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Beat Tape EP From Austin/Philly Producer Johnny Swindles

Beat Tape EP From Austin/Philly Producer Johnny Swindles

Courtesy Teflon John.

Thank you for taking the time to check this out. I am a beatmaker born and raised in Austin, TX currently residing in Philadelphia. Today I am presenting here my sophomore beat tape titled "Nephilim EP". For this release, the instrumentals are dark and brooding with hard modern drums, perfect for a bitter winter day.

I represent the LNS Crew and have previously produced (or have upcoming credits) for the following artists:

Kydd Jones (ATX)
Cory Kendrix (ATX)
Ced Hughes (ATX/VA)
Pusha Feek (PHI)
Young Savage (PHI)

Guilty Simpson & @ApolloBrown "Dice Game" (AMAZON $6.99 SALE) @ThatSimpsonGuy @MelloMusicGroup

Guilty Simpson & Apollo Brown "Dice Game" (AMAZON $6.99 ALBUM SALE!)

Courtesy Mello Music Group.

Two Detroit titans, Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson, are joining forces for a collaborative album on Mello Music Group. The album is Dice Game.

Someone once said that life's a gamble. Kinda like shootin dice in an alley. The risk is high but the gain is higher, and when it's all said and done, you hold your breath and collect your dues. With lyrics that grip like a handful of ones, and beats that hit like ivory on cement, this album is just that, a Dice Game.

Sneak Peek: New Ice Loves Coco Episode Sunday on E!

Sneak Peek: New Ice Loves Coco Episode Sunday on E!

Courtesy Laurie Sage.

Tune in to E! Sunday, at 10pm for an all new episode of Ice Loves Coco! Ice, Coco and the pups do not disappoint this season with all new adventures and milestone moments! On Sunday's episode, Coco brings up the topic of freezing her eggs with Ice; and she also gets to live out a dream by being a Meteorologist for a day.

Video: A Day in the Life with @TooShort (@AudibleTreats)

Video: A Day in the Life with Too $hort

Courtesy Audible Treats.

As one of the early pioneers of explicit rap, Too $hort discloses his venture into the risqué genre despite repeated warnings from record industry executives. He explains, "They said that nobody would buy it, the record stores wouldn't carry it, and 'you just can't do it.' So I probably made three albums with no cursing until I finally said, 'I'm doin' it anyway.'" The rap veteran also discloses what happened when his mother discovered his explicit rap books in high school and put "the curse" on him. He reveals how shocked he was to discover that his signature song, "Blow The Whistle" came 20 years into his career at the age of 40. After some gentle nudging by two female dancers demonstrating the game, the industry legend joins in on the fun and plays with them. The Hip Hop Dance Experience will be available at the MSRP of $39.99 for both the Kinect for Xbox 360® and the Wii system from Nintendo on November 13th.

Video: TReZ (feat. @Noreaga) - "Illuminati Ya Body"

Video: TReZ (feat. N.O.R.E.) - "Illuminati Ya Body"

Courtesy DM360.

Queens is in the building as Astoria's TReZ and Lefrak City's N.O.R.E. take a chapter from the DaVinci Code for the Ric Rude produced single "Illuminati Ya Body." Directed by TReZ and edited by Lord Roc for Sixth Chakra Films, the visuals depict the duo protecting an Ancient Egyptian Relic from the hands of an Illuminati Assassin…Queens style. Stay tuned for more music from TReZ as the Q-Borough emcee nears completion of his currently untitled EP. "Illuminati Ya Body" is now available on iTunes!

Video - @TheGame: "I'd Get in the Ring & Box w/ Gucci Mane"

Video - Game: "I'd Get in the Ring & Box With Gucci Mane"

DJ Vlad: Famed West Coast rapper Game shared his thoughts on Gucci Mane's recent Twitter challenge to box any rapper who will step in the ring with him. Game says that while "Gucci's my dude," he admitted that he would get in the ring with him for charity, because it's not a negative thing. Game also reveals what he thinks would happen if Mysonne got in the ring with Gucci Mane.

@IronSolomon Says He Would Destroy @MeekMill in a Battle

Iron Solomon Says He Would Destroy Meek Mill in a Battle

DJ Vlad: "Famed battle rapper Iron Soloman sat down with Mr. Locario, where Solomon speaks about Meek Mill wanting to get into the battle rap scene, and what the outcome would be if he battled Meek."

Super Fresh Philly Music prod. @2HungryBros's w/ Acorn Moroco & DJ KB

Super Fresh Philly Music prod. 2HB's w/ Acorn Moroco & DJ KB

Courtesy Robert M.

My brother Soul One introduced his cousin, Acorn Moroco to us, like yo he rap. Actually I think Acorn was like yo I rap. Regardless, it tends to be a death nell to good friendships- yo I rap. But on the strength of the "Bull" he def got to cop a dope 2hB track and not only did he finesse a fly song, he organized a dope video which really brought me back to my days hanging out in Philly & digging & eating. Please give this joint a listen, the slang and message is impeccable and fly. Peace-
Deep of the 2 Hungry Bros

DL: @YaminAllDay of Clan Destined, "Yen Dollar Music Vol. 1"

DL: Yamin Semali of Clan Destined, "Yen Dollar Music Vol. 1"

Courtesy Dunn Deal PR.

Atlanta-based emcee/producer Yamin Semali of rap duo Clan Destined presents Yen Dollar Music Vol. 1, an album of self-produced instrumentals presented in conjunction with and Yen Dollar Music (¥$M), Yamin's new production company and brand. He has compiled 20 instrumentals for volume one, with other volumes to include compilations from various artists in Hip Hop's global community.

As half of Clan Destined, Yamin aka DJ AmDex has been tied to releases going back to Shaman Work Recordings (Ta'Raach, Wale Oyejide, CL Smooth) and has more recently been working alongside Illastrate, Boog Brown, and J-Live to name a few. The sound of ¥$M is indicative of loop digging, crate sampling, and synth manipulation. From Atlanta, Semali has a sound unlike much of what many consider to be Southern, but the tradition of the regional sound is well preserved for fans of Organized Noize, Supastition, Willie Evans Jr. and Count Bass-D. His last single was "Never Leave" (watch the video here). Clan Destined's third LP Self Titled, received 5 out of 5 stars on (read the review here). February 2013 will see the CD/LP release of his solo album Yamin.

ATTN: The Black Sunn Has Passed

ATTN: The Black Sunn Has Passed

Courtesy Mia Jones.

My name is Mia Jones. I am contacting you today to share unfortunate news with those who knew, knew of and liked The Black Sunn.

He is no more, The Black Sunn passed a few days ago under unusual circumstances. However, there was a bottle of gin and a message left at the scene of death with his email login, this linkand a message urging those who found it to check it out and pass it on to those whom he loved.

* *

Art is very important and it is unfortunate that Black Sunn went out the way he did. There will be a candlelight vigil tonight at True & Livin', the event we helped organize together.

This is a tough time for all of us and I hope that you, being in The Black Sunn's email directory, overstand and appreciate what this young man brought to the world. All due respect to Heru Gin and Refined Hype for continuing the cause.


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