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Video: YFM f/ Dumbfoundead - "White Boy Wasted"

Video: Your Favorite Martian f/ Dumbfoundead - "White Boy Wasted"

Just a good ol' fashioned drinking song. ;)


Check out more of Dumbfoundead:

MP3: Nicki Minaj f/ Chris Brown - "Right By My Side"

MP3: Nicki Minaj f/ Chris Brown - "Right By My Side"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

Video: @MegaRan - "Awakening" (Derrick Canton Remix)

Video: @MegaRan - "Awakening" (Derrick Canton Remix)

Courtesy Random a/k/a Mega Ran.

single from the album TOUR: A Date With a Dream, only available when you donate here!
Composed by Ippo Yamada, re-arranged by Derrick Canton.

MP3: Kensaye Russell's "My Downfall Remix" (B.I.G.)

MP3: Kensaye Russell's "My Downfall Remix" (B.I.G.)

Courtesy Kensaye.

"It was Biggie's passing a few weeks ago. Anyone that loves Hip-Hop today needs to pay dues to the King of Brooklyn. That's why as an avid Hip Hop fan I remixed one of his tracks, opting for the more chilled and atmospheric approach."

Video: Sleepy Brown Says Music Industry Is Stagnant

Video: Sleepy Brown Says Music Industry Is Stagnant

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

"The multi-talented entertainer speaks on the current state of the big record labels and how the internet has completely changed the inner-workings of the industry. Being from Savannah, Sleepy also breaks down his top 5 Southern Rappers."

Video: Beat Thief & iLLVibe - "Last Song" (Official)

Video: Beat Thief & iLLVibe - "Last Song" (Official)

Courtesy Park Street PR.

"This song and the album "Cafe Jass" is available for FREE Download at Directed by iLLvibe."

New Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze EP "Brace For The Impact" Free For One Week!

Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze - "Brace For The Impact EP"


To be released officially on 2nd of April on iTunes etc. But will be released on the 26th of March for FREE for a limited one week only via the Baron Von Alias' Bandcamp page

The EP is a mixture of big beats with rock & dubstep elements with tracks to get people moving.

All produced by Steesh, featuring the amazing vocal talents of Eliza Lawson, Rockstep heavy weights Rossi Noise, grime and dubstep emcee Absorb & last but not least Lex One of Wizard Sleeve on the massive Throw Your Body.

This EP release serves as a build up in preparation for the 'May Contain Nuts EP' which will follow this release in a few months including tracks such as "Action Man" & "Get Wild Gan Mental"
Video: Extra Kool - "I Fly, You Don't!"

Video: Extra Kool - "I Fly, You Don't!"

Courtesy Danny (Extra Kool).

"new EXTRA KOOL single from the upcoming CD 'cool-ADE' from Dirty Laboratory."

Free Download: Beat Thief & iLLVibe f/ L.S. - "Cafe Jass"

Free Download: Beat Thief & iLLVibe f/ L.S. - "Cafe Jass"

Courtesy Park Street PR.

CAFE JASS is a jazz hip-hop concept album dreamt up by Canadian emcee iLLvibe after he and L.S. met DowntownSoul producer Beat Thief whilst on a guerilla tour of Europe in 2010. Melding a live jazz ambience, Beat Thief's trademark soul-infused hip-hop sound, and mature rhymes from the two indie hip-hop vets, this is a cohesive album for the discerning listener.

With features on the album including US emcees Kwote1 (Chicago) and Yello Blac (Cali), as well as Canada's Mer and Rk ParX, not to mention DowntownSoul affiliates Non Applicable and Sam Steele, this is truly an international affair, with recording begun in London and since completed in Toronto and Hong Kong. Taking the idea of a live night at the vibrant but run-down Cafe Jass, the songs have an organic feel, interspersed with comedic snippets from a legendary Richard Pryor show.



PR: AKIR Show in New York City on March 27th @akirone

PR: AKIR Show in New York City on March 27th

Courtesy AKIR Music.

      In case you missed the SOLD OUT "Immortal Technique" show at Irving Plaza Ft. Rebel Armz, we have another show ft. Bambu, AKIR and, Hasan Salaam at SOB's NYC March 27th, 2012. Come through its gonna be dope!!!

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