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Monday September 01, 2014
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[There Is Only Now] Returning from Montezuma with revenge on their minds!

Souls of Mischief Review

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MP3: Kanye West f/ Jay-Z, Kid Cudi + More - "The Joy"

From M3W:

MP3: Kanye West f/ Jay-Z, Kid Cudi + More - "The Joy"

* *

MP3: FiveSeven6roup Presents "Mute Dialogue"

From J57:

MP3: FiveSeven6roup Presents "Mute Dialogue"

This is the first leak from "Mute Dialogue," an instrumental project compiled by J57 of the Brown Bag AllStars.  "Mute Dialogue" features many talented up & coming producers from all over North America.  The full project will be released for free on Wednesday.

FiveSeven6roup Presents "Mute Dialogue"

B.Lewis "Data Overload"
Video: Visual f/ Ale Nova - "What's Up Joe"

From Cesar Zamudio:

Video: Visual f/ Ale Nova - "What's Up Joe"

Video: King Hammer - "Better Run Run" (MC Hammer Jay-Z Diss)

Video: King Hammer - "Better Run Run" (MC Hammer Jay-Z Diss)

PR: Diverse - "Mind of a Lyricist Vol. 3"

From Clay Randle:

Diverse - "Mind of a Lyricist Vol. 3"

After much anticipation the wait is over! Diverse has released his third installment and conclusion to his Mind Of A Lyricist mixtape series. In a recent interview Diverse stated that his "MOALV3" (shortly titled) will be the finale of one chapter in his life and the beginning of a new one. With a strong stable of original production as well a few interesting remixes, listeners are definitely in for a treat. MOALV3 plays as an open book, summing up the personality of Diverse in a nutshell. Listeners should not only expect quality music but pure honesty, as this mixtape truly is a journey into the mind of a lyricist.


Reconnecting With Johnny Voltik

In 1996 I graduated from Fairfield Prep with Johnny Voltik. Don’t try to find him in the yearbook, though, as his current name is one for the stage. As with many high school friends, we lost touch after graduation, but last week we finally linked up again thanks to Elizabeth Allen directing me in Voltik’s direction at Conscious’ monthly Bondfire show. As it turns out, Voltik is an artist in the scene now, and after listening to his music I can say he’s a damned good one. To be honest, this doesn’t come as a huge surprise to me, as he was always a talented dude, even back in the day. This week we reconnected for a convo about his music, as well as our times at the all boys high school in Connecticut, and what from those days still has an impact on him today.

Read the full interview at:

PR: Hoodgrown Magazine Releases Hip Hop iPad App

From Universal Indie:

Hoodgrown Magazine Releases Hip Hop iPad App

What started as a print magazine that ceased publication due to increasing
print cost and decreasing advertising revenue has returned as the first hip
hop magazine app to hit the Apple store. Spearheaded by Chris "Cartel"
English and Lord Jamar (of Brand Nubian fame), the Hoodgrown Magazine app
is scheduled to hit the app store late November.

"Though the website has been gaining in popularity I always knew that one
day we would return to our print roots." says Hoodgrown's CEO, Chris
English. "This app allows us to combine the best of the print and web
experience in a whole new package. Imagine a hip hop magazine having the
potential to reach 4.5 million iPad Owners. That's Big!"

The app will be available as a free download in the app store as will each
issue due to it's advertiser supported model.

You can view a video demonstration of the app here:

MP3: V!rtu & FelliDale - "Coughy Shop Confessions"

From V!rtu:

MP3: V!rtu & FelliDale - "Coughy Shop Confessions"

Here it is, in all its glory!

V!RTU & FelliDale
Coughy Shop Confessions

Like I said before.....if you can find a better "Smoking" themed album, I'll come and scrub your toilets with my own toothbrush!

Enjoy! (and smoke well!)

V!RTU & FelliDale

MP3: Senor Kaos - "The Download Song"

From DubMD84:

MP3: Senor Kaos - "The Download Song"

This is the first leak taken from the forthcoming 2 Hungry Bros x Dub MD project, a track entitled "The Download Song" brought to you by Atlanta based emcee Señor Kaos, he speaks on the internet culture that is illegal/legal downloading...GRUBS UP!!
* *
With a release date of November 23rd, 2010. AOK Collective's 2 Hungry Bros join forces with Dub MD to bring you the "Open Buffet" a mixtape jam packed with a plethora of 2 Hungry material. The mixtape features the likes of Fresh Daily, P.SO, 8thW1, Señor Kaos and more.

MP3: Big Lou f/ Math Hoffa, Sav Killz - "Cypher Bullies"

From J-Ronin:

MP3: Big Lou f/ Math Hoffa, Sav Killz - "Cypher Bullies" 



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