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MP3: Avatar - "It Was Bitten" (Nas Remake)

MP3: Avatar - "It Was Bitten" (Nas Remake)

Courtesy DM360.

New York underground veteran emcee Avatar the Articulate pays homage to Nas's sophomore album It Was Written, in its entirety, with his self-produced remake, appropriately titled It Was Bitten.  Despite the satirically seeming title, Avatar's motivation for this release, accompanying his reverence to Nas, is to offer a new vantage point to the time-honored original, so that others can appreciate the concepts and issues addressed in his music.


MP3: Kid Ink - "Lost in the Sauce" (prod. Jahlil Beats)

MP3: Kid Ink - "Lost in the Sauce" (prod. Jahlil Beats)

Courtesy Papa Smirf.




* *

Craig G & Sadat X Feat. on Agartha Audio & Taiyamo Denku Song

Craig G & Sadat X Feat. on Agartha Audio & Taiyamo Denku Song

Courtesy Uncommon Records.

Check out this early leak from Agartha Audio & Taiyamo Denku's upcoming Uncommon Records release, Quadrofiendia. Road Is Ruff features 2 true legends in Craig G and Sadat X! Quadrofiendia will be released in June and will feature Masai Bey, Teddy Faley, L.I.F.E. Long, Shyheim and more! Entirely produced by Agartha Audio (The Hollow Earth, MF Borat, Tales from the Cafetorium) for Taiyamo Denku (Articles of Mind, W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D.S.). Stay locked into for more info!

* *

Video: Saukrates - "Say I" Ft. OB OBrien + Webisode

Video: Saukrates - "Say I" Ft. OB OBrien + Webisode

Courtesy Audible Treats.

One of Canada’s most venerated MCs, Saukrates, is proud to present his newest visual for the inspiring lead single, “Say I.” The Rich Kidd-produced single, features a guest verse from OB OBrien, and is from his forthcoming album, Season One. The 15-plus year rap vet is prepping the release of his new album later this month via FrostByte Media Inc.

Fans were first introduced to “Say I” when it was used as part of Nike’s Always On campaign back in October of last year. The song served as a backdrop to a day in the life of Montreal Canadiens hockey player P.K. Subban. For the song’s video, Saukrates decided to stick with the pucks, as its set in a hockey rink with an assortment of young, fired-up “grown-men” ready to “break legs and slit throats” of anyone who stands in their way (commanded of them in Coach OB OBrien’s gripping speech). Producer Rich Kidd draped the track with inspirational keys and an infectious drum break that inspired director Figz! of Figvrati Films to embody the overall “You Can Do It” attitude in the single’s video. From the first words of the hook, “I can do what I wanna,” to the song’s end, “Say I” is a Simon Says mantra for listeners to believe in themselves.

Accompanying the new single is the first webisode of Saukrates “Philosophy” series, where he discusses the overall sports-driven theme for Season One. You can check out the webisode here: .

Watch the video for "Say I" here: .

New Audio: Jaecyn Bayne f/ Keith Murray - "Heat Stroke"

New Audio: Jaecyn Bayne f/ Keith Murray - "Heat Stroke"

Courtesy Matt B.

Before Jaecyn Bayne releases his debut LP, Audio Therapy, he will be releasing a new EP, The Prognosis, as well. Signed to renowned Jazz label “Owl Studios”, Jaecyn Bayne’s debut LP, Audio Therapy, is slated for a 4-24-2012 release date and will feature guest appearances from Styles P, Fred the Godson & Canibus alongside production from Streetrunner and Bronze Nazareth among others.

DL link to Jaecyn Bayne f/Keith Murray “Heat Stroke”: (produced by Soul Cinematik).

PR: Immortal Technique European Tour Kicks Off This Week

Courtesy Samuel D.

Immortal Technique Returns To Europe In Anticipationg Of His Upcoming Documentary, "The (R)evolution Of Immortal Technique"

Immortal Technique embarks on a two-week European tour for the continued support of "The Martyr" and his upcoming documentary, "The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique."

Miami, FL - April 2012. On Friday, April 13th, Immortal Technique kicks off his first 2012 European tour, starting in Portu, Portugal. Accompanied by DJ Static, AKIR, and Swave Sevah, the crew will be visiting seven different countries in less than two weeks. With the success of his recent release The Martyr, which has amounted over 700,000 downloads worldwide, Immortal Technique now prepares for the upcoming release of his documentary, The (R)evolution Of Immortal Technique. Directed by Cary Stuart of Quarter Water Productions, the documentary is a first-handed account of Immortal Technique's journey to iconic status, following seven years worth of performances worldwide, along with an in-depth look at his humanitarian efforts including Save The South Central Farm, and his 2009 venture with Omeid International for the creation of an orphanange in Afghanistan, the Amin Institue. The double-DVD documentary also features conversations with the likes of Chuck D., Dr. Cornel West, DJ Green Lantern, along with extras and extended footage. The (R)evolution Of Immortal Technique is set for a July release.

