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Sunday November 23, 2014
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[Ruane Maurice] Dark and grimy!

Ruane Maurice review

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2 Hungry Bros x Dub MD Presents..."Open Buffet!" (Mixtape)

From DubMD84:

2 Hungry Bros x Dub MD Presents..."Open Buffet!" (Mixtape)

o·pen: Affording unobstructed entrance and exit; not shut or closed.
buf·fet: A table from which meals or refreshments are served.
Its been a long time coming, and the time has finally come for the AOK Collective's 2 Hungry Bros (Deep x Ben Boogz) to bring you this nutritious audible banquet that is the "Open Buffet!" just in time for Thanksgiving! Described by Deep (2HB) as "In your face and it won't make you feel envious about not having alot of money, pornstars for girlfriends, or Satanists as friends." as they connect with the UK's Dub MD to present this exclusive FREE mixtape, and declare the buffet officially open.
"Open Buffet!" features every member of the AOK Collective in Fresh Daily, 8thW1, Homeboy Sandman and P.SO. Aswell as showcasing the talents Señor Kaos, I Am Many, YC The Cynic, alongside female emcee Likwuid and vocalist Janelle Renee, over some of the hardest in your face beats the 2 Hungry Bros have released to date...GRUBS UP!!!
01.) The Download Song (feat. Señor Kaos)
02.) Kill To Kill (feat. I Am Many)
03.) Tithes At A Eulogy (feat. Likwuid)
04.) Good Question (feat. Señor Kaos)
05.) Mouthin' Off (feat. P.SO & Fresh Daily)
06.) Fall Forward (Remix) (feat. YC The Cynic, 8thW1 & P.SO)
07.) Don't Say (feat. Janelle Renee & Homeboy Sandman)
08.) Kick 'N' A Snare (feat. Señor Kaos)
09.) What You Know (feat. P.SO, Homeboy Sandman & Likwuid)
10.) Is It True (feat. Señor Kaos)
11.) I AM (feat. 8thW1)
12.) Rabbit Punch (Part 2) (feat. P.SO & Fresh Daily)
13.) Gimmie Mine (feat. I Am Many)
* *

PR: Hieroglyphics + GOLD COIN Capsule Collection

From Audible Treats:

Hieroglyphics + GOLD COIN Capsule Collection

The Limited Edition GOLDCOIN® & HIERO Collection Arrives With Tee-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hieroman Toy, More

The Collection:

Following the release of the Hieroman toy as a teaser for the full collaboration, GOLDCOIN® and Hieroglyphics, both Bay Area powerhouses in their own right, have now released the full capsule collection, and the outcome is a jointly branded micro-product line combining the styles and backgrounds of each company.

The capsule collection consists of many pieces covering quite a wide spectrum and includes tee-shirts, a sweatshirt, laser engraved woodallions, key chains, and, of course, the much sought after Hieroman vinyl toy. All eight pieces of the collection are now available on the GOLDCOIN® and Hiero online shops. But don't expect them to be around for long; the collection and all of its accompanying pieces are limited edition.

Fans can also be on the lookout for two full collections to be given away over the coming weeks, one on the Hieroglyphics Facebook fan page and another on the Audible Treats Facebook fan page.

The Collection Pieces include:
• Hieroman Vinyl Toy
• '3rd Eye Vision' T-Shirt in Black and White
• Hiero Woodallion Chain
• Hiero Ring Keychain
• 'The Legendary' Sweatshirt in White
• 'The Legendary" T-Shirt in White/Black and White/Gold

For more information on The Hieroglyphics x GOLD COIN collaboration, please visit: and .

About Hiero Imperium Records:

Founded in 1997 in Oakland, CA, Hiero Imperium Records is Del The Funky Homosapien, Casual, Pep Love, Domino, and the Souls of Mischief, made up of A-Plus, Opio, Phesto and Tajai. Coming off waves of success from earlier releases like Souls' '93 Til Infinity, the Hiero crew had already established themselves as a name in mainstream and underground hip-hop, and soon released their first collective project Third Eye Vision. Since then the Hiero team has been thriving in the hip-hop world, releasing a number of projects within the label as well as branching out for collaborations with the likes of Jurassic 5, George Clinton, Dilated Peoples, Q-Tip, Xzibit and Gorillaz.

