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Video: Cap1 - "On My Way" (dir. 2 Chainz)

Video: Cap1 - "On My Way" (dir. 2 Chainz)

Courtesy Team Bigga Rankin.

Uploaded by cap1online on Mar 14, 2012

Cap1 Shoots "On My Way" Video In Miami - Filmed & Directed By 2 Chainz & Shotz

MP3: Pitbull Introduces Vein f/ Qwote - "Play My Song"

MP3: Pitbull Introduces Vein f/ Qwote - "Play My Song"

Courtesy Future Star Music.


* *

It's no secret that Pitbull is the new leader at Top 40 radio so it's only right he brings his team along with him.  Pitbull will be introducing you to his new team on this special limited edition album coming out this summer.  This is the first record from the project and I know you crossover and urban DJ's will love it.  Listen to the chrous carefully because this record is directed to each and every one of you DJ's.  This is that record you play when it's winding down towards the end of the night around 2am and you need to revive the party.  Trust me give it a shot and tell me I was wrong!

Video: "Goodfella Radio Interview: Beyond Belief"

Video: "Goodfella Radio Interview: Beyond Belief"

Courtesy Beyond Belief Entertainment.

This week, Beyond Belief returns to Goodfella Radio, and chops it up with Justin D and Nyght.   The guys touch on the XXL Freshman List, the "Breaking Beyond" Video Series, and Beyond Belief's next single, "Broken".

PR: Moka Only & Ayatollah (Tracklist + New Track)

PR: Moka Only & Ayatollah (Tracklist + New Track)

Courtesy Nature Sounds.

Moka Only (one of Canada's most celebrated hip-hop exports) and Ayatollah (one of the most respected producers in the American underground hip-hop scene) have joined forces for the new album Bridges, to be released on April 10th, 2012.  While this may be their first time collaborating, Moka Only and Ayatollah are hardly strangers.  "I've always been familiar with Ayatollah's work," says Moka. "He's a legend, and there's not many outside beatmakers that I even want to do anything with..Tollah is a golden exception."

* *

While Moka is behind the mic for the entire album, he decided to rap from the viewpoint of his foul-mouthed alter-ego Ron Contour.  "Ron is like your eccentric Uncle," Moka explains.  "I think people would expect me to come with a more 'serious' vibe on these darker Ayatollah beats, so I had to flip the script on 'em."  Overall, what makes the project work is the chemistry between these two unlikely collaborators.  "As this project came together, Tollah told me he was excited that someone really 'sees his vision'," explains Moka.  "That means a lot to me."

Now Available For Pre-Order: />cd shipping one week early for those who pre-order .

1. Get A Soda
2. Fishgills
3. Come Along
4. Heavy As I Used To Be
5. For The Country
6. Anything You Know
7. I Tell Ya
8. Set Up A Mic
9. Afford The Best
10. Everything
11. Eckhart Tolle
12. Bridges
13. Betcha Neva Thought
14. Update
15. Future Novelist

iTunes Deluxe Version (Bonus Tracks)
16. Get This Style
17. Elephant Bill
18. Guess Who's Best
19. I'm Not A Menace
20. Sodium

Driicky Graham & Nu World Entertainment Sign with eOne Music

Driicky Graham and Nu World Entertainment Music Group sign with eOne Music

Courtesy Hanif S.

North Carolina native Driicky Graham and NuWorld Era Music Group sign with eOne Music to release new single “Snap Backs & Tattoos”

New York, NY – eOne Music and NuWorld Era Music Group announce the release of “Snap Backs & Tattoos,” the infectious new single from hip hop’s most talented up-and-comer, Driicky Graham. The track has garnered accolades for the 20 year old rhyme slayer from DJs all across the country, and has already been receiving heavy airplay at WQHT in New York. 

Graham has been feature in XXL’s “The Break, as well as MTV Rap Fix Live’s “Get in the Game”. His video has been posted to, and

“We are excited to partner with Nu World on the release of this new single,” explains eOne Vice President Marleny Dominguez.

An internet sensation, the North Carolina native has captured fans with his heart wrenching response to Memphis artist Don Trip’s underground hit, “Letter To My Son.” The emotional video shows Graham speaking to his absent father in rhyme while defending single mothers everywhere. The rendition gathered so much attention on and off line that it was featured during MTV’s Rap Fix Live “Get in the Game” segment with host Sway Calloway. The young prodigy has steadily kept interest on his talents with his club-killing duet with ATL’s Diamond of Crime Mob, “Flash The Cash.” His buzz continues to balloon with the addition of his latest single, “Snapbacks and Tattoos.” He is currently working with legendary Three 6 Mafia producer Juicy J, along with Diamond, on his debut mixtape.

