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Video: mc chris Opens His Set on Tour in Omaha, Nebraska

Video: mc chris Opens His Set on Tour in Omaha, Nebraska

Uploaded by angrymarksdotcom on Mar 16, 2012

mc chris starts his show by telling Cookie Monster to move aside so other people can see the show, then tells everybody he woke up from a nap five minutes ago. You'll see for yourself!

PR: Rusty Redenbacher Releases New LP "The Tinkerer"

PR: Rusty Redenbacher Releases New LP "The Tinkerer"

Courtesy Matt B.

From the inception of the Birdmen of Alcatraz, to the pre-super stardom scribble jam battles against greats such as Eminem, to the decade long takeover of the Indianapolis Hip-Hop scene by The Mudkids, to the present day where the name Rusty Redenbacher can be heard on WTLC, seen on IMC TV, and deciphered in blog and viral posts felt around the world, the founding member of The Mudkids, Lazarus, and Tornado Alley #ATFU brings you “The Tinkerer”.

In Rusty Redenbacher's 2 decade plus run of the Indy music scene he has successfully captured the hearts of a progressive arts community on the verge of national super stardom.  His multiple releases with rock collectives Birdmen of Alcatraz and Lazarus, hip-hop groups The Mudkids and Tornado Alley and more have shown the local, regional, and national music scene the extreme versatility and dexterity it takes to be embraced by not only his peers but music lovers of all shapes, sizes, and cross-genre backgrounds.

Whether it be the thousands of albums Rusty has sold as the head of The Mudkids, the fan admiration and communal support that constantly has voted him as Indy's Top Artist, the large quantity of free music Rusty had given away to the masses while introducing his #ATFU movement or the vast experiences gained while performing alongside legends including the Wu-Tang Clan, The Roots, Dead Prez, Blackalicious, Atmosphere, and more, one thing that is for certain, legions of Hip-Hop, Rock, Funk, Reggae, and Dubstep fans alike are ready to embrace “The Tinkerer”.

While deeply rooted in the classic horror culture of yesteryear, “The Tinkerer”and its 18 tracks takes the listener on a journey through the laboratory of sound and spirit known as the Iron Man Monster Factory as front man Rusty Redenbacher aka The Tinkerer utilizes a unique blend of hip-hop turntabilism and intricate cross-genre instrumentation in creating the productions behind every track featured on the album.  Front man Rusty Redenbacher provided in a recent interview, “I just wanted to make an album that I thought was interesting. I was free to do whatever I wanted and I did. I had a great time making 'The Tinkerer' and I look forward to seeing how people react to it. It's for science, man.”

The lead single and video “Iron Man Monster Factory” sees Redenbacher laying a heavy set of bars over the pounding thud and crack from a loop of a Nirvana song while “The Tinkerer's” follow up single “Shake” could pass for something Prince wrote during his '1999' era, with a reverb and distortion-heavy vocal and melody reminiscent of a punk-rock Phil Spector.

Fans of Rusty Redenbacher is his many facets all have something to rejoice about as “The Tinkerer” moves the Indy music scene moves one step closer to the limelight.
Tracklisting and credits for Rusty Redenbacher's The Tinkerer:    
1.) The Tinkerer
2.) The Funk
3.) The Tinkerer's Dub (Mpozitivity)
4.) My Migrane
5.) Add On, Pt. 1
6.) Frah Ken Steen
7.) Iron Man Monster Factory
8.) Dunwiddit
9.) High Chops
10.) Add On, Pt. 2
11.) The Nocturnal Stomp (Third Shift Anthem)
12.) Optimus
13.) Robo Russian Blue
14.) Shake
15.) Add On, Pt. 3
16.) Speak Monster Speak
17.) It Comes And Goes
18.) The Tinkerer Exits
19.) Shake (The Tinkerer's Extended Dead In The Disco Mix)---Bonus Track

MP3: Ramaj Eroc - "Richy Blues (Wiz Khalifa Brainstorm Remix)"

MP3: Ramaj Eroc - "Richy Blues (Wiz Khalifa Brainstorm Remix)"

Courtesy Jamar C.

