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@PhilAde_RF Drops "Pop That" (Royal Fam Remix) feat. Dee Boy

From Langston S.

Phil Ade Drops "Pop That" (Royal Fam Remix) featuring Dee Boy

Phil Ade explains the title of his new project R.O.S.E: "With this project i want to give listeners an in-depth look at how some of the negative influences in society, mainly in media, has affected not just me, but my generation as a whole. Every person is a R.O.S.E. that realizes these evils and either responds positively or negatively, but in just about all cases a little bit of both."

MP3: Phil Ade - Pop That (Royal Fam Remix) featuring Dee Boy: .
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Video: @MaydayMusic f/ @Murs - "Hardcore Bitches"

From Mayday Online:

Video: Mayday f/ Murs - "Hardcore Bitches"

The ¡MAYDAY! boys & MURS decided to take a break and write a love song. No animals were hurt during the making of this video. NSFW

B-Boyz (Brand New & Kid Boombox) - "W.D.F.W.T." @TheStereoBoyz

From Wanja Lange:

Video: B-Boyz (Brand New & Kid Boombox) - "W.D.F.W.T."

Stereo Boyz presents B-Boyz aka Brand New & Kid Boombox, who are a part of the Stereo Boyz Crew. "This song is about being sick and tired of people making music with no substance, no emotion or feeling. This is the Stereo Boyz Crew way of having fun and at the same time calling people out. We love Hip Hop and are tired of artists claiming it but not doing Hip Hop. We dont fuck with that. "  The Stereo Boyz Crew feels that Hip Hop doesn't have to sound a certain way musically, for it to be considered real Hip Hop. They want to show that you can have hard hitting beats, you can make party music, as long as your lyrics are on point and you're doing something original, it's Hip Hop.

New Video: @Patience_Price - "Into Hell"

New Video: Patience Price - "Into Hell"

From BM and Old Scratch Records.

Audio: Ameer - "New Allah Flow" Freestyle (@25thhourman)

From 25th Hour:

Audio: Ameer - "New Allah Flow" Freestyle

Our brand-new body of work will be soon available  "AMEERica - True.Good.Beautiful" and at the mercy of the ears of the world. We had fun in the process of creating this project alongside with dealing with setbacks and everyday life issues which heavily influenced the sound. Ameer humbly let's you further into his life, loves and mishaps with that being said there is so much more life to live out God willing. Join us and engage in something that when you walk away you know you walked away with some food and dessert for the heart & soul. 

Listen & Download Link: .

MP3: @MadChild57 - "Monster"

MP3: Madchild - "Monster"

Courtesy Chris @ E1.

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Video: @DriickyGraham on Khaled's "Take it to the Head"

From Nancy B:

Video: Driicky Graham on Khaled's "Take it to the Head"

Driicky's debut mixtape "YA GOTTA START SOMEWHERE" is at over 37K streams/downloads after 16 days.

Video: @KyleRapps & @Diwon - "Mr. Rogers"

From Audible Treats:

Video: Kyle Rapps & Diwon - "Mr. Rogers"

Last year, Kyle Rapps broke out with two impressive projects, his Kev Brown-produced Re-Edutainment EP and his Air-sampling On Air mixtape, a collection of projects that found the Harlem-based upstart collaborating with the likes of Talib Kweli, Joell Ortiz, KRS-One, and more. The first half of 2012 has been equally busy, and has seen Kyle branch out as he continues to work with new collaborators, the most recent of which is producer Diwon. Together, the rapper and producer released their Tyrone Gosling EP, a free project inspired by the 2011 thriller Drive, and now, they're prepping a new mixtape, Syndication, to be released this fall, which pulls its samples from a variety of classic TV theme songs.

@Goonrock Counts Down to a Record-Breaking Summer

From Versa Manos:

Goonrock Counts Down to a Record-Breaking Summer

LMFAO's multi-platinum "Party Rock Anthem" which was co-written, produced by and features Goonrock celebrates its 67th week on the Billboard Top 100

Goonrock with LMFAO's Skyblu and Redfoo at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Goonrock continues to ride high on the popularity of the LMFAO's multi-platinum "Party Rock Anthem", the track which he co-wrote, produced and on which he is featured. The track has been on Billboard's Top 100 Chart for a total of 67 weeks (29 of those weeks on the Top 10 Chart). It is only the third title to hold this spot, and needs only ten more weeks to take the record for most weeks on the Top 100 Chart from Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours".

"Party Rock Anthem" has won a slew of awards this year from a Kid's Choice Award to multiple ASCAP and Billboard Awards. Featured in the film "21 Jump Street", the track also won an MTV Movie Award. Additional honors include being named Workout Song of the Year by Men's Health and Gold's Gym.

The video for "Party Rock Anthem" is among the Top 10 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube with a staggering 459,775,703 views (and counting).

Goonrock's latest projects include producing two tracks, "Goin' In" and "Clothes Off" for Jennifer Lopez. She performed "Goin' In", which was also co-written by Goonrock, featuring Flo Rida, on the season finale of American Idol. The track is also featured in the upcoming film Step Up Revolution, the fourth installment of the hit dance film franchise. He's also been working in the studio with YouTube sensation and breakout chart-topper Carly Rae Jepsen.

Goonrock Online:

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@Daneo10 NEW VIDEO! Serial Killer (Inspired by "Dexter")

Dan-e-o's NEW VIDEO! Serial Killer (Inspired by "Dexter")

Directed by Kev Major and edited by XCON of Will X, "Serial Killer" is
Dan-e-o's first solo music video of 2012! Inspired by the hit TV series
"Dexter" and the Snoop Dogg track of the same name, Dan-e-o's brand new
banger puts ALL MC's on notice!

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