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PR: GodChaserz / Brinson Featuring On ESPN

PR: GodChaserz / Brinson Featuring On ESPN

Courtesy GodChaserz Entertainment.

ESPN's journalist "Scoop" Jackson caught up with GodChaserz CEO/Artist Brinson as he released TEBOWIN' (his Hip Hop tribute to Tim Tebow). The two discussed the heart and soul behind the making of TEBOWIN' Read the interview in it's entirety on

Also, read this TEBOWIN' article from Houston's biggest publication "The Houston Chronicles." Written by Christian Hip Hip biographer Sketch the Journalist. Read the article here.

The entire GodChaserz Entertainment family would like to take a moment to tell all of you, our valued supporters, and loved ones, Thank You! Thank you for rocking with us in 2011. Please continue to pray, believe, support, and vibe with us in 2012. Whether we met you face to face or through technology, no matter where, we love you all. We pray that 2012 is the greatest year yet for you and your family in every area of your life. Until the next GodChaserz update in 2012 "BOLDLY LIVE AND CHASE GOD!"





Video: Drake Surprises Fan Onstage at Karaoke Bar

Video: Drake Surprises Fan Onstage at Karaoke Bar

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

Drake jumps onstage with an eager fan at the Saddle Ranch on Sunset Blvd. to sing "What's My Name."

Mixtape: Flip Life's Supar Novar - "Here I Am"

Mixtape: Flip Life's Supar Novar - "Here I Am"

Courtesy Park Street PR.

Supar Novar is back with his brand new mixtape 'Here I Am' mixed by Show N Prove. This future UK classic showcases some of Supar Novar's best work to date and features collobarations with the likes of DAPPY, MCD, DANNY BONES, BIG BEN, RAGZ SWEET JONES, TERRA SLIM, YAEO, BARRY KNIGHT, MR 13, BIG FRIZZLE and more, as well as some quality production from DEAD MAN WALKN, FARMA G, SHOW N PROVE, SUPAR NOVAR and more.

Download link: .

Supar Novar is an award winning Hip-Hop artist from North London who has been an integral member of the UK scene for over ten years. He was first introduced to the scene by way of his crew F.L.I.P with the help of local Hip-Hop legend Skinnyman. In 1999 a support slot for Skinnyman's group 'The Mud Family' lead to Novar becoming a member of the group and touring the UK with them at the age of sixteen. Never one to wait on others, he cracked on with his solo career along the way and released his first record on Kemet Ents. Records in 2001, 'When Supar Novar Explodes' b/w 'All I Need' was one of the biggest underground releases of that year.

Since his launch onto the scene Supar Novar has released seven singles and four mixtapes, all to critical acclaim which gave him the opportunity to share stages with American Rap superstars such as Ghostface (Wu-Tang), M.O.P, The Clipse and DJ Premiere. He has also featured on many other artists projects including The Mud Family, Foreign Beggars, Skrein and Wordsmith, as well as having his music featured on a huge list of mixtapes and compilation CD's. In 2006 his debut album was released on Kemet Entertainment Records featuring production from himself, First Man Productions (Lemar, Talib Kweli, Skinnyman), Colin Emmanuel (KRS One, Estelle & Jamelia), Joe Buhdha (Rodney P, Klashnekoff), DJ Flip (Skinny Man - Council estate Of mind), Show N Prove (Baby Blue, Bigz, Tor), and DJ Snips (Poisonous Poets). This was an extremely good year for Novar, the album lead to him performing at Glastonbury festival and winning 'Best Hip-Hop' at The Indy Music Awards as voted by the people.

Supar Novar has always been an artist who put in a lot of work and along the way has trained himself to record, produce and mix his own music. As well as rapping he makes beats for himself and other artists, shoots, directs and edits video's as well as running his websites SuparNovar.Com, Flip Life TV and ExplosiveMuzik.Com. He is currently working on a degree in 'Creative Music Production & Business' and this year he has already released 'Man On Fire' with UK Runnings and a digital album release called 'No Favours' which is produced entirely by himself. As Supar Novar works on his 2012 solo release he is also working on a joint album with the UK Hip-Hop legend MCD. Supar Novar is ready to take his career to the next level and take the UK scene by storm.

