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[A Strange Journey Into the Unimaginable]

This is a journey, into STRANGE.

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Audio: New Life - A New Beginning (Free DL) @newlife4life

Audio: New Life - A New Beginning (Free Download)

Courtesy Tony A.

This 7 track Free EP Introduces an combination of Alternative Hip-Hop artists with various styles merged into one original piece of work. Members on this project consists of MonoPoleJoe, Signature, Reidy, BDaMan, Bill$ and Burgdaddy. It also features production from their in-house producers, SayJak and Signature as well as production from Slomo.

@C_Rayz_Walz & Rebel Diaz "CRAAZY" Official Video!!!

C-Rayz Walz & Rebel Diaz "CRAAZY" Official Video!!!

Courtesy Sun Cycle Entertainment.

Wants to thank everyone for the support on the release of The New Video for CRAAZY. Thanks to Sense Hernandez and Julio Knapp for visualizing our music and allowing us to share it with the world. One love to RDACBX ! So dope to have features from Alice the Goon and Baby Bronx!! Our Family is strong and present in this video and you will hear much more from all of us in the near future! Much Love to all that have supported today.. if you havent seen it yet... Here it goes...

New Video: Oh No feat. Blu & MED "Jones's" (@WWORX)

New Video: Oh No feat. Blu & MED "Jones's"

Courtesy Wandering Worx.

Hey Everyone,

Here is a video we did for Oh No feat. Blu & MED that just came out today. Due to hectic schedules we were not able to get everyone together in making the video so we decided to have some fun with it. We hope you like it and please let me know what you think.

@DSisive - Knoblich - The Complete '08 Comeback Special (@URBNET)

D-Sisive - Knoblich - The Complete '08 Comeback Special

Courtesy URBNET.

.mixed by: DJ Grouch
.production: D-Sisive, Orin Isaacs, The Arkeologists, Muneshine, MoSS, Anonymous Twist, Bird, Gamshooter & Justin Trugman
.featuring: Muneshine, Guilty Simpson & Frankenstein

I awoke from a deep hibernation. Asleep for close to seven years. A sink full of dirty dishes and the Beach Boys masterpiece, Pet Sounds, successfully played the role of alarm clock. I was switched on. Ignoring the morning breath and bed sores, I ran with a creative explosion that would reign the next 5 years of my life.

I abandoned what I refer to as my Laundry Room period, but could never forget it, as I would spend half of a decade documenting it.

The words poured out of me. I couldn’t turn the faucet off even if I wanted to. I found my voice and it was the perfect time to say something with it.

Let The Children Die was to be my debut. Urbnet, my record label, wanted to release something right away. Something to wet appetites. Something to remind people I was still alive. We rushed out an EP. The BOOK [Ballad Of Orville Knoblich]. I had already released a re-working of the Iggy Pop classic, The Idiot, telling the story of a relationship between a man and his prostitute love. The Idiot:Hijacked fell on deaf ears. Understandable, since I hadn’t released music in so long. I hoped The BOOK wouldn’t suffer the same fate.

Fortunately, it didn’t. It laid the foundation for what would result in seven critically acclaimed albums over the course of five years, and a platform for my voice and I. It also gave me my first Juno Award Nomination for Best Rap Recording in 2009. This was also the year I developed my addiction to releasing new music.

In November of 2008, I decided to release a mixtape of features, selections from The Idiot:Hijacked and The BOOK, as well as songs that were recorded for the EP, but didn’t make the cut. On January 1st [2009], with help from the incredible DJ Grouch, we released Knoblich|The Complete ’08 Comeback Special [a play on the legendary 1968 Elvis Presley television special].

In May of this year, The BOOK will celebrate its fifth birthday. I feel it’s the perfect time to re-release this time capsule of a moment that defined the artist I am today. And the perfect time to admit I have a thing for Elvis-themed mixtapes.

Also, feel free to pay what you can for this, if you can. I’ve given away a lot of free music. With this one, the option to pay is there if you feel the need to. ☺

“He’s cool, but his old shit is better.”

Sleep tight.

twitter|instagram: @dsisive
Hus Kingpin & Rozewood - High Rises (Manu Remix)

Hus Kingpin & Rozewood - High Rises (Manu Remix)

Courtesy Digi Crates.

Exclusive leak from the upcoming EP from the two NYC emcees, "Hus Kingpin & Rozewood - $100 Taper", dropping available Feb 2013.

Video: Broadway AL - Living To Die (@broadwayal157)

Video: Broadway AL - Living To Die

Download the 14 Track Mixtape on Soundcloud:

Broadway AL
Hip-Hop Lyricist
@VastAire2090 of Cannibal Ox Announces EP (@ManBitesDogRecs)

Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox Announces New EP

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Vast Aire, one half of the highly lauded rap duo Cannibal Ox and founding member of the Atoms Family and of The Weathermen, announces the release of his upcoming EP entitled A Space Iliad, which features 10 b-sides and remixes from his previous album, OX 2010: A Street Odyssey, which includes features from Sadat X, C-Rayz Walz, Sub Con, Double A.B., and more. A Space Iliad will be released on January 29th, 2013 on Man Bites Dog Records. Today, Vast shares the first single from the project, entitled "Royal Purple Bag," a raw song that reinforces his position as a power-player in the independent rap scene.

Video: @NickelusF "GotDamnMurdah" from #Vices

Video: Nickelus F "GotDamnMurdah" from #Vices

Courtesy Dove @ Tygereye.

Here is the official video for Nickelus F's "GotDamnMurdah", which will be featured on his upcoming album Vices.

Audio: @KINGof334MOBB - "Yellow Diamondz" (@MacMediaPromo)

New Audio: King (of 334 M.O.B.B) - "Yellow Diamondz"

Courtesy Matt B.

With a strong résumé’, following, and industry sense, King is putting himself back on the map. King will be dropping new singles as he gears up for the release of his forthcoming “Kush And Yellow Diamondz” project and the MAG spitter is sticking true to the connotation of his alias and aiming for the hip-hop throne of the south.

Random a/k/a @MegaRan: Time and Space EP

Random a/k/a Mega Ran: Time and Space EP

First, thanks for supporting the Time and Space EP. Get the deluxe edition with instrumentals and bonus cuts here:

Lets get this baby in the top 20 on bandcamp again!

That album was made with fan suggestions. I had so much fun doing it that DN3 and I got an idea. What if we let fans decide what we do, AND make a new EP every month of 2013?? What do you wanna hear? Oddworld? Paperboy? Golgo 13. Ill do it.

Crazy idea, huh?
Maybe. But you can help. send a suggestion into the email

When I reach the funding goal listed, I'll pick 5 or 6 suggestions and get to work on beats and rhymes.

Donate here! Please share. Donations help me to do cool stuff like pay my bills and keep making music for you.

Also, K-Murdock is working on getting new shirts for "Hero Muzik 2," help choose which color he should use!

Next, I did an interview, as Raheem, not Random or Mega Ran. Is there a difference? find out.

Lastly, for reading this far, you get 2 pieces of news that no one else knows.

1- Black Materia Vinyl 2LP Release this spring.
2- ill be touring all of February with Doc Awk and Urizen. Some tour dates and purchase links are up:

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