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Sunday March 29, 2015
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[Blade of the Ronin] A samurai with no master.

Cannibal Ox Review

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MP3: Jerry B. Long (Kokane) - "Who Iz U"

From Matt Conaway:


What do P. Diddy, Snoop Dogg, DR. Dre, 50 Cent, Too Short, Cypress Hill, E-40, Busta Rhymes, George Clinton, and Eazy E have in common ?

The answer is… “Jerry B. Long” aka “Kokane”

Recognized world-wide as “The most featured artist in Hip-Hop Music,” Jerry B. Long/Kokane has appeared as a guest vocalist on more hit singles/albums than any artist in recorded music.

Multi-Platinum artists in the fields of Rap & R&B Music have turned to the distinctive voice of this incredible artist to grace their recordings for over 20-years and in the year 2011 the hits featuring Jerry’s voice just keep on rolling.

With the release of Snoop Dogg’s new album “Doggumentary”; Jerry B. Long is featured on the new single “Take Me Home”, as well as upcoming releases from Nipsey Hussle, WC and Jay Rock. Though Jerry’s had many defining moments over the course of his storied career, right now he is poised to take his career to new heights.

Urban music is undergoing a dramatic shift and transformation, as there are new sounds and styles emanating from all corners of the genre and there are really no boundaries.  Though he was already ahead of that curve, Jerry B. Long/Kokane is preparing to launch a new LP entititled, In The Middle Of The Road, though his own Bud E Boy Ent label in the summer of 2011.  This new LP will showcase his distinctive voice in ways his fans have never heard from him before and they will get a taste of the “R&B Soul” that brings back memories of the 80’s and 90’s in it’s purest form. As Jerry states, “I have been blessed with a Platinum recording career and on this new project I really have no musical boundaries. If it feels right I’m recording it.”

One of the first releases from the new album is an infectious tune called “Who Iz U” produced by Mr. Caviar & Secret Specialist, which will feature a re-mix version of the song with the Grammy Award winning artist Cee-Lo and Gipp Goodie of Goodie Mobb. The video for the remix is being filmed in Los Angeles with Cee-Lo & Gipp Goodie in late April.

So sit back, buckle up and get ready for quite an interesting ride. The music is bangin’ and it is coming at you In The Middle Of The Road.

DL Link to Jerry B. Long/Kokane’s “Who Iz U” (produced by Mr. Caviar & Secret Specialist):


PR: Mr. Blap Produces Brotha Lynch Hung Album

From Delia Mendoza:



Sacramento, California (February 7, 2011) – Sanctuary Recording Studio’s own talented Mr. Blap (Jalil Cotton) has just finished producing Brotha Lynch Hung’s soon to be released album “Coathanga Strangla”. The album is being released on the popular Strange Music label and is the second installment to Brotha Lynch Hung’s previously released album entitled “Dinner and a Movie.” It is set to drop on April 5th, 2011.

Brother Lynch Hung specifically requested to work with Mr. Blap, saying “You’re a great lyric writer…(there’s) always a spot for you.” For this particular album, Hung wanted to it to revolve around the concept of being an “audio movie”, where the listeners could close their eyes and visually appreciate the music. Mr. Blap created various soundscapes that enhanced the audio that contributed to this idea. The album is currently on preorder through the Strange Music website, and sales are already in the high numbers.

Mr. Blap has been producing for the past 18 years. His major works include the Technyne album “KOD” and Brotha Lynch Hung’s “Dinner and a Movie”, which were both high-selling releases. He is currently working on an upcoming R&B project, and plans to release his own album in Summer 2011. Blap has been previously signed to Strange Music, Kamau Records and Mercenary Entertainment. He currently is an independent artist, but is entertaining several deals from various labels.


Video: Cesar Luciano - "Let Go"

From Matt Conaway:


More Black Thursday heat from Cesar Luciano, as after releasing the audio for "Let Go" on Monday, today we get the visual treatment for the track:

(Bombers take notice!!).


The Great Depression coming soon!



Cesar Luciano Black Thursday mixtape DL Link: 

Cesar Luciano "Let Go":
Cesar Luciano f/Big Rich "All Gone":

Cesar Luciano "Good Evening" video: 

Cesar Luciano’s “Someday” (I Made It):

Cesar Luciano “The Great Depression” Interview:



For more information on Cesar Luciano please visit:

Twitter: @CeezLuciano 


MP3: Jojo Pellegrino - "Make It Fast"





PR: Moke & Tone's "Shot Heard Around The World" Now Available + Video

From Diamond Music Group


The hip-hop duo consisting of the Cali-born, Bronx-bred Mokeout of Hardtimes Records and the Massachusetts-based Tone of The Problemaddicts (Mystika Music), are pleased to present their debut LP Shot Heard Round The World which is now available digitally and through select stores.

