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Sunday March 01, 2015
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[Dark Sky Paradise] Dark skies ahead?

Big Sean Review

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Video: Isaiah Toothtaker - WERDEMUP Video Zine: Issue 1

From Audible Treats:

Video: Isaiah Toothtaker - WERDEMUP Video Zine: Issue 1

WERDEMUP video zine:issue 1 from Isaiah Toothtaker.

MP3: Backbone (Dungeon Family) "The Streetz Iz Mine"

From J. Melo:

MP3: Backbone (Dungeon Family) "The Streetz Iz Mine"

Backbone of the legendary Dungeon Family (Trans DF Express, etc) is prepping his new project "Beats & Rhymes {The Appreciation"). The project is a salute to some of hip-hop's finest. Who better to put together such a project than a member of the most infulential crews in the history of hip-hop. The first leak is "The Streetz Iz Mine" and hears Backbone rhyming over "Sucker MC's" by RUN DMC. 

"The Streetz Iz Mine"
PR: UK Runnings Presents Super Novar

From Park Street PR:

UK Runnings Presents Super Novar

Supar Novar is the award winning London rapper who was a member of Skinnyman's group Mud Fam back in 1999 and in 2001 was label mates with Klashnekoff. He has rocked many venues and shared stages with the likes of Ghostface, M.O.P and The Clipse. His debut album 'From The Beginning' was well received and featured production from himself alongside First Man Productions, Joe Buhdha, DJ Flip, Show N Prove and DJ Snips. This was the same year that lead to Supar Novar performing at Glastonbury and winning 'Best Hip-Hop' at The Indy Music Awards as voted by music fans. It's achievements like this that have earned the respect from Hip-Hop fans worldwide.

Supar Novar's alliance with UK Runnings kicked off in 2007 after constantly being bugged by Tricksta for tracks for his mixtapes. Tricksta soon let Novar know that he is indeed one of his favourite rappers and the two naturally discussed doing a project together. In 2008 Supar Novar chose UK Runnings as the home for his 'Wordz From The Frontline' and now in 2011 UK Runnings and Supar Novar return with 'Man On Fire'.  Featuring unreleased tracks & collaborations with Mystro, Pyro Barz, Charlie Sloth, MCD and more, this is just a taste of what's to come. Supar Novar's forthcoming album featuring N-Dubz, Neon Hitch and MCD promises to be real explosive music!


01 - Intro (Produced by Supar Novar)
02 - It's Over Dub
03 - Kill Them Wid The Flow Freestyle
04 - I Shot (Prod. by Show N Prove)
05 - J-Armz/Araab Muzik Freestyle
06 - Slow Down Freestyle
07 - Take It Slow UK Remix Feat. Rich Kidd, Mystro & Pyro Barz
08 - Under Pressure Freestyle
09 - What We Talkin Bout?
10 - Boring Me Feat. Big Ben (Prod. by Show N Prove)
11 - These Waters (Prod. by Supar Novar)
12 - My Chick Bad Freestyle
13 - Do You Know Why I'm Here Feat Dead Set Gemini (Prod. by Show N Prove)
14 - BMF Freestyle
15 - The Streets Got A New Face
16 - Loyalty Feat. Charlie Sloth & Tabanacle
17 - Emotional Victory Feat. Wordplay (Prod. by Nutty P)
18 - I'm Ill
19 - Cause Of Silence Feat. MCD (Prod. by MCD)
20 - PFC Feat. Big Ben & Ragz Sweet Jones
21 - No Passing Out (Pass Out Dub)
22 - No Work Monday (Prod. by Hudson Mohawke)
23 - Not Afraid Dub

Download Links:

Check out these music videos.

Supar Novar ft. Big Ben - Boring Me

Supar Novar - These waters

Connect with Supar Novar
Video: Poetic Pilgrimage & M. Yahya - "Silence Is Consent"

From M. Yahya:

Video: Poetic Pilgrimage & Mohammed Yahya - "Silence Is Consent"

Video: 8 Bit Duane - "Castlevania II Simon's Quest Rap"

Video: 8 Bit Duane - "Castlevania II Simon's Quest Rap"

Video: Brentalfloss - "A Boy and His Blob Mini Rap"

Video: Brentalfloss - "A Boy and His Blob Mini Rap"

MP3: Tusche De Costa f/ J-Hood - "Satanic Verses"

From Park Street PR:

MP3: Tusche De Costa f/ J-Hood - "Satanic Verses"

Here is massive collaboration between UK Rapper Tusche De Costa and ex-D-Block Rapper J-Hood with production from the talented Beatbusta. Tusche De Costa has been working hard on a brand new mixtape due for release soon which already promises to be a collection of his best work to date. The new project will again be mixed by DJ Ames and once again show off the skill and talent of this UK rapper. Tusche Costa has been getting a lot of support from DJ Ames, DJ Mega Stress & UK Runnings has also recently supported Klashnekoff, Malik MD7 & Sykes in Birmingham and collaborated with 2Pac's Outlawz.

Download link:


If you missed DJ Ames & Tusche De Costa 'Crucifix' grab it now!! 


Video: Cris Cab Covers "Black and Yellow"

From Skyscraper Management:

Video: Cris Cab Covers "Black and Yellow"

Del's ICE COLD TOUR 2011 ft. Bukue One & Serendipity Project

From Funnyman Entertainment:

Del's ICE COLD TOUR 2011 ft. Bukue One and Serendipity Project


Tion Bukue "Nome De Plume" Drops Feb. 5th!


Bukue One's New Album! "Nome De Plume - TIon Bukue" Available Feb 5th
This is the latest release of the renaissance man. A mature blend of TIon ( his real name) the business, behind the scenes side of the game and Bukue the artist. The soul/funkful tracks by Hamburg's superproducer Flaps, with collaborations featuring Del, Chip Fu, Motion man and more. Combination of Layered textured beats, Fresh scratching and clean rhyming shows that Bukue stays close to the hip hop's soul, keeping the all essential elements involved!
This album is also a "Pick your price" album! You can pay a minimum of $2 if ya like.
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Audio: Chamillionaire feat. Big K.R.I.T. - "This My World"

Chamillionaire's 2nd release from his Playlist Poison song series. This My World Feat. Big K.R.I.T. Produced by VMan Productions. Background vocals by Stephanie Tunchez (@ostephy)



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