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MP3: Pretty Ricky - "One Night Stand (Remix)"

From DJ Smallz:

MP3: Pretty Ricky - "One Night Stand (Remix)"




DOWNLOAD LINK: http://hulkshare.com/qf4xsnih6fcy .

Free Download: Billy Drease - Forbidden Tracks

From Tony @ DTR45:

Free Download: Billy Drease - Forbidden Tracks

Billy Drease Williams' newest release is an exclusive collection of raw, intelligent rhymes that comes from the heart and speaks to the streets. It's hotter, heavier and harder than what you're used to, but it's all Billy Drease and it's all FREE.

From epic collaborations with DJ Cutler, Trev Thorne and others to the classic sampling in Just a Break to the warning of Militant, BDW brings it back with an unparalleled style that reminds us of what good rap is and just how good it can be. Known in many circles as the "Sidewalk Scholar," Billy Drease speaks truth and has the strength and knowledge to back it up. This is a rare release from the DTR45 vaults and we are giving it away for a limited time because what Billy's got to say ought to be heard.

Download it for free today as one ZIP file or individual MP3 files.

Video: DaVincci f/ AG Lyonz, Omniscient - "Something Like This"

From Semp Rok:

Video: DaVincci f/ AG Lyonz, Omniscient - "Something Like This"

PR: Zero Star - "Don't Look Now" EP

From Wanja Large:

Zero Star - "Don't Look Now" EP

The feeling you got when you first heard Show and AG's classic track "Next Level," is the same exact feeling Columbus, Ohio's Zero Star hopes to give listeners on his new project "Don't Look Now!"  Zero Star takes an unconventional approach, in a conventional rap world, while an unknown but extremely talented producer by the name of J Maggz provides the backdrop.  The man who claims to be from "The Rewind Era," gives plenty of rewind moments through this 8 song EP.  With raps by the hundreds Zero takes listeners on a fast paced journey of emotional highs, whether it's his motivational undefeated slogan "72 Dolphins," or the infectious bounciness of "#1 With a Bullet."  Zero is out to make certain his name will soon be mentioned alongside your favorite underground emcees.

Purchase "Don't Look Now": Don't Look Now EP

Video "72' Dolphins": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-7JptLhKGI 

Free Download "72' Dolphins" single (mp3 / clean): http://fburls.com/33-TLHziBa9

EP Cover: http://fburls.com/52-rgZd2XMM

About Zero Star:
Raised by wolves in a remote jungle in the rainforests of Brazil, is where a young wolf pup named Zero Star would hone his howling skills.  In wolf culture howling skills translate into what we know in the human world as “rapping ability.”  In one verse Star can take the listener through a number of regions with his ever changing flow, cadence, and rhyme pattern.  He uses his delivery in such a manner; it’s as if his voice is another instrument.   It doesn’t take the listener long to hear the influence of the 90’s in his music.  While that influence is a consistent theme, it never feels overbearing to the ear.  In fact, to hear it brings nostalgia that most hip hop has been missing.  Zero is an artist that looks to his past, to bring awareness to his present, and make way for his future.

On stage Zero brings full energy in every song.  He prides himself on never having a hype man on stage.  You are compelled to move and nod your head while Zero bounces around on stage with supreme confidence.  He believes less is more, so when you see him on stage often times it’s nothing more than two turntables and a microphone.  He’s always looking to keep the crowd involved, making you feel as if you’re hanging out with two hundred of your best friends.   

In 2006, Zero released his debut LP “Forever’s Never Really That Long,” on Weightless Recordings.  With a newcomer by the name of Ree-Dic, and underground champion Blueprint at the forefront of the production, the album received warm responses from critics and listeners everywhere.  However, due to some legal setbacks he wasn’t able to continue the momentum gained from the album.  In 2009, he was the opener on the Diabolical Fun Tour with world renowned lyricist Illogic.  With 2011 on the horizon this looks to be Zero Star’s biggest year.  With a new project “Don’t Look Now,” set to drop in the summer, and the long awaited second album to follow, Zero Star will be a name that avid music listeners will be saying very soon.  Catch the man from “The Rewind Era,” in a city near you this summer and fall.
Video: Kosha Dillz Is Everywhere (Documentary Trailer)

From KD World:

Video: Kosha Dillz Is Everywhere (Documentary Trailer)

The hustle is something I take pride in. This short doc trailer is a prelude to an entire film that will hopefully be complete by the end of 2011. It will be submitted to film festivals and hopefully be sold for a million dollars. (or millions... I'll take millions)

Junkadelic Music - Tales From the Nightmare Industry Vol. 1

From JM:

Junkadelic Music - Tales From the Nightmare Industry Vol. 1


1. Chapter 1 (feat. The I.M.O)
2. Mc's Out There (feat. Marc Live, The I.M.O)
3. Dream or Nightmare (feat. The I.M.O)
4. I'm On Again (feat. Chem)
5. Young & Buck (feat. Mr. Sche, T-Rock)
6. Time Goes By (feat. Grand Comity)
7. Flatline Industry
8. Gangsta Boogie (feat. Kool Keith, Chem)
9. I'm Underground (feat. Kannadi Spadez) [Larry Hutch Remix]
10. Y'all Ain't Ready (feat. Mr. Sche, K-Rino)*
11. Don't Play No Games (feat. Immortal Lowlife)
12. This Is L.I.F.E (feat. Raaddrr Van)
13. I Drop Money (feat. Kool Keith, Mr. Sche)


Amazon : Tales From the Nightmare Industry
Vimeo : http://vimeo.com/23630124 (The I.M.O "Dream Or Nightmare")

*FREE DOWNLOAD* -> K-Rino & Mr. Sche "Ya'll Ain't Ready"

Download Link: http://www.sharebeast.com/ovqb9gx7alyw .

* www.junkadelicmusic.net *

Video: Omniscence - "Amazin' (3 Boyz From Newark Mix)"

Video: Omniscence - "Amazin' (3 Boyz From Newark Mix)"

Video: Cankoone x J. Cardim - "School's Out"

From Zack Einhorn:

Video: Cankoone x J. Cardim - "School's Out"

Perfeck Strangers - Update 7/6/11

From Dan-e-o:

Perfeck Strangers - Update 7/6/11

To get on the Perfeck Strangers mailing list and to find out how you can
take part in the group's debut music video "Ghetto", email

Perfeck Strangers, hip-hop's newest dynamic duo, are hard at work prepping
for the release of their debut album, "Series Premiere". Set to drop late
this fall, the album is currently in its mixing stage. But that isn't
stopping group members, Promise & Dan-e-o from attacking the entertainment
world at full force this summer!

While Perfeck Strangers' debut single “Work To Do” featuring Drake
(http://www.perfeckstrangers.com/WorkToDo.mp3) continues to burn up the
airwaves across Canada and accumulate views on YouTube, the duo is
preparing for the filming of their first video, “Ghetto” this August!

To be directed by Andre Rehal (Grimace Love's “Grimstone” and Sep's “Dot
City”) the “Ghetto” video is set for release this September!

Perfeck Strangers feat. Drake - "Work To Do"
Grimace Love - "Grimstone"
Sep - "Dot City"

This past July 1st, York University's CHRY 105.5fm ushered in Canada Day
with a special edition of “It's Bigger Than Hip Hop”! To celebrate, the
station's top hip-hop program invited some of Toronto's elite MC's to
discuss their latest projects.

Among the four-hour show's highlights were the interviews and freestyles
featuring Promise & Dan-e-o. Also included in the broadcast was “Work To
Do” by Perfeck Strangers featuring Drake, “Haterz” by Dan-e-o featuring
marveL and “Somebody Else” by Promise.

Dan-e-o feat. marveL - "Haterz"
Download "Dilla Pickles":

One half of Perfeck Strangers, Promise has just released the follow-up to
his 2008 "More Than Music" debut. On June 28, Promise dropped his highly
anticipated sophomore effort "Awakening", kicking things off at a packed
CD release party in Toronto.

Throughout July, Promise will begin the southern Ontario and eastern
United States leg of his “Wake Up” tour to promote the album. Confirmed
dates, thus far, include:

July 8 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Petra International
July 15 – Etobicoke, ON @ IEC
July 22 – Scarborough, ON @ MCA
July 25 – Petersburgh, ON @ Ray Of Hope
July 29 – Toronto, ON @ Lambadina Lounge

Promise - "Awakening" trailer:

Having already starred in a number of commercials and an episode of the
hot new A&E series, “Breakout Kings” this year, Perfeck Strangers member
Dan-e-o is slowly but surely making his mark in the acting world.

This July, Dan-e-o will make his big screen debut in his first
feature-length film, “Anything Goes”, written and directed by Bruno

“Anything Goes” trailer:

WEBSITE: http://www.perfeckstrangers.com
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/perfeckstrangers
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/perfeckstranger
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/perfeckstrangers

WEBSITE: http://www.ipromisemusic.com
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/ipromisemusic
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/ipromisemusic
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/ipromisemusic

WEBSITE: http://www.dan-e-o.com
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/daneo1010
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/daneo10
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/donfaraldo
ONLINE STORE: http://www.maplemusic.com/dept.asp?dept_id=2313
THA O SHOW: http://www.thaoshow.com

Video: Riz - "Price You Pay" & Short Film

From J Melo:

Video: Riz - "Price You Pay" & Short Film

RIZ "Price You Pay" Music Video from RIZ.

Riz is a New York emcee who has been seriously buzzing as of late. After a slew of videos released in the last few months, he returns today with yet another brand new music video and short film to accompany, both titled "Price You Pay."

Short Film: "Price You Pay"

"Price You Pay" - a tale of loyalty, greed and betrayal.

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