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Video - Prodigy: "50 Cent Can Do No Wrong in My Eyes"

Video - Prodigy: "50 Cent Can Do No Wrong in My Eyes" - Legendary Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy explains how he linked up with 50 Cent and G-Unit while he was in jail. P also shares his thoughts on Young Buck's recent legal problems.

Video: Lil B - "My Diary Pt. 4" #TYBG

Video: Lil B - "My Diary Pt. 4" #TYBG - Lil B drops a video for his song "My Diary PT.4"

Video: Xzibit f/ Eminem - "Don't Approach Me"

Video: Xzibit f/ Eminem - "Don't Approach Me"

* *

We need Xzibit back in 2012. SIX YEARS is too long to go without an album from Mr. X to the Z!

New Video: Illus f/ Blueprint - "Extraordinary"

From Matt B:

New Video: Illus f/ Blueprint - "Extraordinary"

On Family First, Illus collaborates lyrically and sonically with some of best emcees and producers in the business. Each emcee featured is also the producer of the track they appear on and this collaborative process is a first for any Hip-Hop project.  Family First is also co-produced by Public Enemy luminary DJ Johnny Juice and the star-studded guest emcee/producer list includes; Apathy, Ill Bill, Blueprint, J-Live, Erin Barra, Headsnack, Phashara, Chuuwee, Esoteric and more.

With Illus Family First LP now available everywhere, he releases the new video for his collaboration with Blueprint from Rhymesayers who produces and guest stars on this “Extraordinary” track.

Video: ANTHM - "God of Joy" (dir. Vashtie) (@NoCosign)

From Nancy B:

Video: ANTHM - "God of Joy" (dir. Vashtie)

Part time videographer, full-time tastemaker Vashtie has an knack for spotting the next big thing in music. Having worked with the likes of Justin Beiber, Theophilis London, Kendrick Lamar and Kid Cudi just before their rise, Downtown's Sweetheart has now teamed up with Anthm for the lead single "God of Joy" from his upcoming EP "Joy & Pain". Enjoy.

Video: Sixo, "God Cops" f. Poindexter & Heir Max

From Dunn Deal PR:

Video: Sixo, "God Cops" f. Poindexter & Heir Max

Fort Worth producer Sixo presents the EKP Pictures-produced music video for "God Cops" featuring Poindexter and Heir Max. "God Cops" is featured on Tracking Perception, Sixo's eight-song EP featuring former Anticon member Sole, AWOL One, Onry Ozzborn, Ceschi and Gregory Pepper. "When my life partner went to NYC, she came back with a story," says Sixo about the song's beginnings. "She'd get off the subway to come home and the same corner boy was there every time. After a couple days, she came to expect him. One day, he wasn't there, and she was a bit worried. 'What happened? What's going on?' That sorta thing. And it dawned on me while she was telling me the story that that's exactly the feeling society wants us to get from police. We're supposed to be afraid of drug dealers, even though they rarely hurt anyone but each other and we're supposed to trust and feel safe around cops, even though their job is not to keep us safe, but to keep us obedient."

Video: @DrkTimeSunshine Announce July 24 Release Date For ANX

From Audible Treats:

Video: Dark Time Sunshine Announce July 24 Release Date For ANX

Dark Time Sunshine, the pairing of Grayskul rapper Onry Ozzborn and producer Zavala, are excited to announce their new album, ANX. The album, which includes features from Aesop Rock, Busdriver, and P.O.S. of Doomtree, will be released July 24th via Fake Four, Inc.

The album's title, ANX, is short for 'anxiety,' and in deciding on a name for the project Onry and Zavala looked to each other - and within - to pull from what can be a debilitating disorder, and instead used it to strengthen their creative output. "We both suffer from anxiety, and have endured the good and bad that comes from it," says Onry. "It's a condition we'd both rather not have, but, in a lot of ways, it's shaped what we do and how we do it."

That influence of anxiety - the bi-polar peaks and valleys of happiness and depression, strength and weakness, love and hate - permeates the music throughout ANX, as Zavala's instrumentation winds with tension and release through influences of hip-hop, jazz, and electronic music. And in that sense, ANX is Dark Time Sunshine's most accomplished release. "The progression," says Onry, "is in the overall sound of the album - it's bigger and better assembled, both vocally and musically. There's noticeable maturity and comfort; it's truly a cohesive body of work."

While the album includes a number of features, with the likes of Ceschi, Child Actor, Reva Devito, and more, joining Aesop Rock, Busdriver, and P.O.S. as guests, the process of selecting those guests was truly organic. "We're fans and friends of the people we decide to work with," says Zavala, while Onry adds that each guest was selected for what they could add to the music. "We look at people's voices as instruments," he says. "So in a way, the features are more about when another artist's voice or style can better serve a song than mine."

To accompany the release announcement, Dark Time Sunshine is also giving fans a new video, what they're calling a mini-'mockumentary' that offers a fun, fictitious look into the making of ANX. From shower recordings to clarinet solos, Onry and Zavala give fans a humorous look behind the scenes.

