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Random: Black Materia x Hero Muzik!

Random: Black Materia x Hero Muzik!

Courtesy Random a/k/a Mega Ran.

Good morning y'all. Told you I'd be back!

2 quick news bits:

BLACK MATERIA: The Remixes available now!!

Get that here:

Also: get HERO MUZIK: vol one:

Let's get BOTH of these on the first page of Bandcamp all day! If they do, something cool will happen, trust :-)

Check out the limited 3CD packages with free keychains, as well as USBs. Also! New tour dates!! Check those out here:


Tour posters and info coming later this week.

Tomorrow I'll be on Radio Supa discussing the album with Lost Perception, 7-9pm AZ time.


If I'm coming to your town, get tickets NOW!

Peace out fams! If you get soul calibur 5 PS3, I'll see you online!!


Video: Timothy Rhyme x Leksbeat - "Comes & Goes"

Video: Timothy Rhyme x Leksbeat - "Comes & Goes"

Courtesy Arab @ First Dirt.

Being an artist is rough.  Point blank.  There are so many things that the public don't and won't ever see.  I have tremendous amounts of respect for artists that stay driven and focused and can withstand the pressures that come along with being an entertainer.

I made this song to specifically address the issue of staying driven.  Opportunities come and go but what makes me want to keep pushing?  At the end of the day, I love what I do.  I truly love this.  The ups and the downs.  The ins and the outs.  The lessons learned and the journey I've gotten to experience is priceless.  This song can relate to anybody that simply loves what they do.  No matter what the world might say, you have to be true to yourself and keep your own happiness in the foreground.

The video link below gives a rare glimpse into the actual formation of songs that can touch people.  Being able to work with Leksbeat has been an honor and I hope we continue to make classic music together.  Feel free to leave me comments / feedback.

Timothy Rhyme x Leksbeat - "Comes & Goes" (Promo Video)

Bluff (Custom Made) Sentenced to 12 Months in Federal Prison

Bluff (Custom Made) Sentenced to 12 Months in Federal Prison

Courtesy Aaron U.

Los Angeles, CA emcee Bluff of Custom Made was sentenced to 12 months in Federal prison today stemming from his March 7th, 2011 indictment on wire fraud charges. Bluff has been on house arrest since the indictment last year. Bluff, born Briceson Loving, was originally indicted for 15 counts of wire fraud for scamming $1.5 million from various victims throughout the US. He was originally facing up to 20 years in prison.

Bluff was one of the original founders of LA based hip-hop group Custom Made (Bluff, Element and Scavie Scoobs) who released Sidewalk Mindtalk (2006) and Original Dynasty (2008) on Babygrande Records, Truth Be Told (2007) on Rawkus Records and most recently Hi-Def (2010) on Coalmine Records.  Custom Made Recordings will be releasing an EP from Bluff later this year and new music from the rest of the Custom Made camp.

MP3: Napoleon Da Legend - "Napoleonic Language"

MP3: Napoleon Da Legend - "Napoleonic Language"

Courtesy NDL.

Napoleon Da Legend's first full length album "Symphonies of a Lost Soul" coming soon!  Respect Smooth The Hustla, Trigga The Gambler and DV alias Christ.

Listen & Download here --> http://napoleondalegend.bandcamp.com/track/napoleonic-language .

Video: Reveal's "Warning" (From "Seven Shades" EP)

Video: Reveal's "Warning" (From "Seven Shades" EP)

Courtesy Park Street PR.

Reveal, the original Poisonous Poet, is now officially back! Hot on the trail of his two recent viral videos 'Neva Blink' and 'West London', the self described "Gully Irani" releases "Warning" the first full music video from his forthcoming "Seven Shades" Solo EP; set to be released on the 7th of February. Reveal takes a break from the norm as he takes a very introspective look at himself and the events that have formed him.

Audio From Billy Danze's "Raps United Nation" f/ Big Pooh

Audio From Billy Danze's "Raps United Nation" (RUN) Project f/ Big Pooh

Courtesy Matt B.


