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Snoop Dogg "Neva Left" review!

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MP3: @Mecca4Ever - "Dreamy Eyes"

MP3: Mecca 4Ever - "Dreamy Eyes"

Courtesy Who Got Next.

    Mecca 4Ever:


    Mecca 4Ever:


MP3: Dirt Dolla f/ Metal Roze - "Booty Rock"

MP3: Dirt Dolla f/ Metal Roze - "Booty Rock"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

Video: Wiley f/ Ms.D - "Heatwave" (@Wiley__)

From Sian A:

Video: Wiley f/ Ms.D - "Heatwave"

Wiley, the godfather of grime, returns with the new single ‘Heatwave’ which will be released on July 30th on Warner Bros. Records.

Featuring a huge pop hook courtesy of guest vocalist Ms D (who also featured on Chipmunk’s #1 hit ‘Oopsy Daisy’), the immediately addictive ‘Heatwave’ is full of scorching seasonal references and looks set to soundtrack the rest of the summer. The track was produced by Rymez (Wretch 32, Tinie Tempah).

MP3: Muzic Class f/ Pate - "Hamburgers"

From Semp Rok:

MP3: Muzic Class f/ Pate - "Hamburgers"

Philly’s own Muzic Class debuts in the blog world with a rather interesting track to not sleep on called Hamburgers featuring Pate. It comes off more like a cypher, a little remenicient of the Mike Banger producer track “YM Banger” featuring Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz and Tyga off Lil Wayne’s LP I am Not a Human Being. This four-man crew still has a long road ahead of them, but no dead ends at the moment.

* *

About Muzic Class It was Bob Marley who said, “One good thing about muzic, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Hence, To Whom It May Concern: I hope you’re ready for a painless TKO as you’re about to get hit by the force of four collectively unmatched artists. Unique, Unwavering and Unprecedented: three words that scrape the surface of the distinctively novel sound that is, The Muzic Class! Muzic Class consists of four members which include two lyricists and writers Marvin (Marv) Mack, Jamal (J-heated) Henry, and two songwriter-producers Allen (Gibbs) Harrison and Morris (Starks) Nyanway. Based out of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Muzic Class brings back vintage production and lyrical word play, like that of Outkast, young vigor rendered by Kid and Play

@DJLordRon Guest DJ on Sendiddy Radio on June 30th!!

From Lord Ron:

DJ Lord Ron Guest DJ on Sendiddy Radio on June 30th!!

Tune in at on June 30th at 8pm-11pm with show hosts, DJ Bob E & Shane. DJ Lord Ron will guest DJ/interview and bring on some emcees to rock the mic live with him.

* *

PR: Upcoming Hip Hop Film - TRAVEL PROPERLY (@RahimSamad)

From Rutherford A:

PR: Upcoming Hip Hop Film - TRAVEL PROPERLY

Tampa, Florida - June 28, 2012 - Travel Properly: the Movie is a film that follows the lives of two young men, one on the cusp of stardom and the other down on his luck, as their lives intertwine and a job leads them down an unexpected path.

Travel Properly is an independent film that was written, produced, directed, and shot entirely on location in Tampa, Florida. The film stars Colin Felder, Akil Morehouse, and Hip Hop artists Rahim Samad and Funkghost. The fim features the directing artistry of Jeff Osborne. As well as portraying the lead role, Rahim Samad composes the soundtrack, wrote the script, and helped produce the film. Travel Properly is full length film that will be released on November 7th, with screenings in select theatres throughout the United States.

As a director in Tampa, Jeff Osborne has set the bar for local music videos. He directed all of Rahim Samad’s videos, several of Funkghost’s videos, and recently, local “Femcee” Dynasty’s music video featuring the legendary DJ Premier. Rahim Samad is a well established rap artist and member of the Tampa hip hop community. He is also the  producer of the entertainment show RighteousDisorderTV. Rahim chose to collaborate with Jeff Osborne to create an artistic film of the highest caliber, which will be submitted to many film festivals. This film is anchored in the local music community, even featuring a prominent punk and metal venue, Unit 19, with many members of the punk and metal music community making appearances. The role of the artist Funkghost, who has been writing and producing locally for over a decade, further strengthens the ties between this film and Tampa’s music scene.


Video: @Rilgood - "We Rollin 2"

From DM360:

Video: Rilgood - "We Rollin 2"

Rilgood returns today with the visuals for the sequel to last year's audio gem, “We Rollin.”  Part two finds the BK rhymesayer taking listeners through a visual journey along Barbados and beyond, all the way to the borough of Brooklyn. The song is a bit slower paced as compared to the original, but what's the rush when you're enjoying yourself.  Be on the lookout for Rilgood's Great Expectations mixtape, which is due out July 17...stay tuned!

