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Metalface Akademy Super-Hero MOBONIX Leaks Track "Cocaine Diaries"

Metalface Akademy Super-Hero MOBONIX Leaks Track "Cocaine Diaries"

Courtesy Nik @ Ballin PR.

Metalface Akademy super-hero MOBONIX  drops "Cocaine Diaries" off The Bionic Jazz Project, a side project he will release with producer MarQ Spekt in Winter of 2012. MOBONIX, a fellow ATlien and Doom Akademy member, was featured earlier this year on the DARKMONK's debut True Underlord and appeared in the video for "Hyena."

* *

MOBONIX is one of the Akademy's most promising metal-face villians. After releasing his debut album in 08 called Third World, he was featured on Doom's critically lauded 2009 Born Like This (on Suppervillainz) record, alongside Posdnous, Kurious and Slug.

"Reset Button" which will drop April 17th is the first single off his Fall record.

Follow MOBONIX on Twitter: @knowBONIX

Video: sOuL - "Boombastic" (+ MP3)

Video: sOuL - "Boombastic" (+ MP3)

Courtesy Wanja Lange.

Out Now! Boombastic, the latest video release off of sOuL's album "The Unspoken Word", directed and produced by Woodstock, the 3rd video in a series shot exclusively on an iPhone 3Gs! Boombastic resonates the feeling of being true to one's self in the search for what's real. Backed by a driving beat, vintage boom boxes, and the evolution of what would bring us the mixtape - Boombastic is vintage, contemporary, classic. Made to be turned up. Shared and enjoyed!

Stream / Download: .

MP3: Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian) - "N.Y. Timez"

MP3: Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian) - "N.Y. Timez"

Courtesy DubMD84.


* *

Always the forward thinker, Lord Jamar, who is one third of the legendary rap group, Brand Nubian, is utilizing Kickstarter to raise $5,000 for his latest album, 'Known Associates.' Known Associates is the follow-up to his 2006 release, 'The 5% Album,' and it will include collaborations with Nature, Hasan Salaam, Sadat X, Cappadonna and Lord Superb. Along with production from the likes of Big Throwback, Element, Sha Banga, Chris Watts, Lord Jamar and more., a website that has helped musicians raise more than $13 million for a variety of projects, is an excellent way for Lord Jamar to fund 'Known Associates' because it will allow him to give back to his fans. Those who contribute will be treated to an exclusive copy of the final product as well as other rewards as a show of appreciation for their support.

* *
"I've always believed in the power of the people.” says Jamar. “This is a chance for you to fund a music project you really want to hear.”

Video: PrimeTime Radio Interview w/ TK-N-Cash

Video: PrimeTime Radio Interview w/ TK-N-Cash

Courtesy RMG.

J-Rod of Primetime Radio catches up with DTP's TK-N-Cash for one of their first visits to Virginia. TK-N-Cash discuss among many things the Scream Tour, Crazy Fans, and their upcoming project G-Shock Music. Powered by Revo Media.

MP3: Lloyd - "Shoulda Been"

MP3: Lloyd - "Shoulda Been"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

MP3: 2 Hungry Bros. - "Hunger Monster 2012"

MP3: 2 Hungry Bros. - "Hunger Monster 2012"

Courtesy Robert M.

"Just something I put together while watching my son, one Saturday. He was in the playpen by my mpc and I was tending to him and some unused samples. It's like sn eleven minute megabeat/ mix. Have fun. Have a great week... Rob."

* *

PR: Del The Funky Homosapien & Parallel Thought - Attractive Sin

PR: Del The Funky Homosapien & Parallel Thought - Attractive Sin

Courtesy Adam C.

Over the past two decades, Del the Funky Homosapien has been establishing himself in the world of Hip-Hop. From his early 90’s Elektra releases to his cult classic Deltron 3030, Del the Funky Homosapien has proven his place in Rap History.