Tour Dates

4/13/12 - Hard Club in Porto, Portugal
* *

4/14/12 - Rote Fabrik in Zurich, Switzerland
* *

4/17/12 - Melkweg, Oude Zaal (Old Hall) in Amsterdam, Netherlands
* *

4/18/12 - Pumpehuset in Copenhagen, Denmark
* *

4/19/12 - Mejeriet in Lund, Sweden
* *

4/20/12 - GOTA KALLARE in Stockholm, Sweden
* *

4/21/12 - Spikerboks in Oslo, Norway
* *

4/22/12 - Nosturi in Helsinki, Finland
* *

The (R)evolution Of Immortal Technique [Official Trailer] .

“Toast To The Dead” [Off the recent The Martyr album]
Stream/Download: .

About Immortal Technique

Born in Peru, Felipe Coronal emigrated to Harlem, NY at a young age. Growing up on the streets of New York, the young man became enamored with Hip Hop culture, but eventually graduated to state prison. He was released with a sharpened focus on music. After dominating the New York battle circuit, he followed with the release of his first album, Revolutionary Vol. 1., an instant word-of-mouth sensation that catapulted him to a national spotlight, gaining tons of attention from the media including a feature on The Source’s “Unsigned Hype.” Since, Immortal Technique toured worldwide across the US, South America, Europe, and Australia. He's headlined major festivals including Paid Dues, Rock The Bells, SXSW, and many others. He's released four studio projects and has charted on Billboard's Top 10 Independent Albums, along with notable appearances on Russia TV, Al Jazeera News, URB Magazine, XXL, and countless others. He goes beyond his music as an advocate of justice and equality through many charitable works with immigrant groups, youth detention centers, the preservation of the South Central Farm, gang workshops, and more. In 2009, he partnered with Omeid International to build the Amin Institute, an orphanage, school, and medical facility in Afghanistan, which was funded by profits from album and ticket sales. Cary Stuart of Quarter Water Productions captures Immortal Technique's journey leading up to the construction and opening of the Amin Institute in the upcoming documentary, The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique, slated for Spring 2012 release, followed by the release of a new album.

For more info: .

The (W)rap Up - Week of April 3, 2012

If you missed any of the new reviews last week, including Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" then do yourself a favor and check out this week's edition of the (W)rap Up. 
[Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded]Nicki Minaj :: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Cash Money Records

Author: Jesal 'Jay Soul' Padania

"Drake has ruined it a bit for Young Money. Before "Take Care" we were blissfully content with mindless fun, lots of puns about shit, being an alien and Birdman parachuting in. But after his second album, we want more from all of them - none of that "Tha Carter IV" shit, no. We demand proper sequencing, meaning, well-written songs, intelligent production - more than anything, we want to connect. With the artist, with the message. Of course, an innately different set of rules applies to Nicki Minaj, on her own sophomore outing, as every artist is different and her "five year plan" already seems vastly different from whatever Drizzy feels like conjuring up. But following "Take Care" it might have been fair to expect something more than "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded." The first clue is in that name - it is bewilderingly confusing, sounding more like a Deluxe Edition of her debut ("Pink Friday"). It is, however, her second full-length album. And the emphasis is firmly placed on "full-length" - PFRR (Deluxe) weighs in at a staggering 22 tracks, continuing the somewhat unfortunate trend of overly long albums from this particular label. Her leaner debut did the job admirably, even if it was "mindlessly entertaining" and filled with holes. You see, she released a Deluxe of that including "Superbass" which ended up giving her a genuine breakthrough moment (queue SuperBowl etc). So, it's only natural to expect Minaj to revisit that feel on her second outing. She declares herself "the female Weezy" (presumably they wear the same size jeggings) and deploys similar shock tactics as Carter, but more notably at times Lady Gaga (her Grammy performance certainly suggested that, even hiring the same choreographer). That performance divided opinion, as did her video for "Stupid Hoe" - the backlash presumably delayed the release of PFRR, and her mission to be big, bolder, larger than life and a creative tour de force seems to have been put on ice. Now, she just wants hits. "

