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Snoop Dogg "Neva Left" review!

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Video: Timothy Rhyme x Phil the Pain - "Grown Man"

From Arab @ First Dirt:

Video: Timothy Rhyme x Phil the Pain - "Grown Man"

"In my long search for non traditional rappers, came an angel of sound. With a smooth voice and proactive, positive message, Timothy Rhyme gives us hope that rappers haven't lost the roots of Old Skool sound and morals while 'spitting' lyrics of today's personal issues and concerns. In Grown Man, the single release from Vintage to be released July 3, a story of a young man with an old soul evokes the power of rap. His rap tells us we need to stop hitting the snooze and do something that we can be proud of. I'm grateful for Tim's talent and ability to tell us that we need stop crying about our problems and make better decisions." - Tomera Wineland (UK)

Ricky Valiente - "F.A.M.O.U.S." (@MusicMakinPeezy)

From RV:

Ricky Valiente - "F.A.M.O.U.S."

This is Ricky Valiente Producer/Artist from Grand Rapids and I would like for you to check out my single 'Raid" from my new mixtape F.A.M.O.U.S. The link is below and any feedback would be appreciated. peace

BE - IN THE GNOSIS - Last Megabeat From @2HungryBros - Deep

From AOKC:

BE - IN THE GNOSIS - Last Megabeat From Hungry Bros. - Deep

Thank you to everyone who's been rocking with us this spring. Here's the link to my last beat on bandcamp. I hope you enjoy, If you missed out out any I'll be posting them on this summer for those who need to catch up still. So definitely catch me on there as I'll be writing for them this summer bringing you the funky antics and endeavors of the 2 Hungry bros. next week I will present Ben Boogz's last megabeat. As always, this week has a hint of dark with a lot of sick and my obsession with most things David Lynch. Please enjoy, download, share.

* *

be "in the Gnosis"
sounds like and means just what it sounds like, Knowledge. You guys
are getting this email because , you know, know, now go check.

PR: DJ Lord Ron Interviews and Spins on The Listening Station

From DJ Lord Ron:

DJ Lord Ron Interviews and Spins on The Listening Station

June 17th 2012 with show host Morgan Rhodes of The Listening Station. Morgan interviews DJ Lord Ron’s past on a series she has started entitled “Legends”.  Morgan Rhodes interview & proposed to DJ Lord Ron regarding choosing his favorite year in hip hop culture. Tune in for the interview and find out which year in hip hop DJ Lord Ron spins as his favorite!!!!  Right here on The Listening Station with Morgan Rhodes on 90.7 FM.

* *

Catch DJ Lord Ron every weekend (Sunday Morning – 2 a.m. / 4 a.m.) with show hosts Rebels To The Grain on Breakbeats & Rhymes radio. Tune in as guest(s) visit the station On 90.7 FM or Archived shows are available too. Official website is .

Video: Country C - "Too Long"

From BF Blasts:

Video: Country C - "Too Long"


MP3: Murda Mook - "Baseline & Cars" (@MurdaMookez)

From Papa Smirf:

MP3: Murda Mook - "Baseline & Cars"


* *

MP3: @KingMagnetic f/ Celph Titled, Ruste Juxx - "Guns Theme"

From Jerry Graham:

MP3: King Magnetic f/ Celph Titled, Ruste Juxx - "Guns Theme"

King Magnetic has premiered a new track called “Guns Theme” on Mass Appeal today (link above). The track was produced by French beat-maker Astronote and contains cuts by the legendary DJ Revolution and emcee guest appearances from Celph Titled (Army Of The Pharaohs, The Demigodz) and Ruste Juxx (Duck Down Records). Guns Theme will appear on Magnetic’s upcoming release “Everything’s a Gamble Vol. 3” to be released on July 3rd and gives you an glimpse of the real hip hop starpower that is involved in the release.

* *

Devo Spice Update - 6/19/2012: New Song! (@devospice)

Hey folks,

Well, I didn’t win the Logan award.  Oh well.  Maybe next year.  But I do have some good news!  I have a new song up on The FuMP!  Well, that’s good news if you don’t mind disturbing mental images, anyway.

“All In My Tights” is a parody of “All Of The Lights” by Kanye West about a reluctant superhero with a really unfortunate power who now needs a costume in order to fight crime.  I got lots of great help from Ben Stahl, Carrie Dahlby, and Chris Mezzolesta on this one and it sounds great.  I’m really happy with it.

Help me spread the word!  Tell your friends.  Tell your enemies.  Blast it at top volume out of your car while you drive through a quiet neighborhood.  Whatever you can do I would appreciate.



Video: @SoulKhan f/ Akie Bermiss - "Wellstone"

From SK:

Video: Soul Khan f/ Akie Bermiss - "Wellstone"

Can't believe this is video #8...  Khangregation, I give you the "Wellstone" video.

If you haven't downloaded my latest free EP go to DJ Booth and get it today!

Video: @JRtheSoutherner - "Vodka and OJ"

From SB Marketing:

Video: JR the Southerner - "Vodka and OJ" & "Man Gone"

BIO-"The truth is. I’m real ill try even though I may never get the deal." These are words from j.r. a rapper that comes from the bottom of Louisiana. Ever since 12 he's been writing rhymes with great wit, truth and style. Influenced by the New Orleans hip hop (big boy records and etc) he's been doing shows around and outside some parts of New Orleans delivering heavy emotions wit a touch of humor at his shows. He now pushes his second mixtape witch is called god of grind 2: search for king hustle which is sure to give him the shine he deserve. 

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