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Friday March 27, 2015
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MP3: Kontroversy Committee - "Angel"

From Who Got Next:

MP3: Kontroversy Committee - "Angel"

* *

In an industry based solely on gimmicks, Kontroversy Committee is hoping to shake the business. With their unique individuality, comes a fresh sound.

Originally from Los Angeles, ON 1 and E-luzhen learned that growing up on the streets of L.A. is a tough life. With all the gang violence, both ON 1 and E-luzhen's families decided to move them out of Los Angeles to more "family friendly" neighborhoods. ON 1, who's family originates from Guatemala, grew up in Inglewood, CA. After twelve years, he then relocated to the Antelope Valley where he resides today. E-luzhen grew up in a Mexican American home in the San Fernando Valley, just outside of Los Angeles. When E-luzhen's family moved shortly to the Antelope Valley, Kontroversy Committee was developed. After developing a good friendship in high school and creating the sound that is Kontroversy, E-luzhen was suddenly moved back to the San Fernando Valley where he continued to grind and stir up a buzz, working with artists such as Kurupt, Rass Kass and also catching the ear of Deathrow CEO Suge Knight. Although Suge planned on signing E-luzhen, Suge ended up getting locked up and the deal fell through. Currently they have signed With West Swagg Music Group who has partnered with Universal Bungalo, to take the gentlemen to new heights in their career.

Today, Kontroversy is stirring up just that. Crowds expect to hear the typical "Chicano Gangsta Rap" when Kontroversy Committee hits the stage, but instead are treated with the most impeccable sound of Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B beats. Their lyrics are unique, their metaphors creative and style is original.

Kontroversy Committee's current single "Angel," off their ground breaking "This Changes Everything" EP, is sure to place Kontroversy Committee on the forefront of the new west movement with a new Album name, A.L.A.N.E. (All Latinos Are Not Equal) ON 1 and E-luzhen are ready to be the new representatives for the Latino culture.

Kontroversy Committee has performed many showcases opening up for many artists from Jon B to Glasses Malone, and possess the talent that has landed them their recent label deal with WestSwagg Music Group / Universal Bungalo. The gentlemen are not your typical Hip-Hop artists. They come with a new fresh sound, they are not afraid to take a risk and for that reason they will soar in the music industry!

Video: GDP - "Neural Circuitry"

From The Musebox:

Video: GDP - "Neural Circuitry"

West Orange, New Jersey emcee GDP has announced his new full-length album Useless Eaters will be dropping on March 29th via Run For Cover Records (Title Fight, Transit, Man Overboard).  With the announcement is a double premiere from the album including a video for the song Neural Circuitry (directed by Josh Sandler with beat produced by live electronic act Frozen Gentlemen) on GDP’s revamped website.  Print music and art magazine Alarm Press has also premiered the song Quintuplets today on their online site.
Combining futuristic grime with homage to hip hop’s past, Useless Eaters” is GDP’s most focused effort as well as his darkest. Regarded as one of the one of the hardest working artists in hip-hop.  The album was mixed and mastered by GDP and his frequent collaborator Pistol in the midst of a 52 date national tour that he booked himself.  Aside from Frozen Gentlemen, Beats were handled by Melbourne Australia’s Aoi and Perth, Australia’s DOS4GW whom GDP met while supporting The RZA (Wu-Tang Clan) on Australian dates.  Appearing on the album are legendary emcees Tame One (The Artifacts) and Young Zee (The Outsidaz).
After years of relentless touring and consistent releases, GDP has gained respect from many of the same hip hop legends that inspired him growing up as well as forward thinking hardcore and punk artists. He has shared the stage with artists ranging from Wu Tang Clan, Dead Prez, Rah Digga, and Masta Ace to Trap Them, Skeletonwitch, Suburban Scum, Product Of Waste, and Dead to Me.  GDP is set to play a string of East and West Coast release shows followed by some European dates.
TOUR DATES (more to be announced shortly)

