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Video: Clan Destined - "War Games" (dir. Rick Foy)

Video: Clan Destined - "War Games" (dir. Rick Foy)

From Dunn Deal PR.

Atlanta-based rap duo Clan Destined presents the music video for their song "War Games" from their third LP Self Titled, which recieved 5 out of 5 stars on Creative Loafing. The single features lightning-quick, culture-conscious banter between the two member DT and AmDex. Clan Destined has been in the game since 2002 and have rocked stages with Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, People Under the Stairs, KRS-One, GZA, and RJD2 to name a few.

Audio: Dave Sparkz - "Ivory Lounge"

Audio: Dave Sparkz - "Ivory Lounge"

Courtesy of Fly Def Music.

Switzerland producer, Dave Sparkz, formerly known as "Bluntmosphere", debuts his soul-driven, Pete Rock inspired release "Ivory Lounge". This album is a cool and mellow experience for anyone with the jazzy lifestlye.

NOW @ Bandcamp & @ iTunes

Thanks Team!
Free Download: Moon Blazers "Candid" Album Sampler

Free Download: Moon Blazers "Candid" Album Sampler

Courtesy of Fly Def Music.

Now available for free download is the "Candid" album sampler from the Moon Blazers

"Candid" is now available for pre-order on Bandcamp via Fly Definition Music

Also peep out the video for "So Slow" and the Moon Blazers / Mixtape

Da Network f/ The Artist L.U.V & Danny Blunt - "Weekend Plans"

MP3: Da Network f/ The Artist L.U.V, Danny Blunt, & Tha Honorable - "Weekend Plans"

Courtesy of M3W.

* http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/danetwork/blast-page.html *

PR: B.G. Knocc Out Says "I'm a B.G. For Life!"

PR: B.G. Knocc Out Says "I'm a B.G. For Life!"

Courtesy of Todd Davis.

August 10th 2011

"I Am To Compton What BIG Is To Bedstuy..."

August 10th 2011 -- Veteran Compton, CA, rapper, Arlandis "B.G. Knocc Out" Hinton, most famously known for his shining vocal assist on the late, great Eazy-E's controversial '93 classic entry, "Real Muthaphuckkin' G's," a fierce dis record aimed at, who else, the one and only D-R-E, from E's multi-platinum It's On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa EP, is readying the release of his long overdue solo debut, the perfectly coined Eazy-E's Protégé.

In 1995, B.G.K.O., along with his older sibling, Dresta, dropped their super-solid, yet commercially slept-on premiere collaborative effort, Real Brothas [Outburst/Def Jam Recordings]. Despite a moderate chart performance, the impressive set still managed to spawn a trio of hit offerings; "50: 50 Luv," "Jealousy" and "D.P.G.: K."

Sadly, a pair of devastating tragedies; first, their mentor, Eric "Eazy E" Wright's, sudden untimely demise, followed by B.G.'s own arrest and subsequent ten years long incarceration for attempted murder, ultimately derailed the now mid-thirties word-smith's music career indefinitely.

While serving out his lengthy prison sentence, B.G. found solace in Allah, even converting to the Islamic religion and permanently changing his government birthright to Al Hasan Naqiyy.

Unfortunately, a parole violation would eventually set him back, albeit temporarily, yet again. However, now with all of that thankfully behind him once and for all, B.G. Knocc Out can finally get back to the integral situation at hand: his music.

The sixteen track opus is being introduced by its hard hitting, thought provoking lead single, "N my Prime," where Knocc Out angrily proclaims that his friend and musical idol, Eazy-E, in fact did not succumb to complication from the AIDS virus as widely reported, but rather shockingly was a victim of (gasp!) murder. This is must hear material, and only a minimal taste of what all can actually be expected from B.G.'s forthcoming full-length solo body of work...

Eazy-E's Protégé will be available at all major digital, as well as select retail, outlets on August 23rd 2011...

"N my Prime" DL LINK:  http://www.sendspace.com/file/p0q7mr .

* http://www.facebook.com/bg.nation2 *

B.G. Knocc Out is currently available for: Interviews, Voice-overs, Songwriting, Features & Hooks, DJ Show Commercials, Event Hosting, Radio/TV Hosting, Acting & Commercials, and Public Speaking.

MP3: Dolla Boy (Duffle Bag Boyz) - "Half a Block (Balling Remix)"

MP3: Dolla Boy (Duffle Bag Boyz) - "Half a Block (Balling Remix)"

From Rap Star Promo.

* http://limelinx.com/files/7993055dbea1c48e37d99974431ee0b8 *

MP3: Hot Rod - "Hot Girl"

MP3: Hot Rod - "Hot Girl"

Courtesy of BF Blasts.

* http://www.mediafire.com/?rvyv4c8k173h4yh *

Video: N.O.R.E. f/ Cory Gunz - "Slime Father"

Video: N.O.R.E. f/ Cory Gunz - "Slime Father"

Courtesy of CrazyHood.

Video: Sway - "You Need Me, I Don't Need You"

Video: Sway - "You Need Me, I Don't Need You"

From 730Promo.

Sway - The Deliverance Coming Soon!
Ed Sheeran - You Need Me is released August 28th

Follow Sway on Twitter @SwayUK

Video: David Banner On Rappers Being Role Models

Video: David Banner On Rappers Being Role Models

Courtesy of VladTV.

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