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MP3: Filip Filipi f/ Laws - "Kosovka"

MP3: Filip Filipi f/ Laws - "Kosovka"

Courtesy Filip Filipi.

Introducing "Kosovka," the latest single from Filip Filipi. The song is a collaborative effort with J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League/Asylum Records rapper Laws. Production was handled by 3 time Grammy winner Deezle, known for his work with Lil Wayne (ie Lollipop, Let The Beat Build), and Jonathan Lee, who was also behind Filipi's first single "Big City Chaser"

All proceeds of the song will go towards charities in Kosovo to purchase medical equipment and supplies. There's more info on

Download Link (Please Stream on your site):
Purchase (iTunes):
Alternative Link (Bandcamp):

Cover Art:

MP3: Has-Lo - "Maxell UR"

MP3: Has-Lo - "Maxell UR"

Courtesy Mello Music Group.

Maxell UR (produced by and featuring Has-Lo) takes a journey from conception to procession. Has-Lo narrates the story of how Hiphop weaves it's way into our being until we become Hiphop. Throughout the track Has' slick word play combines with the history of greats like Pete Rock, Bootcamp Clik, Big L, and Big Pun.
"6 feet deep covered in dirt and dead under my timbs"
The production swirls above the merely sentimental and reaches into the realm of majestic. The track layers a triumphant chorus of church-bred singers, plucky guitars and big drums to create an uplifiting song filled with displays of lyricism.

* *

PR: First Team Music Movies Into Mobile App Market

PR: First Team Music Movies Into Mobile App Market

Courtesy First Team Music.

First Team Music will be officially stepping into the mobile application development arena late 2011. Using the open source Android operating system to power their apps, FTM is focusing its energy on providing an affordable way for independent musicians and artists to be included in the technological boom.

“Earlier this year, we were looking into getting mobile apps done for the artists on our roster; however, after shopping around to a few companies, we realized that the average cost for what we wanted well exceeded our budget but still didn’t meet our expectations,” states Quanstar, co-founder and CEO of First Team Music. “So we minimized all other operations for 6 months to figure out how to design the apps ourselves, and offer them to other artists at a fair and highly affordable price.”

In October 2011, First Team Music has plans to put out 16 applications on the Google and Amazon Android Markets before the official launch of the mobile development  division at the end of the year. This will include apps that will support the release of new albums from Quanstar, Evaready RAW, Ghani Gautama, and DLabrie.

For more information, including press inquiries, please contact First Team Music at

Video: Wise Intelligent f/ Rahzii Highpower - "ZION"

Video: Wise Intelligent f/ Rahzii Highpower - "ZION"

Courtesy of Intelligent Muzik.

ZION feat. Rahzii Highpower Produced by Masada and Directed by Jimmy Giambrone. ZION was shot at the first ever African American Pride Festival in Trenton NJ. LYRICAL HEAVEN: "This is 'black redemption' I am they hold me in derision...cause I give them Hebrew children hope and vision as its written...minus fables, superstition...Darwin's Theory, science fiction...from the ghetto streets of Trenton...I see Zion in a vision..."

Press Release: Y'all Not Familiar With City Boy Yet?

Press Release: Y'all Not Familiar With City Boy Yet?

Courtesy Todd Davis.

"I'm Not a Rapper/ I'm a Hustler!"

October 17th 2011 -- Although his moniker may not quite yet be a household name, make no mistakes because West Side [Logan Square to be exact] Chicago, Illinois, resident emcee, City Boy, is definitely no stranger to Hip-Hop.

Having already logged in countless high profile collaborations with the likes of R.Kelly, Gorilla Zoe and Ray Lavender, to name a few, Chi-Town's own prodigal son is literally right on the cusp of taking the whole music world by storm.

On his latest entry, the raucous soon-to-be smash anthem, "I'm On It," City unites with New Orleans, Louisiana, by way of Miami, Florida, hit-maker, DJ Khaled, along with We The Best signees; Ace Hood and Rich Kidd. The stellar track is only a small taste of what all can actually be expected from his forthcoming, still untitled solo debut.

Currently, City Boy has a pair of popular mix-tape offerings; a collaborative effort with his very own M.M.G. [Millions Music Group] collective, as well as Time Is Money, hosted by the "Midwest Mixtape Bully" DJ V-Dub, now available online for free download, and is presently working on his highly anticipated third collection, I'm Die Getting Money.

