hallmarks of what makes DOOM such a unique talent: brash and unpredictable samples, dense wordplay, and a playful 'don't give a fuck' attitude. The live version takes it one step farther, enlisting the audience's participation and ratcheting up the energy level.  Expektoration... Live featuring Big Benn Klingon comes out September 14th on Gold Dust.

* *

PR: New Teaser of 'The Town' feat. Slaine Surfaces Online

From Kerosene Media:

New Teaser of 'The Town' feat. Slaine Surfaces Online

La Coka Nostra’s Slaine Solo Album "A World With No Skies" In Stores Oct 26th Featuring Everlast, B-Real, Vinnie Paz and ILL BILL
Warner Bros. has released a new clip from the upcoming feature film “THE TOWN” featuring Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) and Slaine online at The film is set for a September 17th, 2010 release in movie theaters across the country and will also feature Jon Hamm (Mad Men).
Boston rapper Slaine, of the rap super group, La Coka Nostra, has set an October 26th release date for his upcoming debut solo album, "A World With No Skies". The album will surface on Suburban Noize Records and is slated to feature guest appearances by Everlast, Cypress Hill’s B-Real, Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks, and ILL BILL. Slaine is currently streaming material online at .
* *

PR: A.R.A.B.'s Sammie Nomination

From First Dirt:

A.R.A.B.'s Sammie Nomination

Every year, Sacramento News and Review holds an award celebration for local musicians of all genres, letting fans vote on who should be awarded the coveted SAMMIE Award.  The time has come for the 2010 SAMIMIE's and the nominations are out.  Local emcee, A.R.A.B., has been selected as one of Sacramento's Best Emcee's and is calling all his fans and supporters to vote for him and what he stands for at He promotes a positive yet honest approach to hip-hop and does not sway from his feelings about being real and being respected in this industry, as well as being a devoted father while staying active in perusing new opportunities.

This nomination is yet another item to add to A.R.A.B.'s list of successes in 2010.  A.R.A.B. and the First Dirt Republic team have reached out to and worked with the youth and the community, been featured in several online and printed articles, in which the printed one A.R.A.B. was on the cover, obtained clothing line sponsors, opened for big name artists like The Jacka and Canibus, had music featured on the indie film screening of Orange Grove, and obtained digital distribution through Universal / In-Grooves for A.R.A.B.'s latest release, The Trojan Horse.

Ultimately, it is up to the fans to show their love and support for A.R.A.B. as an emcee.  Voting has already begun and continues until September 23. The competition is definitely stiff this year as there are 14 other emcees nominated in the same category as A.R.A.B.  It's important that voters know that they can only vote for one nominee in each category.

Winners will be announced and given awards on Saturday, October 9, at SN&R's Annual SAMMIE's Awards and Festival on the R Street Corridor (R Street between 14th and 15th streets) sometime between 6 and 10 p.m.  Only one ballot per person. All ballots are counted electronically, to be validated and tabulated on September 24th. No ballot stuffing. E-mail addresses will be verified.

MP3: Two New Songs Produced by Audible Doctor (BBAS)

From the Brown Bag AllStars:

MP3: Two New Songs Produced by Audible Doctor

Joell Ortiz released "Battle Cry" off his upcoming Free EP titled "Farewell Summer" dropping in full tomorrow.

Download "Battle Cry" HERE

Tiye Phoenix who was recently featured in the BET documentary "My Mic Sounds Nice" dropped a new exclusive track on yesterday. Check out "48 Bars Of Progression" produced by myself and Tiye Phoenix.

Download "48 Bars Of Progression" HERE


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