Hey Whats Up! This Ramaj Eroc Again & Im Back With A New Song From My Upcoming Mixtape "New Pair Of Glasses". It's Called "Richy Blues" and It's Over Wiz Khalifa's "Brainstorm", Which Is On His New Mixtape "Taylor Allderdice" "For The Love", My Last Single That Was Featured On Your Blog, Will Have An Official Music Video Which Will Be Released On April 1st. I Hope You Enjoy This Song! I Think I Did As Good As Wiz. ;)

Youtube Link: .
Soundcloud Link: .
Hulkshare Link: .

PR: 360 - The Flying Tour Takes Off!

PR: 360 - The Flying Tour Takes Off!

Courtesy Crucial Music.


Right, let's just get this straight, your mate 360 is HERE and he ain't going away any time soon! It's been just over 24 hours since tickets for the highly demanded ‘Flying Tour' went on sale. Shows in Melbourne (x2), Brisbane (x2), Frankston, Adelaide, and Perth have completely SOLD OUT with SECOND AND FINAL show dates announced in all cities to meet the screams of Sixty's devoted army that are covering his Facebook wall.
Queensland was the first state to show it's hunger for Uncle Six, with the under 18's show selling out within minuets of going on sale. The 18+ gig at Brisbane's HiFi Bar then followed suit selling out within an hour of tickets being available. A second Brisbane 18+ date has now been announced for Monday 11th of June at the HiFi to meet the needs of Sixty's Queensland based devotees.
Adelaide's all ages show at The Gov was the next to put up the SOLD OUT sign, tickets here were all but gone within two hours of hitting the streets. A SECOND & FINAL ALL AGES DATE is now ON SALE for Thursday 21st of June at The Gov. Sixty's home town of Melbourne then came to the party with the 18+ show at the HiFi Bar done and sold by early afternoon, a second date has also been announced here for Thursday 14th of June. Overnight tickets to Melbourne, Frankston, Wollongong and Perth shows were snapped up and SOLD OUT by 8am this morning. Once again Sixty has answered the cries for more shows putting on a SECOND AND FINAL under 18's show on Sunday 24th of June at the Astor Theatre in Perth.

The heat around Melbourne rapper 360 is absolutely undeniable at the moment. Is there anything that Sixty can't do? His juggernaut continues to roll on into 2012 with album ‘Falling & Flying' reaching certified PLATINUM sales status and current single ‘Boys Like You ft. Gossling' achieving DOUBLE PLATINUM status within the space of a week. The album itself has remained in the ARIA top 50 charts for a MASSIVE 23 WEEKS and has been sitting pretty in the top 10 for the last seven weeks, currently holding strong at #6. Equally as impressive single 'Boys Like You' has spent 10 weeks in the ARIA top 50 singles charts - the last six weeks in the top 10, currently sitting at #5.
It's onwards and upwards for 360, who knows what else 2012 has in store for the man. One thing we can say for sure is that if you haven't already seen the electric live stage performance this guy puts on then you better run out and grab tickets while you still can.
Channel [V], New World Artists and Crucial Music present
JUNE 2012
Special Guest - GOSSLING
FRI JUNE 08 – Waves, Wollongong NSW **18+** SOLD OUT

SAT JUNE 09 – Come Together Festival, Sydney NSW
**Licensed/All Ages** Less than 100 tix left
Tickets via: Oztix: / 1300 762 545 / Oztix outlets  
Direct from Luna Park  PH: 1300 Big Top or .
Ticketek PH: 132 849, and all Ticketek outlets
SUN JUN 10 – The HiFi, Brisbane QLD **18+** SOLD OUT
MON JUN 11 – The HiFi, Brisbane QLD 12:00 – 3:30 pm **U18** SOLD OUT
MON JUN 11 – The HiFi, Brisbane QLD 8:00pm **18+** 2ND & FINAL SHOW
Tickets via: Oztix: / 1300 762 545 / Oztix outlets
The Hi FI: 1300 843 443
Butterbeats, Last Wave Watersports Gladstone, Piotto's Music Gifts & Casket Agency Ingham, Uni Co-op Bookshop Sunshine Coast, Anarchy Clothing Mackay,
THU JUN 14 – The HiFi, Melbourne VIC **18+** 2ND & FINAL SHOW
Tickets via: Oztix: / 1300 762 545 / Oztix outlets
The Hi FI: 1300 843 443
Polyester Records-CBD & Fitzroy, Sight n Sound - Northcote & Boronia
FRI JUN 15 – The HiFi, Melbourne VIC **18+** SOLD OUT
SAT JUN 16 – Pier Live, Frankston VIC 1:00 – 5:00 pm **U18** SOLD OUT
SAT JUN 16 – Pier Live, Frankston VIC **18+**
Oztix: / 1300 762 545 / Oztix outlets
Ticketmaster: / 136 100 - From the Venue,  or PH: 03 9783 9800

