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DJ Jack Da Rippa - I Still Ripp Vol 2 (@IStillLoveHER)

DJ Jack Da Rippa - I Still Ripp Vol 2

Courtesy Wanja Lange.

I Still Ripp is a collaborative effort by award winning Dj Jack Da Rippa and German Hip Hop Blog has always acted as a platform for talented Hip Hop artists, most of them indie, and has operated under the motto "Hip Hop is alive and well, you just have to dig". I Still Ripp comes out monthly, with Jack Da Rippa's and Wanja's (owner of favorite tracks of the month.

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@AdamsWorldBlog Weekly 10/22 - The Sultry, The Geeky, & More!

Adam's World Weekly 10/22 - The Sultry, The Geeky, & More!

Welcome to the new week everyone. This past Saturday I woke up to find Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead on TV. A classic film, to say the least, and it brought an important question to mind - Christina Applegate in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, or Elisabeth Shue in Adventures in Babysitting? While I continue to mull that over, I have a handful of great features for you to check out this week. My interviews with geek goddess Emii, and sultry singer Jenna Andrews, are great reads, as is this weeks extra snarky edition of Pop Shots. If you're looking for some music to check out, I have a fresh ABX Podcast for your listening pleasure, and a true school hip-hop Vid Pick from Illus and Apathy. Topping everything off is a photo gallery from the seventh anniversary Enter The Cypher show.

If you dig any of these features please feel free to forward this email to a friend. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, and enjoy!

Pop Shots - Big Accomplishments

Welcome to your weekly dose of pop world musings. Covering all things pop culture, this week Pop Shots is hitting you with thoughts on everything from Beyonce's super gig, to Drake's shiny new diploma, to Justin Bieber breaking records with his latest video, and since it's Pop Shots you know everything is seasoned with a little bit of attitude.

Read all the shots at .

Jenna Andrews Wants to Get You Into Bed

The word sultry can evoke a number of images, from a look given by someone from across a table, or across a room, to a woman in a dress knowing everything she has and working it as such. In the case of Jenna Andrews, sultry is the perfect description for her voice. On her latest single, “Kiss and Run,” even when she's singing about how she'd prefer you to not be there in the morning, it's being done in a way that makes you want to stay all night. To paraphrase an LMFAO hit, Jenna Andrews makes music that is sexy and she knows it.

With her Kiss and Run EP scheduled to be released next week, I caught up with the songstress with the sultry vocals to find out more about her, and her work. Andrews also discussed her recent trip to France that found her in a castle owned by Sting's manager, and the influence she hopes Kiss & Run will have on listeners, specifically in the bedroom.

Read the full interview at .

Emii - Pop Music's Geek Goddess

In this age of geek chic, where Comic-Con has become nearly as big an event as the Super Bowl, and many people claim to be geeks, but only a small percentage actually are, pop singer Emii is the real deal. She can wax poetic about her favorite comic book characters, has a house full of martial arts weapons and sci-fi movie memorabilia, and throws up a Vulcan salute in pictures. When she brags about her boots, she's not talking about a brand name designer, but is instead beaming over the fantasy television show they came from.

Emii also has an impressive voice, and can not only sing, but rock out with the best of them. She's already had a song, “Mr. Romeo,” that featured Snoop Dogg, and performed in front of over 25,000 people in Lebanon as a part of the Energy Music Tour. By the time 2013 rolls around her full length album should be ready and things will really be kicked into high gear.

On a pleasant fall afternoon in New York City I caught up with the geek goddess to find out more about her passions, how her love of comics and the martial arts have affected her music, and which actress she's constantly being mistaken for. Emii also opened up her closet for me and told me about some of the most interesting things she has in it, and revealed how, of all things, a musical featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles inspired her life.

Read the full interview at .

Photo Album - Enter The Cypher 7th Anniversary Show

See all the pics at .

Vid Pick: Illus w/ Apathy - Forever

See the video at .

Fresh ABX Podcast - October '12

We have hit the midpoint of October, which means two things - 1) I'm a year older (my birthday was yesterday), and 2) Halloween is coming up. This month's edition of my ABX podcast actually has very little to do with either of those things, I really just wanted to mention it was my birthday. What this month's podcast DOES have is ten new songs, including the ABX debuts of Big Ol' Dirty Bucket, Ollie Ox, and Jake Palumbo. I also run off at the mouth about a female rapper I had dinner with (start your rumor mill now... and then stop it pretty quickly thereafter), and send out a special message to the cute girl at my liquor store. It's a jam packed 45 minutes. Enjoy!

You can stream or download this podcast at .