 "RUN" (Raps United Nation) is the brainchild of M.O.P.’s Billy Danze who throughout the course of his illustrious career and years of extensive international touring could not help but notice and acknowledge how many talented artists he met during his travels who simply lacked a platform to be heard. Who better then a fellow artist to spearhead the charge and give them that platform, as Billy explains “As an artist I understand the frustration.  There are so many artists out there that possess the talent of being able to produce and record good music. They are determined; they have the drive and dedication, but feel as if no one notices. I’ve seen and heard what’s out there from an artistic level.  These artists need to be heard and have a united voice. I am very passionate about giving them that opportunity and will do anything in my power to help those that really want to win.”

The Music industry has undeniably changed and evolved and artists have been forced to either adapt with it, or go the way of the dinosaur. While the Internet and the proliferation of social media platforms are viable assets for new artists desperately looking for exposure, using those mediums alone is still equivalent to trying to “catch lighting in a bottle.” Billy Danze’s ambitious plans for “RUN” are to create an army of incredible artists from all corners of the globe and to unify and raise awareness for them by creating projects which are loud enough to be heard by the masses; as Billy details “my aim is to get every talented artist a deal.  Support on a globalized scale is all an artist really needs or could ask for. I have contacted all my resources and they in return have done the same.  A vital key to success in this business is alliance; and I personally have a team in every corner of the world. We can build a team of thousands and support each other.”

There is no disputing the artistic contributions Billy Danze has contributed to the culture as a member of M.O.P., yet, while still in its early infancy, his greatest contribution may still lay in front of him as the founder of “RUN,” as he eloquently states “as a fellow artist, these projects will enable me to be a vital cog in a family of worthy artists that simply need a platform and a voice and to oversee that lends the potential to be the biggest accomplishment of my career.  From a business perspective, I believe “RUN” (Raps United Nation”) is a vehicle the industry is desperately lacking.  The way to find new talent is to go get it.  Industry executives no longer believe in the artist, or artist development, how can the industry grow if we don’t allow new artists to showcase their talent?”

First Wave will be released on 2-14-2012!

DL Link to Kid Called Quest f/Rapper Big Pooh, Hassan Mackey & L.I. “Silicone” (Your Life’s A Lie): http://hulkshare.com/uuw62mhz28wi .

DL Link to Santino’s “Break It Down”: http://hulkshare.com/kpd04pbxwrh4 .

Mixtape: Aaron Cohen - "Crack"

Mixtape: Aaron Cohen - "Crack"

Courtesy DM360.

After several weeks of campaigning both mp3 leaks and videos, the Brooklyn by way of Seattle emcee Aaron Cohen finally unveils his long awaited mixtape, Crack.  The fourteen track debut includes original production from the likes of Infinite Jeanius and $1Bin as well as freestyles over industry beats from 9th Wonder, DJ Premier, The Neptunes, Ayatollah and more.

HulkShare: http://hulkshare.com/74g7vimj33kf .
SoundCloud: http://tinyurl.com/SoundCloudCrack .


01.  Intro
02.  Up & Down
03.  Light Up (Remix)
04.  Alright (freestyle)
05.  Forbidden Lover
06.  Show Off My Shoes
07.  The Coldest (feat. Shady Blaze)
08.  Fat
09.  Coffee & Cigarettes & Music & Sex
10.  Never Should Have Let Me Go
11.  My Town (Seattle)
12.  Cheaper Than Crack
13.  Turning & Tossing
14.  Calling Me

Video: DJ J-Ronin Takes the Cinnamon Challenge

Video: DJ J-Ronin Takes the Cinnamon Challenge

Courtesy J-Ronin.

"Follow DJ J-Ronin on twitter @JRonin -------   Shout out to @TelisaD for filming and @BeatButcha for the beat."

MP3: DJ Paul KOM - "Cocky"

MP3: DJ Paul KOM - "Cocky"

Courtesy M3W.

You've seen the video, now download the audio!

* http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/djpaulkomcocky/video-blast-page.html *

Audio: Iron Solomon f/ Talib Kweli - "The Empire"

Audio: Iron Solomon f/ Talib Kweli - "The Empire"

Courtesy Matt B.

"There are 9 million stories in New York City. This is one of mine."  Iron Solomon presents the first track leak off his debut album Monster, out March 27th on Royal/3D.  "The Empire" is produced by Iron Solomon & Isaiah & features Talib Kweli.

Purchase The Track On iTunes: http://bit.ly/wMMDlx .
Streaming Audio Link: http://snd.sc/yjoS6C .

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