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Video: Playdough - "Ya Heard" (f/ Mr. Dibbs vs. The Black Keys)

From Trevor @ Score Press:

Video: Playdough - "Ya Heard" (f/ Mr. Dibbs vs. The Black Keys)



Everyone has played with it growing up but Playdough is no kid's toy. He has toured the world over and shared stages with hip-hoppers to rock bands alike, earning new fans at each venue his lyrics are spit. He has done shows or recorded with Method Man & Redman, Evidence, The Black Keys, Tanya Morgan, Brother Ali, Mr. Dibbs, Atmosphere, KRS-One, P.O.D., Mutemath, MURS, Mos Def, Erykah Badu, Pigeon John, Micah 9 and countless others.

Playdough has released two full-length albums with worldwide distribution (EMI, Sony) and also an EP in Australia, which have all received critical acclaim. On Hotdoggin, he collabs with some of the greats and Hotdoggin features songs with Gift of Gab (of Blackalicious), Mr. Dibbs vs The Black Keys, PicnicTyme and Deepspace 5.  Hotdoggin will have you wondering where this guy has been hiding. He's been right under your nose being recognized for his work ethic, true-to-self music, and his incredible live shows in media outlets ranging from MTV to The Source magazine.

When Playdough isn't taking his world class rhymes around the globe, he hangs his hat in Dallas, TX, where he's most notably known for his battle and freestyle reputation. He's the Dallas freestyle rap champion of Monday Night Fights for 2 years running and has won 5 times on 97.9 The Beat's Freestyle Fridays. He's also won the Skribble Jam Texas Battle and was asked to participate in the prestigious invitation-only Red Bull Emcee competition.

Playdough is Hotdoggin.

MP3: DJ Concept f/ Chaundon, Joe Scudda - "Remain Seated"

From Diamond Music Group:

MP3: DJ Concept f/ Chaundon, Joe Scudda - "Remain Seated"

DJ Concept is pleased to present the second leak, "Remain Seated" off his green-themed producer compilation Heavy Smoke, which is now available for stream courtesy of the good people over at DJBooth.net. This pass around, The Bash Brother and former host of The Mix Chronicles (Sirius/Hip-Hop Nation) links with Chaundon & Joe Scudda of the Justus League as the duo shares with you a ballad of their love affair with Mary Jane.


HulkShare:   HulkShare.com/l0x9h5nkvgn1
MediaFire: MediaFire.com/?ls2uaikavdz528i
SoundCloud: TinyURL.com/3msd7wl


HEAVY SMOKE | DJBooth.net: http://tinyurl.com/627sx9a

MP3: Drums & Ammo - "Addicted" ft. Rae Rosero, DaVinci

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Drums & Ammo - "Addicted" ft. Rae Rosero, DaVinci

DJ/Producer Collective Dishes Out New EP With Vocals

The Songs:

Drums & Ammo have assembled some of the best MCs and singers in the game and put together a new EP, Vol. 1: Extra Clips. The formula is simple: immaculate instrumentals plus incredible vocals/verses equals quality hip-hop, so REL, Al Jieh, Ammbush, and 6Fingers took their debut instrumental album, Vol. 1, and put the formula to work. D&A have already released some of the singles and videos from the EP, including 6Fingers' "U Funnystyle" featuring Bambu, and, most recently, Al Jieh's "Round Me" featuring DaVinci, and the rest of the songs will also have accompanying videos to add to the album's video series. The full EP will be released Thursday, July 23rd via SWTBRDS.

Although the two newest singles from Extra Clips come from likeminded producers Al Jieh and Ammbush, they could not sound more different. For one, Ammbush does double duty on his single, "Keep It Lit," both producing the quirky and methodical beat and being the only one of the group to rap on his own production. "The best part about making this song was the fact that I rapped on it," says Ammbush, who sampled his friend "rubbing his rough-ass hands together" for the beat. "I had the track for a minute, but never pitched it to anyone, I didn't feel like anyone would feel where I was coming from. I knew I wanted to hear some comedic visual lyrics, so when I knocked it out I felt joy." Then there's Al Jieh's airy R&B track "Addicted," which features milky falsettos from Rae Rosero and surprisingly romantic lyrics from DaVinci. "The song is a really dope metaphor for love and relationships, comparing that desire you have for your girl to a junkie's addiction," says Al Jieh. "The song itself has an obvious message, but I think it's a good example of how you can do a straightforward R&B/hip-hop song yet still make it very creative."