Snow Tha Product - Hola
Big Ol' Dirty Bucket - Mic Smoke
Ollie OX - Huff N' Puff
Toussaint Morrison - The Girl From The Liquor Store
G.T.P. - We Are (off of The Just Ron Files album)
Tah Phrum Duh Bush w/ Ciph Diggy, iAreConscious, Super King Armor, K. Gaines, Demostina, and Coole High - Nightmares In The Daytime
Jake Palumbo w/ Reef The Lost Cauze - Good Fight
Hired Gun - And For My Next Trick
Top $ Raz - ON
Coolzey - wire mother vs cloth mother

As always, thanks for reading and have a fantastic week.

- Adam B
@theRealKAi Sky Walker - "fly (we do)" Behind the Scenes

Video: KAi Sky Walker - "fly (we do)" Behind the Scenes

Courtesy Victor S.

CATO Music Group presents to you the latest single from KAi Sky Walker, “fly (we do)” along with a behind the scenes look at the video, sponsored by MuchFACT (a Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent). Look for the video debuting on Much Music (TV) and your local radio station in the near future. “fly (we do)” is the 4th release off Sky Walker’s highly anticipated mixtape, #NEO. With features from Casey Veggies and more, #NEO is poised to "put Vancouver in the game". Stay tuned…The revolution will be televised…11.1.12.

Video: @PassportLouis - Bobby/Do It

Video: Passport Louis - Bobby/Do It

Courtesy PL.

"Bobby" from my latest mixtape, "Hits N MY Sleep" hosted by Dj Whiteowl. I posses a unique, universal style that can't be regionally classified.

@ToneSkeeta - Mixtape Music LP f/ Tree, B.James (@DrankAndDank)

Tone Skeeta - Mixtape Music LP f/ Tree, B.James

Courtesy Drank and Dank.

As he prepares to begin releasing songs from his next solo project The Total Package, Tone re-issues Mixtape Music as an LP. The expanded edition includes some of his more memorable guest appearances & a new song with B.James that made a splash online last week.

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@DevoSpice Update - 10/22/2012

Devo Spice Update - 10/22/2012

If you haven't heard I am once again a full-time musician! Which is the bright-side-euphemism for “I got fired,” but that's not why I'm writing...

--== SOUTH PARK JUNKIE 2012 ==--

For those of you in the New York area I'm performing Wednesday night at the Broadway Comedy Club. This concert is being recorded for a live DVD that I'm going to be releasing at some point in the future. I need a good crowd in order for this to work so if you can at all make it please come out to the show. Here are the details:

Broadway Comedy Club
318 West 53rd St (between 8th and 9th)
9:30 PM in the Red Room
Tickets are $12 in advance or $15 at the door (2 drink minimum)
With special guest Worm Quartet

For tickets click here: or call 212-868-4444

For those of you not in the New York area, this is as good an excuse as any for a road trip. :)

--== SOUTH PARK JUNKIE 2012 ==--
One of the songs I planned to update for my Best of Sudden Death release was “South Park Junkie.” I had planned to get it done and posted to the FuMP while my Kickstarter was still going on, but that didn't happen. But I'm happy to say it is now done and posted.

Click here to listen and download the song for free: .

For those of you wondering what the crap is going on with the Kickstarter things are woefully behind schedule for many reasons but I plan to get the questionnaire out soon. I'll post an update in the next couple of days. Thank you for your patience.

That's all for now. Hope to see some of you good folks on Wednesday!

MP3: Thrilla Cartel - "Wet Dreams"

MP3: Thrilla Cartel - "Wet Dreams"

Courtesy M3W.

Link below!

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Video: BTS Battle Cypher DNA, Cortez & Hollow Da Don

Video: BTS Battle Cypher DNA, Cortez & Hollow Da Don

DJ Vlad: "Battle rap is making incredible strides towards gaining its acceptance from a wide range of mainstream hip-hop fans, and this upcoming cypher presented to you by DNA, Cortez and Hollow Da Don, is sure to take the entire battle rap culture to new heights once the video drops. The trio has been known for holding it down with straight up bars while facing off against an opponent in the battle ring, but this time around they each got a chance to display their lyrical talents over a beat as well."

@YeahRightPOS - We Don't Even Live Here: Live From Victor's

P.O.S - Piano Hits - We Don't Even Live Here: Live From Victor's

Pre-order We Don't Even Live Here: .
Pre-order on iTunes: .
Album out 10/22!

Video by Isaac Gale

Mixtape: Jaae Kash - "KingOfDmnds" (@JaaeKash)

Mixtape: Jaae Kash - "KingOfDmnds"

Courtesy Arkeil J.

Music producer and Recording artist Jaae Kash released his long awaited mixtape KINGOFDMNDS October 18th, 2012. This young entrepreneur displays diversity at its finest delivering hard knocking beats with featuring artists from the Bay to Los Angeles. Determined to be one of the greatest, Jaae Kash has put an excessive amount of hard work and dedication to honor you with this impeccable mixtape.

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