While awaiting the release of his upcoming album Deltron 2, Del the
Funky Homosapien has once again teamed up with Parallel Thought to
produce Attractive Sin, a follow up to their 2010 collaboration
Parallel Uni-Verses, which Billboard Magazine described as having
“classic sounds with rich layers of funk... that honor the
genre-bending experimentation prevalent in 80’s and early 90’s

Attractive Sin is the latest blend of Parallel Thought’s East Coast
production and Del’s legendary West Coast style. Parallel Thought, a
group that has been quietly releasing music for the past ten years
with emcee notables such as Tame One, C-Rayz Walz, M.F. Doom, and most
recently, the Alabama group G-Side, pays tribute to the likes of Ice
Cube and The Bomb Squad’s Amerikka’s Most Wanted with the prolific Sir
DZL’s Attractive Sin.
1. On Momma's House
2. Ownership
3. Different Guidelines
4. Charlie Brown
5. Activated Sludge
6. Apply It & See
7. 1520 Sedgewick
8. Get To Drillin
9. Blow Your Mind
10. Shows Over
11. Front Like You Know

Video: Napoleon Da Legend - "Jewelz Pt. 3"

Video: Napoleon Da Legend - "Jewelz Pt. 3"

Courtesy NDL.

In the midst of this election year, wars and Occupy Wall Street/DC movements, Napoleon Da Legend drops some heavy social commentary on a Aureli1 aka produced track.

Audio: Shottie f/ Ras Kass - "Skyrider"

Audio: Shottie f/ Ras Kass - "Skyrider"

Courtesy 95 Flavas.

It's not often an independent artist features a rap legend on his debut album. Miami MC Shottie does just that with his latest single Skyrider featuring one of the West Coast's most highly acclaimed, Ras Kass.  "I've always considered Ras Kass one of the best MC's in the game. We reached out with the record and he showed love… that's real." - Shottie

Shottie - Skyrider (feat. Ras Kass) (prod. by TeV95)
The (W)rap Up - Week of March 20, 2012

If you missed any of the new reviews last week, including Tech N9ne's "Clusterfuk EP" then do yourself a favor and check out this week's edition of the (W)rap Up!

[Klusterfuk EP]
Tech N9ne :: Klusterfuk EP
Strange Music Inc.

Author: Steve 'Flash' Juon

"If Aaron Yates wasn't constantly busy, I don't think he'd know what to do with himself. He's a relentlessly increasing ball of energy, and the only way to siphon off that excess output is to hit the studio and keep recording music. That's why just four months after dropping "Welcome to Strangeland" and nine months after releasing the MASSIVE "All 6's and 7's" album, Tecca Nina is back with six more tracks and a "Klusterfuk" EP. This time he's enlisted the help of the ¡Mayday! crew to provide all of the production. If you've heard the "Strangeland" album you will already be familiar with them, but there's fair chance you'd recognize Wrekonize from miscellaneous underground rap records regardless. Anyway N9ne uses the opening and titular track from this album to explain the whole "Klusterfuk" concept. Tech validates any confusion he may feel emotionally or musically as a result, and in turn you as a listener are expected to do the same when you consider his range of influences - everything from punk rock to Beethoven. The thing is that this prolific rapper has never needed any validation - not from critics, not from the music industry, not from his fans or anyone else. He left the same people who said a top flight rap star couldn't be from Kansas City in the dust ten million records sold ago. Tech's listeners have long since embraced his contradictions, as have his fellow artists, which is why he can count everybody from Lil Wayne to the SubNoize Souljaz as his homies."