Video: Cali Swag District - "KickBack"

From Greg Miller:

Video: Cali Swag District - "KickBack"

Cali Swag District | Myspace Music Videos

MP3: Stik Figa & Oddisee - "From The Top" + Album Release

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Stik Figa & Oddisee - "From The Top" + Album Release

Mello Music Group Looks Toward 2011 With New Compilation Helpless Dreamer, Out Today

The Song:

As we near the end of 2010 most will be recounting the highs and lows of the past 12 months. Mello Music Group, however, is focused on what the New Year has in store, releasing a musical appetizer, the compilation album Helpless Dreamer, showcasing the label's supreme and far reaching talent, while giving a preview of offerings for 2011. Features from Diamond District, Kenn Starr, Roc Marciano, Fresh Daily, Invincible, Buff1, XO, Magestik Legend, Tranqill, Stik Figa, Toine, and Finale are included on the 13-track compilation album, with production from Oddisee, Apollo Brown, Has Lo, Black Milk, SlimKat 78, and Just Wright.

The first single to drop, "From The Top," sees Topeka, Kansas, native Stik Figa detail his hometown and state capital city, affectionately referred to in the song title as 'Top'. For Oddisee, who co-produced the track with Dunc from DTMD, working with Stik allowed him to continue his own efforts of geographic diversification while affording him the opportunity to work with an ultra-talented emcee. “In the tradition of Diamond District, Trek Life, and Tranqill, Stik Figa is the next project in my attempt to push regional Hip Hop," says the DC native. "‘From The Top’ really gives you a glimpse into a part of the country most of us are blind too. The song, itself, shows me Topeka, Kansas through the eyes of Stik Figa.”

The Mello Music Group compilation, Helpless Dreamer, is available now while Oddisee & Stik Figa's From The Top EP will be available November 30, 2010.

Listen to Stik Figa and Oddisee's "From The Top" here: .

Free Download: Billy Drease - "Lost in Space: Volume One"

From Tony at DTR45:

Free Download: Billy Drease - "Lost in Space: Volume One"

DTR45 presents Billy Drease Wiliams' "Lost In Space : Volume One", a collection of rare, unreleased and remixed tracks available today exclusively to subscribers on Billy's Bandcamp Page. Name your price or choose to pay nothing, but be sure to check out these rare gems.

* *

Billy Drease Williams' Good Morning Amy, featuring the single "Just Doin' It", is now available. Pick up the CD from Amazon or download the MP3s from iTunes today!

* *
* *
* *

Video: Kafani f/ Aktual, Kali Kash - "Top Shelf"

From Ameer Music:

Video: Kafani f/ Aktual, Kali Kash - "Top Shelf"

PR: Bubba Sparxxx Releases New 3-Song EP Today

From Gio at E1 Music:

Bubba Sparxxx Releases New 3-Song EP Today


(New York, NY) -- Bubba Sparxxx has begun work on his long-awaited third studio album, Miracle On Gamble Road. The album will be released on New South Entertainment/Entertainment One Music in spring 2011. Bubba is treating fans to a new digital EP, available now on iTunes. The EP features 3 brand-new songs from Bubba’s forthcoming album. They are “Get Over Me,” “Georgia,” and “Do It Twice.” 

The EP can be purchased here: .

Bubba says, “I've traveled the world doing shows and events and met so many fans, and I consider my fans to be some of the most loyal fans there are. I'm excited to give them this music and I think Bubba fans will enjoy and embrace the EP and later in '11, the album."

First bursting upon the scene in 2001 with his Gold certified album, Dark Days, Bright Nights (which yielded the monster hit “Ugly”), Sparxxx followed up with his genre-bending Deliverance; an album that took many fans by surprise and earned the rapper much critical acclaim for being well ahead of his time thanks to its ground-breaking production. Bubba’s last album The Charm (released in 2006) spawned the massive hit “Ms. New Booty” which became one of the biggest Ringtones of all time and hit well over 11,000 spins per week at radio.

