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Download: @ItsMazzi (SOUL Purpose) "Digital Diggin" (EP)

Download: Mazzi/SOUL Purpose, "Digital Diggin" (EP)

Courtesy Dunn Deal PR.

New Jersey emcee Mazzi of S.O.U.L. Purpose presents the Digital Diggin EP, a collection of rhymes and hooks over obscure beats, loops, samples, and instrumentals found online. His previous release The Inspection features Jadakiss, Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox, Homeboy Sandman and Breezly Brewin.

* *

Press Release: Werd (SOS) "Untitled Scot"

Press Release: Werd (SOS) – "Untitled Scot"

Courtesy Drew D.

Werd (SOS) is an award winning, Edinburgh based hip-hop artist well known throughout the Scottish scene. He has worked with, and continues to work with new and old artists in Scotland and abroad, creating music with some of Scotland’s top producers and artists in the genre. Further to performing gigs at venues in the major cities, and hosting rap battles with Scotland Stand Up and UK’s Don’t Flop, Werd has excelled in this field, supporting the likes of Dr Syntax, Stig of The Dump, S.A.S. and Devlin in recent times.


As one of Scotland’s most established rappers, with countless mix-tape release and collaboration projects, it is remarkable that this is Werd’s first solo album. With a variation of styles and content it’s difficult to categorize this release to a specific tone, however that also means whatever style of hip-hop you prefer, there’s something here for everyone. This is a must have for fans of UK / Scottish hip-hop. On one hand we have deep personal songs such as ‘Find My-Sell’ and ‘MY State Of Mind’ that seep emotion, here we listen to Werd reflect on his life and journey within music. However, on the other end of the spectrum we have hard hitting punch lines and high energy tracks that we have come to expect from the Edinburgh emcee.


Production on the album comes in many forms and features an elite selection of Scottish beat-makers such as Nasty P, Bigg Taj, Scant Squad, UVBeatz & more. Furthermore, the vocal features on the release also contain the cream of the crop from the Scottish scene, Madhat McGore, Deeko, Wardie Burns, Conscious Route and Glasgow’s Mog to name a few. This isn’t only a release for pushing his music further, but rather the whole genre in Scotland.


Untitled Scot release 31st July 2012 on Sons of Scotland (SOS)


Available on Itunes, Amazon and all other good digital sites, stream on Spotify or Bandcamp. For CD Digipack copies please visit:


Listen now: / Werd (SOS) – Untitled Scot


Upcoming gigs:

18th August: Courtyard Bar, Ayr

31st August: Ivory Blacks, Glasgow

2nd September: Scottish New Music Awards, Classic Grand, Glasgow.

Video: Early - "Road to High Noon (Teaser)" (@EarlyTheMC)

Video: Early - "Road to High Noon (Teaser)"

Courtesy I Wake Up.


Video: @MCJNaturaL - "Shit North Park Heads Say"

Video: JNaturaL - "Shit North Park Heads Say"

Courtesy JNaturaL.

Lafayette Pool Party
2223 El Cajon Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92104


Video: @Bigstat's 2 AM Freestyle w/ @Raekwon

Video: Bigstat's 2 AM Freestyle w/ Raekwon

Courtesy BSM.

Just last week Stat shook the Blogs up knocking some sense into skeptics with his Champ Freestyle f. Redman. This Week He cooked up a brand new EXCLUSIVE Freestyle with none other than Wu Tang Legend Raekwon The Chef.  Who else do you know that could get Raekwon to scream out "Peace Connecticut"?

MP3: @CuzOHBlack - The After Party (Produced by Strada)

MP3: CuzOH! Black - The After Party (Produced by Strada)

Courtesy COH!B.

It's all good to be In-love, and to have that special somebody , But  when you are single, some nights you are just looking for some fun AKA The After Party.

* *

@KoshaDillz Update - Post Olympic Edition

Kosha Dillz Update - Post Olympic Edition

Courtesy KD.

Its been a long summer...its still going..I have been on the road in rental cars and tour buses all summer long and I have gotten an awesome tan. I have not release much music since I have been "making you shop till i drop" and ended up rapping at 18 warped tour dates

After I ran out of 8-900 cds on tour, i decided that I would burn my own cds and make designs on them. I drew little stick figures and wrote KoS H a Di L LZ in all different sizes on the cover...I met a bunch of you out there and I appreciate all those free high fives and hugs you were giving out. That was tight!

I know i instagrammed some pics...

check pictures on my It has pics from all my travels and tour spots!

worrrd...ok..what next..

So then I was supposed to go out and do these two shows with Rza in Minneapolis and Chicago, but only ended up doing them in Chicago. I got stuck in the Houston airport during a rain storm and barely made it to Chicago.

Shout out to Chi town and the double door!!