various artists :: Giant Single: The Profile Records Rap Anthology :: Legacy Recordings/Sony Music
as reviewed by Matt Jost
[Giant Single: The Profile Records Rap Anthology] 
"When it comes to being present across several critical periods of hip-hop history, Profile Records has little competition (Tommy Boy and Def Jam, mainly). The 31 songs collected on "Giant Single: The Profile Records Rap Anthology" span from 1981 to 1996. The sampler contains platinum singles, hip-hop anthems, huge and historical crossover tracks, influential old school tunes, funky joints, war chants, genius raps, broken language and plenty of jams that simply got mad play in their day. It features hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa, music mogul Andre Harrell, DMC World Champion DJ Cheese, tape editing masters the Latin Rascals and dearly departed musicians Pumpkin, Rammellzee, Jam Master Jay, Masterdon, Tony D and Big DS. Where to begin? From a personal and a historical perspective I'd begin with Run-D.M.C., the legendary trio from Hollis, Queens, that conquered the world in the name of rap music in the mid-'80s. As any legit anthology should, however, "Giant Single" delivers the tracks chronologically, so that you get the proper 'historical perspective' concerning Profile Records. Additionally, writer Dan Charnas and witnesses such as Dante Ross, Kenny Dope or Bobbito tell the Profile story in the liner notes. Profile's achievements are extraordinary. It was, to quote Charnas, 'The first record label to produce true rap "stars" who crossed over to the mainstream. The first to earn gold, platinum and multi-platinum rap albums. The first to get rap videos on MTV.' How'd they do it? Business aspects aside, what played no small part in this reviewer's humble opinion was the specific quality of the sound and the overall musical quality."

CY :: High Wire Act :: Complex Melodies Productions/Much Luvv Records
as reviewed by Mike Baber

[High Wire Act]

"As someone who is not very religious, I rarely find myself venturing into the realm of Christian hip-hop. I have no problem with the message that artists are trying to convey, and while there are some exceptions, my inability to relate to some of the lyrics makes it difficult to fully appreciate the music. In addition, some artists seem more focused on preaching their message of spirituality than on making quality music, and while their lyrics are certainly meaningful, it often makes for a one-dimensional album. I was interested, then, to see where CY's latest album would fall along the spectrum of Christian rap, as it was clear after listening to just a few cuts that his talent level was not in question. Rather, I wondered whether "High Wire Act" would be too spiritually-oriented to appeal to a more casual listener such as myself. CY's skills as an emcee are evident from the very opening track, "Musical Castle," as he raps with the hunger and aggression of an artist who has something to prove. Over heavy organ chords and ominous cackling and chanting scattered throughout the background, CY paints a picture with three verses full of vivid imagery. Although the second track, "Work For Hire," is less impressive, with lackluster synths and piano keys and a simple drum pattern that has a very synthetic sound, CY bounces back on the album's title track. A catchy drum loop and a driving brassy bassline lay the foundation for the head-bobber, with short, funky electronic synths to complement."

Jonwayne :: Oodles of Doodles :: Stones Throw Records
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

[Oodles of Doodles] 
"Jonwayne is a Los Angeles-based rapper and producer who has been part of that city's Low End Theory for a while. He released his first beat tape, "Bowser," last year, and has put out several mixtapes. "Oodles of Doodles" collects two CDs worth of beats. Jonwayne is part of the same hip-hop/electronica scene that has produced Flying Lotus, Schlohmo, and Nosaj Thing, and he's on the same label that has released hip-hop instrumentals by Madlib, J Dilla, Oh No, and Dam-Funk. Jonwayne tries to meld these two worlds, combining IDM with funky, blunted out hip-hop.

Being that his first album was titled after Mario's nemesis Bowser and the cover used the Super Mario World font, it's no surprise that 16-bit sounds are all over "Oodles of Doodles." There is some dark, Mario-style funk on "I For Kutmah." "Dat Ass" sounds like a booty jam Samus would bump on her way to Zebes to kill some metroids. "Stellar by Starlight" sounds like the sexed-up end theme from a Final Fantasy game. Imagine if the dudes composing music for the Super Nintendo had been hip-hop fans with a medical marijuana card, and you've got Jonwayne. There is a languid, stoned swagger to the beats. The drums hit just a little bit slower than you'd expect them to, which makes the whole album sound a little off kilter and unsettling. While there are some banging beats here, I didn't enjoy listening to this as much as I wanted to. Part of that might be that I'm not a huge fan of video game music. Ever since my NES days I would turn the sound down and my stereo up."