3/5- @ Cyclecide Bike Collective Death House- Hackettstown, NJ
w/ Pistol
3/10- @ Maggie McGuires- Cranford, NJ
w/ Choc Bread, St. Joe Louis
3/11- Laundromat- New Brunswick, NJ
w/ Pistol, Space Jeez, Bartlomein
3/12- @ Brick Moose Lodge - Brick, NJ
w/ Pistol, Planet Cognac, Arcade
3/15- @ Silk City- Philadelphia, PA
w/ Beam&Deem, Planet Cognac, Pistol
3/19- @ Meatlocker-Montclair, NJ
w/  Pistol, Shape, G. Wallace, Choc Bread
3/24 - @ Rockstar Bar-Brooklyn, NY
w/  Young Zee, GDP, Pistol, Shape, G. Wallace, Arcade
3/25- New London, CT @ The Oasis
3/27- Virginia Beach, VA @ Hangar
w/ Andre Nickatina
3/31- New York, NY @ 49 Grove
w/ Space Jesus, Pistol.
4/15- San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe
4/17- Sacromento @ Dcoi's
4/20- Oakland, CA @ The Hive
4/21-@ Ash Street Saloon -  Portland, OR
4/22- @ Tabu - Ashland, OR
4/23- @ Roxy's Vets Club - Shasta, CA
4/24- New York, NY @ Highline Ballroom
w/ Andre Nickatina

MP3: A.M. Breakups - "Blackout (Another Trip, Pt. 2)"

From Dunn Deal PR:

MP3: A.M. Breakups - "Blackout (Another Trip, Pt. 2)"

download at
preview/Soundcloud at 

The first single off A.M. Breakups’ debut album, The Cant Resurrection. The Utica, New York native is only twenty-four but has already been on the scene for years, starting with his work with MC Eleven as the duo 11 A.M. and growing into collaborations with artists across the indie-rap spectrum; Teddy Faley, Super Chron Flight Brothers, Nasa, K-Swift and V8 of Chicago’s TFD crew. With a strong local following, rabid online fan base and a solid resume in the scene, Breakups is releasing The Cant Resurrection , an LP where stark production, heavy with layers and texture is interspersed with verses from some of this new millennium’s most promising indie talent. The album features Billy Woods of the critically-acclaimed Super Chron Flight Brothers, Baltimore luminary Teddy Faley, Chicago’s V8 and of course, classic verses from Breakups’ partner-in-rhyme Eleven. the Cant Resurrection is another in a line of bold, unique releases by Backwoodz Studioz and continues the label’s tradition of progressive, critically-acclaimed indie hip-hop out of New York, following in the footsteps of Vordul Mega’s Megagraphitti and Super Chron Flight Brothers' 2010 LP Cape Verde.

Video: Nyle f/ Fresh Daily, Mic-L - "Dundiddit"

From Diamond Music Group:

Video: Nyle f/ Fresh Daily, Mic-L - "Dundiddit"

MP3: Devin the Dude & Killa Kyleon - "Houston Smokers Only"

From J. Melo:

MP3: Devin the Dude & Killa Kyleon - "Houston Smokers Only"

Today we have a special territorial posse record titled "Houston Smokers Only." This chiefers joint showcases the talents of Devin The Dude, Killa Kyleon, Lil O, Fame Sity, Mookie Jones, Yung Redd, MUG, Scooby & Surreal. The track was produced by Trakk Sounds & B Don of GLP. The video will premiere within the next two weeks.

Houston VA "Houston Smokers Only"

Important note: The Trakk Sounds were extremely vital in the completion of this record. Next up - "Atlanta Smokers Only."


MP3: Mike Beatz & Adonis f/ Guilty Simpson, Reks - "You Know"

From Semp Rok:

MP3: Mike Beatz & Adonis f/ Guilty Simpson, Reks - "You Know"

Here is the second release from Mike Beatz & Adonis' upcoming album Boom Bap. They call on veteran MCs Guilty Simpson and Reks for this track. It also has vocals of Norwegian singer/songwriter Rebekka B Maeland.