Download Al Jieh's "Addicted" here: http://soundcloud.com/swtbrds/05-rae-rosero-ft-davinci .

Download Ammbush's "Keep It Lit" here: http://soundcloud.com/swtbrds/01-ammbush-keep-it-lit .

In case you missed it, download Drums & Ammo's album, Vol.1, for free here: http://www.swtbrds.com/drumsnammo and http://soundcloud.com/swtbrds/sets/drums-ammo-vol-1 .

MP3: SKAM2? - "Pennie$"

From Semp Rok:

MP3: SKAM2? - "Pennie$"

"Pennie$" is the latest track from SKAM2?'s upcoming mixtape THE SKRONIK: How To Boil Vomit. Matari composes the setting with a drunken sample as SKAM2? delivers a smooth cadence riddled with undertones of hostility.  Check out more tracks off the mixtape on his official Facebook page: http://on.fb.me/k8rcfx

Cover Image: http://bit.ly/mRGedq
Audio Download/Stream file: http://bit.ly/kbEZMy

KRS-One, Talib Kweli, and K'NAAN - Beat The World Soundtrack

From Christina Duren:

KRS-One, Talib Kweli, and K'NAAN - Beat The World Soundtrack

You Got Served: Beat The World Original Soundtrack - releasing June 14th
View full bio, download hi-res images, and mp3s - http://cyberpr.biz/clients/2963

More than just another film soundtrack, Beat the World is the coming together of some of the world’s most prominent conscious Hip Hop artists as part of a vision to build new social paradigms through music and film.

When Somalian born new-school rapper and World Cup ambassador K’NAAN joined forces with one of Hip Hop’s most respected founding fathers, KRS-One, to record the film’s title track “Hip Hop Nation”, they were on a mission: to represent the positive voice and power of the world’s largest music-based cultural movement – Hip Hop.  In addition to creating an original voice for Beat the World, they created an anthem for the evolution of the global Hip Hop movement.

Soundtrack Sampler - http://soundcloud.com/hiphopconnect/sets/beat-the-world-soundtrack-1

“Hip Hop Nation” both drives the action of the film and emphasizes a shared underlying theme: we are all equal and united under one global movement, using music, dance and creativity to breakdown borders and stereotypes that may otherwise divide us.

Hip Hop Nation – KRS-One feat. K’NAAN and Lina - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9uC86xoKLkI

Other notable collaborations on the soundtrack include the heroic “Infinite Love,” featuring top British rapper Sway together with the renowned lyrical wordsmith Talib Kweli, and the multi-lingual world-beat dance track “Must Be the Music” performed by Les Nubians (France), Lina (US) and MV Bill (Brazil).

You Got Served: Beat The World Trailer (Available on DVD) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKmQwdSfUWA&feature=player_embedded

MP3: New Music From Gutta and Nems

From J-Ronin:

MP3: New Music From Gutta and Nems


FOLLOW GUTTA ON TWITTER -  http://twitter.com/therealBigGutta

ADD GUTTA ON FACEBOOK - http://www.facebook.com/BigGutta


Gutta is a hardcore Hip-Hop artist and super lyricist from Phoenix, Terrazona. Gutta got his start and break with the Society of Invisbles in 05 after they were signed to indie label Baby Grande in NY. He then began his solo career linking up with DJ J-Ronin of All Elements to release his solo mixtape debut Heads Will Roll. After hearing the mixtape Baby Grande resigned Gutta as a solo artist and released Heads Will Roll the Blue Sky Black Death version worldwide. Gutta has toured and worked with several major artists such as Jedi Mind Tricks, Wu-tang, Non Phixion, R.A. The Rugged Man, KRS-One, Necro, Mr HYde Chino XL, Sav Killz, Illa Ghee, Verse, Sick Jacken, Block Mccloud, Army of the the Pharoahs, Planet Asia and many more

Gutta was quiet in the hip-hop scene due to a stint in prison. However upon being released Gutta and others started a crew called VietKong and put out a mixtape hosted by DJ J-Ronin entitled Animal Planet. Despite the good reviews, personal differences within the crew lead to the crews breakup. 

