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Audio: De La Soul's Plug 1 & Plug 2 - "The Work (2&4 Remix)"

Audio: De La Soul's Plug 1 & Plug 2 - "The Work (2&4 Remix)"

Courtesy Matt B.

One of four remixes from the Deluxe-Edition of De La Soul's Plug 1 & Plug 2 'First Serve' album, available now on

Song Link: .

Video: L.E.P. Bogus Boys - "We R Chi"

Video: L.E.P. Bogus Boys - "We R Chi"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Last week, Chicago's L.E.P. Bogus Boys hit fans with not only the "Kush & Leather (Remix)" featuring Rick Ross, but also a brand new, six-track collaborative remix EP with The Hood Internet. Now, Count & Moonie are back with some special footage from a recent Reebok-sponsored show held for L.E.P.'s rabid hometown fans.

PR: Drapht Announces U.S. Release of "The Life of Riley"

PR: Drapht Announces U.S. Release of "The Life of Riley"

Courtesy Jerry Graham.

New York, NY- Australian hip hop sensation, Drapht has announced the U.S. release of “The Life Of Riley” on May 8th via The Ayems. The Life Of Riley is the fourth studio album by Drapht and marked him as one of only two Australian artists in 2011 whose album debuted at #1 in the Australian charts. The breakaway single “Rapunzel” appears on the album and has already reached double platinum sales status down under.

Linking up with long time musical collaborator Trials (also from Aussie hip hop outfit, Funkoars) as well as a veritable treasure trove of guest emcees (Nfa, Urthboy, Mantra) outside musicians, producers (M-Phazes) and singers (Abbe May, Simon Cox) The Life Of Riley is one of the most melodic yet genuine approaches to hip hop regardless of geography in recent years. Incorporating a great deal of live instrumentation into the beats as well as Drapht’s own uncanny sense of lyrical hooks, the album traverses through a record collection without boundaries including the almost 60’s psyche-pop of Rapunzel, the dark-dub styling of “Murder Murder” to world music inflected party-rocker “Bali Party” just to name a few.

As an emcee Drapht’s subject matter tends to blend devil-may-care youthful defiance with a deep and very vulnerable introspective side. Speaking on the genesis of Rapunzel, the idea of which carried over from his 2009 theme album Brothers Grimm Drapht says “I was reading over the Grimm fairy tales and the story of Rapunzel jumped out at me perfectly as a metaphor about an ex-girlfriend of mine who was close to my heart but a complete ball-breaker and unable to let her hair down. The lyrics itself were probably some of the easiest to write for the record but the recording process was a complete different story. The 60's surf-rock feel was 30bpm faster than the textbook mid 90’s hip hop sound, so the delivery took a while to get my head around.”

More Info: .

Facebook: .

Video: Bliggadi & Boy6lue - "Made It" (In Studio)

Video: Bliggadi & Boy6lue - "Made It" (In Studio)

Courtesy Peter Demilo Records.

Music produced by Peter Dimilo
Vocals done by Aly/Nasti
Engineered by Nasti
Arranged by Nasti/Peter Dimilo

Video done by John H. Mouradian

New Video: The Liquid Crystal Project

New Video: The Liquid Crystal Project

Courtesy Nature Sounds.


The new album from producer J Rawls and his eclectic ensemble The Liquid Crystal Project hits stores everywhere earlier this week, and now they're unveiling the brand new video for the track "Equinox".  The third album in the acclaimed Liquid Crystal series is now available for purchase, check it out at the links below.

MP3: Senor Kaos - "We're Here to Save the Day (Remix)"

MP3: Senor Kaos - "We're Here to Save the Day (Unreleased Remix)"

Courtesy Kaos Music.

In 2010 I was invited into the studio to work on a verse for The Constellations single “We’re Here To Save The Day” from their debut album “Southern Gothic.” I was excited for the opportunity and had a great experience writing/recording the track.  However due to music industry politics Virgin Records decided they wanted Asher Roth on the record instead of me, and my version was scrapped and has never seen the light of day.

