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MP3: Dinner At The Thompson's f/ Guilty Simpson - "Rice N' Beans"

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Dinner At The Thompson's f/ Guilty Simpson - "Rice N' Beans"

Latest Single From Off The Grid Cites Hip-Hop, Afro-Beat Influences

The Song:

Steaming hot jazz, chopped full of hip-hop, soul, funk, afro-beat, and electro-influenced beats. That's what Dinner At The Thompson's has cooking on the stove-top, and the France-American duo comprised of singer Lucille Tee and producer/multi-instrumentalist Fablive know its getting tough for fans to fight off the hunger pains as the May 17th release date approaches for their sophomore album, Off The Grid. So, as they continue to prep the main course, DATT is dropping off a nice little appetizer for fans with "Rice N' Beans," the latest single from the album featuring Detroit emcee Guilty Simpson.

The track was "inspired by a desire to bring an afro-beat influence into a rap beat," says Lucille. "The lyrics are a sort of modern tale between a man and a woman, and they speak about what each can expect and give to each other. 'Rice N' Beans' is a metaphor for the essential – the nutrients, the basic needs in a relationship." Trumpet and saxophone players Ernesto Sanchez and Sam McStuff, both jazzmen heavily influenced by afro-beat, are perfect added ingredients to Fablive's low-down, dirty, and funky vibe, while Guilty Simpson's gruff vocals fill out the track, complementing Lucille's sultry sassiness. "I'm giving you all that class, you asking me more for much," she sings. "I'm giving you Rice 'N' Beans/ Your honey, your loving, and all those things."

Dinner At The Thompson's Off The Grid will be released May 17th on Earth At Work Records via FB Distribution.

Download Dinner At The Thompson's "Rice N' Beans" ft. Guilty Simpson here: .

Watch the video for the single here: .

MP3: Lunch f/ Ray Lavendar - "Problems"

From Melanie J Cornish:

MP3: Lunch f/ Ray Lavendar - "Problems"

Featured on his recently released mixtape presented by Clinton Sparks and Tony Yayo, Inland Empire boss, Lunch, teamed up with Kon Live Records signee, singer Ray Lavender for the track PROBLEMS. Lunch, intent on making sure the West Coast and the IE are heard is hard at work on his follow up to WHAT'S FOR keep your ears on alert for that.



MP3: I-20 f/ Freeway & More - "Life Is Short"

From J Melo:

MP3: I-20 f/ Freeway & More - "Life Is Short"

I-20 of Ludacris' DTP imprint hooks up with Freeway, Dox Diggla & Goga over a Dirty Dunnz instrumental titled "Life Is Short."

Artist: I-20
Featuring: Freeway, Dox Diggla & Goga
Song: Life Is Short
Producer: Dirty Dunnz

Song link:
Mixtape: YaBoyTheTruth - "I Am Not the Gucci"

From BF Blasts:

Mixtape: YaBoyTheTruth - "I Am Not the Gucci"

* *



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Video: Da Kennel f/ Travis Porter - "Kennel Boy"

From Da Kennel:

Video: Da Kennel f/ Travis Porter - "Kennel Boy"

After securing numerous top Internet placements with the Viral video release of their newest single “Dat’s What I Do” featuring Travis Porter, Da Kennel is now set to hit MTVU Freshmen. Joining the ranks of other well-known artist the show spotlights MTV’s picks for new and emerging artist that they feel have what it takes to make it to the next level. Directed by Bank and shot in Ohio, Da Kennel is certain that this video will catapult the record to new heights and adds legs to their country wide movement.

“We knew from the beginning how important it would be to quickly partner the single with a visual,” Kennel member Mage explains, “At this point, everyone has been waiting for the video and we had to give our fans what they wanted. So, we shot it in a couple a days in our city and this is what came out of it.”

Since releasing their first single “Model”, which also hit MTV and made its own impact on the Billboard charts, Da Kennel has been busy on the road promoting and aligning themselves other new artists who gained a following underground but are now on the same light speed path to commercial success.

Da Kennel’s latest industry coup can be found in the group’s new mixtape, Hood II Hood Reloaded hosted by one of the biggest DJ's in the game, DJ Drama. With plans that include a full quarter of continued club appearances and concert cameos throughout the country, Da Kennel is marking its territory and sure to be up next!

Voting Link: .