MP3: French Montana x Lore'l - "Everything's a Go"

MP3: French Montana x Lore'l - "Everything's a Go"

Courtesy Big Dev.

French Montana x Lore'l - Everything's a Go (clean/dirty)

Dirty: .
Clean: .

Video: Murs & SRS present the FREE MyTunes Pro HD Music App

Video: Murs & SRS present the FREE MyTunes Pro HD Music App

Courtesy Dunn Deal PR.

The iPad is many things, but not a.professional-grade audio system - until now. SRS Labs and Cali emcee Murs present the MyTunes Pro HD Music App, the most advanced, feature-rich, audio enhancing music player application ever developed for the iPad, also available in non-HD for the iPhone and iPod.

“When I’m done putting tracks together in the studio, my hope is that my fans get to hear them exactly the way I recorded them, but that’s not always possible,” says Murs. “MyTunes uncovers layers of audio and details that normally get buried somewhere in the mix, allowing me to hear my tracks and other music the way they were meant to be heard." MyTunes seamlessly pulls music, podcast and audio book files from your iTunes® music library, and offers innovative features like Party Mode (where the app reorganizes a selected playlist to fit your party style), Workout Mode (where the app automatically adjusts your music to fit the speed and intensity of your workout) and Speed Control (which allows you to speed or slow your podcasts with no effect on pitch and tone). HD sound, a fully adjustable 10-band EQ, listening device presets, volume normalization, Airplay and iTunes Match support, advanced drilldown search, special driving mode and DJ-style transitions are also included. MyTunes Pro HD for iPad and MyTunes Pro for iPod and iPhone apps can be downloaded FREE from the iTunes® App Store. Users will enjoy the fully functioning music player with advanced features for a limited time each day until they decide to fully unlock the app’s advanced features via a one–time in-app purchase. iPhone / iPod version - $6.99; iPad version - $9.99. To commemorate the launch of MyTunes Pro for iPhone and MyTunes Pro HD for iPad, SRS is giving people who have downloaded either version of the app a chance to win “The Ultimate Paid Dues Festival Experience,” which includes an all expenses paid trip for two to Los Angeles, CA to hang out backstage with Murs at the Paid Dues Festival, plus side-stage access to an artist performance of their choice. To learn more, please visit .

MP3: Nicki Minaj f/ Chris Brown - "Right By My Side"

MP3: Nicki Minaj f/ Chris Brown - "Right By My Side"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

Video: SoulBrotha aka SB - "Look of Love"

Video: SoulBrotha aka SB - "Look of Love"

Courtesy SBeezy.

It's been five months since Southpaw's release and I felt that the video which I share with you today is a befitting "end" so to speak to the entire tale that is Southpaw. This song, "Look of Love" happens to be one of my favorites off the project and I believe sums up the reason why I embarked upon it in the first place; to tell my story of heartbreak, pain, loss and eventual healing/triumph in the face of depression and confusion that stems from lost love and broken promises.

MP3: Dibbz Dreek f/ Savant aka Stanstro - "True Lies"

MP3: Dibbz Dreek f/ Savant aka Stanstro - "True Lies"

Courtesy Reginald C.

Dallas new comer, by way of Tucson, AZ, emcee/producer Dibbz Dreek of Fresh Life Curriculum has been cultivating his craft since age of 11.  Early motivation to be a hip hop artist came from his uncle who was a house party DJ and had every virtually record related to the genre released in the late 80’s. The true inspiration to rap came from the first CD he ever owned, Ice Cube's "Death Certificate". Shortly after his freshman year at Tucson High School he became known for his knack to freestyle about everything from current events and to high school rumors and do so with detailed imagery.  Not long after high school he teamed up with high school friends to create" The Corp", a 4 emcees- 3 producer collective. Several years later, The Corp would split into 2 factions, one of them called "Fresh Life Curriculum" who Dibbz Dreek remains aligned with. Now residing in Dallas, TX the artist has reemerged and has begun to showcase his talent and passion via his newly claimed solo stage.

Song Information:

"True Lies" is a trip through the mind of Dibbz Dreek as he explains odd things that he notices day to day. The song touches on everything from the Occupy Wall Street Movement to coercion in politics and religion. The jazz sample is taken from “Norman Connors - Land of Passion” and the quote at the beginning comes from none other than Huey Freeman from the Boondocks cartoon series. Guest vocals were performed by Savant aka Stanstro which gave the song that much needed sultry emotion and provided a bridge between the two 24 bar verses.

Stream and download the "True Lies" HERE: .

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