MP3: @Triceracorn - "Triceracorn"

From Heaven Noise:

MP3: Triceracorn - "Triceracorn"

Triceracorn hail from Bellingham, Washington and possess a sound that seems to come from another world.  In this alternate reality, meticulously crafted beats and rhymes are the norm and they can create an atmosphere of celebration and inward, spiritual exploration simultaneously.  The listener is left unable to tell if the music they are hearing was created in a densely populated city or in some hideaway tucked deep inside a lush, northwest rainforest.

Triceracorn "Triceracorn" (self-titled album) - Free DL link: .

IG88′s stunning production is matched by Beige’s detailed and imaginative raps; the result is a refined product from a duo with undeniable chemistry and talent.  With the belief that not all hip hop has to be “hard” and street-battle ready (often to the point of obnoxiousness), these two gentlemen run circles around most rappers, simply by being themselves and perfecting their own styles.

Triceracorn is currently working on all new material for their next album, which will be released later this year on Heaven Noise Recordings.

PR: @SenorKaos Records "Never Stop" for Nike Endurance Athlete

From The Kaos Effect:

Señor Kaos records "Never Stop" song for Nike endurance athlete Jason Lester.

On March 19th, 2012 Nike Ultra Endurance Athlete Jason Lester began The Journey for a Better World in NYC. Over the next 102 days, he has run and biked 4,800 miles across the United States to Oregon to show the world how a Better World starts with sport.

Along the way, he made a stop in ATL on April 13th, where I got the chance to meet him and hear about his journey. I penned a poem entitled "Better Journey" as a surprise to welcome him to Atlanta.

As a result, Jason challenged me to make a song called "Never Stop" which is his mantra. A month later, and several more states into his journey, I FINALLY put together a theme song for Jason called "Never Stop."

Produced By NYC DJ/Producer DJ Eleven (The Rub), this track is designed to "do good with a vengeance."

Jason is inspiring the world through sport, as I try to inspire the world through music.

It's amazing what a little inspiration can do.

Be sure to follow Jason's journey at: .

You can follow my journey: & .

Listen & Download. Señor Kaos "Never Stop" (Nike Better World Mix) below.

* *

Produced By DJ Eleven.

Win $1,000 Just for Purchasing @Number1Playaz Latest Single

From AB and N1P:

Win $1,000 Just for Purchasing Number 1 Playaz Latest Single

(JUNE 2012) – The Gary, Indiana trio – Number 1 Playaz are pledging a portion of their growth back to their fans, the people that support. “Drawing after drawing our fans will continue to get the help they are looking for,” explained Playo. Number 1 Playaz created this program to help fans pay for bills, grants, or go to school.

Fans can win up to $1,000 and prizes include an iPad 2, PS3, and Laptop Computer. No funny business here, check out two winners have already been announce via their Youtube channel ( All fans have to do is purchase the new Number 1 Playaz single “Haters” on either iTunes, Amazon, or Rhapsody for only .99 cents.

For specific details see below:

1. Watch Number 1 Playaz Video “Haters”

* *

2. Download the new single “Haters” for only .99 cents.

3. Forward the download confirmation to

You will be permanently entered in the drawings, each time these 3 steps are completed.
NOTE: (If using iTunes, it takes 5-7 days to receive your email confirmation from iTunes, be sure to check spam and junk folders. Or for faster entry take a CLEAR picture of your confirmation off of the actual iTunes website the day of purchase and send email to

Program Rules:

Follow the 3 easy steps in how to enter drawing link.
There is no limit to drawing entries.
Each time you download a single or album, you receive an entry.
Drawing entries are permanent; you can win over and over.
Winners will be contacted by email.
Winners must claim their grant by the deadline timeframe in email.
Winners must be interviewed and sign a grant affidavit for grant tracking.

About Number 1 Playaz:

If you’re ever in Gary, Indiana and just so happen to come by Taney and 15th, stop by and ask for a guy named Rocky. You’ll find him in a Chicago Bulls hat and he’ll put you on some of the hottest mixtapes out now. No kidding! In his bag, look thoroughly for this name, Number 1 Playaz. Yeah…you may not have heard of them, but then again have you ever really heard of Gary, Indiana? The often slept on, but recognized by those that know, G.I. is the birthplace of the Jackson 5. It’s a landmark under the unlikeliest of circumstances and home of brothers Playo (Jerry Hayom, Jr.) and O-Dogg (Orlando Haymon) and friend T-Turner (Antonio Turner). Just like the old steel mills that used to hum during the summer months on Cline Street and helped to earn the city one of its many nicknames like The Steel City, Number 1 Playaz are poised to earn a few honors of their own.

Each member brings a unique lyrical essence to the group. Playo’s words flow indefinitely like Sonic the Hedgehog on a downhill sprint. T-Turner offers a smooth, fall off the bone, style capable of spontaneous eruption. Finally, O-Dogg brings the revolutionary style of a message rapper who can alternate his lyrics from explicitly gangster, to cavelier for the ladies. Continuing “I feel like my music will last forever because of the truth behind my music. I feel like a person can listen to my music and be like, “damn that’s me.”

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