Gutta is now fully focused on his solo career and his new movement Block Settaz. He is also member of the All Elements crew and a member of the underground hardcore group Damage INC ( w/ Necro, Chino XL and Mr Hyde) slated for release in early 2012 on Psychological Records.

The next solo project is entitled The American Werewolf in London hosted by DJ J-Ronin and DJ Shortee Blitz ( Kiss FM London) soon to be followed by the Solo debut album Pain.
Video: J The S - "Call U Snitch"

From Same Plate Management:

Video: J The S - "Call U Snitch"

J The S and Restless Films have teamed up for a one of a kind EP, "The Sky Is Falling.' Politically charged, the project is being released all through the video format to give the listener not only the story through words, but also the visuals to match.

You can grab the project in it's entirety at jthes.bandcamp.com with production from J. Cardim, Keelay, Blaze P, Nelly Protoolz and more, featuring Jon Hope, Franco Anthony, Millyz and others.

MP3: BrownBag AllStars - "Get Ready (DJ Brace Remix)"

From BBAS:

MP3: BrownBag AllStars - "Get Ready (DJ Brace Remix)"

The Brown Bag AllStars just leaked a new track off of Disc 2 of the "Brown Bag Season Vol. 1" release...Check it out below!

Brown Bag AllStars "Get Ready (DJ Brace Remix)"
Download "Get Ready (DJ Brace Remix)" HERE

The Brown Bag AllStars' "Brown Bag Season Vol. 1" is out now! "Brown Bag Season Vol. 1" is a double disc project featuring rare & unreleased material from the Brown Bag AllStars on the first disc, and remixes by Juno Award Winning producer / Canadian DMC Champion, DJ Brace on the second disc (with instrumentals). The double CD is available now worldwide!

Free Remix EP: Kokayi - R3TS&DNSR5 RE1MAG1NED

From Audible Treats:

Free Remix EP: Kokayi - R3TS&DNSR5 RE1MAG1NED

Robots & Dinosaurs Gets A Facelift For Kokayi's First Remix EP

The EP:

Since Kokayi is like a five-year-old who can't sit still when it comes to his music, it's not a surprise that he is releasing R3TS&DNSR5 RE1MAG1NED, a remix EP based on his critically acclaimed album, Robots & Dinosaurs. The Washington D.C.-based artist has already dropped two of the remixes as singles, the "Chanticleer (Moombahton Remix)" by CamJus and "RoxTar Remix (ft. Substantial)" by DJ Roddy Rod, but was motivated to put out an entire remix EP by his branding team at The General Store Inc. "The two remixes from CamJus and DJ Roddy Rod acted as a catalyst," says Kokayi. "It was suggested that I get some club DJs and dope producers to remix the entire record. So, I reached out to my friends and asked them to contribute. They all agreed, I loved that idea, and so we ran with it."

The contributing producers and DJs not only got to rework Kokayi's inherently catchy tunes, but they also got to choose which songs they wanted to toy with. "I actually didn't decide who remixed each song, I just sent a link to the dropbox that had the acapellas in them and said pick whatever you want," says Kokayi. "As each song got snatched up, I'd send an update. Each person that I contacted was someone I respect and is very dope with their craft." Only two of the remixers were new acquaintances for Kokayi: Billy The Gent, who was recommended to him by his friend Tittsworth, and Man Mantis, who Kokayi contacted after hearing his Sea Ambulances EP. Although R3TS&DNSR5 RE1MAG1NED is a free EP that includes a generous ten tracks, there are some remixes that didn't make the cut. "I wanted remixes for every song on R&D, but there are folks that didn't make it due to scheduling," says Kokayi. "There's a dope Arsonal remix of "Drive" that is bananas, but it was in too late. So, that's more incentive to get the rest ready for another release...who knows."

R3TS&DNSR5 RE1MAG1NED is available for free download via Kokayi's Bandcamp here: http://kokayi.bandcamp.com/album/r3ts-dnsr5-re1mag1ned .

Video: Go Gettas - "Nobody Else"

From RBC Records:

Video: Go Gettas - "Nobody Else"

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