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Video: Pacewon & Mr. Green - "Ever Since"

From Mr. Green:

Video: Pacewon & Mr. Green - "Ever Since"

"Pacewon and Mr. Green are back with a triumphant
new single from the highly anticipated follow up
to their classic album "The Only Color That Matters is
Green" The new album "Only Number That Matters is
Won"  is coming late this summer and will feature guest
appearances from Snoop Dogg, Lee Scratch Perry, Masta
Ace as well as some special surprises.  Be on the lookout
for 'The Only Number That Mattes is Won'"

Video Credits:
Pacewon and Mr. Green
"Ever Since"
Raw Poetix Records/The Orchard

Directed by jimmy Giambrone
Executive Produced by Aaron Green

Athletes: Montre Livingston
Big Ken, Colin Varanyak
and Dirty Sanchez

Chaz Kangas' Friday Feedclogger Freestyle #26 - "BLUE SWAY!"

Chaz Kangas' Friday Feedclogger Freestyle #26 - "BLUE SWAY!"

Video: L.I.F.E. Long & Big Ape "Samurai Code of Honor" Remix

From Fly Def Music:

L.I.F.E. Long & Big Ape "Samurai Code of Honor" Remix Digi-12 + Video

L.I.F.E. LONG alongside producer Big Ape from Sweden's production and DJ crew Elite Fleet bring to you the first single off there upcoming LP "Crossing The Globe".

The single Samurai Code of Honor has a special remix beat different then the LP version featuring Prince Po from the legendary crew Organized Konfusion and U.G. of the legendary crew Cella Dwellas!

This remix will not appear on the LP so enjoy this single as an exclusive that is now available at iTunes x BandCamp on Fly Definition Music.

L.I.F.E. Long & Big Ape "Samurai Code of Honor RMX" Video

MP3: Pennjamin Bannekar x Omen x Phil G - "Counterfeit"

From Maurice NW:

MP3: Pennjamin Bannekar x Omen x Phil G - "Counterfeit"

* *

Free Music Friday: High Ate Us Edition

I appreciate folks looking out for FMF patiently and some of y'all worried if FMF would be gone and I'll say NEVER! FMF is back for the summer and we got some dope free music for y'all to jam to!

Bumpy Knuckles a/k/a Freddie Foxxx & DJ Chanin :: Leaks, Vol. 1

Bumpy Knux

To kick FMF this time is none other than Bumpy Knuckles, the O.G. of hardcore hip-hop. If you're not familiar with this man, I suggest you download this to get a glimpse of the realness he displays in his raps. If you are familiar with him, download away and bump in your headphones, cars, and motorcycles alike.

1. Standing on the Edge
2. That Gary Coleman
3. OG
4. That Real Rap Shit
5. Speakers in the Park
6. Keep On
7. Man Up
8. Doin My Gangta
9. Teknickle
10. TImeless
11. Viral
12. Change
13. Eyebleavenwhattado
14 History

CyHi Da Prince :: Royal Flush 2

CyHi Da Prince

G.O.O.D. Music certainly stays busy with album preparations from Pusha T, Big Sean, Kanye West (of course), and CyHi Da Prince. The latter released this mixtape to serve well towards the G.O.O.D. customers as he prepares his own debut. And judging by this mixtape, his debut isn't headed towards any slack. Check it out!

01. Spadez Interlude
02. When The Smoke Clears [Prod. By J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]
03. Cold As Ice [Prod. By KB]
04. Bulletproof (Feat. Yelawolf) [Prod. By J Rob] 
05. Thousand Poundz (Feat. Pill & Pusha T) [Prod. By Paper Boy Fabe]  
06. Heartz Interlude 
07. New Girl (Feat. Trey Songz) [Prod. By Lil C] 
08. End Of The Night [Prod. By Shawty Redd]    
09. Right Side Of The Bed [Prod. By Soundtrack]    
10. Sunday Morning [Prod. By Beatfanatiks]    
11. Clubz Interlude
12. Dance [Prod. By J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]    
13. Fightin' In The Club [Prod. By Big Fruit]    
14. Emotional (Feat. Tity Boi of Playaz Circle) [Prod. By Dj Spinz]    
15. Made Me Who I Am [Prod. By CKP]    
16.  Diamondz Interlude
17. Take You Back [Prod. By S1 of Strange Fruit Project]    
18. Woopty Doo (Feat. Big Sean) [Prod. By No ID & Kanye West]    
19. Beautiful Mind [Prod. By Aktual]
20. Stadium (Feat. B.o.B) [Prod. By Mel & Mus]

QuESt :: The Reason (The Defense Mechanism)


This one is one of the sleepers of the year, because it's been released since January and I discovered it a week ago. It's a shame, too. Because QuESt brings out the TRUTH in this project and he really goes hard on it, yet folks still snore away. I'm putting this on the FMF to serve as a airhorn wake-up call to those who need some good music and this one is indeed.

01. NeoPopSicle Says This Became The Reason (Prod. (A.I.(ICE) & QuESt
02. In My Defense (Prod. Thelonious Martin)
03. Take Off (Prod. Mr.Familiar)
04. State Of Emergency (Prod. A.I.(ICE)
05. Today (Prod. A.I.(ICE)
06. NeoPopSicle Says I Remember (Interlude) (Prod. (A.I.(ICE) & QuESt
07. Do It All For You (Prod. A.I.(ICE)
08. If You Wanna (Prod. A.I.(ICE)
09. The Feel Right (Prod. A.I.(ICE)
10. Were Going Down (Prod. By Ace2euce)
11. Greatness (Interlude) (Prod. Stevo)
12. Ambitions In The Sky (Prod. A.I.(ICE)
13. In Due Time (Prod. Mr.Familiar)
14. Dream Of Dreams (Prod. A.I.(ICE)
15. Fear Not Failure (Prod. A.I.(ICE)
16. Happiness (How Did You Get To Me (Prod. Mr.Familiar)

Sha Stimuli :: The Break Up Part 2: The Proposal

Sha Stimuli

Speaking of sleepers, Sha Stimuli has been slept on so long, this mixtape might as well come with a free downloadable mattress. But don't front though, he isn't ignored because he's wack, it's just the twisted fate of irony that makes him ignored because he's far from it. Check this one out and I bet you'll become a fan of this Brooklyn emcee.

