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MP3: Juice McCain - "Bustin It Down"

From TJM:

MP3: Juice McCain - "Bustin It Down"

May 2011 -  This one is for the ladies - Juice McCain *Bustin It Down*

bustin it down


* http://www.limelinx.com/files/998e29325fe7a53bcc77087c85ab7d18 *

Mixtape: Trackstar's "Boogie Bang 26" (Hosted by Kid Vishis)

From Trackstar the DJ:

Mixtape: Trackstar's "Boogie Bang 26" (Hosted by Kid Vishis)

Hot on the heels of our April collaboration, the Bar 4 Bar mixtape, I linked back up with Royce's lil bro as Vishis hosts the newest compilation of my favorite recent rap songs. Heat from Camp Lo, Stalley, Slaughterhouse, Bambu, Pusha T, Big K.R.I.T., Mobb Deep, Elzhi, Pharoahe Monch and more, plus STL illness from Rockwell Knuckles, Vandalyzm, Tef Poe, Gotta Be Karim and T. Prince...

Download here.

**This weekend, I make my first return to St Louis in almost 18 months. I'll be DJing at the release party for a 7" vinyl release from Tef Poe and Rockwell Knuckles, through f5 Records. The show is Saturday night (May 7) at the Gramaphone, and you get a free copy of the record at the door.

I want to see ALL of my STL folks in there...or at least as many as the fire marshall will allow. You can get presale tickets here.

**I'll be rockin with my dude Vandalyzm at the Roxy next Sunday (5/15), opening for Machine Gun Kelly.

**I did a cool little radio interview alongside Camp Lo with The Focal Spot last week, check it out here. Also tonight you can tune in as I'm a guest on The Carey Sisters show at 8:30 PST.

**More recent mixes, in case you missed them:

Kid Vishis-Sick Em Vol 2: Bar4Bar

Still Dreamin 7 hosted by Jimetta Rose

Camp Lo & Pete Rocks are 80 Blocks from Tiffany's

Trifeckta Presents...

and many more mixes available at www.djtrackstar.com


**Up next: Out of the Darkness: The Best of Organized Noize

Mixtape: Big Mon Ent - "God's Gift"

From BF Blasts:

Mixtape: Big Mon Ent - "God's Gift"

* http://coast2coastmixtapes.com/mixtapes/mixtapedetail.aspx/big-mon-ent-gods-gift-mixtape *


    Blow A Pound
    Where Da Weedman
    I’m Yo Doctor
    Gotta Get it
    Crème’ de le
    This I Promise
    Put You on
    Break Up Song
    Queen In My Life
    Sneaktip 2
    She Likes That
    Who You Fuckin With
    Ready To Go
    I An I
    I’m Back

* http://twitter.com/BigMonMusic *
* http://BigMonEntertainment.com *

Video: Random - "Thank You For Listening"

From Random a/k/a Mega Ran:

Video: Random - "Thank You For Listening"

My Bits and Rhymes partner K-Murdock put together a music video for "TYFL" with clips from our shows at SXSW, PAX and C2E2...most of it was shot in the great town of Chicago.. hope of the NBA MVP, Derrick Rose! Peep.

* http://youtu.be/PNNHlKwmNx8 *

also, I dropped a new single, like yesterday. In case you slept, get some Kia Music.

* http://random.bandcamp.com/track/kia-music-part-2 *

ALSO: last night we did a great interview on RadioSupa.com, covering videogames, life, music...true confessions, and I even spit some new raps. Check that out:

* http://bln.kr/16ZY/ *

Video: DJ Brans f/ M-Dot - "Pull Me Down"

From Chris Figueroa:

Video: DJ Brans f/ M-Dot - "Pull Me Down"

While on tour in Europe M-Dot took the time to shoot this video with french producer, DJ Brans. The MTV2 Music Video (Currently on France "On Demand") can be found on DJ Brans upcoming album (Title TBA). The LP also has appearances from Shabazz The Disciple (Wu-Tang), Rasco, B.A.M, Nutso, Wyld Bunch & more. The Video was shot on location in Paris, France by acclaimed Eric D.

