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Audio: Mr. Miranda f/ DJ Madd Rich - "Back Where You Started"

From Mr. Miranda:

Audio: Mr. Miranda f/ DJ Madd Rich - "Back Where You Started"

Mr. Miranda hits you with his first official single off the upcoming EP "IHOP" ( International House of Phoenix ), produced by Nin Vibe out of Macedonia and featuring AZ's own DJ Madd Rich!! This EP is coming real soon so stay tuned, but for now, enjoy this new joint!!!

* http://soundcloud.com/mrmiranda/mr-miranda-back-where-you *

MP3: Usher f/ Rick Ross - "Lemme See"

MP3: Usher f/ Rick Ross - "Lemme See"

Courtesy M3W.

* http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/usherrrlemmesee/blast-page.html *

@MegaRan: Last 2 Days to Support Language Arts!

From Random a/k/a Mega Ran:

Mega Ran: Last 2 Days to Support Language Arts!

Here we are, party peoples..at the end of an amazing fundraising campaign...48 hours left, I have 3 bits of news for y'all, and of course, some new music.
Not too late to donate yet! Peep the new rewards added at http://kck.st/HUUQdT .
1) we are at $12,000! Wow. For that? I released a new track that I recorded just for this occasion. Check out "Up Up Down Down" for FREE!!
* http://megaranmusic.com/track/up-up-down-down *

did you get my last freebie? A Journey beat tape? get that too.

* http://megaran.com/2012/04/megaransjourney/ *
2) our next goal is $15,000 and we have just over 48 days to make it happen. Donate here: http://kck.st/HUUQdT .
With this goal we can accomplish AMAZING stuff: like
a) TWO awesome big videos
b) a high powered promo campaign
c) better cd packages with lyrics and other cool stuff
d) Volume one will be FREE....and MORE!
Thank you so much! The first single "Wake Up" featuring MC Frontalot, produced by myself and DannyB, is ready to go, and will be released at $13,000!

Lastly, I'll be out in Eau Claire Wisconsin at No Brand Con with K-Murdock this weekend, playing some new songs and paneling... check us out! more info at: www.nobrandcon.com .

next shows:

May 10 San Diego

May 11 Los Angeles

you know where to get more info on that stuff.. of course!


DONATE, share. and lets get the rest of this goal done! thank you so much guys!

* http://kck.st/HUUQdT *

also, new merch. THANK YOU!!!

Random, aka Mega Ran 

Video: royceBIRTH - "When the Music Stops"

From RB:

Video: royceBIRTH - "When the Music Stops"

"I wonder if they hear what I say, and if it will play 30 years from today..."

These are the opening words that kick down the doors in this powerful video - "When the Music Stops".  Fueled by a jazzy breakbeat, royceBIRTH speaks on the importance of music and its timelessness, complemented by a backdrop that defines simplicity in its purest form.

This groundbreaking song travels across genres, cultures and time, reminding us that music is a universal language that influences everyone from all walks of life.

This song appears on the album, The REBIRTH Album, and Urbnet: Certified Vol.1, available now.

MP3: Donnie Darko - "Appreciation"

From Never So Deep:

MP3: Donnie Darko - "Appreciation"

Home Of Underground Ghetto Metal Boom Bap Hip Hop

**New Music**
Donnie Darko - "Appreciation"

Latest Single From The Upcoming EP "Life"
(Release Date Soon To Be Announced)

Produced By Sutter Kain
Mixed & Masted By Sutter Kain

Dirty: http://www.hulkshare.com/r2amtdgfwuqa .
Clean: http://www.hulkshare.com/cloi5ba8pdg1 .
Instrumental: http://www.hulkshare.com/st1v6b39evw9 .

Video: Circa 94 Beats - "Hooptie" b/w "Amen"

From Walt Grier:

Video: Circa 94 Beats - "Hooptie" b/w "Amen"

CIRCA 94' BEATS  the video to the single HOOPTIE  b/w with the preview track AMEN  from the upcoming release  NO CONCEPT JUST DOPE  HOOPTIE . Paul Vegas, Sylrock, & Walter Lee Younger and B-Low Brown of Black Folk Inc.

MP3: OC & Apollo Brown - "Just Walk"

From Mello Music Group:

MP3: OC & Apollo Brown - "Just Walk"

The Golden Era meets the Now with the release of Apollo Brown and OC’s collaborative album Trophies on Mello Music Group. Apollo Brown has spent the last few years gaining respect and accolades for his production and OC is a revered veteran from the legendary DITC.

Trophies is a testament to the permanence of gritty, raw, boom-bap Hip-Hop. 16 tracks, no guests, no filler. The album has been highly anticipated by real heads world wide, so much so the album debuted at #8 on the US iTunes Hip-Hop charts. Some retailers were even shipping the physical copies early to eager fans but today is the official release date of Trophies everywhere—CD, vinyl and digital. 
In celebration of the occasion, enjoy a free download of “Just Walk.” The powerful track finds Apollo Brown flipping a legendary sample into a triumphant composition with potent horn stabs. OC matches the majesty of Apollo’s beat by waxing poetically about his “alpha male ego” and comparing his street respect to that of Nuyorican poet Miguel Piñero. Calm and mature yet still rugged and live, “Just Walk” is exemplary of the kind of substance you can expect from Trophies. Enjoy the sounds, tell a friend and remember, Trophies in stores now!!!

