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Video: Razor 'Progression' + Free Download (@RazorArtist)

Video: Razor 'Progression' + Free Download

Courtesy Park Street PR.

Razor's latest material finds the North West London artist illustrating his progression both as an artist and as an individual; the music career he has seen begin to flourish after years of tireless effort on the circuit, and the personal hardship and pain that frame his success. Through his established blend of sincere tracks and heartfelt lyricism Razor brings to light the difficulties of balancing these two lives, both just as fragile.

In addition to the OMA recognition, Razor has been shortlisted for 'Best Urban Act at the Exposure Music Awards, and has emerged as the winner of the 'In It To Win It' rap competition, subsequently having the video for his song 'Closer' filmed by Link Up TV to add to his growing catalogue of videos in rotation on TV and the internet.

Razor has performed at open mic showcases across the city, including those hosted by DJ Charlie Sloth (BBC 1Xtra) and DJ Quincy (Choice fm), and has recently expanded beyond London, all the while pursuing his own strategy of independent distribution and promotion. His mixtapes are also available on a number of websites.

Razor was featured on 'The Hoods Got Talent' documentary on emerging underground talent, which included also: Jamal Edwards (founder of SBTV), Gordon Mac (founder of kiss fm) and Ace and Vis (BBC1Xtra); now available of iTunes.

Razor 'Progression' Music Videos:

Hometown: .

Can't Stop Me: .

Razor 'Progression' Track-listing:

01. Intro
02. Can't Stop Me
03. Don't Leave (Feat. KD Blockmoney)
04. Razor
05. Throw Love Away
06. Free Soul (Feat. Big Cakes And Saffire D'Soul)
07. Losing My Balance
08. Into The Light (Feat. Foz Tee)
09. Writing Time (Feat. Jamm Tyme)
10. Break Of Dawn (Feat. Fugzi and Billy's Kingdom)
11. No Glory (Feat. Venomous And Billy's Kingdom)
12. Bang Bang
13. Simple Minds
14. Blame Game
15. Sex Sessions
16. Guidance
17. Hometown
18. Freemason (Freestyle)
19. Look What You've Done
20. Could Of Had It All
21. Outro

Download links: and .
MP3: RIDDIMS - Jesse Medina feat. Ab-Soul (@TheStreetSavvy)

MP3: RIDDIMS - Jesse Medina feat. Ab-Soul

Courtesy Melanie J. Cornish.

With the release of his debut album, MEET JESSE MEDINA looming, the Bay Area MC teamed up with TDE's very own Ab-Soul for "Riddims", the album's lead off single. This modern day renaissance man, who has been inspired by a fusion of genres and artists spanning six decades, is here to put his rubber stamp on Hip-Hop with his eclectic style. And what better way to kick start his campaign than to team up with one quarter of the infamous Black Hippy collective.

Jesse Medina is not your generic Hip-Hop act, he is a man with a story to tell suitably armed with an impressive debut for the world to feast upon. MEET JESSE MEDINA COMING DECEMBER 4th through ONE WISE STUDIOS.

VinRock & GoogleTV present: NaughtyTV... The Future (@WonderTwinz)

VinRock & GoogleTV present: NaughtyTV... The Future Of Television

Courtesy Who Got Next.

VinRock walks us through the GREATNESS that is Google TV. What is Google TV? Why is it so great? VinRock proves, once again, that the cutting edge is always changing and to stay on the cutting edge of technology, you must constantly change with the time. Introducing Naughty TV on Google TV. The GREATEST TV channel ever created!!!

Video: @IAmStylezMusic & His Team at Studio in NC (Part 2)

Video: Stylez & His Team at Studio in NC (Part 2)

Courtesy Avalanche Sound.

Upcoming dancehall artist Style is available for Interviews to promote his new singles and music video from his debut EP "Stylez And Hiz 6ix Diciplez."

Audio: Jules Watts - Sweet 'n Sour

Audio: Jules Watts - Sweet 'n Sour

Courtesy J.W.

indie hip-hop producer seeking feedback on sounds.

constructive criticism is welcome //
comment & subscribe if you dig it

To My Constituents and My ConstituAin'ts, By @WiseIntelligent

To My Constituents and My ConstituAin'ts, By Wise Intelligent

"So hardcore yet so harmless as a dove
This armor is for the slugs
Peace offering for the love
This coffin is for the grudge
The beef between the elders and the youngins, the husband and his woman
The beef between the MP3’s and SP 1200’s
The beef between the beat machines and live drummers drummin"

-- Wise Intelligent

"Before I jump right into this thought, I want to say that I sincerely appreciate all the feedback, shares, retweets, and love that I'm getting for the SAMPLER of the 3rd Period in my "Back to School" Box Set. Wise Intelligent Iz...EL Negro Guerrero (The Black Warrior) is artistically an advanced placement class for lyricism and a call for Direct Social Activism! Now with that being said, let's build..."