Together, Sparxxx’ 3 albums have collectively sold over 1.3 million albums in the U.S. alone.

While you patiently wait for Bubba Sparxxx’s long awaited album to drop, follow him on twitter @BubbaKSparxxx.

For more information, go to: or .
About Entertainment One

Entertainment One (LSE:ETO) is a leading international entertainment company that specializes in the acquisition, production and distribution of film and television content.  The company’s comprehensive network extends around the globe including Canada, the U.S., the UK, Ireland, Benelux, France, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.  Through established Entertainment and Distribution divisions, the company provides extensive expertise in film distribution, television and music production, kids programming and merchandising and licensing. Its current rights library is exploited across all media formats and includes more than 20,000 film and television titles, 2,400 hours of television programming and 45,000 music tracks.

MP3: Kanye West & Jay-Z - "That's My Bitch" (prod. Q-Tip)

From Mic Fiend Promotions:

MP3: Kanye West & Jay-Z - "That's My Bitch" (prod. Q-Tip)

* *

Video: Wiz Khalifa Parody - Bill Cosby's "Jello Puddin'"

Video: Wiz Khalifa Parody - Bill Cosby's "Jello Puddin'"

The (W)rap Up - Week of November 16, 2010

[Mood Muzik 4]Joe Budden :: Mood Muzik 4
E1 Music
Author: Mike Baber

"There are certain emcees with voices so powerful that they can seemingly take over any track, regardless of who produces it or what instruments are used, and captivate the listener from beginning to end. While rappers such as Tupac and KRS-One immediately come to mind, one of the more underappreciated artists on this short list is none other than Joe Budden. This is not meant to suggest that he is in the same league lyrically as these hip-hop greats, but rather that, when Budden gets on the mic, his strong, authoritative delivery simply demands attention. Nowhere is this more apparent than on his latest mixtape, "Mood Muzik 4." Joe Budden's rap career has followed an interesting path, beginning back in 2003 when he dropped his self-titled debut album. The lead single "Pump It Up" was featured in the movie "2 Fast 2 Furious," and it quickly moved up the billboard charts and garnered significant radio play."

311 :: From Chaos :: Volcano Records
as reviewed by Joe Howard
[From Chaos] 
"There's something very special about 311, an unidentifiable element floating around somewhere in the elixir that is the 311 experience that has kept that elixir as fresh, bubbly, and sweet as it was when they released their debut album on Capricorn Records back in 1993. While I will never truly know what it was about their music that leapt out of my television during an episode of Total Request Live in 1999 and bit me, or why I spent two hours in front of Napster immediately afterwards downloading their music, one thing I am absolutely aware of is that I am thankful those things happened to me. My CD collection is pushing three hundred albums now, I've been to many life changing concerts, and I write and record my own music. Music is my salvation, and my heartbeat, and while there have been thousands upon thousands of songs that have broken into my heart and left something behind on their way out, the first song that I ever loved in my entire life was "Come Original", the lead single from 311's fifth album, "Soundsystem"

Danny Brown :: The Hybrid :: Rappers I Know
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

[The Hybrid] 
"It was 1988 and I was in junior high when my friends and I got into hip hop in a serious way. I had been into breakdancing and the "Beat Street" soundtrack as a fourth-grader, but it was seventh grade before my friends and I started going to the Santa Cruz flea market and buying bootleg hip hop tapes. My brother was two years older and could drive, so we'd ride around in his VW Bug listening to Big Daddy Kane, Sir Mix-a-lot's "Swass," and Ice-T's "Power" over the rattling engine as we drove around looking for surf or somewhere to skateboard. Our favorite artist, hands down, was Eazy-E. He had the combination of killer beats backed with crazy lyrics with an even crazier delivery. He'd deliver tales of robberies gone wrong in his high-pitched voice, sounding like a menacing clown. He was foul-mouthed, vulgar as hell, and we loved him. I don't want to say that Danny Brown is the Detroit reincarnation of Eazy-E, but he does have some of the same energy and craziness. Brown has a similarly high-pitched voice, something like an unhinged B-Real. He shares Lil Wayne's love of drugs, and there is some Weezy in Brown's delivery, especially his clearly annunciated non-sequiturs. Mostly, though, this is straight up late-80s-style hardcore rap. "

