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Vince Staples "Big Fish Theory" review

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MP3: SandFlower - "Rock it to the Moon"

MP3: SandFlower - "Rock it to the Moon"

Courtesy M3W.

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Video: Fearce & BeanOne - "I Want it All"

From DM360:

Video: Fearce & BeanOne - "I Want it All"

After dropping their free release There Goes The Neighborhood a couple weeks back, Seattle's Fearce & BeanOne (of Dyme Def) waste no time in getting new material to the masses, as the duo drops the visuals for their new song "I Want It All."  Shot and edited by BeanOne, the video depicts Fearce on his BMX, cruising around various Seattle neighborhood's as he divulges his version of the American dream.   "I'm not asking for much, just a little fame/ what's wrong with wanting the crowd to scream your name/ what's wrong with wanting a big house, a swimming pool full of money for whenever there's a big drought" ...absolutely nothing.  Although this song was not previously featured on There Goes The Neighborhood, the MP3 has been bundled back into the link, so be sure to download. #YukThe World

MP3: @LoKeys910 f/ Killa Kyleon & LiveSosa - "All Night"

From LK:

MP3: Lo Keys f/ Killa Kyleon & LiveSosa - "All Night" (prod. Supa Mario)

Premiered By Sherman Of UHTN Lo Keys Hooks Up With Killa Kyleon & LiveSosa  For A Cut Entitled "All Night"Off His Upcoming Mixtape "American Greed"  (Scams, Schemes, and Broken Dreams) Dropping July 6th 2012 Hosted By Big Mike & Dj Woogie.

Video: Max Burgundy - "BX 12 (Bus Ride)" (@Potsnpansfilms)

From Trevor @ Score:

Video: Max Burgundy - "BX 12 (Bus Ride)"

So frequently do Ivy League schools profess to nurture the most creative minds of the day, but the real treasures of hallowed halls, and the ones far less heralded, are the students who’ve broken from the shackles of academia to forge their own paths to victory. Max Burgundy is one such hero and also one of an infinitely smaller fragment, an Ivy alum who can rap his ass off.

Video: Aesop Rock - "Skelethon" Episode 4 (@aesoprockwins)

From Chris @ Biz3:

Video: Aesop Rock - "Skelethon" Episode 4

If you've been keeping up with the Skelethon series, Aesop and Whiskers have had quite an adventure. In the 4th episode they're finally home and we realize that Whiskers may not be alone. Skelethon drops July 10th on Rhymesayers. 

@RAtheRuggedMan Gets Kicked Off Southwest Flight

From Nature Sounds:

R.A. The Rugged Man Gets Kicked Off Southwest Flight

Southwest Airlines is at it again.  The airline that infamously kicked film director Kevin Smith off one of it's planes for being too fat has now booted rapper R.A. The Rugged Man for wearing the wrong T-Shirt.  R.A. was flying home from Kentucky earlier today, and boarded the plane wearing a shirt with the title of one of his most famous songs, "Every Record Label Sucks Dick."  R.A. recounts his experience:

"Man, I was coming home from shooting a music video in Kentucky and this old angry lady who worked for Southwest confronted me about the shirt I had on underneath my jacket. I didnt even remember what shirt I had on. After another crew member boarded me on the plane, the angry lady ran back like, 'Sir, get off this plane with that disgusting shirt.' I thought it was a fucking joke...then she threatened to get security.  I kept my cool, didnt curse or anything, but she still called security.  She said 'You will not be flying on Southwest with such a horrible shirt.'  I said 'No problem, i'll zip up my jacket.' And she was like 'NO, it has to come off.'  So I took off the shirt, thinking I'd just wear my jacket...but they started freaking out, saying 'You can't undress in here!'  After that she said 'You can't fly with us.'  So I left...I don't give a fuck, I got my rhyme book, I'm about to go catch the Amtrack and write a little bit on the road home. It makes these people with shit jobs feel good that they have some kind of authority over people in society. Like the cornball bouncers at clubs...they're not shit, can't let them bother you."

R.A. is currently en route to New York via Amtrak.

MP3: Mayhem (of EMS) x Jerz - "Who's to Blame?" (@RevOfEMS)

From Chris Figueroa:

MP3: Mayhem (of EMS) x Jerz - "Who's to Blame?"

Mayhem and producer Jerz bring you Who's to Blame? the 2nd single off of their collaborative LP "MayJerzachusetts Island" due late August.

* *

Audio: Critical - "Quarantine" (@CJMHipHop)

Audio: Critical - "Quarantine"

Courtesy Creative Juices Music.

Creative Juices Music & Doxside Music Group present “Quarantine”, the latest project by cRITICAL one half of the inebriated rap duo Critical Madness. After the leakage of his Clinical Studies mixtape was unleashed to the masses, he took refuge underground with fellow Ozone veteran producer, Tzarizm to experiment on some new groundbreaking material.

* *

Video: @YankeeBangBang - "Soon"

From Sita:

Video: Yankee Bang Bang - "Soon"

In this music video you are about to watch, aliens do indeed discuss such important end-of-the-world topics with nurses and others as politics, outlet mall shopping sprees and nuclear holocaust.

PR: SCYLLA "SECOND SOUFFLE" EP // Pré-commande - Pre-Order!

From Grim Reaperz:

PR: SCYLLA "SECOND SOUFFLE" EP // Pré-commande - Pre-Order!

The Belgium emcee SCYLLA is coming with a new Ep, available in digital format. This new EP called "Second Souffle" include 4 exclusive tracks + 2 videos clip.

* *

Tracklist :

1 - Second Souffle
2 - Personne
3 - Nouvelle Atlantide
4 - Reflets

"Personne" is produced by the french beat producer team Grim Reaperz (Enemy Soil). This new track is a Banger, Scylla filmed the studio session of this track, stay connected!

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