Free Download: Just Walk http://mellomusicgroup.bandcamp.com/track/just-walk-2 .

@LegaC Releases "Get Along" To Protest Tulsa, OK Hate Crimes

From Bayer Mack:

Lega-C Releases "Get Along" To Protest Tulsa, OK Hate Crimes

Block Starz Music recording artist Lega-C, who is known for her YouTube clips "White Girl Raps Fast" and "Hate On Me", has released a new song called "Get Along" to protest the racially-charged violence that left three black people dead and two injured in her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma on April 6, 2012.

Jake England, 19, who is a Cherokee Indian, and Alvin Watts, 33, who is white, are each being held at the Tulsa Jail on three counts of first-degree murder and two counts of shooting with intent to kill. England and Watts were arrested about 48 hours after police began discovering multiple gunshot victims in the historically-black North Side of Tulsa.  

"Get Along", produced by The Deeksta, is a collaboration between Lega-C (born Danielle McLean) and local African-American rapper and youth activist Playya 1000 (born Fred Frierson), who, in addition to coaching inner-city youth basketball, goes into area schools and uses Hip-Hip to motivate at-risk students.

"My hope is that the rest of the country doesn't think that what happened is normal or to be expected in Oklahoma," says Frierson of the shootings, which have attracted media from across the country, including correspondents for the New York Times, CBS, NBC’s "Today" show and CNN.

Playya 1000 and Lega-C, who will release her Block Starz Music debut album, "Off My Medication", this Fall, are planning to shoot an official music video to "Get Along" in coming weeks.

"Get Along" - Lega-C & Playya 1000 http://soundcloud.com/block-starz-music-llc/lega-c-playya-1000-get-along .

For full coverage of the Good Friday Shootings, visit http://www.tulsaworld.com .

Lega-C (Youtube): "White Girl Raps Fast" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MS7g-ki7iw .
Lega-C (Youtube): "Hate On Me" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Io6_7i5hhi0 .

Website: www.playya1000.com .

Bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lega-C .
Facebook: www.facebook.com/legacoftulsa .
Twitter: www.twitter.com/legac .
YouTube: www.youtube.com/mslegac .

MP3: Fly Moon Royalty - "My Heart Keeps Pumping"

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Fly Moon Royalty - "My Heart Keeps Pumping"

Fly Moon Royalty has kept plenty busy since the release of their self-titled debut album earlier this year. The Seattle duo has taken to stages around the country to perform Fly Moon Royalty live, while also releasing a handful of special remixes and non-album singles, and now, singer AdraBoo and producer Action Jackson are excited to announce a brand new EP, Dimensions. The EP, serving as a thank you to Fly Moon's loyal fan base, will be offered to fans for free download, and to celebrate the EP announcement, Adra and Action are releasing the EP's debut single, "My Heart Keeps Pumping."

Action Jackson sets the tone for this song, creating a solemn, synth-infused foundation, which he accents with steady, repeating handclaps throughout. The goal for Action, sonically, was to accentuate the song's emotional message, and Adra used that vibe to discuss relationship woes. "I'm talking about that point in time following a break-up," explains Adra, noting that the song was penned with someone particular in mind. "No matter how many times you feel that feeling, it never seems to get any easier. You only get better at identifying the problem." While the song does deal with having loved and lost, the message is not all sad. "Life and love are painful sometimes," notes Adra, "but tomorrow is a new day."

Download "My Heart Keeps Pumping" here: http://media.audibletreats.com/Fly_Moon_Royalty-My_Heart_Keeps_Pumping.mp3 .

Video: Mr. Brady x Tajai - "That Soul" Ft. Just Brea

From Audible Treats:

Video: Mr. Brady x Tajai - "That Soul" Ft. Just Brea

It’s been nearly three months since the release of Machine Language, the latest solo effort from Tajai, one-fourth of the Souls Of Mischief and torch bearer of the Hieroglyphics crew. On that album, Tajai teamed up with fellow west coast native and producer, Mr. Brady for the track "That Soul," and now the pair have come together to shoot a video for the song.

“That Soul,” which also shows up on Brady's own album, Labor Of Love, begins with an innocent, alluring piano sample as we enter the bedroom of Tajai. “That Soul” Director, Smash Rockwell (aka Casual of Hieroglyphics) of Wetfoot Filmworks, brings viewers an introspective glimpse at one of hip-hop’s most respected vets cradling his infant daughter and looking after his chicken coop in the visual. “Since the song was self-exploratory,” explains Tajai, “I wanted the video clip to be as ‘real’ as possible, basically showing the ‘real me’ get-down as a father, homesteader and of course, MC.”

Throughout the visual, Tajai can be seen doing his early morning grooming, tending to his garden, and raising real, live chickens in his backyard. “I really enjoyed hanging in the coop with the chickens and bees,” the Souls of Mischief member elucidates. “I think the biggest challenge was to make the mundane interesting, and Smash achieved this through innovative camera angles and cuts.”

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