Cee-Lo Green :: The Lady Killer :: Elektra Entertainment Group
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[The Lady Killer] 
"Technically speaking "The Lady Killer" is Cee-Lo Green's first solo album since 2004's "Cee-Lo Green... Is the Soul Machine." Technically. In truth the king of hip-hop singing has stayed busy that entire time, releasing two collaborative albums with Danger Mouse under the Gnarls Barkley brand name. One could argue these were Cee-Lo albums in all but name considering Danger Mouse laid down the beats and not the vocals; it was the passionate delivery of Thomas DeCarlo Callaway b/k/a Cee-Lo that carried the show. Depending on how you slice it then, 2010's "The Lady Killer" is either long overdue or a big return for the "Closet Freak." Recently reports have surfaced that Goodie Mob squashed any beefs that arose when Cee-Lo left the group back in 1999, and it seems they've even done a couple of shows together again as a foursome. Now considering their debut album is unquestionably a hip-hop classic most observers would consider this good news, but listening to "The Lady Killer" I really question if a reunion makes sense in 2010. Perhaps five years ago there was still a chance the group could have buried the hatchet and recaptured their original sound, but Cee-Lo has grown tremendously as a soloist in the last decade. "

Eligh :: Grey Crow :: Legendary Music
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[Grey Crow]

"Reflections on mortality are not an idle exercise for Living Legends alumnus Eligh. This talented writer and producer was for a time knocking on death's door and just waiting for a response, living on the streets of Los Angeles as he went from one heroin fix to the next. How does an intelligent, artistic, creative person wind up in such a personal hell? It is a question that history asks over and over again about now departed musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Layne Staley - people who even at the height of their fame and success are brought to depths of depravity by their drug use and addiction. One cliched response is that those with the gift to see the world for what it truly is are driven mad by it and are driven to drug or drink (see Vincent Van Gogh) to dull their sense of it. Another is that the active artistic mind is firing neurons so rapidly it craves a heightened sense of experience more than the average man or woman and will thus drive a person to try dangerous (and possibly) destructive things to feed the brain's need."

MisterE :: Dusting For Prints :: Backburner Recordings
as reviewed by Joe Howard

[Dusting For Prints] 
"Before I begin reviewing this album I want to take a little bit of time to reveal something to the faithful. It usually takes me around ninety minutes to write a review, not including actually listening to the album, and I'd be willing to bet that I spend at least forty five of those minutes on the first six sentences. Furthermore, at this point I can't help but to feel as though the opening paragraphs of my reviews are becoming a bit redundant, because of the last six reviews I've written for this site, five of them were by artists I'd either never previously heard of, or have heard of but never particularly enjoyed. MisterE's "Dusting For Prints" is one of those albums. I've never heard of him, never listened to him before, and I don't know where he's from. For all I know he could be the kid that got arrested for trying to sell 4Loko out of his car outside of the local club last weekend. All I have to determine whether or not I find MisterE worthy of being welcomed into your musical universe is a collection of seventeen tracks. The first of which is "My Turn", which sounds like something off of "Orange Moon Over Brooklyn" by Pumpkinhead. "

Shaun Scales :: DJ Gemini Jones Presents - Yours Truly Shaun Scales :: Yo! PR
as reviewed by Joe Howard

[Shaun Scales] 
"I've decided I'm gonna mix things up a little bit for this review. Since I'm not too familiar with Shaun Scales and I've got some conflicting feelings about this project I'm going to just treat this review like an employee evaluation.. or something.