Iron Solomon :: Monster :: 3D Distribution
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"From the name you might think Iron Solomon was a member of the Wu-Tang Clan's extended fam; and in his bio Solomon does mention them as one of his artistic inspirations. He also credits N.W.A. and Nirvana as influences along with "New York City’s multi-cultural patchwork." It probably goes without saying that he's got a diverse range of influences. It might also go without saying that he's caucasian, something you might not immediately pick up on while listening to "Monster," but if you Google his name looking for a Wiki page one of the first hits you get is "7 White Rappers Way Better than Eminem and Asher Roth." So instead of trying to pretend there's not an elephant in the room, let's just put him in the same category as Action Bronson and be done with it. Solomon is a serious emcee collaborating WITH serious emcees like Talib Kweli on songs like "The Empire". Now I don't know about "way better than Eminem" per se, but I'd be willing to put him at or above Asher Roth, who I find relatively enjoyable but occasionally lacking the competitive cojones his urban counterparts have. Iron Solomon might be a N.W.A. fan, but he sounds like the New York City that he comes from, both in accent and in his attitude."

Ja Rule :: PIL 2 :: MPire/Fontana Distribution
as reviewed by Pete T.

[PIL 2] 
"February 28, 2012 was a significant day in the life of Jeffrey Atkins. Not only was it the onetime chart-topper's 36th birthday, it was also the release date of "PIL 2," his first album in eight years, billed as a sequel to his 2001 multi-platinum smash "Pain Is Love" and released during an extended jail bid for the Queens native. Releasing sequels to their respective opuses has become commonplace among New York's fading stars - in recent years we've seen everything from "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. 2," "H.N.I.C. Pt. 2," and "The War Report 2" to "The Hunger for More 2," "Bacdafucup Part 2," and "J.O.S.E. 2" - and for Ja seemingly signals a desperate attempt to cling to relevance even if it does place him among solid company. I was eleven years old when "Pain Is Love" took control of my New York-area airwaves. It might be no surprise, then, that it remains a sentimental favorite of mine. (I'd say I had a soft spot for it, but what other kind of spot can you have for Ja? Pete's got jokes!) While I'll forever hold dear the afternoons whiled away playing "Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2" with my sixth grade friends accompanied by "Pain Is Love" on the boombox, I'm confident that it was a bigger, better, and more influential album than most would care to admit or remember more than a decade on. Knocking none other than "The Blueprint" from atop the Billboard charts, "Pain Is Love" boasted no fewer than four top ten singles, almost singlehandedly propelled Jennifer Lopez into the J.Lo and Jenny From the Block we know and love, and made Miss Ashanti S. Douglas a household name."

Perfeck Strangers :: Series Premiere :: URBNET Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[Series Premiere] 
"Let me just say straight up that Perfect Strangers is one of my favorite sitcoms of all time. I suppose it doesn't hurt that I grew up as a child of the 1980's, in a house that didn't have cable TV, and Lord knows 300 baud dial-up modems didn't make for a thrilling internet experience. For entertainment that didn't involve a paperback novel or an original (brick) GameBoy, watching the antics of Larry and Balki on Wednesday or Friday nights was about as good as it gets. Just give me a sandwich, a soda and a bowl of popcorn and I was good to go. Not watching my favorite show? "DON'T BE RIDICULOUS!!!" You'd have just about much luck asking me to turn off Doctor Who or The A-Team, but those are topics for another review. Besides it's conceptually easy to base a rap group on two distant cousins coming together to collaborate, though on the first single "Ghetto" that theme was put in the background as Promise & Dan-e-o focused on social commentary. Even though it may come off as harsh in print, there's actually a whimsy and humor to the song, thanks to the harmonica and the harmony plus a collaborative third verse about "a mindset that's monumental" like "shiny rims on the car (but) he can't drive you far cause his license was lost, there's nothing in the bank, so he's got an empty tank - now that's ghetto." It was a good introduction to the duo collaborating though, especially for those who know Dan-e-o better as a soloist, and "Series Premiere" is an excellent follow-up."

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