SUN JUNE 17 – The HiFi, Melbourne VIC 12:00 – 3:30 pm **U18** SOLD OUT

WED JUNE 20 – The Gov, Adelaide SA **Licensed All Ages** SOLD OUT
THU JUNE 21 – The Gov, Adelaide SA **Licensed All Ages** 2ND & FINAL SHOW
Oztix: / 1300 762 545 / Oztix outlets
Venuetix:  / 08 8225 8888  / Moshtix: / 1300 GET TIX/ Moshtix outlets
FRI JUNE 22 – Villa, Perth WA **18+**
Tickets via Oztix: / 1300 762 545 / Oztix outlets
Moshtix: / 1300 GET TIX/ Moshtix outlets

SAT JUNE 23 – Astor Theatre, Perth WA 1:00 - 5:00pm **U18** SOLD OUT

SUN JUNE 24 – Astor Theatre, Perth WA 1:00 – 5:00 pm **U18**
Tickets via Oztix: / 1300 762 545 / Oztix outlets
BOCS Ticketing outlets: / 08 9484 1133

Video: Multiple Skillz - "Gasoline" & "Feel So Good"

Video: Multiple Skillz - "Gasoline" & "Feel So Good"

Courtesy Park Street PR.

South East London recording artist Multiple Skillz has been making a real name for himself getting a bunch of superb reviews and feedback from his latest release 'Epiphany Of Greatness' which is hosted by the well respected DJ Cage. One of the many reasons that he has been so well received by the British Hip-Hop world is his choice of style and his skill to twist up positive and intelligent lyrics about real life concepts.

Video: Sadat X on @SpittinInDaWip

Video: Sadat X on @SpittinInDaWip

Courtesy TrustTheBuzz PR.

"Another big milestone in #SpittinInDaWip history has gone down!!! Sadat X (@Sadatx) of the legendary HipHop group Brand Nubian blessed the mic!!! That's right Sadat X...If you claim to be HipHop and don't know about Brand Nubian..... then your not HipHop..Period!!!!!"

Video: Shabaam Sahdeeq - "Crank"

Video: Shabaam Sahdeeq - "Crank"

Courtesy PR Dean Multimedia.

Marvial Entertainment presents "CRANK" by Shabaam Sahdeeq "produced by Killa Calles"
Visual By twitter: @ShabaamSahdeeq "Relentless Pt. 2" available on iTunes & all digital retailers!

Audio: Bizzy Crook x TNR x Curt Chambers

Audio: Bizzy Crook x TNR x Curt Chambers

Courtesy LaTrice B.

Times Neue Roman's New Single 'Sade is in my Tape Deck" .

Times Neue Roman's “Sade is in my Tape Deck” is an ode to the singer, her mystique and her influence, and is about the experience of riding around listening to her syrupy, slow and sexy sound. It was recorded on a short break between tour dates last fall. The band set up studio in a cabin in the mountains of British Columbia where they recorded their single along with the beginnings of an album, still unfinished, which after a listening party at Toronto’s Thompson Hotel landed them in a joint venture between startup Honest Music and EMI Music Canada.

Bizzy Crook dropped his new single online this week called "Rich Someday" - let me know your thoughts!
Bizzy Crook's New Single "Rich Someday" .

Bizzy Crook & Araab Muzik .
Curt Chambers "Grass is Greener" video .

MP3: Dorrough (Dorrough Music) - "I.D.G.A.F."

MP3: Dorrough (Dorrough Music) - "I.D.G.A.F."

Courtesy Team Bigga Rankin.


* *

Video: Jola - "Bout That Life" (prod. Leo)

Video: Jola - "Bout That Life" (prod. Leo)

Courtesy J.H.

MP3 Download Link:

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