Mp3 Link:

Cover Art:

Profile Image:

MP3: Lightouts - "See Clear"

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Lightouts - "See Clear"

Debut Single Reveals Burgeoning Gowanus Indie Scene

The Song:

"Robert Smith/Emily Haines, where are you?" Lightouts started out with that one simple question, posted as a want ad by group founder Gavin Rhodes near the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, New York. The only sane person to reply to this query was vocalist Greg Nelson, a seasoned veteran of the NYC music scene (Lady Gaga opened for him at a Lower East Side club in 2007) who would prove to be just the type of person Lightouts needed. After a clear bond of musical genres, the two met up and started their auditory adventure together, Greg Nelson as the singer and Gavin Rhodes as the primary songwriter. The resulting sound emanating from Lightouts' sonic partnership is reminiscent of boozy 90's rock yet also garners comparisons to contemporaries The Hold Steady, Yuck, and Surfer Blood.

A loosely linked concept album – Want, a meditation on what it means to follow our instincts – is in the works and promises listeners both a slice of Gowanus and healthy servings of Lightouts steam-pressed beats, cauterized power chords and lean bass lines. In the months leading up to the unveiling of the album, the Gowanus duo is set to release a series of singles, and with a tip of the hat to an analogue era in the not-so-distant past, each single will feature both an A-side and two B-sides allowing the band to offer up songs complemented by experimentation into deep-cut covers of Joy Division, The Stone Roses and more.

Lightouts first single, "See Clear" opens with an earnest declaration – "We want it, oh god we want it all/ But we are hitting, now we are hitting walls." The lyric succinctly captures the essence of "See Clear," an essence that singer Greg Nelson explains is, "the challenge of seeking clarity in the often cloudy and blurred distinctions between good and bad, right versus wrong, and needs and wants." Nelson's odic battle with morality and Rhodes' delicate guitar strokes serve as the quiet before the storm, as the song slowly gathers momentum towards its anthemic chorus where subdued vocals become strident and guitars take a turn for the boisterous. The haziness of the chorus is offset by the lucidity of the verses – a juxtaposition built in by design by Nelson that gives listeners an aural ebb and flow of Lightouts' message. In the end, we all want to "see lights, see stars, see clear" – download the track for free today and experience clarity courtesy of Lightouts.

Download the song here: .

PR: Warchyld, "The Next Big Star"

From ArtistPR:

Warchyld, "The Next Big Star"

* *

He made a lot of noise in his hometown of Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey, becoming a local Hero with the release of his first mixtape, HOT 16’s. Now in Miami, the Southern sound injected Warchild’s veins and made him who he is today…Which is an artist whose triumphs are built solely on making you move with rich production and crazy/sick lyrical foreplay. Warchild is WAR spelled backwards...RAW!

His music is now getting the attention of the masses. And Warchild is going to breathe some excitement into the TV series, The Jersey Shore, as the Hit show is interested in featuring his music on its soundtrack. While everyone’s focus is all over the place with the vast amount of mixtapes being dropped daily, Warchild is the anchor to a sinking ship.

His music is quickly becoming one of the top contentious and insightful sound in Hip Hop. Warchild is dope straight up. He’s created some seriously vibrant Hip-Hop which TRULY represents the North, the SOUTH, and the Underground. And with Major television shows after his hypnotic and authentic sound, he’s also a force to be reckoned with in the forefront.

Coming from a very musically inclined background usually helps, but Warchild has put in his GRIND alongside that natural-born gift. His unique style of hip-hop has captured the attention of listeners nation-wide, even before radio airplay. The good ones usually do. Put that combination up with his keen sense of what simply sounds good,and we can't fault Warchild for making good music.

Video: Thirstin Howl III - "Jail Recipes Episode 2"

From Semp Rok:

Video: Thirstin Howl III - "Jail Recipes Episode 2"

MP3: Blac Kaspa - "Drippin Wet"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: Blac Kaspa - "Drippin Wet"


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