E-Train :: On Solid Ground :: Elevated Press Records
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

[On Solid Ground] 
"On Solid Ground" is the first album by San Francisco producer E-Train. Over eighteen tracks, he works with a variety of MCs and singers to create soulful independent hip-hop. As a producer, E-Train offers a contemporary take on Golden Age boom-bap. He works with an MPC and there are cuts and scratches from classic hip-hop tracks spliced throughout the album. E-Train works with MCs from both coasts, including some unknown rappers, some established underground rappers, and a few bonafide legends. In the latter category, Talib Kweli shares the mike with Phil The Agony on "Guess Again," and Keith Murray raps on "Talk Shit" with Burntmd. RapReview readers will also recognize Bay Area rapper Rasco calling out other rappers on "Endangered Species," and Akrobatik rapping about touring on "The Show. "3 Clicks" has organ stabs and funky drumming, with San Francisco rapper D. Mottola spitting rhymes worthy of the beat. Mottola shows up again on "Outrageous," accompanied by Pro and Virtu. The Aztext rap on "It's Goin' Down Gettin' Down," describing the grind of an indie rapper. E-Train also goes in a more soulful direction on some tracks. "Fyah Burn" features Holly Saucy singing and rapping over a mid-tempo beat. Gyrl Ab'Strakt raps over an R&B on "The Love Epidemic." Rubydell offers her vocals on the hook of "As You Loud As You Want," one of the stronger tracks on the disc. She handles all the vocals on the R&B closer "There Was a Time." "

Mac Lethal :: Irish Goodbye :: Black Clover Records
as reviewed by Zach 'Goose' Gase

[Irish Goodbye] 
"2011 was quite the year for Kansas City emcee Mac Lethal. He started by getting a couple million hits on YouTube videos like "Pale Kid Raps Faster!" "Pale kid raps EVEN FASTER!" and "Charlie Sheen Bi-Winning FAST RAP." These videos gave the rapper, formerly signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment, a lot of exposure, but it wasn't until he did one of his famous fast raps over Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now" while making pancakes that his fame really took off. The video in which Mac spits his effortless double time flow while making perfect golden brown flapjacks has now exceeded over 22 million views, and has helped him gain countless new fans. But also with these gimmicky videos, loyal fans who love Mac Lethal for his previous work such as "11:11," "Men Are From Mars, Porn Stars are from Earth" and his "Love Potion" mixtape series have questioned whether or not the veteran indie rapper has sold out. "Irish Goodbye," released on Mac Lethal's own label, Black Clover, notably has no guest appearances as well as none of his fast rapping that made him an Internet sensation. Instead his first album in over four year features a perfect balance of humor and seriousness, over production handled solely by Michael "Seven" Summers (Tech N9ne, XV). Seven combines dark synths with chopped up eerie vocal samples like on the aforementioned opening track and "Black Rainbow" which are the perfect backdrops to Mac Lethal's top notch story telling."

Quakers :: Quakers :: Stones Throw Records
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

"Quakers are a 35-person hip-hop collective. Their core is made up of Fuzzface, 7-Stu-7, and Katalyst. You may recognize Fuzzface as Portishead's Geoff Barrow. 7-Stu-7 is Portishead's engineer, and Katalyst is an Australian producer who has worked with both Stu and Barrow. The three decided they wanted to make the kind of hip-hop record that they wanted to listen to. What they came up with is 41 tracks of grimey, funky hip-hop that constitutes one of the best underground rap albums of the year. Barrow first got involved with Stones Throw eight years ago when Madlib and J Dilla's Jaylib album came out. That being the case, it's not surprising that Dilla and Madlib's influence is all over this disc. Quakers flip dirty soul samples, create distorted electro funk, and generally offer a slightly twisted take on established hip-hop sounds. They keep most of the tracks under the two-minute mark, which gives the album a propuslive and unrelenting feel. It is track after track of MCs spitting fire over funky beats. The MCs are a combination of established Stones Throw artists, underground veterans, and relative unknowns. Aloe Blacc offers up some raps on "Sign Language," and Guilty Simpson does what he does best on "Fitta Happier," sharing verses with MED. "