Free Music Friday: The Royal Flush Edition

Anyone else not watching the royal wedding right now? ...You too, huh? Well, here are some free music for y'all to royally cop and listen with cheerful glee. Maybe Prince William could use these for his reception, no?

Chamillionaire :: Major Pain 1.5 posted this one up in the news section already. But in case you've been sleeping, here it is in the FMF edition. Chamillionaire always brings his A-game, whether his projects are free OR sold. "Major Pain 1.5" shows why it's his formel label Universal's loss that they let him go.

Fabolous :: The SOUL Tape 

It's Lo-SOUL in case you ain't know so. The F-A, B-O, L-O, U-S brings us "The SOUL Tape" which features Fabo spitting over soulful sampled-tracks. A few of the tracks features Los' spitting over Kanye and J. Cole joitns, but most of the tracks are original (including a "Part II" of his smash hit "You Be Killin' 'Em," featuring Ne-Yo and Ryan Leslie).

Kev Brown :: Classic Joints

Kev Brown is hands down one of the most underrated producers of hip-hop. Oh, did I mention that he raps...very well? Don't believe so, here's a free project from Brown himself that shows his work from 2001-2011 that'll keep your head noddin'.

Oddisee :: Mental Liberation (+ Bonus Materials)

Two years ago, Oddisee released this album on iTunes, Amazon, and CD form. But after Oddisee organized session files on his harddrive, some bonus materials from the "Mental Liberation" vaults have been rediscovered. So he decided to jubilantly give the album (w/ some bonus materials) for free! Can it be? Yes it can, and FMF definitely would love to share it with all the RR readers. In addition, this record features appearances by J-Live, Rapper Pooh, Georgia Anne Muldrow, MED, Black Milk, Finale, Invincible, LMNO, Hassaan Mackey, Prince Po, Dudley Perkins, Silent Knight, XO, yU, Trek Life, Kenn Starr, Stik Figa, Bilal Salaam, DJ Clear, and DJ Romes. If you love it, don't forget to cop it to show some support!


Prodigy :: The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP 

I say the P is freeeeeeee, Mobb Deep gettin money -- OH YEAAAAAH!!! Well, hopefully you'll excuse my poor Boogie Down Productions imitation. Prodigy wasted no time getting back to his music grind ever since he's been out of jail. In fact, a month after his release, he teamed up with Complex to give you this Free-P to hold you over. And it seems that the Dunn never lost his step. In fact, this makes me look forward to the upcoming Mobb Deep LP even more now! 'Cause it's the reaaaaaal... Wait a minute, where the rest of P's body go?

Soulja Boy :: Juice

If you haven't heard yet, Soulja Boy is remaking the movie Juice...Yes, let that sink in for a moment. Also, if you couldn't tell by the cover, Soulja Boy is also playing Bishop, the role the late Tupac Shakur once had. Again, let that sink in. Download this if your swag power is low and remember to keep the original Juice soundtrack on hand while listening to this 'new' soundtrack. #TooJuicedUp #SWAG! #IfYouGottaGoOut,SWAG'sHowYouGoOut

XV :: Zero Heroes 

XV is making his way to being one of the top lyricists of this year. If you haven't heard of XV by now and you claim to love hip-hop, then you're mad sleepin, f'real. XV spits over beats that bangs as many of the instrumentals are provided by Just Blaze, Seven, J. Cole, amongst others. Guest appearances rangwes from Pusha T, CyHi Da Prince, Donnis, and Patrick Stump (of Fall Out Boy). This mixtape proves that even zeroes can be heroes.


That's it for the "The Royal Flush Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....
MP3: J. Monday - "The Coming" (prod. Phantom)

From Javier S:

MP3: J. Monday - "The Coming" (prod. Phantom)

Harrisburg's Capital Kid is back. J. Monday drops this gem off his upcoming mixtape The Prequel Redux, letting naysayers know he's coming. The song is appropriately titled "The Coming."

Alternative link @ LimeLinx

Video/Audio: EPMD - "It's Going Down"

Video/Audio: EPMD - "It's Going Down"

MP3: Yo Gotti - "Grizzly"

From Rap Star Promo:

MP3: Yo Gotti - "Grizzly"

* *

MP3: Yak Ballz - "Ready to Roll"


MP3: Yak Ballz - "Ready to Roll"

The official 4th installment of Gas Galaxy 
 Ready To Roll (Prod. by Yak Ballz) for Free Download via

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