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Egyptian/L.A. Emcee Radioinactive's New World-Hop Album

From Dunn Deal PR:

Egyptian/L.A. Emcee Radioinactive's New World-Hop Album

The Akashic Record, from L.A.-based Egyptian-American emcee Radioinactive. Here’s a stream.

First single “Mint Tea” features 2Mex and is produced by French duo La Caution, over the beat they dropped on the Oceans 12 soundtrack…

This guy just got back from shows in Palestine, three months in the Sahara, and he’s rocking one of Quincy Jones’ old suits in that Mint Tea video. He was part of Log Cabin, the '90s crew that included a young Murs and Eligh. He made his name in the L.A. underground scene on a song called “Farmer’s Market Of The Beast” where he rapped as a goat. He’s the real deal.

Devin the Dude: Live Video from the Seriously Trippin' Tour

From Chris @ E1:

Devin the Dude: Live Video from the Seriously Trippin' Tour

Houston's very own Devin the Dude in town to promote his latest tour 'Seriously Tripping' and upcoming EP. Alongside Coughee Brothaz, he also brought Smit D (Facemob), E-Rock (5th Ward Boyz), Warren Lee and others. A very entertaining show, as always.

New Audio: Chuuwee & Max B "Money Make Me Feel Better" (Remix)

From Matt B:

New Audio: Chuuwee & Max B "Money Make Me Feel Better" (Remix)

Now that Chuuwee’s Crown Me King mixtape has properly set the table for his official debut LP, Wild Style, Chuuwee is gearing up the promo machine and getting back to what he does best; make dope music.     Wild Style can be summarized as pure 90s Hip Hop, where Chuuwee is taking the classic elements of the golden era with the look, sound and the feel and then applying them to the present day. Inspired by Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, Big L, De La Soul with even hints of DMX, Wild Style promises to be Chuuwee’s break-out project, one that will showcase him as being a frontrunner lyricist from Hip-Hop’s new school; while also paying homage and respect to the great pioneers of the 1990’s. “Wild Style is the album that’s going to eradicate weak rap off the face of the map. It is the return of real Hip-Hop. It’s pure and it’s not me trying to re-make it. It’s not me telling you its 90s Hip-Hop; it is 90s Hip-Hop” says Chuuwee.

DL Link to Chuuwee & Max B “Money Makes Me Feel Better” (remix): (produced by Stacey Wade---AKA Al Green's Keyboard player).

MP3/Video: Steven A. Clark x Mr. Familiar - "Chemistry"

From Audible Treats:

MP3/Video: Steven A. Clark x Mr. Familiar - "Chemistry"

To date, Steven A. Clark has released two singles from his forthcoming album, Fornication Under Consent Of The King, the Miami-based singer's second album in as many years. First came "Don't Have You," followed by "Lonely Roller," and with videos on the way for both and a June 11th release date that's fast approaching, Steven is excited to give fans a new, non-album single "Chemistry."  For “Chemistry,” Steven teamed with frequent collaborators Mr. Familiar, who also helped co-produce Steven's 2011 album, Stripes. The original version of "Chemistry" was released as an instrumental in promotion for Mr. Familiar's own forthcoming EP, Time Traveler, and when Steven heard the track, he became inspired to add his own twist. "The original was so dope I had to write to it,” Steven notes, adding that the track inspired him to explore the laws of attraction. "Sometimes," he says, "you may not know what it is about someone you like. You can’t always expect it, but that’s ok – it’s just chemistry."

Accompanying the new track from Steven is the singer's latest webisode, "Brunch With Steven A. Clark." Shot by directors Oaklyn during Steven's recent trip to the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, the webisode finds Steven catching up with friends for a quick meal, before he takes a moment for himself by the waterfront to discuss his songwriting process.

Download Steven A. Clark x Mr. Familiar "Chemistry" here: .

New Audio: NOM - "Ride"

New Audio: NOM - "Ride"

A member of Fokis’ bi-coastal conglomerate Local MU12, Bronx representative NOM ventures out on his own for the release of his first single, “Ride,” from his upcoming mixtape Different Breed.     Fokis’ work with Nom goes back a few years, as the pair have collaborated previously on cuts such as “Monumental” (from Fokis’ A Walk Thru Myspace Vol. 2) and on the Vanderslice produced “I Got A Crush” as he quips “NOM is a very dope artist, he is a young cat with an old soul.”

DL link to NOM’s “Ride” (produced by Enkredible): .

Video: Bellevue P f/ Mr. Jelks - "Jet Lag"

From Papa Smirf:

Video: Bellevue P f/ Mr. Jelks - "Jet Lag"


Free DL: Politiks - "Symphony Vol. 2"

Free DL: Politiks - "Symphony Vol. 2"

I go by the name of Politiks and i'm a Hip Hop Producer from Stuttgart, Germany. I've been making beats since 2006 and have worked with numerous artists from Europe and overseas, including a collabo with hip hop legend Sadat X in 2011. I'm getting in touch with you cause I wan't to showcase you a project I've released May 1st. It's a Beat Tape entitled "Symphony Vol. 2" and features 19 beats entirely produced by me. You can Stream or Download it for free through my Bandcamp Site.

Link: .

Video: @BigPiph - "Something to Tell Ya"

From Epiphany:

Video: Big Piph - "Something to Tell Ya"

From the album "Such is Life"
Free DL or Hardcopy Purchase:

Shot an Edited by Seth Savoy
Camera Op. - Chealsie Summers
Grip - Antonio Blake

MP3: June - "All Year" (prod. Teddy Walton)

From Nancy B:

MP3: June - "All Year" (prod. Teddy Walton)

Bobby Gene Walton Jr, also known as June, is a born and raised native from the great state of Memphis, Tennessee. On April 14, 1989 a new kind of soul was brought to this world to produce his own style of hip hop.  Coming from a long list of renowned musicians roaming the streets of Memphis, there were big shoes to fill and new limits to reach. With the help of his younger brother, Travis "Teddy" Walton, by his side producing new beats and mix mastered hits, the simplicity and rawness of soul music's roots are reborn. 


June II Real is the definition of "One Hundred", always being himself one hundred percent of the time making it a way of life, and creating his own path. With his new free album June 2 Real being released early summer of 2012, you can find collaborations with Chicago's native, Rockie Fresh, hometown Memphis's very own, Skewby, and one of the strongest  new ambassadors to Detroit hip hop, Scolla. "I want to let them know I'm different, bringing a new genre of hip hop, Urban Epic," says June. His first new single, City Love was released on April 20, 2012.  Be on the lookout for June all year. #100.
Twitter: @June2Real  Website: .

Video: Brockton Cypher 2.5 ft. Mike Militia, Kevlar Dollars

From Major Music:

Video: Brockton Cypher 2.5 ft. Mike Militia, Kevlar Dollars, Kenny Kosha, Bussy & Phat Peazy

@PhatPeazy recently took part in cypher displaying some of his hometown's best talent. The Brockton, MA native can be seen alongside Mike Militia, Kevlar Dollars, Kenny Kosha, and Bussy in what they are calling "The Brockton Cypher 2.5".

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