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Free Music Friday: Hotter Than July Edition

Yes, I decided to jack Stevie Wonder's 1980 album title for this week's FMF and what I got for y'all this week is no exaggeration. Five mixtapes/albums for y'all and one of them is a HIGHLY-ANTICIPATED ALBUM that's been given away for the RAPPER HIMSELF! Check it out! 

Da Brat :: Life After Death Mixtape

Da Brat

Guess who's back? DA BRAT-TAT-TAT-TAT~! Fresh from serving her prison bid, this Chi-Town emcee wasted no time getting back to the studio to work on music and release this mixtape fa all y'all. So So Def is still on her side and hopefully we'll see her come back with a full-length album that gives us the same Brat we all know and love - wicked, rapid and Funkdafied.

1. Intro
2. West Side
3. Get It
4. Racks
5. Sure Thing Remix
6. Second Chance
7. Fab 5 Freddy
8. Dumb Stupid Crazy
9. Motivation
10. Look at Me Now

KB Jones :: The Honey on the Side EP

KB Jones

I don't know where KB Jones is from, but I feel where he's coming from while listening to "The Honey on the Side." In other words, regardless of what city Joens represents, he still represents that real hip-hop that we can feel. Jones was even so nice to allow me to give to y'all BEFORE its July 4th release date so download away!

Tracklisting (not sure if this is actually in the right order, because the link I have is in alphabetical order):

Call on Me
Forward in Progress
Honey on the Side
Interjection for the Rejects
Let the Beat Manifest
Muddy Waters
One of Us is Changing
Step to My Chick
Thank Ya Maim
The Paper Chase
Witness the Making

Lil B :: I'm Gay (I'm Happy)

Lil B


Straight out of the mouth (or um... fingers) of the BasedGod himself, Lil B decides to give away his controversial album known as "I'm Gay (I'm Happy)" for free for those who can't afford it with ten dollars or is too cheap to spend it. This album, although I've been only couple of tracks in it so far, actually surprised me with the directions Lil B decided to take with this album. And it proves that Lil B is more than just a "hoes on my dick 'cause I look like {*insert random name here*}" rapper. I might give a final word on it when I finish with it, but here it is in its full coming-out mode (no Menudo) is Lil B's "I'm Gay." #Swag!


1. Trapped In Prison
2. Open Thunder Eternal Slumber
3. Game
4. Unchain Me
5. Never Gunna Stop Me
6. Gon Be Okay
7. The Wilderness
8. I Hate Myself
9. Get It While Its Good
10. I Seen That Light
11. My Last Chance
12. 1 Time Remix

Mick Boogie + DJ Jazzy Jeff :: Summertime 2

Mick Boogie + Jazzy Jeff

No tracklisting is necessary here, because it's just a summertime-ready DJ mix made by two DJs', Mick Boogie and DJ Jazzy Jeff, featuring dope cuts from De La Soul, Stevie Wonder, The Fresh Prince (of course!), The Turtles, Slum Village, The Pharcyde, Q-Tip, Slick Rick, The Isley Brothers, and more. So if you want a good mix to blast for the summer-summer-summer-tiiiime, download this and let ya iPod blast!

Quest-Rah :: Ancient Tapes Vol​.​2: The Lost Art

Here's a free UK hip-hop for y'all. Quest-Rah's evidently been doing his hip-hop occupation for a while considering that this mixtape is a sequel. If you enjoy hip-hop with no gimmicks, then this is something you should definitely check out.

1. Intro - A Lost Art
2. Heat
3. Chasin' Shadows (feat. The Planets)
4. Femme Fatale
5. Stay Official (feat. Digital Martyrs & Ikwon)
6. Legend of a Fighter
7. Interlude - Concrete Desert
8. The Window (feat. Phonetikz)
9. Move On, Elevate
10. Opium Warz (feat. Phoenix Da Icefire & Phonetikz)
11. Craftsman
12. 5th Element
13. The Weak & The Strong (feat. OnTheD)
14. El Ijaza (Vacation) (feat. Abdelkader Saadoun)
15. Calm Before The Storm (RMX)
16. Outro - Remembrance


That's it for the "Hotter Than July Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love...
Video: UnderRated of Potluck - "3 Minute Miracle"

From James @ Kerosene:

Video: UnderRated of Potluck - "3 Minute Miracle"

Potluck have released their video for the track "3 Minute Miracle" online. The track appears on Potluck's new album "Rhymes & Resin" which is in stores and on iTunes through Suburban Noize Records and features Glasses Malone, Murs and Mistah FAB, King Gordy, Ill Bill, and Slaine.
Potluck's grinding blue collar work ethic, unwavering perseverance, and grassroots campaign to build a fan base is one of the most impressive stories in hip-hop. UnderRated handles most of the production and has produced tracks for many top 200 billboard albums.  They are both multi-talented artists, they are DJ's, rappers, and avid hip-hop junkies.  The group has spent the last four years on the road consistently performing for hip-hop diehards all across the globe on tours with Tech N9ne, La Coka Nostra and a recent 40-date tour Co-Headlining with platinum rappers D12.