DJ Brans Ft. M-Dot - Pull Me Down (Produced By DJ Brans) Cuts By DJaz

Video: Wais P the Pimp - "You See It"

From Coalmine Records:

Video: Wais P the Pimp - "You See It"

MP3: Elusive Presents "Beat Placement" (Album Sampler)

From Fly Def Music:

MP3: Elusive Presents "Beat Placement" (Album Sampler)

Fly Definition Music is proud to announce the new 26-track instrumental album "Beat Placement" from producer Elusive who has worked with Planet Asia, Aceyalone, Eligh and many more.


Beat Placement Album Sampler (Free MP3)

MP3: FG - "Check Me Later"

From M3W:

MP3: FG - "Check Me Later"

* http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/fg/blast-page.html *

Mixtape: DJ Noize & I-20 - "Interstate Trafficking"

From DJ Noize:

Mixtape: DJ Noize & I-20 - "Interstate Trafficking"

Smash Camp and Disturbing Tha Peace present

DJ Noize comes up with a "Mixed & Destroyed" Special Edition. This special mixtape is all about DTP artist and Ludacris protégé I-20. "Interstate Trafficking" features brand new tracks by 20 with productions by Buckwild, Salaam Remi, DJ Pain, The Heatmakerz, Dirty Dunnz and Trakk Sounds. Besides new songs featuring Ludacris, Freeway, Roccett and others, Noize also added some classic tracks to give people a heads up where I-20 comes from. The dealer is back!

Track Listing:

01. I-20 - Intro
02. Ludacris - Move Bitch (ft I-20) (Classic!)
03. I-20 - Gorilla Shit (Prod by Dirty Dunnz)
04. Young Keno - Real Nigga Society (Remix) (ft I-20, Joe Moses, Mr. Smith and Roccett)
05. I-20 - Don't Blame Me (Prod by DJ Pain)
06. I-20 - King Hustler (Prod by Trakk Sounds)
07. I-20 - Break Bread (ft Bone Crusher and Ludacris) (Classic!)
08. I-20 - My Swag (ft Ludacris) (Prod by The Heatmakerz)
09. I-20 - Work (Prod by Buckwild)
10. I-20 - 100 Percent (Prod by DJ Pain)
11. I-20 - Critics (Prod by Trakk Sounds)
12. I-20 - We Got (Classic!)
13. I-20 - Bout The Money
14. I-20 - Fightin In The Club (Classic!)
15. I-20 - I Really Like Her (ft Ludacris and Rocko)
16. Ill Child - Oh Yeah (ft I-20)
17. I-20 - Freestyle
18. I-20 - Bury Me (Prod by Salaam Remi)
19. Ghetto the Plug - Anything (ft I-20 and Jacki-O)
20. I-20 - Riding Around (ft Ludacris)
21. I-20 - Life Is Short (ft Freeway, Dox Diggla and Goga) (Prod by Dirty Dunnz)
22. I-20 - The Eulogy (Prod by Dirty Dunnz)
23. I-20 - Outro
24. I-20 - Dreamer (Prod by Trakk Sounds) (Bonus Track)

Download/Listen here:


PR: A.Dd+'s "When Pigs Fly" in XXL Magazine

From Dive Hi Fly Lo:

PR: A.Dd+'s "When Pigs Fly" in XXL Magazine

A.Dd+'s, When Pigs Fly, earned a spot in the "Chairman's Choice" section of the May issue of XXL magazine (with Lupe Fiasco on the cover). Shout out to Chairman Mao. From the magazine:
Dallas, Texas duo A.Dd+ (pronounced "A-D-D," silent "+") triumph with a much delayed project of their own. When Pigs Fly was scheduled for release last year, before the crew went back to the lab with producer Picnic Tyme to rework some material. The resulting fat-free platter strikes an impressive creative balance between Third Coast bravado (the nasty single "Likeamug," the bass-heavy anthems "Smell My Cologne" and "Southbound") and self-deprecating quirkiness (the self-explanatory "Greedy," the dour booze fest "Erica & Jamie"). In theory, A.Dd+'s stylistic dichotomy can be traced to the distinct personas of members Slim Gravy (gruff, brash) and Paris Pershun (artsy, thoughtful) – that is, until you listen and realize that they're less distinct than they are complimentary pieces essential to a greater whole. As P announces on "The Rapper & the Poet," "Our melodic notes make everybody jump for hope/And haters look at us different because we don't take the same approach." Super-duper Fly.

* http://divehiflylo.com/ *

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