1. Alone (feat. LelaBizz) (prod. by Mannequin)
2. Help (How Can I?) (feat. N.I.K.) (prod. by Clams Casino)
3. So High (feat. Apryl Williams) (prod. by J. Cardim)
4. All About Us (feat. N.I.K.) (prod. by Nubbz)
5. Superstar (prod. by Radio Maschine)
6. Feel Good (feat. Nephu) (prod. by The Letter C Productions)
7. Look At Us (prod. by Charli Brown)
8. The Happening (prod. by Arseniz)
9. Hard (prod. by Louis Price)
10. No Clothes On (prod. by Black Metaphor)
11. DWI (prod. by Charli Brown)
12. How Does it Feel (Untitled) (feat. D'Angelo)
13. Forever (ft. N.I.K.) (prod. Dre Knight)
Bonus: Wake & Go

Skyzoo :: The Great Debater


Oh snap, did I say Brooklyn? Brooklyn must be in the house today because another BK emcee is out on th eloose with free music. S-K-Y, Z-O-O brings us "The Great Debator" which is great with no debate. If you claim to be into hip-hop, then you definitely should add this to your free music collection. Shout out to Bill Cosby and Jello puddin' pops!

01. Complicated Rhythm [prod. Best Kept Secret]
02. Rap Like Me [prod. Eric G.]
03. Written in the Drums [prod. Swiff D.]
04. Designer Drugs [prod. 9th Wonder]
05. Parade Me [prod. Fatin]
06. We Here [prod. Best Kept Secret]
07. Atypical [prod. !llmind]
08. Expensive Habits (ft. Jesse Boykins III) [prod. 14KT]
09. Until It All Goes (ft. Manhattan) [prod. C-Sick]
10. Test Drive [prod. !llmind]
11. Inheritance [prod. E. Jones]
12. Get Him to the Greek [prod. 9th Wonder]
13. Could’ve Struck the Lotto
14. For the Awake (ft. King Mez) [prod. Oh No]
15. For the Sleepers [Reinterpreted by E. Jones]
16. The Definitive Prayer [prod. David Axelrod]


That's it for the "High Ate Us Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....

Video: Aaron Evans f/ DJ Deprave - "Jazz Is Freedom"

From Aaron H:

Video: Aaron Evans f/ DJ Deprave - "Jazz Is Freedom"

MP3: Lil Wayne - "Anne (Stan Pt. 2)"

From M3W:

MP3: Lil Wayne - "Anne (Stan Pt. 2)"

* *

MP3: Al-Nyce - "Alternate Reality"

From Who Got Next:

MP3: Al-Nyce - "Alternate Reality"

* *

The path to greatness is never an easy one. Maybe that's because in order to achieve greatness you must first overcome things which justify carrying the title. In a triumphant victory over adversity AL-NYCE has emerged as an undeniable talent who will lead the resurgence of New York rap and solidify his position as a great in the making.

AL's artistic lineage is intertwined with some of hip hop's elite. Born in King's County Hospital, the only boy with 5 female siblings, he is Brooklyn to the core. As a smart, inquisitive and mischievous child, his early character traits were a prelude to his wisecracking, sarcastic, dry wit he now displays in his rhyme style. Al's appreciation for music was nurtured by his father, who he used to battle with back and forth to see who had the most exclusive new rap joints in the stash. It was this early exposure that gave him an alternative focus to the streets he flirted with.

Then in late October of 2004, Al almost lost his life due to a ruptured brain aneurysm. Miraculously, he overcame his injuries, and his ensuing operation, in three weeks. Fresh out of surgery he remarked with his trademark sarcasm, "My head is killing me, if I didn't know better I would think I had 40 staples in my head"...... and he did. That is the measure of the man.

Now with confirmation that it's his destiny to be here and a cranial scar to prove it, AL-NYCE has triumphed over adversity with a masterful command of word play and lyrical cadence to prove once and for all........he is a future GREAT.

MP3: Ka$ual (feat. Jon Bellion) - "I Dont Take L's"

From Lucas @ Coalmine:

MP3: Ka$ual (feat. Jon Bellion) - "I Dont Take L's"

Ka$ual, who you may recall from his Cool and Dre produced single "Sittin' on Top of the World", featuring Khaled and bawse man Ricky Rozay is back with some heat and is taking any L's.  The L.I. based rapper is accompanied by Jon "Beautiful Mind" Bellion on both the hook and the boards…be a winner, download.

HulkShare: .
MediaFire: .
SoundCloud: .

MP3: Kevin Pistol f/ Bun B, Young JR - "Show It On Ya Face"

From J Melo:

MP3: Kevin Pistol f/ Bun B, Young JR - "Show It On Ya Face"

Artist: Kevin Pistol
Featuring: Bun B & Young JR
Song: Show It On Ya' Face
Producer: Rockwilder
Album: I Thoughts
Label: Hustlin Flow Music Group
Song link: "Show It On Ya' Face" - .

"I Thoughts" the album coming soon featuring cameos from Snoop Dogg, Bun B, E-40, Rockwilder & more.

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