"I'm On It," as well as the R.Kelly assisted "City Boy," is now available for purchase on iTunes and other select digital and retail outlets.

Stay Tuned...

City Boy Promo Commercial: .

* *

Video: Divine RBG f/ Aloe Blacc - "Things Ain't Right"

Video: Divine RBG f/ Aloe Blacc - "Things Ain't Right"

Courtesy of Intikana.

With #Occupy Wall Street reaching its one month of occupation in Zuccotti Park (now named "Liberty Plaza"), cities all over the country and world are taking action. Back in the Bronx, I've been educating youth on such issues while facilitating workshops for several residencies, recording/mixing music for my new album, and filming/editing several projects. As of today, I just released a new music video that I shot and edited for DIVINE RBG's new single "THINGS AIN'T RIGHT" Ft. ALOE BLACC. DIVINE RBG is a talented, politically conscious, and overall inspiring brother.

Video: CrackKillz - "Cool Pat" (First Single Off "I.C.E.")

Video: CrackKillz - "Cool Pat" (First Single Off "I.C.E.")

Courtesy Juan Neal.

From Michigan. The birth place of one of the most, if not the most influential record label in the history of music and pop culture, Motown, comes rising Detroit Artist CrackKillz, of The Ivy League Crew. Who is releasing his 2nd project titled, "I.C.E. (I Control Everything)". The executive producer of the project is Six OThe Producer. They've managed to craft a cool hip sound that fusing Mid West vibes with a little West Coast flavor. Here's the first single off of the ICE titled "Cool Pat" feat Chip$ Deniro.

Video: Saskilla Talks About Working With Tinie Tempah, Dappy

Video: Saskilla Talks About Working With Tinie Tempah, Dappy

Courtesy Hamish S.

Saskilla dropped in at to give us an insight into how he reached where he is now and whats hes currently working on. Saskilla discussed the formation of his music career, how Nu Brand Flexx was started, and the amazing way he made his mark on the scene. He discusses his up and coming projects of which you can expect to hear some exciting names, including Tinie Tempah and Dappy.

Video: Lowkey - "Hand On Your Gun"

Video: Lowkey - "Hand On Your Gun"

Courtesy 730Promo.

Lowkey drops the latest offering from his soon to be classic album 'Soundtrack To The Struggle' which was released at midnight. Track produced by Show N Prove. Video produced by Global Faction.

The (W)rap Up - Week of October 11, 2011

If you missed any of the new reviews last week, including Phonte's "Charity Starts At Home" then do yourself a favor and check out this week's edition of the (W)rap Up!

"The value of Little Brother's catalogue over the last decade is highly debated. Hip-Hop heads swing to one of two sides - underrated or overrated - and rarely seem to brook any dissenting opinion. What gets lost in the discussion at times is two crucial facts: the debate itself proves they made a worthwhile contribution to hip-hop (any talk is good talk) and their legacy in the music scene is far from over. Though Rapper Big Pooh and Phonte have decided it's better to record on their own than as a team. The move was described as in the best interests of all involved, as Phonte himself once opined "If you're doing business with a friend, you gotta decide, well, do I end this business relationship and keep my friendship? Or do I continue this business relationship and end up wrecking both?" You have to respect the wisdom, and understanding it makes it easier for fans of the group to check for solo albums. Don't read too much into them not appearing on each other's albums - the emcees need room to grow and explore their own voices. One benefit of that separation is that it appears Phonte and 9th Wonder now have a less acrimonious relationship. I'm not sure what in the group dynamic made it hard for all three to get along, but with that dynamic gone 9th produces four songs on Phonte's first solo album "Charity Starts at Home." In a wry twist of coincidence, the first song the two do together is called "The Good Fight" - and they had their share on Twitter. There's magic when they're working together instead of beefing though, as 9th layers up soft R&B samples, crystal clear drums, strings and melodies into a deluxe harmony."

