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Thursday October 23, 2014
Feature of the Week

[Paperwork] No trouble this time, man.

T.I. Review

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MP3: Rihanna f/ Nicki Minaj - "Raining Men"

From M3W:

MP3: Rihanna f/ Nicki Minaj - "Raining Men"

* *

PR: Prodigal Son Wins Hip-Hop Gospel Award

From Life-Line Worldwide:

PR: Prodigal Son Wins Hip-Hop Gospel Award

HOLY-wood Records CEO and recording artist, Prodigal Son had an unbelievable evening last night when he won Best Hip Hop Gospel Artist at the South Florida Gospel Music Awards.  When asked about the win last night Prodigal Son had this to say, “I’m speechless, really the biggest thing that I was excited about was that the South Florida community is now behind me; and I remembered my mom’s last words before she passed were “never give up” and now things are moving forward. God has taken it to another level.”  This has truly been an amazing year for Prodigal Son, touring all over the world, recording and releasing mixtapes every single month so fans can understand his story, his national debut album “Kingdom Swagga-Nomics” charting on the Billboard Gospel Charts,  to now this moment in time of winning an award in his home state of Florida!  “Great things are on the horizon I see it!” says Prodigal Son.

On November 16th Prodigal Son is releasing the third installment of the mixtapes releasing, “HOLYwoood Records presents: Hard Knock Life” this time out he features tracks used by Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, Nas, and others to give testimony of where he and the rest of the HOLYwood family used to be and where they are now.  It will be a free download on .

Prodigal Son is preparing a new campaign called, “Bully Me No More.”  “This is a cause very dear to my heart because there are thousands of young children, youth, and even adults that are bullied around the world every single day” says Prodigal Son.  He has written a song titled, “Hidden Rage” which the music video for the song just got nominated for Video Of The Year from the Rosa Parks Foundation.  You can download the single on or go to and type in Hidden Rage.  With over 20,000 hits so far, the single is out to help people gain a better understanding of this growing problem in our society.

You can purchase Prodigal Son “Kingdom Swagga-Nomics” on .


·         Go the website: .

·         Click on Register and create a User Account

·         Click on MEDIA at the top of page to access the FREE DOWNLOADS

·         Thank you very much for downloading #2 of 6 New Era Mixtape Series:

“HOLY-wood Records: Bad Boyz Of The World Vol. 2”

To keep up on the latest news or tour information on PRODIGAL SON check out: .

Video: LifeLong & Venomous2000 - "Mind Over Matter"

From Life Long:

Video: LifeLong & Venomous2000 - "Mind Over Matter"

Video: J the Man - "Always Good"

From Jelani Sami:

Video: J the Man - "Always Good"

Video: Scheme - "Maintain"

From Scheme:

Video: Scheme - "Maintain"

Scheme "Maintain" from Ruby Hornet.

Video: J. Monday Performs Hits @ Club Fluid in Philly

From Javier Sanabria:

Video: J. Monday Performs Hits @ Club Fluid in Philly

MP3: M.I.G. f/ Red Cafe - "I Got It"

From Chris at E1 Music:

MP3: M.I.G. f/ Red Cafe - "I Got It"








MP3: Thadd Williams f/ Fred Da Godson - "What More Can I Say (Remix)"

From Mic Fiend Promotions:

MP3: Thadd Williams f/ Fred Da Godson - "What More Can I Say (Remix)"

Thadd Williams has been pushing his latest release of Blue Collar Code since April.  The stand out single from the album was What More Can I Say.  Now Thadd has added New York's Fred Da Godson to the track to create an extremely hot remix.



Video: Jose Guapo Talks Young Dro Signing

From DJ Smallz:

Video: Jose Guapo Talks Young Dro Signing

Jose Guapo Talks Young Dro Signing, Rich Kids Split from DJ Smallz.

Video: SigNif - "Drifting"

From Dunn Deal PR:

Video: SigNif - "Drifting"

In a male-dominated medium that often sees women using their sexuality to make a name for themselves, Milwaukee-raised NYC resident Signif chooses to channel the art of hip-hop in her songs rather than the hype that surrounds the “prototype” of the female emcee. SigNif was first turned onto hip-hop by her older brothers, and began writing poetry at age eight, which soon led to freestyling. She soon took to developing songs that attempted to capture the essence of both the poetic and off-the-cuff approaches that came naturally to her. In 2009 she released the Beautifully Flawed EP, and The Transition dropped earlier this year featuring Prophetic, J Nolan, APrime, Tay Lee and GodFree. Producer and longtime collaborator Haz Solo recently followed up with his Transition remixes, which you can hear here.


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