I’ve held on this song for over 2 years now, while it’s been collecting dust on a random flash drive. The song went on to become a success appearing on television and video games since its release. The time has come for me to liberate the music. I’m making it available as a free download for all my fans today.

Going through my vault, I realized I have a LOT of songs/verses that were recorded (some for me… some for others) that have never been heard. Many of them have interesting stories behind them as well. Maybe this music will find a home on a project one day… but as long as they find a home on your computer/iPod/MP3 Player, I’m just as happy.


* *

Free MP3 & Album: Dopeshit Records - "A Clean Dose of Music"

Free MP3 & Album: Dopeshit Records - "A Clean Dose of Music"

Courtesy Wanja Lange.

Artists: Dopeshit Records / Various Artists
Location: Switzerland & USA
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap

Free Download "Main Flow ft Complex - Changes": .

Compilation - A Clean Dose of Music with Planet Asia / Copywrite / Main Flow/Pacewon / King Magnetic / Vinnie Paz / Doap Nixon / Chief Kamachi / Ruste Juxx / Moka Only / Tableek / Block Mc Clouds / Insight / Buddha Monk / Smooth Da Hustler / Planetary / Ill Tone / Kingpin / Reain / Imagery / Words & Rhymes / Rick D. / Mc Complex / Larynx / E.Q / Destruct / Born Talent / I.N.F / Rampage / Think

Released end of march 2012, "A clean dose of music" regroup a well blended palette of international artists that are already established on the hiphop scene. From the USA to Canada, UK and Hollande is a musical voyage spread over 23 tracks produced by DJ VR. The music draws influence from jazz soul and funk and passes as well to darker moods. A diverse compilation, a simple dose of proper music which returns to the source. A mix of tracks which were created between 2010 and 2012, the fruits of diverse voyages, different connections and friendships on the internet helped give birth to this compilation. Available on the web, on CD or in vinyl for September 2012.

About Dopeshit Records :

Dopeshit Records is an independent label based in Switzerland owned by VR. The story begins in 1994 when he fell into the culture of turntablism and crate digging after traveling in N.Y and London. After he became an addict and between 1998 and 2004, he released four mix tapes and a mix CD and made some guest appearance in other projects. In 2005 "Dopeshit Records" was born and a street CD was released with a Swiss band called "Insurgés". Afterwards he learned more about audio engineering and beatmaking and between all theses years, he made some contacts in U.S-U.K-Netherlands-France-and Canada. Now he focuses on his projects & produces music with different artists.

Video: M-Phazes "Super Good" (J-Live) Beat Making Tutorial

Video: M-Phazes "Super Good" (J-Live) Beat Making Tutorial

Courtesy DM360.

M-Phazes is back with another beat making tutorial, this time shifting focus to his remix of J-Live's "Super Good," as featured on Phazed Out. Take a look to see the creative process used for this remix, where M-Phazes takes you through a step by step progression of how this track came to fruition, from sample arrangement, to layering the drums, bassline and chord structures, all while providing a host of tips and tricks. Phazed Out is now available through Coalmine Records.

Video: Kyle Rapps - "Streets Move On"

Video: Kyle Rapps - "Streets Move On"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Last year, Kyle Rapps released his On Air mixtape, sampling from the legendary French electro duo Air. Now, following the video for "Universe Traveler" with Talib Kweli, and a recently released video for "Bully" from his previous Re-Edutainment EP, Rapps is excited to release the latest video from On Air, for the single "Streets Move On."

R.I.P. Viro the Virus

R.I.P. Viro the Virus

Details are scant right now but the news that he passed away yesterday was confirmed by his good friend Chris Hero (also known as Kassius Ohno), who he worked with in the past for an entrance song. We've included some of Viro's work below.

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