Video: @SCKNOWS - BJ the Chicago Kid (Part 2)

From Rahn James:

Video: SCKNOWS - BJ the Chicago Kid (Part 2)

In Part 2 of SCKNOWS: BJ The Chicago Kid, Scolla (SCKNOWS/The RLES Society) and BJ discuss his day to day activities, the legacy he hopes to leave, his family and his word of advice to others. We also caught a hilarious story from BJ's manager, Steve about how he tried to walk his blind grandmother into a wall when he was 11 yrs old.

MP3: Mr. Banks - "Grand Stand 2" (prod. Peso Piddy) (@realmrbanks)


MP3: Mr. Banks - "Grand Stand 2" (prod. Peso Piddy)

Twitter: @realmrbanks.
Peso Piddy Contact:
Follow Peso Piddy: .

* *

PR: Fat Boys "Pizza Box" Deluxe Reissue on July 10th

From Brian C:

PR: Fat Boys "Pizza Box" Deluxe Reissue on July 10th

* Oft-overlooked hip-hop / pop pioneers get deluxe treatment for their classic, Kurtis Blow-produced 1984 debut, with bonus songs, radio interviews and extensive liner notes booklet *

Fat Boys “Pizza Box” deluxe edition features (label: Original Fat Boys)

- Single-CD and liner notes booklet packaged in a unique, limited-edition cardboard mini pizza box

- Audio remastered for the first time since original 1984 album release

- Three bonus music tracks (“Reality,” “International Love” and “All You Can Eat”)

- Four bonus radio interviews from DJ Mr. Magic’s famed “Rapp Attack” show on New York’s WBLS, plus a Fat Boys “Rapp Attack” radio promo

- Extensive liner notes by reissue producer Noah Uman, featuring rare photos and interviews with group members, manager Charles Stettler, album producer Kurtis Blow and session musician Davy D

- Fat Boys sticker
Although unjustly overlooked by many music fans and historians, Brooklyn’s Fat Boys – MCs Prince Markie Dee and Kool Rock Ski, with the late beatbox pioneer Buff Love The Human Beat Box – were one of the most popular and high-profile hip-hop groups of the early 1980s. Years before Biz Markie took over as the clown prince of rap and the Ultramagnetic MCs and De La Soul made the world safe to bug out, The Fat Boys were paving the way for fun in the game (with skills to back up the frivolity).

As producer and rap legend Kurtis Blow states simply in the package’s liner notes: “They were incredible.”

Their accomplishments in those early days of hip-hop on wax should not be forgotten: the first group to record beatboxing on wax; part of the first corporate-sponsored rap concert (“Fresh Fest”); a featured and memorable appearance in the 1985 film “Krush Groove”; rotation on the newly-minted MTV network before many other of their rap peers; and one of the first rap groups to travel to Europe. As a result, they sold hefty numbers of records and continued to balloon throughout the decade.

The group’s East New York beginnings were humble. They practiced in school lunchrooms and rhymed at parties and on street corners, having fun more than anything else. They didn’t fit the mold of most pop stars of the day, as a result of their looks and size, so their original dreams of success were just that: dreams. But after a winning the May 23, 1983 “Tin Pan Apple After Dark Dance & Rap Contest” at Radio City Music Hall, they were quickly catapulted into stardom.

Their first single, “Reality,” under the name Disco 3, was released in late 1983 and went largely unnoticed. Undeterred and determined for the group to get the attention they deserved, their innovative management team of Charles Stettler and Lynda West decided to bring in one of the hottest names in rap to produce them: Kurtis Blow.

The first single under their new name, “Fat Boys,” became an instant hit in early 1984. Shortly afterwards, Blow enlisted his music team to assemble what became the group’s debut album. Larry Smith (Run-DMC’s producer and arranger for their first two albums), Davy D[MX], Don Blackman, and other session players laid the raw backbeat for the three boys from Brooklyn to rock the house.

Aside from a heavy dose of humor, what separated their debut album from other rap records at the time was the pure rawness of the songs, which gave them a hardcore edge. Songs like “Stick ‘Em,” “Fat Boys,” “The Place To Be” & “Human Beat Box” show their energy and boisterousness in full bloom.

As Kurtis Blow recalls in the collection’s liners: “Their legacy is that they were fun – they should be remembered as being a positive, upbeat and inclusive part of hip-hop that made people feel good inside.”

Aside from three additional remastered songs which were not included on the original seven-track LP, the added jewels to this re-issue are four Mr. Magic WBLS “Rapp Attack” radio interviews. The growth of the group can be heard firsthand, from an early interview in 1983 to a conversation after the full-length’s success, later in 1984. The unlisted 15th track is also a piece of lost audio history, with Mr. Magic announcing the Disco 3 as the winners of the “Tin Pan Apple After Dark Dance & Rap Contest,” where the group won their record deal.

This deluxe reissue serves up the group’s classic debut with the deluxe treatment it deserves, fully remastered after 28 years with all the necessary ingredients... ALL YOU CAN EAT!

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