The LP, which delicately walks the divide between street and conscious rap, addresses a wide brush stroke of themes that range from the powers of good versus evil, overzealous emcees fighting for position, 911 conspiracy theories, and the call for alarm in this uncertain world. Produced extensively by Mystika Music's in-house production crew Team Genius, Shot Heard Round The World also boasts production from Illmind (50 Cent, Eminem, Little Brother), J Clyde (Young Buck, Heltah Skeltah) and features precision turntablism courtesy of The Problemaddicts own DJ Theory. The lp also includes guest features such as Slaughterhouse's Crooked I, Brooklyn Academy's Mr. Metaphor, Catalyst and Vorheez (of The Problemaddicts). The album also features a dubstep bonus track of "Shining", produced by Tone.


Moke & Tone - Shot Heard Round The World by Mystika Music


"F*ck Y'all": HulkShare | SoundCloud
"Destiny": HulkShare | MediaFire


Conceptualized, produced and directed by Tone, "False Flags" is the first music video off Shot Heard Round The World. The video depicts contrasting perspectives from ground zero on the morning of September 11th, 2001. Moke plays the roll of a World Trade custodian, Tone plays the roll of a corrupt business man and Tools (Hardtimes Records) tells the story of a war torn child in Iraq.





MP3: Rox feat. Nate Dogg

From Matt Conaway:

From the festival city known as Edmonton Alberta, Canada emerges “Rox” a self-motivated, goal oriented, career driven rap artist with an undying dream to make it to the top of the music charts.

With music influences such as Ice Cube, Jay Z, Timbaland and 50 Cent “Rox” delivers a rap style described as a unique blend of hip-hop and pop music that he is anxious to share with the world.

Rox will be releasing his forthcoming mixtape, “22nd Century,” this Spring and it features appearances from Rick Ross, Sean Kingston, Kardinal, Jasmine Lopez, Yonas and production from JR Rotem.

DL Link to Rox f/Nate Dogg “When They High”:

Thank you for your continued support!


Please donate to Nate Dogg's fund here:

R.I.P. Nate!

Pharoahe Monch's "W.A.R." Only $2.99 From!

You can get the album gave 8.5 out of 10 from for only 2.99 today! That's right, Pharoahe Monch's "W.A.R. (We Are Renegades)" is only $2.99 for all 13 songs in high quality MP3 format. Take advantage of this short time sale to load up on some top notch hip-hop, and as a bonus if you use our link a portion of your purchase supports Thanks and enjoy!

PR: Foreign Legion's "Night Moves" In Stores Now + Video

From Quality Control:

Foreign Legion - Night Moves (Brand new album, in stores Now!)



Prozack Turner and Marc Stretch are Foreign Legion. Their debut album, Kidnapper Van (along with DJ Design) broke new ground for underground hip-hop and took playful shots at the industry and art that spawned them. Several tours around the world resulted in the party-driven Play Tight, soon after. The trio became a duo and next came The Secret Knock. An introspective, albeit brief, look into the minds of two musicians that still love the art of rhyme.

Guess what, good people? Good music is still alive and well, at least in the Bay Area. Foreign Legion returns with their newest original offering, Night Moves. The Oakland based duo took some time off after their previous release to work on various ventures, away from the group. They re-connected in the studio and the result is a 13 track opus that finds the group as focused and hungry as ever. Contributions from G Koop (Jake One, EA Ski), Rashaan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers), Grandpa J, Intr0Beatz, DJ Flip (ITF Champion) & DJ Buzz (Waxolutionists) help give the album a sound that is well worth listening to over and over. You don't have to wait for the sun to go down make some Night Moves.