Video: T-Pain - "Road to rEVOLVEr" Episode 15 - Boston

From Dan Roof:

Video: T-Pain - "Road to rEVOLVEr" Episode 15 - Boston

MP3: DJ JS-1 - "How We Think" Ft. Sick Jacken, Slaine, Sabac Red

From Audible Treats:

MP3: DJ JS-1 - "How We Think" Ft. Sick Jacken, Slaine, Sabac Red

The Song:

DJ JS-1 is in good spirits since the release of his latest album, No One Cares. So good, in fact, that he's giving out not one but two free tracks for fans to enjoy this week: his newest single, "How We Think," and a fresh studio mix of "Reppin' NY" by none other than the legendary DJ Premier.

JS-1's newest single, "How We Think," is mellow joint with but comes well equipped with rough undertones courtesy of featured artists Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, Slaine of La Coka Nostra, and Sabac Red of Non Phixion. "I reached out to the homie DJ Muggs and asked him to speak to Sick Jacken," say JS-1. "Once Sick Jacken was down, I went to Slaine, who is one of my favorite artists, and then Sabac Red from Non-Phixion. DJ Eclipse helped everything go smoothly, too." Along with an unsettling guitar riff and a hard drum loop, the song's hook drives the message home. "I loved all their vocals but needed to come up with the perfect hook," says JS-1. "I liked the line 'You Know How We Think,' because it's quite obvious how myself and these MCs think. We do hardcore hip-hop, and never fold under the pressure to sell out and do cornball rap."

It's a tall task getting so many rappers involved with the making of one album, and so, just the same way JS-1 utilized the assistance of DJ Muggs and Eclipse for "How We Think," he called in the help of a special friend, DJ Premier, to get in touch with Lil' Fame and Bumpy Knuckles, who are both featured on "Reppin' NY" along with Joell Ortiz. Now, JS-1 is releasing a special mix and master of the song, done by DJ Premier himself. "Once the song was recorded and I laid the cuts down, Premier asked me if he could mix and master that song," explains JS-1. Busy schedules kept Premier's mix off the album, but, Premo recently sat down behind the boards and added his signature studio magic. "As a man of his word, and someone who truly respects and enjoys good hip-hop, Preem still took the time to mix it, just so we can blast it out to all the DJs and real hip-hop fans," says JS-1. "The mix is better now, of course. I can't thank him enough for his help."

DJ JS-1's new album, No One Cares, is now available via a joint venture between Fat Beats Distribution and JS-1's own Ground Original.

Download "How We Think" ft. Sick Jacken, Slaine, and Sabac Red here: .

MP3: Grafh x Rap-P x Benefit - "I Can't Leave (Remix)"

From PR Dean:

MP3: Grafh x Rap-P x Benefit - "I Can't Leave (Remix)"





Video: Apollo Brown - "Tao Te Ching"

From Mello Music Group:

Video: Apollo Brown - "Tao Te Ching"

Apollo Brown's "Clouds" has been one of the most talked about instrumental projects of the year.  So, just before Apollo releases his new project with Hassaan Mackey (Daily Bread), he has decided to release a short animated feature to play as a companion to the "Clouds" track "Tao Te Ching".
"A Solitary Crane In Winter Snow Needs No Jewels"

The video, directed by Emrys Roberts, unravels at a laid back, easy pace.  First, Taoist mountains appear on yellowed parchment before calligraphic I-Ching symbols are drawn, slowly creating the entire Taoist wheel of hexagrams.  Finally, the short animated piece evolves from a spinning I-Ching wheel into a spiral galaxy, rotating amongst the stars.

Video: Revalation f/ Mayhem (EMS) - "The Goods"

From Chris Figueroa:

Video: Revalation f/ Mayhem (EMS) - "The Goods"

Audio: Black Rob - "Celebration"

From Duck Down:

Audio: Black Rob - "Celebration"

* *

Perfect music for the upcoming July 4th Holiday. The track is from Black Rob's upcoming album, Game Tested, Streets Approved, out July 26th on Duck Down Music. "Celebration" is produced by The A3.

Video: Esohel - "Bleed" (prod. Sense)

From U Dot Fam:

Video: Esohel - "Bleed" (prod. Sense)

Beast Factory Films and U Dot Fam link up once again to bring you the lead single off of Esohel's "Essential" album titled  "Bleed".

In "Bleed", Esohel expresses his passion for what he does while unaware of actress Melissa Hedberg's passion for him which quickly turns obsession, leading her down a dark path.

The video is directed/filmed/and edited as well as produced by Sense Hernandez and co-produced by Beatriz Loera.

Esohel's "Essential" drops 7/12/11 for free download on

Mp3 Link (Clean)-

Mp3 Link (Dirty)-

MP3: Wu-Tang Clan - "Laced Cheeba"

From Chris @ E1:

MP3: Wu-Tang Clan - "Laced Cheeba"


(New York, NY) – Get ready for an exciting new Wu-Tang project! LEGENDARY WEAPONS will be released on July 26th, 2011 and features Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, RZA, Method Man, Capadonna, U-God and Inspectah Deck, along with AZ, M.O.P, Sean Price, Killa Sin and others. This project is Executive Produced by RZA. LEGENDARY WEAPONS' throw-back sound is inspired by classic soul and kung fu imagery. It features raw tracks by RZA together with members of the Brooklyn, NY-based band The Revelations. Together, they provide a solid foundation for the crew's tales of violent New York street life. The album's first single "Only the Rugged Survive" is now available on iTunes was and features RZA, U-God, Cappadonna, and Bronze Nazareth. Check out "Laced Chiba" featuring Ghost Face, Sean Price, and Trife Diesel below.

* *

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