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Get Zumbi (of Zion I's) Joint "Dank" f/ The Jacka & Martin Luther

Get Zumbi (of Zion I's) Joint "Dank" f/ The Jacka & Martin Luther

Courtesy Ballin' PR.

Direct link: (PLEASE POST AWAY!)
Zumbi, emcee of the hip-hop duo Zion I, presents "Dank," the first joint off the his forthcoming mixtape "Zumbi-VS. (Versus) mixtape."  The track features local talents, The Jacka X and soul singer Martian Luther. Zumbi explains the idea behind the project: "I wanted to take the ultra creative landscape of hip hop and crush it down into a microcosm of what I'm feeling.  I'm stretching out over varied styles to challenge myself.  So it's really I vs I."

"Zumbi-VS. (Versus) mixtape" drops September 13.

Find Zumbi on the web:
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twitter: @zumbi808

MP3: Oun P f/ Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks - "What Chu Talkin Bout"

MP3: Oun P f/ Fred Da Godson, Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks - "What Chu Talkin Bout"

Courtesy Who Got Next.

* *

MP3: iLLmind + Tek (Smif N Wessun) - "Da Game"

MP3: iLLmind + Tek (Smif N Wessun) - "Da Game"

Courtesy Matt @ Nature Sounds.

Earlier this year, in-demand producer iLLmind dropped his first ever solo album, the instrumental Behind The Curtain. The album has been a hit among rappers looking for beats, and now Smif N Wessun's Tek has joined in, layng a verse to the BTC instrumental "Ahead Of Da Game" to create this new track.  Behind The Curatin is now in stores everywhere.

Amazon: Behind the Curtain only $8.99 on Amazon!

(right-click, "save as" or "download")

Video: Nefew - "Fade"

Video: Nefew - "Fade"

Courtesy Melanie J Cornish.

FADE featuring Liya was produced by the European production mastermind 7inch and talks of a story which many of us can relate to. "The song describes what happens to many of us when we get into a relationship, due to a clash of different interests and ideas about a common future things are not guaranteed," explains Polemikk. "I guess sometimes pursuing your dreams means to sacrifice, and this is a sacrifice some of us have to make."

The video was inspired by the movie Lost in Translation, featuring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson and being the first full length video the group have worked on during the last two years, they wanted it to have an impact. Speaking on the concept and what they hoped to achieve with the visual, Polemikk breaks down "It's a simple video really, but it feels great to see that's it's being picked up by a lot of prestigious outlets. It proves that quality is still appreciated even in today's output-driven environment where it can be all about quantity and not quality."

Video: Lil B @ Living Gonzo Part 3 (#TYBG)

Video: Lil B @ Living Gonzo Part 3 (#TYBG)

Courtesy VladTV.

Video: Lil B @ Living Gonzo Part 2 (#TYBG)

Video: Lil B @ Living Gonzo Part 2 (#TYBG)

Courtesy VladTV.

Video: Lil B @ Living Gonzo Part 1 (#TYBG)

Video: Lil B @ Living Gonzo Part 1 (#TYBG)

Courtesy VladTV.

Press Release: Introducing Lawyer Mike

Press Release: Introducing Lawyer Mike

Courtesy Future Star Music.





    After representing artists over the years, Lawyer Mike finally decided to take his "leap of faith" into the musical scene.  Having worked with, or along side, pioneers such as Johnny "Juice" Rosado (from Public Enemy), Parlae (from Dem Franchize Boyz), Princess (from Crime Mob), Schuylar Keeton (a.k.a. Sky) and many others, Lawyer Mike has blasted onto the scene with over 70,000 combined views on his videos; and a fan base which is quickly growing.  Lawyer Mike is the "real deal".  His hit single "Rain" has been featured on local radio stations, as well as, Sirius radio.  His hit single "Gone" has touched the lives of many and was just chosen for a compilation album of "up and coming" artists.

    Check out 3 of Lawyer Mike's most recent videos below.  Just these 3 combined, have yielded to date over 20,000 views which is growing by the day.  These 3 videos, along with Lawyer Mike's other videos, clearly show that he is much more than just an aberration.  Take a minute to check out these official music videos below!

"Gone" .

"It's Still Raining" .

"Outta Session" .


Video/MP3: S.S.G.'z - "Yup (Live Performance)"

Video/MP3: S.S.G.'z - "Yup (Live Performance)"

Courtesy BF Blasts.

(Clean/Dirty/Instru/Acca) .

Suga Free To Release 'Why U Still Bullshittin' on 9/13/11

Suga Free To Release 'Why U Still Bullshittin -The Best of Suga Free' On September 13th

Courtesy James @ Kerosene Media.

"Why U Still Bullshittin'?-The Best of Suga Free" With Two New Tracks On September 13th
The Pomona pimp, Suga Free is set to release his first career spanning collection entitled "Why U Still Bullshittin'?-The Best of Suga Free" on September 13th, 2011 via Suburban Noize/Laneway Records. The disc will cover Suga Free's legendary 14 year hip-hop career including his street classics "Why U Bullshittin'?" and "I'd Rather Give You My Bitch". The collection will also include two new tracks, "Shit Yeah" and "Bitch" featuring Moosei, which were recorded just for this collection. Suga Free "Why U Still Bullshittin'?-The Best of Suga Free" is available digitally online from for only $8.99!
"I am happy that the first chapter of my music career has been highlighted with the Greatest Hits. Watch out for my next chapter," commented Suga Free.
Suga Free was raised in Compton by way of Oakland before becoming based in Pomona, California. He is somewhat unusual among rappers who claim to "pimp" in that he was an actual pimp.  With over 400,000 units scanned in his career, his pimp hand is strong as ever.
He began his professional rapping career working with DJ Quik, with Quik serving as the producer on his debut album, Street Gospel (225,000 units scanned), released in 1997, which reached number 27 on the Billboard R&B albums chart.  The album is seen as a "street classic" by the hip hop community.
He made guest appearances on Xzibit's "Restless" and Snoop Dogg'sThe New Testament (85,000 units scanned), which peaked at number 23 on the R&B albums chart and number 72 on the Billboard 200.   Just Add Water followed in 2006 (32,000 units scanned), described by Allmusic: "Just Add Water may not be the complete handbook to being a pimp, but it certainly is a kind of missive on the life of Suga Free." He followed with 2007's "Sunday School", 2008's "Smell My Finger" and "HI Power Pimpin" in 2009.  In 2010 Suga Free was featured on tracks with Kurupt, E-40, Murs and 9th Wonder. "Tha Last Men" in 2000, and released a second solo album in 2004.
The track listing for "Why U Still Bullshittin'?-The Best of Suga Free" is as follows:  

1 - If U Stay Ready
2 - Born Again
3 - I'd Rather Give You My Bitch
4 - Like What
5 - Why U Bullshittin?
6 - Don't Fight Da Pimpin
7 - U Know My Name
8 - On My Way
9 - The Ranger
10 - Angry Enuff
11 - High Heels
12 - Last of the Dinosaurs
13 - Bitch
14 - Shit Yeah

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