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DJ Vadim Readies 6th Solo LP "Don't Be Scared"

Courtesy Ballin PR:

DJ Vadim Readies 6th Solo LP "Don't Be Scared"

Mr eclectic electric, Mr internationalist (69 countries to date), part time Fat Freddy’s Drop collaborator/remixer and DJ (Electric Freddy), the John Coltrane of electronic music, Grammy nominated (2002), multi award winning DJ and producer, Dj Vadim aka Daddy Vad returns with his 6th solo album entitled Don't Be Scared to be released October 2012.

Everything you thought you knew is wrong. The year is 2012, a year of occupy movements, global dissatisfaction and protest at the status quo. No facet of our lives has been unaffected. No industry has remained unaffected. In just a few short years the music scene has mutated many countless times, bringing with it the rise and fall of countless genres, styles and its stars. Living through troubled times of huge social and political upheaval, our fear holds us back and urges us to re-tread old paths.

Welcome to Don’t Be Scared by Dj Vadim - one of the founding fathers of beat culture, who presents his 10th studio album. Is it possible to create something entirely new? What does one of the fathers of the new beat scene do in a time of such huge tectonic plate movements? Don’t Be Scared is an album about change, about progress, about moulting the old, cutting the dead wood away and bringing in the new. Rediscovering old paths, themes and patterns and melding them with one eye on the future. Part hip hop in mind-set, part electronic in sound, and part soulful in spirit with undertones of tribalism and some very ethnic and hypnotic elements, this album is rooted to bass culture, connecting dots along the way. Abstract dark sounds from previous albums such as USSR Repertoire (96) get rediscovered. Twisted dancehall crunked bass lines meet traditional African rhythms in a Bollywood cinema, whilst lush strings and grand pianos sit next to haunting morphed keyboards; afro beat licks and smoked out grooves.

This album focuses on the instrumental and brings the beat to the foreground, but look forward to vocals from long-time collaborator and fellow ‘Oneselfer’ Yarah Bravo, Sabira Jade (The Electric) gets political, and new sounds resonate from upcoming singers D’Angelo’esque Jazz Bailey, Hawaiian soulstress Karen Be and gruff funkman Greg Blackman. More pensive than recent albums, melancholy meets tropical vibes meets a strange BBC reporter high on eboga root. Even Jamie Fox makes a guest appearance talking dance moves.

The seeds of this album were set in November 2010 in Auckland (NZ) where the first tracks were created from many jam sessions with some of NZ’s leading musicians (Fat Freddy’s Drop, Trinity Roots, Coral, Julien Dyne, Isacc Aseli, Lewis McCallum). Fast forward to Germany where Vadim meets with Berlin’s finest beat maker Flako, and then back to the UK where he meets with members of 2012’s BBC artist of the year Michael Kiwanaka’s band, then retreats to Maui (Hawaii), Mexico City, Kuala Lumpa (Malaysia) before being finished in London and mixed in Tokyo. But what do we expect from an artist who has toured to 69 countries and performed more than 2500 times? This is global music, peng bass.

What genre is this? Not sure, but one thing’s for sure; there is no one else who makes music quite like Vadim. One look at the discography and Vadim was there before people coined phrases for genres... making dubby druggy step music years before people even had heard of croydon musically. Creating future beats before people called it trip hop or headz, distorting basslines and drums before Glitch or Diplo. This album is perhaps the danciest we have witnessed from Vadim and this is something that for those who have seen him live in the last few years will have felt. Its a tropical bass extravaganza with no limits, no boundaries, no boxes. A nod to your mind, body and soul.

Turn up the volume and bang it out ya truck! Find Vadim on Facebook and Youtube.

Video: Headsnack - "Sky Mall"

Courtesy Adam B:

Video: Headsnack - "Sky Mall"

Headsnack & Phon muppet take it to the skies to pay homage to the most revered catalog in human history. Boarding will begin now, for the great big mall in the sky.

Video: Big Stat x Kill The Alarm - "Against the Grain"

Courtesy Adam B:

Video: Big Stat x Kill The Alarm - "Against the Grain"

Big Stat teams up with Kill The Alarm, and Grammy award winning Justice League's newest signees Royce Music Group, on "Against The Grain," the second official release from Stat's highly anticipated debut album Heart of a Lion. The music video is full of amazing visuals, depicting the stories of Big Stat, and a struggling artist, both on their rise to success.

Casual + J Rawls Announce Album Tracklist (@NatureSounds)

Casual + J Rawls Announce Album Tracklist

With their new album Respect Game Or Expect Flames set to hit stores on August 28th, Casual and J Rawls are now revealing the artwork and tracklist for the project.  As Casual explains, the striking cover image has a deep symbolic meaning.  “The burning Ankh represents new life rising from Nu, the primordial waters, the perfect darkness. We see the winged disk superimposed on the Ankh (life). Here Heru-Behutet (the winged disk) symbolizes protection.  This cover represents the manifestation of life through divine process, wherein the being manifested is protected."

1. Reign (feat. Pep Love & Allana Reign)
2. Respect Game or Expect Flames (feat. Del The Funky Homosapien)
3. La Danse Du Fessie
4. Craziest Story
5. The Authority (feat. The Mystery School)
6. Surely, I’m Right
7. Fly (feat. Allana Reign)
8. Nota Problem Part II
9. Hier-O-Dot (feat. Copywrite, Phesto, Tage, Tajai, Opio, and Jakki Da Motamouth)
10. Aint Tryna Hear
11. Find a New Remix (feat. Rene Dion)
12. Emergency (feat. Kurious)
13. Give Respect
14. Upper Echelon
15. We Servin’ Y’all (feat. The Liquid Crystal Project)

Video: @ZedZilla1 - "HataVision" From Rent's Due 2

Video: Zed Zilla - "HataVision" From Rent's Due 2

Courtesy Dove @ Tygereye.