The Accomplices :: Got Away: The EP ::
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon
[Got Away: The EP] 
""Got Away: The EP" is the fruits of a collaborative labor combining production talents of The Jake (from Dover, New Hampshire) and BroadNMarket (from Queens, New York). Neither have been individually reviewed on RR before now, but some of the emcees they collaborate with on this EP have been, not least of which is Trek Life. His song "Turn the Lights Off" is one of the most enjoyable on this short release. Trek walks the line between interested lover and obsessed one at times, but reassures us that "I'm prone to dip/if it ever gets strange" to let us know he hasn't gone overboard. The producers certainly haven't - Jake and Broad mellow it out on the verses then rock it out with guitars on the chorus, which might seem like too much contrast in print despite the fact it works perfectly on the song. The other songs and emcees on this just over 20 minute EP go from exceeding expectations to leaving listeners somewhat perplexed. Montreal native Malicious definitely sounds like a star in the making on the raucous "Drop," while Long Island rep Gif doesn't sound exceptionally blessed as a braggart on "Invoking the Spirit." Then again the beat he's rapping on is largely to blame, a mixed up mess that can't seem to decide whether it's RZA or Large Professor. "

Ace Hood :: Blood Sweat + Tears :: We the Best Music Group/Def Jam
as reviewed by Matt Jost

[Blood Sweat + Tears]

""Hustle Hard" finally did the trick. It made me interested in Ace Hood. It is one of those rap songs that embody the genre's insatiable hunger that so often produces inspirational music and messages. Even if it's hampered by off-topic content, there's a strong undertone of universality to it, visualized by a video that shows the Florida rapper delivering his sermon under rain, heat and snow. Unfortunately, after gobs of four-minute soundtracks to hustling and grinding, it's also a stereotypical song, even a line like "Baby need some shoes" having wound up a lyrical cliché by now. Under these circumstances it doesn't come as a suprise that you bump into a "Hustle Hard" clone early on on "Blood Sweat + Tears," also produced by Lex Luger, also a single, also about succeeding against all odds - "Go N' Get It." Taken together or individually, these two songs showcase Ace's ability to put his stamp on a track, if not lyrically then at least in terms of diction and intonation. While southern rappers often exude nonchalance, Ace Hood is alert and articulate. Last time around we criticized that 'Ace Hood's two favorite subjects are himself and his wealth' and suggested he 'spend some more time in the lab writing rhymes before coming back with a third album.' "

Flight Distance :: Bad Information :: Flight Distance
as reviewed by Adam M. Levin

[Bad Information] 
"From a technical standpoint, stringing together an impressive, cohesive multisyllabic rhyme scheme is the lyrical equivalent of a successful three-point play in a game of basketball—it gets the job done and drives home an extra, much needed tally in the process. Enter Bender, a monstrous competitor and ex-champion of King of the Dot, Canada's premier battle league. Enter "Bad Information," the new LP from Flight Distance, a group that consists of Bender, his partner-in-rhyme Patience, and DJ Calkutta. It's got a grimy, pre-apocalyptic feel to it—the main theme of the production (all of which are provided by Crakk Moses) is lo-fi basement-level boom-bap that make the whole album sound like the soundtrack to a kidnapping. The lyrical content is, at turns, political ("info-pop_outbreak" and "When the Satellites Fall"), introspective ("My Bloody Valentine" and "Full Circle") and raucous ("Frank Stallone" and "Blanket Party"), and the duo works very well whether they're spitting 16s or trading bars a la "Blanket Party," one of the strongest cuts from the album. However, the problem with this song (and a couple of other selections) is the mastering: whether or not the lo-fi sound is intentional, it occasionally allows for the production to overpower the vocals. "

I-Wayne :: Life Teachings :: VP Records
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

[Life Teachings] 
"Cliffroy Taylor AKA I-Wayne first got noticed for his 2005 hits "Living in Love" and "Can't Satisfy Her." He released his debut album, "Lava Ground," soon after, and followed that in 2007 with "Book of Life." His third album, "Life Teachings," drops today. I-Wayne makes reggae that toes the line between roots consciousness and lover's rock. He has a high voice in the same range as Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs, and Horace Andy, and he follows in the footsteps of those reggae masters as well. The lyrics touch on well-worn roots concerns: taking down Babylon on "Burn Down Soddom," praising the herb on "Herb Fi Liegalize," criticizing violent drug culture on "Drugs and Rum Vibes," and dropping wisdom on the title track. I-Wayne also gets romantic on "Empress Divine," "Life Joy," and "I Care For You." For whatever reason, reggae's Rastafarianism is one of the few examples of religious messages being accepted by a non-faithful audience. People like myself that don't listen to Christian music have little trouble listening to reggae that openly proclaims Rastafarian beliefs. Maybe it is the revolutionary nature of the faith, or the patois in which it is delivered, but Rasta messages in reggae go down much easier than mainstream Christian ones do. This despite the fact that, like most faiths, Rastafarian ideas of righteousness aren't totally compatible with liberal values of equality, particularly when it comes to gay rights."