I'M NOT MARRIED TO A CERTAIN SOUND, I'M MARRIED TO MY MESSAGE. My message from day one is the same message that Hip Hop Culture had from its day one. I'm here to help motivate the youth in my community to move away from self-destructive behavior and move towards positive attitudes and lifestyles. This is why I exist in this form and do what I do and say what I say. IF YOU CLAIM to be a fan of Wise Intelligent/Poor Righteous Teachers but DO NOT UNDERSTAND the reason for which I even rap - YOU ARE NOT A FAN of Wise Intelligent/PRT- you are someone who likes a particular brand of Hip Hop and not what I do in particular. I DO NOT MAKE HIP HOP for any of the religious choirs in Hip Hop culture. That would make me YOUR FAN. I make Hip Hop based on where MY PEOPLE are at any particular time in their STRUGGLE for definition and survival in an overtly and covertly ANTI-BLACK WORLD.


That said, considering the STATE OF URBAN BLACK AMERICA, it would be COUNTER-PRT to produce an entire album of music that ONLY satisfies the acquired tastes of a NOW 35-40 YEAR OLD demographic who are settled down, have children, and have SUCCESSFULLY avoided "The Trap" - the lessons for you were a success. However, the demographic MORE IN NEED of a Wise Intelligent and or Poor Righteous Teachers TODAY, are those youth who DON'T STUDY LESSONS and are IN THE TRAP KILLING and DYING! I speak their language also.


We always say we're "GOIN IN" but where are we going? I'm going into the world of "The Trap", self-hatred, consumer-oriented materialism, the effeminization of black males, the degradation of black women, inadequate public schooling, joblessness, anti-black policies, youth violence, racism, nihilism, apathy, and white-supremacy. I'm concerned about how these issues affect black youth and how best to overcome them. If I have to do that on a beat PRODUCED BY SOULJA BOY, so be it! I am a teacher who just happens to know how to rap, not a rapper who happened upon something to teach!


My skill level and commitment to Hip Hop culture is proven and unquestionable - and I respect the opinions of others - but if you believe that I am supposed to ONLY do over and over what I did from 1990 - 1996 to gain your approval of my methods (more accurately - my pedagogy), you my friend GOT IT FUCKED UP!

Once again I would like to shout out the hundreds of new followers of Wise Intelligent on FACEBOOK and TWITTER who think/thought I'm some BRAND NEW NIGGA making HOT MUSIC, as well as those from 20 years ago who understand the bigger picture/mission and really get it! Now take a deep breath, calm down, return to your seat and let THE TEACHING CONTINUE....

Follow me on Twitter @ and get @ me on Facebook @ / and subscribe to my youtube channel @ .
DJ Toshi Radio Episode 125 w/ @KrazyDrayz (Das EFX)

DJ Toshi Radio Episode 125 w/ Krazy Drayz (Das EFX)

Courtesy Toshi.


* *


Killa Sin - The Archer
Wu Tang Clan - Six Directions of Boxing
Inspectah Deck, Sheek Louch & Ghostface killah - Bust Shots
Sean Price - Bar Barian
Action Bronson - The Symbol
Krazy Drayz of Das Efx - Hold Dat
Krazy Drayz Interview
Krazy Drayz feat. Dres of Black Sheep & Black Rob - Put Em Up
Jakk Frost feat. Freeway, Malik B & Tana Da Beast - Beards r Us
Beneficence feat. Simone Hines - Put It On The Wire
Geechi Suede of Camp Lo - Ask About Me
The Audible Doctor feat. Elzhi - Wings (Remix)
SpazzOne feat Maffew Ragazino - Love You Hip Hop
Roc Marciano - Rocky II
Vinnie Paz feat. Mobb Deep - Duel To The Death
Supreme Sniper feat. B.A.M. - Higher
Homeboy Sandman - 4 Corners (Produced by Invisible Think)
Method Man & Freddie Gibbs "Built For This" Remix Contest

Method Man & Freddie Gibbs "Built For This" Remix Contest

Courtesy Mitchell Dudley.

What up yall! Check out these remixes of Method Man / Freddie Gibbs - “Built For This”…one of the songs from the new RZA soundtrack /movie “The Man With The Iron Fists”!

These are my young, up & coming in-house producers that I manage and they’ve submitted these mixes to the RZA remix contest being held here: .

Please note: Kay Kay On the Beatz is my female producer. (My secret weapon lol.)
Mixtape: @IKLARadio Vol. 1 Mixed by DJ Dirty Ice

Mixtape: IKLA Radio Vol. 1 Mixed by DJ Dirty Ice

Courtesy Langston S.

Internationally Known Locally Accepted Vol. 1 mixed by DJ Dirty Ice featuring artists from the DMV, South Africa and Amsterdam. Check out new music from Omar Retnu, Heron Gibran and Asheru (Unspoken Heard/Boondocks), South Africa's own HHP (Hip Hop Pantsula) and Big Boy Caprice from Amsterdam.

MIXTAPE: Various Artists - IKLA Radio Vol.1: .
Video: Pac Div - Live From Seattle (@itspacdiv)

Video: Pac Div - Live From Seattle

Courtesy J.L.

(ALBUM: "GMB" Dropping 11/27!!)

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