Crazy thing was that I was with my long time friend Jonah who drummed for me and DJ Sidereal. Jonah ended up drumming for Rza at soundcheck and next thing you know during Rza's set,

Jonah is playing drums for Shimmy Shimmy Ya and Rza takes his phone

Do you remember the stuff I did with Rza before?

check out our song "operator ft. Me and Kool G Rap"

CRAZY! like WTF...

yeah Jew tang clan on a serious level...

Remember the 11 olympians Murdered at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games

Now that I am back in LA i linked up with Diwon who just moved here to join the West Kosh. I wrote a song years ago to perform live (in 2007) and with all the controversy over the IOC's refusal to hold a moment of silence for the Munich 11 of 1972, I made a song that does the exact opposite thing...

"make noise silence is unacceptable" - (my quote)

The Beat is made by Kentron da Mastodon and the video was made by Diwon.

youtube link for Munich 72
download here on soundcloud !

If you'd like to See it live, check out some new footage of me and Matisyahu in Des Moines Iowa from this past weekend.

Kosha Dillz x Matisyahu live x Dub Trio @ Des Moines, Iowa 8/12

10 cool things I learned this summer

I was trying to think of stuff to say in the email, so I might as well tell you some things I have learned or reinforced since we last met...

  • Stay hydrated - it sucks to not have water. You can die!
  • Getting older is greatest gift ever - with age comes wisdom, and damn am I getting smart, finally
  • Being yourself never hurt anyone accept your competition's feelings - not to say its competition but I still haven't found any cool rappers that are jewish in Koreatown
  • If you have to choose between a car and a bus - choose a bus - I never felt so damn cool in my life...literally...the air was like negative 30 degrees in air conditioning
  • Reading a book never felt so damn good - this summer I finished the first book from front to back in ten years. Im on my 2nd book! Both involve Israel's history, which i deeply love with all my heart.
  • Collaborating with friends is like sharing lunch. We both get to eat!
  • Whether in sex or business - giving is "almost" always more beneficial to you in the long run - I always learned that being helpful will help me in the long run
  • Creating your own thing is 10 times better than joining someone else's thing (instead of playing 40 artists shows in SXSW i threw two shows and put on 40 artists) <--more to come this year!
  • Being alone is tough and gets lonely - bring a friend - two is better than one - and four is better than two. I think I have the perfect touring crew to be on team kosha and if I make less money its ok, because I will still be way more effective and present.
  • Stay in touch with your family! Nothing more than I love than speaking hebrew with my Pops, telling my mom i love her and talking about working out with my brother Zach... the picture you see up top is a picture of my new born niece mazel tov to my brother Eilon!

off to UK and Rock The Bells Festival

aug 18/19 - Rock The Bells in san Bernardino, CA. Just like last year i will be performing the parking lot and "special guesting" somewhere through out the place to be.
aug 24-26 I shall be presenting programs at Limmud with Coolooloosh! Kent, UK
aug 29 - Manchester Limmud
sept 1.2 PNC Bank Arts Center x Rock The Bells Holmdel, NJ

My New Album will not be an EP!!

Hey the world of new music today, everyone is doing Eps. I actually hate EPs and think they are a cop out to doing a full project that exposes the true you with endurance. (sorry if that offended like all of you, but I speak in terms of ME)
I know that I have to come out with an album for the people that exposes everything inside of you. My full LP was done with C Rayz in 2008 and now we had Beverly Dillz in 2009 and in end of 2012/2013 "Everything is Kosha" will be the motto. I think a lot of truth lies within that statement, so we might as well roll with it.

Big features and videos are coming so make sure you keep an eye out!

peace out.


please Like the Facebook Page
and Follow @koshadillz on twitter

Nina B f/ @TheRealSkyzoo @ActionBronson "718" (@DJJazzyJoyce @RememberMeNinaB)

MP3: Nina B f/ @Skyzoo & Action Bronson - "718" (prod. DJ Jazzy Joyce)

Courtesy Matt B.

Nina B, Skyzoo and Action Bronson team up to salute the “718”!  Taken from Nina B’s forthcoming LP collaboration with DJ Jazzy Joyce, "Titles Are Played Out” which will be released on August 21, 2012.

DL Link to Nina B f/Skyzoo & Action Bronson “718”: .

Video: @MetaPMusic "Dragonfly" (@MacMediaPromo)

New Video: Meta P "Dragonfly" (My Other Heartbeat)

Courtesy Matt B.

Meta P (Metaphysics) is an artist who originates out of Providence, Rhode Island. He was recently named Providence Phoenix's "Best Rap Act 2012." His catalog includes albums such as "Off the Rock" (2010) and "Edison's Ink" (2012) which are available on Itunes and Meta's forthcoming new project "Evolution" will feature all new material including "Kill Swag" featuring Celph Titled (Demigodz).

MP3: DJ Paul - "What I Look Like" (@DJPaulKOM)

MP3: DJ Paul - "What I Look Like"

Courtesy Future Star.



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