Madlib :: Madlib Medicine Show #10: Black Soul :: Stones Throw Records
** RapReviews "Back to the Lab" series **

as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

[Madlib Medicine Show #10: Black Soul] 
"I realize I'm a year late in reviewing this. There are two newer installments of Madlib's Medicine Show series that have been released recently, but Volume 10 is the one that Amoeba had a used copy of, so that's what I am reviewing. Being an even numbered edition of the series, it is a mix CD. Previous installments saw him doing mixes of Brazilian music, reggae, psychedelic rock, and jazz. Number 10 is all about soul. Black soul, to be precise. What that entails is 79 minutes of seventies and eighties disco, soul, funk, and R&B, with a heavy emphasis on disco. Whether to show off his crate-digging skills or avoid copyright issues, the cuts here are all deep, avoiding the obvious in favor of the rare and obscure. The CD (it's only available on CD or vinyl, again probably to avoid copyright issues) contains 50-odd songs cut into one or two minute snippets across nine tracks. The titles of the tracks all refer to the CIA's MKULTRA goals, which experimented on LSDs use as a weapon. There's no indication as to any of the artists or songs on the album, although if search around online you can find diligent trainspotters who have posted most of track titles. I only recognize a handful of the artists, like Brick, the Chi-Lites, and Bootsy's Rubber Band. I'm guessing the albums most of these songs are on would fetch a hefty price on Ebay."

mc chris :: Part Six Part One :: mc chris LLC
** RapReviews "Back to the Lab" series **

as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[Part Six Part One] 
"Perhaps you the reader may be as perplexed as I was when looking through the extensive RapReviews archive of reviews and seeing that out of three EP's that mc chris released in 2009, we only reviewed "Part Six Part Two. Why the middle chapter? Why were the start and finish completely left out? I can't fathom any good reason why. It's certainly not because the writers for and readers of RR aren't aware of Chris Ward's career. In fact when I want to get my nerdcore on, "Eating's Not Cheating" is still one of my favorite albums. Having recently had the chance to see mc chris on his #RaceWars tour, I decided it was time to rectify this error. Now as JMB noted on his P6P2 review, the amount of filler on these EP's is at the very least a nuisance. There's a three minute long skit called "Dirty Dick" that you don't need to hear more than once, and perhaps not even that. It's long been established that Ward gets part of his appeal by having a somewhat unconventional vocal tone - something [adult swim] shows have used for great effect - and another part by using it to rap about either really crass or really geeky topics in equal measure. That's great when put to a rap beat, but not nearly so much so when listening to two people argue about an abortion for 180 seconds. I'm not kidding. "Deep Space Travel" is a marginally better skit, but that's because it actually SOUNDS like it belongs to an [adult swim] episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. "

Us3 :: Lie, Cheat & Steal :: Us3
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[Lie, Cheat & Steal] 
"2009's "stop. think. run" was a welcome return of Us3 to U.S. shores. Geoff Wilkinson had never gone out of business, and in fact was quite prolific in producing new Us3 material, but the all too familiar malaise of music industry politics prevented a lot of material from reaching an audience outside England. Many people mistakenly believed the group was a one-hit wonder who achieved its greatest fame in 1993 and then simply bowed out at the height of their popularity to rest on their laurels. Anyone who can speak of Us3's catalogue or their main man Wilkinson can tell you nothing could be further from the truth. He is relentlessly driven to fuse hip-hop with jazz, funk, soul and rock 'n roll. In his way he is trying to achieve the same thing the late great Keith Elam set out to do on his "Jazzamatazz" series - open minds while at the same time creating jams that open dancefloors to the good times. Lest one get a mistaken impression, that doesn't mean Wilkinson's albums as Us3 are music without a message. While his initial and to-date biggest hit was a light breezy affair that encouraged heads to dip and flip, some of the messages of late are a serious trip. Wilkinson has dropped this explanation of why his latest effort seems titularly aimed at corporate greed: "I've become increasingly disillusioned by the people we, as children, are traditionally brought up to look up to. Politicians, police, business leaders, sportsmen, religious leaders, etc all seem to be up to their eyeballs in corrupt practices. The gap between the haves and the have-nots is widening at an increasing pace. "

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