Foreign Legion – Night Moves Tracklisting

1.     CA All Day – Prod. By Prozack Turner

2.     Victory – Prod. By G-Koop - Additional sample arrangement by Prozack Turner - Background vocals by Latashia Govan

3.     Fast and Loose – Featuring Rashaan Ahmad of Crown City Rockers - Prod. By Prozack Turner

4.     The Ultimate – Prod. By Grandpa J

5.     One Shot – Prod. By Prozack Turner – Guitar by G-Koop

6.     Son of a Gun – Prod. By Prozack Turner

7.     Party Over Here – Prod. By Prozack Turner – Guitar by G-Koop – Cuts by DJ Whooligan

8.     Fresh Air – Prod. By Prozack Turner

9.     Didn’t Work Out – Prod. By Prozack Turner

10.   Travel Lite – Prod. By Introbeatz – Synth by G-Koop

11.   Piano Banger – Prod. By Introbeatz – Cuts by Introbeatz

12.   Angel – Prod. By DJ Flip and DJ Buzz

13.   Legionnaire Lounge – Prod. By Prozack Turner – Guitar by G-Koop – Additional Vocals by Darcy Green


You can also find physical CD's of Night Moves in these fine locations:

Waterloo Records – Austin, TX
Albums on the Hill – Boulder, CO
Music Millennium – Portland, OR
Amoeba – San Francisco, CA
Access Music – San Diego, CA
Request Music – Maui, HI
Fifth Element – Minneapolis, MN

Amoeba – Berkeley, CA, Los Angeles, CA

Dimple Records – Sacramento, CA
Independent Records  – Colorado
Rasputin – CA, NV
Silver Platters – Seattle, WA
Newbury Comics – CT, ME, MA, NH, RI
The Works – Eureka, CA


HipHopDX Premieres Foreign Legion's "Son Of A Gun" Video

HipHopDX Premieres Foreign Legion's

For Tuesday's release of their "Night Moves" album, Prozack Turner and Marc Stretch explain how an old lady's channel surfing turned into their latest video concept.

If you’re a creative type, you know that inspiration can strike at any time and at any place. Luckily for Foreign Legion, inspiration struck their video director, Behn Fannin, a few hundred feet in the air.

“He also has a day job, which is window washing,” Prozack Turner explained. “So evidently, he was washing windows 20 floors up on a hi rise residential building in downtown L.A. while listening to [‘Son Of A Gun’] over and over. As he was listening, looking into all these different windows, he noticed an old lady sitting in her apartment changing the channels relentlessly for about 30 minutes straight, never stopping on a channel more than two seconds. As he was washing the windows and bumping the track, the lady incoherently was changing the channels perfectly on beat with the song in his headphones. Right there, the concept hit him and he began writing the treatment on his phone, on a platform several hundred feet above the city.”

Fannin’s interpretation of that unidentified woman’s A.D.D. approach to channel surfing left Prozack Turner and Marc Stretch with a distinctive visual to coincide with the Tuesday release of their new album, Night Moves. Those who have been following Stretch and Prozack since the days of Kidnapper Van, shouldn’t be at all surprised to see bulky CRT televisions in place of their heads. At a time when the only thing separating most emcees is the color of their hipster-inspired sweaters, the pair said they both shun mainstream radio trends while pushing the evolution of their own sound and appearance.

“We've approached [Night Moves] with a much broader vision than any of our previous records,” Marc Stretch added. “I, personally, was only really concerned with making great songs before. Now I'm much more involved in the entire creation process. The visuals have really become my area of responsibility, because that's where my some of my other passions lie. Think back to the glory days of No Limit Records. Back then, I didn't know one song from their 632-record catalog, but I knew a No Limit record on sight. They were the ones with the giant grizzly bears in silk robes driving diamond-encrusted speedboats on the front cover. Boom—instant brand and brand recognition!”

Unfortunately you won’t see any bears in iced-out boats in “Son Of A Gun.” But a close look reveals the dozens of movies and sitcoms Fannin incorporated into the video. In many cases he synced custom fonts (i.e. “Full House” and “The Simpsons”) to match with a particular line from each emcees rhyme. It all adds up to what Marc Stretch described as a simple idea with lots of rich layers involved in the execution. Apply that same mentality to a full album—one that Prozack produced the bulk of—and the result should be a product of two people who go to great lengths (sometimes even vertically) to stand out.


Video: Vast Aire - "Nomad"

"Nomad" is taken from Vast' forthcoming solo-LP "Can Ox 2010: A Street Odyssey," which will be released on 5-31-2011 courtesy of Man Bites Dog/Fat Beats Records.
"Can Ox 2010: A Street Odyssey" features appearances by Cappadonna and Guilty Simpson and production by Ayatollah and J-Zone.  Also, the LP features a Cannibal Ox reunion track with Vordul Mega which features Raekwon entitled "Thor's Hammer."
Video: Krayzie Bone Officially Leaves Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

BTNH's Krayzie Bone has announced that he's leaving the group and taking his talents to South Beach. Well, not quite, but Mr. Leatherface has decided that he's permanently leaving the group to explore his options.

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