Here is Zed Zilla's "HataVision" video from Rent's Due 2 hosted by DJ Scream! The mixtape will be released July 26 via Yo Gotti's CMG!

MP3: @AlOneTheRemedy (Sandpeople) - "I Am" (prod. Trox)

MP3: Al-One (Sandpeople) - "I Am" (prod. Trox)

Courtesy Heaven Noise.

July 24th marks the release of #WORK - the new album by Al-One The Remedy (of Sandpeople), featuring appearances by Freeway, Tash (Tha Liks), Kokane, Sly Boogy and more.  Today we proudly present another brand new single and an exclusive #WORK pre-order.

"I Am" features Al-One's smooth delivery over quality production from Portland's rising-star Trox (50 Cent, Krizz Kaliko).

Download "I Am" Soundcloud: .

Pre-order #WORK and get an immediate download of "Welcome To My City" (ft. Kokane) .

Video: @SuperStarChipz - "Shouldn't Be About the Money"

From Dove @ Tygereye:

Video: Chipz Da General - "Shouldn't Be About the Money"

Chipz Da General says it "Shouldn't Be About the Money" in his latest video, but clearly, it's all about cash as the Bronx-born rapper takes on the task of earning one million in one week with his staff. Wow!   Directed by My-Kel Monroe, "Shouldn't Be About the Money" features songwriter Sega; models Jessica Rabbit and Kandi as Chipz' helpful office assistants; and Jas Group Entertainment CEO Jamahl Simmons - as the CEO, of course!.  The song appears on Chipz' upcoming album No Days Off: Business as Usual.

Mixtape: Kool Keith - "Total Orgasm"

From Audible Treats:

Mixtape: Kool Keith - "Total Orgasm"

Last month, Kool Keith released Love & Danger, the 13th album of his career. Since then, aside from guest starring in Ice-T's hip-hop documentary, Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap, he's stayed busy on the road, with two hometown NYC performances (including a reunion date with the legendary Ultramagnetic MCs), and a string of dates throughout Australia, just wrapping this week.Now, as Keith preps for upcoming shows in Dallas and Austin, in addition to a performance at this year's Gathering Of The Juggalos, he is also excited to release a new mixtape, offered for free download as a thank you to fans for their continued support,Total Orgasm.

The tape, which is available as one single mp3 file and can be downloaded via SoundCloud or Bandcamp, includes a mix of unreleased exclusives and recent loosies, in addition to a fan-favorite track, "Extra Thoughts," from Love & Danger, and - as only true Kool Keith fans will know - the ever-rare "Booty's Low," which features Big Sche Eastwood. As with Love & Danger, DJ Junkaz Lou handles production for a number of tracks from the tape, but as an extra special treat for fans, Kool Keith produces over half of the mixtape's tracks himself.

Download the mixtape here: .
Or download on Bandcamp: .

Total Orgasm Track List:

1) The Ultra Legendary (Intro) (Produced by DJ Junkaz Lou)
2) Swag (Produced by Kool Keith) 3) Fat Pussy (Produced by Kool Keith)
4) Jedi Supreme Ft. Big Sche Eastwood (Produced By Mr Sche)
5) Acura Ft. AG (Produced By Dj Junkaz Lou)
6) Locka Locka (Produced By WMS The Sultan)
7) R.I.P Dr Octagon (Death Certificate Rmx) (Produced By Dj Junkaz Lou)
8) Slam Dunk (Produced by Kool Keith)
9) Total Orgasm (Produced by Kool Keith)
10) Extra Thoughts Ft. The I.M.O (Produced By Dj Junkaz Lou)
11) Nice Nasty (Produced by Kool Keith)
12) Flash Gordon (Produced by Kool Keith)
13) Belly Out (Produced by Kool Keith)
14) Bootys Low Ft Big Sche Eastwood (Produced By R.T Music)
15) Bobby Black (Produced by Kool Keith)
16) Prada (Produced by Kool Keith)

Video: A-Wax - "I Miss You" + Album Release (@WaxFase)

From Audible Treats:

Video: A-Wax - "I Miss You" + Album Release

A-Wax is excited to release his new album, Everybody Loves Me: Chapter 1. The album, which is out today via Illburn Records, has been a long-time coming for the Pittsburg, California, rapper, who's spent time signed to Akon's Konvict Muzik, and working in studios with the likes of Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, and more over the past few years. Everybody Loves Me: Chapter 1 is a triumphant, well-rounded offering, with features from French Montana, Styles P, Mistah FAB, and more, and to celebrate today's album release, A-Wax is excited to release a video for the album's latest single, "I Miss You." 

MP3: Don Streat x Kool G Rap - "Vietnam Kidz"

From DubMD84:

MP3: Don Streat x Kool G Rap - "Vietnam Kidz"

Don Streat is back with a brand new single 'Vietnam Kidz' in conjunction with WeGoinIn Records and this time with a true Hip-Hop Legend! The legendary Kool G Rap of the world famous Juice Crew. It also features DJ Grazzhoppa in his big band, DJ Iron and Jabbathakut! With hard hitting production from Germanys own and Don's in-house producer Dichter2productions.
* *
The B-Side single 'Devils Workshop' which features Dirt Platoon takes listeners through the streets of Baltimore giving listeners a journey through the alleys, back blocks, and jail cells vicariously through the music. It is a audio pictorial of life in the inner city.
* *

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