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Video: OBX & DJ TechNeek f/ JP - "Alone" @obxthemex

Video: OBX & DJ TechNeek f/ JP - "Alone"

Courtesy Matt B.

Here is another set of visuals from OBX & Tech-Neek, who seem to be causing a heat wave in Texas. The latest track, "Alone" is produced by DBDFam member Kuse & features additional vocals from JP. “Alone” is taken from OBX & DJ TechNeek’s new EP Middle Class Dreams/Blue Collar Schemes which will be released on 4-9-2012.

Video: Rocky Rivera f/ Irie Eyez - "GRLZ"

Video: Rocky Rivera f/ Irie Eyez - "GRLZ"

Courtesy Beatrock Music.

GRLZ Take Over!!! Rocky Rivera is back with a new music video and she brought some friends: DJ Roza and Irie Eyez come together to show you how the GRLZ get things DONE!  A lighthearted peek into their world of Hello Kitty and hairbrush-microphones, these ladies rock out at their rehearsal and show us their playful side.  And the femme-fatale-alliance doesn’t stop there - after rocking their first-ever showcase at SXSW 2012, they prove that when it comes to handling business, the GRLZ DO IT BETTER! (Directed by Jordan Ching/Northbound Films)

J Rawls + The Liquid Crystal Project: BTS + New Track

J Rawls + The Liquid Crystal Project: Behind The Scenes + New Track

Courtesy Nature Sounds.

As J Rawls and his "jazz-hop" fusion band The Liquid Crystal Project get ready to release the third volume in their acclaimed instrumental series, we've got some exclusive footage of Rawls live from the video shoot for the Liquid Crystal track "Equinox."  Check out Rawls and the female lead in the video giving some behind-the-scenes looks at the video, plus speaking on the album, The Liquid Crystal Project 3, which hits stores everywhere on April 10th.

Check out the latest leak from the album, the jazzy, uptempto track "The Maier-Saupe Theory". .

De La Soul Present 'First Serve' - Album Out Now

De La Soul's Plug 1 & Plug 2 Present 'First Serve' - Album Out Now

Courtesy Matt B.

'First Serve' is many things, but at its heart it is the story of two young boys from Queens, New York in the late-1990's with big dreams and larger rhymes. It follows two friends, Deen Whitter (aka Plug 2 / Dave) and Jacob 'Pop Life' Barrow (aka Plug 1/ Pos), through their struggles in a basement to start their musical career and the battles they face after years of laying demos and mixtapes on the hustle in the hip-hop game.

* *

But all the hard work has finally paid off - Jacob and Deen have hit the big time signing to Goon Time Records, and quickly enjoying their first hit with the bouncy orchestral flourish of "Must B The Music."

* *

The story plays out - from the "Opening Credits" through to tracks like the funky euphoric "We Made It," following Deen and Jacob's original success, through the darkly-hung, break-up ode of "Clash Symphony" to their eventual, tender reunion on the irresistible "Tennis"- with some of De La's most irrepressible rhymes in years, and a succession of hilarious skits. The pair find themselves "bound together with a handshake, not a contract."

* *

We leave them back on top, on a Paris stage with the call-and-response finale, and surely future hit "Move 'Em In, Move 'Em Out." Where do they go from here? With a world this vibrant, the possibilities seem endless. There are whispers of sequels, comic books, live action versions of this story...but for now, 'First Serve' lives on in the form of some truly awesome beats and rhymes.

Press Release: Music Soundz Better Wit BoogZ

Press Release: Music Soundz Better Wit BoogZ

Courtesy Robert M.

This week I bring you Ben Boogz's contribution to our Funky Beat Down campaign. Why are the 2 Hungry Bros finally  indicating who is making what? Well for 2 reasons-
1. The fans is fam already and it's like we're all feasting together and presenting who made what specialty dish.
2. Since we both became fathers it been very difficult to get together so we're not fooling anyone.

This Funky Beatdown campaign will be the last opportunity to see what different flavors the 2 of us bring and why it's made our brand of production quite versatile. After this it's back to guessing, unless of course the artists want to act like snitches and don't understand That the bros don't share that ego trip.
Oh and 3rd- these Beat Beasts play out more like megamixes than compositions. Variety is the SPICE of life and well the 2 Hungry Bros Kitchen is RACK CITY. Embrace musical variety.
Click on the link below to access APRIL BOOGZ FUNK FOOLERY

Video: Sun (G-Unit) f/ Fat Pimp - "Go Live"

Video: Sun (G-Unit) f/ Fat Pimp - "Go Live"

Courtesy J Melo.

Sun of Zoo Life/Infamous/G-Unit (that's 40 Glocc/Mobb Deep/50 Cent's labels) will be releasing his new mixtape "Tunnel Vision (#TV)" April 13th. Here goes a video for a song off the project titled "Go Live" featuring Fat Pimp.

MP3: Lil Issue f/ Bun B - "My Swag" @LilIssue @BunBTrillOG

MP3: Lil Issue f/ Bun B - "My Swag"

Courtesy Papa Smirf.


* *

Video: Sav Killz - "Awaited/Blazin" @SavKillz

Video: Sav Killz - "Awaited/Blazin"

Courtesy J-Ronin.

Sav Killz - "Awaited" prod. by Budgie (London)  - 
Sav Killz - Bangers and B-Sides coming soon hosted by DJ J-Ronin

Blazin ft. Sav Killz "Cover All Elements" from A Beautiful Tragedy mixtape

Video: D-Sisive - "The Busker" @dsisive @URBNET

Video: D-Sisive - "The Busker" @dsisive @URBNET

The circus has left town. I'm home, with nothing but memories. Some will stick forever. Others, I hope will disappear. The circus was fun. We all prefer a certain ring over the others, but we always make the best out of our least favorites.

The lion tamers were daring. The trapeze artists were beautiful. The clowns? Well, they were just clowns. Squeezing into their Volkswagens and driving anywhere they could get attention. Always laughed at. They invite the laughter. They believe the laughter is what keeps the wheels spinning. Nobody wants to pose for photos with the sword swallower, but the sword swallowers are never laughed at. Nobody wants the signature of the flame swallower, but the flame swallower is never mocked. Their lives are risked, but they can never be the face. The clowns on the other hand...They're the stars! Shining bright. Painted red smiles over their chapped lips and yellow teeth. They're easily accessible. Not everyone can lick fire. But everyone can giggle and somersault.

The Greatest Show On Earth!

I'm home. With a brand new sword. The Busker. A song produced by Techtwelve, and a video directed by Dan Jardine.

On April tenth I will release a deluxe edition of my most recent LP, Run With The Creeps. 6 new songs. And extended version of The Stranded. A cover of Dee Dee Ramone's Funky Man, as well as an unexpected/powerful collaboration with Neverending White Lights. Along with the four songs are 4 tape recorder demos recorded in 2008. Brian Wilson recorded minutes after the most important dish washing session of my life. The demos truly represent the beginning, fitting perfectly with Run With The Creeps' closing chapter.

If you order now, you will immediately recieve a copy of The Busker.

Hope you like.

D-Sisive - Run With The Creeps (The D-Luxe Edition)
Available for pre-order: .

Video: Nicki Minaj Encourages "Barbies" to Live Wild Dreams @MTVPress

Video: Nicki Minaj Encourages "Barbies" to Live Wild Dreams

Courtesy MTV Press.

"Nicki Minaj encourages her dedicated fanbase, the Barbies, to live out their wildest dreams."


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