Terrence F :: Enigma :: Bandcamp
as reviewed by Matt Jost

"In rap music it's really just a hop, skip and a jump from conumdrum to commodity. It wasn't that long ago that the Odd Future kids were a highly mysterious entity, and look at 'em now, singing for Jay-Z and Kanye West, rapping with The Game and Pusha T, performing with The Roots and releasing old fashioned CD's. That is to say that if you rap and are still a mystery to most, it's probably because you're still undiscovered. Rapping is explaing yourself, and the more of it you do, the less mysterious you become - provided someone out there is listening. But it's also fair to note that some famous and long-serving rappers remain to a certain extent inscrutable. Unlikely candidates for philosphical ponderings, Three 6 Mafia maybe summed the latter fact up best with the title of their 2005 album, "Most Known Unkown." Whether a rapper manages to be known and unknown at the same time is not only down to personality, it's also a direct effect of the music he or she makes. A DOOM will inevitably be more elusive and enigmatic than a 50 Cent. That being said, I'm not a hundred percent sure that Terrence F refers to himself with the title of his free 2011 release. But "Enigma" packs enough features to make me wonder just in general. The SoCal representative has Bandcamp accounts under the monikers Terrence F and T Franklin. In the interest of proper branding, why not settle for Terrence Franklin? "

Keith Murray :: Enigma :: Jive Records
** RapReviews "Back to the Lab" series **

as reviewed by Mike Baber

"Among casual hip-hop fans, Keith Murray often gets lost in the shuffle of the mid-90's New York hip-hop scene, stuck behind some of his more well-known collaborators such as Redman and EPMD. Those who are familiar with the Def Squad affiliate, though, know that Keith Murray has one of the most distinct and recognizable flows of the era, with his unrelenting, in-your-face delivery that grabs hold of the listener and makes it difficult to ignore his lyrical prowess. Although his 1994 debut "The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World" remains his most commercially successful work, perhaps his most slept on release is his sophomore album that dropped two years later. Indeed, "Enigma" seems to have slipped through the cracks on RapReviews, as well, and I felt it was appropriate to write a review and attempt to revive interest in this classic album. It's clear right off the bat that Keith Murray has something to prove on "Enigma," as he wastes no time attacking anyone who disses him or threatens his crew on "Call My Name." Over sinister piano keys, a hard-hitting drum loop, and a bassline that sends chills down the spine, Murray spits three menacing verses to match the gritty vibe of the beat, with lines such as "I think the devil's in this beat, fuckin' with my speech/ Makin' me do his dirty work, makin' niggas kill each other on the streets." "Manifique (Original Rules)" has a more laid-back feel, with jazzy synths setting the mood, but Murray doesn't stray far from his aggressive style of rhyming. "

MP3: A-Wax - "#Rapperblood"

MP3: A-Wax - "#Rapperblood"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

On May 29th, Los Angeles native and Brick Squad Monopoly rapper YG Hootie is teaming up with Konvict Muzik's own west coast representative, Bay Area rapper A-Wax, and together, the pair will release their collaborative album, Interstate Trafficking, via BSM/Illburn Records. Earlier that same month, the two rappers will release a Trap-A-Holics mixtape, and today, A-Wax is giving fans a loosie solo track titled "#Rapperblood."

The track, produced by Nonstop The Hitman, is driven forward by slinky synths, 808 snares, and menacing low-end, and for his part, A-Wax compliments the beat with plenty of slick wordplay. Opening the track with the song's chorus, A-Wax raps, "What's up with these rappers, blood?/I'm not just some rapper, blood/ Looking at my Louis shoe, wipping off some rapper's blood," while later he spits equally entertaining bars like, "I fuck with the dealers/ Not so much the rappers/ Big old 18-wheeler/ Containing that package."

Download "#Rapperblood" for free here: .

Audio: Chuuwee f/ Don Trip - "The Crown Don't Make You King"

Audio: Chuuwee f/ Don Trip - "The Crown Don't Make You King" (Remix)

Courtesy Matt B.

Chuuwee’s Crown Me King will serve as the prelude to his long-awaited official solo-debut, Wild Style, which will be released on 5-29-2012 via Amalgam Digital. Whereas Chuuwee’s previous efforts were hybrid sub-genres he created such as “neo-boombap” (neo-soul meets boom-bap) or “hooliganarism” which Chuuwee describes as Treach of Naughty By Nature meets Wakka Flakka Flame, Wild Style can be summarized as pure 90s Hip Hop.

DL link to Chuuwee f/Don Trip “The Crown Don’t Make You King” (Remix): (Anyextee with the cuts).

MP3: L.E.P. Bogus Boys f/ Rick Ross - "Kush & Leather"

MP3: L.E.P. Bogus Boys f/ Rick Ross - "Kush & Leather"

Courtesy Who Got Next.

LABEL : E1 Music

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