PR: Senor Kaos Performing Next Thursday, January 5th

PR: Senor Kaos Performing Next Thursday, January 5th

Courtesy The Kaos Effect.

I hope everyone had a productive 2011 and is ready for a wonderful 2012!

To kick the year off right, I'll be performing for the first time in the new year next Thursday Januaray 5th @ 529 (East Atlanta Village) along with 4-Ize and company as we celebrate the release of his new mixtape "Attack Of The Sea Monkeys."

Thursday 1.5.12 | Doors Open At 9pm | $7 | 21 To Party

MP3: JW Grade A Hustler - "Slow It Down"

MP3: JW Grade A Hustler - "Slow It Down"

Courtesy Stephanie Moss.

JW Grade A Hustler has released a brand new track off Get It From The Muscle Vol. 5 as an early Christmas present for his fans - especially the LADIES!

Download "Slow It Down" Prod by  @jaywanInc  Engineered By Smash Brothers@Gmix_THM


Video: Young Jeezy On When Twitter Beefs Go Too Far

Video: Young Jeezy On When Twitter Beefs Go Too Far

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

"Young Jeezy almost terminated his account after a close friend became a victim of a Twitter beef."

Video: Authentic - "Blunt Slide" (prod. Tone P)

Video: Authentic - "Blunt Slide" (prod. Tone P)

Courtesy Papa Smirf.


MP3: Shawn Til Dawn & Big Hit Buda - "Let the Music Play"

MP3: Shawn Til Dawn & Big Hit Buda f/ Chulo - "Let the Music Play"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

Napoleon Da Legend: The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol. #1

Napoleon Da Legend: The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol. #1

Courtesy NDL.

In this experiment Crazy Al Cayne "AKA" Sugar Cayne takes
some beats that he created back in the 90's and brings them
back to life. Sugar Cayne teams up with DMV area emcee
Napoleon Da Legend to spit his fire, lyrical, thought provoking
and political lyrics to recapture a style of HipHop that the mass media wants to do away with.

* *

This is the first of many "Experiments" to come...


Written By: Napoleon Da Legend
Produced by: Sugar Cayne
Scratches by: DJ M-Tri and DJ Leecy T
"Can't Help Myself" features La Femme Nikita

Mixtape: Juney (Ay June) Nunez - "Limitless"

Mixtape: Juney (Ay June) Nunez - "Limitless"

Courtesy Sam C.

Juney (Ay June) Nunez has been voted the number one Belizean Artist of 2011. His hard work, dedication and motivation has made him one of the most respected independent upcoming artist of our time. After being shot five times June, 9th 2007 in front of his home in Inglewood California, he decided that the path he was headed down was not the right one anymore.

* or the sendspace link *

While spending weeks in the UCLA Harbor Hospital, he created a brilliant master plan to corner the music industry market by 2011. Before he was released, he was told that he would never be able to walk the same and was denied physical therapy. After weeks of stressful bed rest, he came to the conclusion that nothing will stop him from completing his life goals.

He spent months teaching himself how to walk normally and with support from his friends and family he was up and running like a mad man. He even earned himself a scholarship to run track and field at Cal State Los Angeles where him, his brother Dman thakid and close friends Bad Boy Bentley Crawford and Lamar Taylor broke the long lasting 4x1 meter relay record.

Growing up under the wings of his uncle (LSD) who was the number 1 Belizean icon of his time, Ay june was able to learn from his uncles mistakes and turn them into his strong points. Ay June waits for no one and no record company, he puts forth is own money into everything he do, Now he is teaming up with two of Watts most known Rappers, Choc Nitty and Six Reasons, (Founders of the Snowman Click).

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