Here are some of the things I like about this project:

1. Shaun Scales is a fairly polished rapper. His lyrics are on point for the most point, flow and delivery are no different.
2. Production is good, other than a couple duds ("I Got It" being the biggest offender), in regards to beats this is comparable to a standard Cam'Ron mixtape.
3. The project is pretty consistent, and it seems to me that Shaun Scales put an equal amount of effort into every song.
4. Shaun has a smooth cadence and performs with a degree of confidence that leads me to believe that he possesses the self-awareness that he has legitimate talent, and when you have that, good things usually come from it. (Unless you're awful and delusional)
5. Hooks and choruses hit when appropriate, and despite a pinch of redundancy at times, Shaun seems as though he has an ear for the "X-factor" in terms of replay value.
6. This project gives the impression that Shaun Scales really wants it. There's a hunger in his music, and something tells me that Shaun Scales is the type of artist that works to improve upon his flaws.
7. "Party Hard" is a pretty hot track.
8. "What About Me" is his best performance on the disc, and if he were to release a project full of songs as good as this one, Shaun Scales' next project may be presented by a major label, rather than a DJ. "

Shunda K :: I'm Da Best :: Fanatic Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[I'm Da Best] 
"Ostensibly this release is just a "maxi-single" from recently solo female rapper Shunda K, formerly one half of the rap group Yo! Majesty. There's more to this story than appearances lead you to believe though. First there's the fact the Yo! Majesty was almost as famous for being lesbians as for being a female rap sensation in the United Kingdom. That's right - they got bigger overseas than in their native Tampa, Florida turf, working with UK electronic and dub producers who played up the group's style and sound for the club. Oh wait - you thought them being lesbians was the biggest part of the story? Honestly to me it's the fact they blew up overseas before they even got known at home, but the public has certainly taken to the fact they are more into women and press coverage of it has followed. It shouldn't be that fascinating in 2010 that some women like women and some men like men, but I guess the ratings for shows like "The L Word" come from people who can't help their curiosity as much as from those who actually relate to the content. "

Twista :: The Perfect Storm :: Get Money Gang, LLC
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[The Perfect Storm] 
"In the meteorology of hip-hop Twista's career has gone from record temperature highs to barometric pressure lows over the span of two decades. When "Kamikaze" dropped it was hard to imagine any rapper being hotter, but for multiple reasons (including music industry politics) he was unable to maintain that momentum. What followed were underwhelming new albums that while still good by contemporary hip-hop standards did not hold up to Twista's previous efforts. To be fair though these albums could be considered classics compared to misguided side projects that featured Chicago homies and his Get Money Gang familia. Our staff writers were brutal in their assessment of these albums, but also entirely fair in recognizing these were ultimately destined for clearance bins. These albums slowed Twista's momentum even further, downgrading him from a once powerful hurricane into a much less devastating tropical storm.  "The Perfect Storm" attempts to put Twista back on the weather map for 2010, recognizing that the legendary rapper needs to appeal to both his commercial crossover base and his hardcore fast flow fans."

Kanye West :: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy :: Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam
as reviewed by Jesal 'Jay Soul' Padania

[My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy]

"Fifth album in six years, Taylor Swift, "Through the Wire," Auto Tune, ego, soul, tantrum, producer-rapper, overblown, genius… You know the Kanye West story; it needs little repetition. The one piece of advice I'd dispense, if you were one of the few that hasn't actually heard it yet, is to leave your expectations at the door. That may be hard, considering the GOOD Friday free gifts, leaks, interviews and hype. But this is the kind of album you need to let wash over you, so don't expect it to give you "a happy ending." Lambasting critics (such as myself) in recent interviews, primarily for apparently neglecting to give him credit for the amount of influence he wields – that was never the issue, FYI – he seems to have at least focussed on, as I put it a couple of weeks ago in an editorial on the matter, the creation and distribution of his "art." And here is the short spoiler: Kanye West has made the most impressive album of his career, have absolutely no doubt of this. The music, the lyrical complexity, punchlines, the guest roster… Pretty much everything is an improvement."

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