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Friday October 24, 2014
Feature of the Week

[Paperwork] No trouble this time, man.

T.I. Review

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Video: Haze (Eurogang) - "I Put In"

From 7Thirty Online:

Video: Haze (Eurogang) - "I Put In"

Video: Bei Maejor Likes His Women Upside Down

From DJ Smallz:

Video: Bei Maejor Likes His Women Upside Down

Bei Maejor (Jive Records) Likes His Women Upside Down from DJ Smallz.

PR: West Coast Rapper T-Reezy Gears Up For "Non-Fiction" EP

From Yo! PR:

West Coast Rapper T-Reezy Gears Up For "Non-Fiction" EP

AUDIO:  T-Reezy - Stay Tuned .

Sawcy Music Group is proud to announce the upcoming release of "Non-Fiction" from West Coast rapper T-Reezy on October 26, 2010. The EP will be available via iTunes.

T-Reezy, a Bay Area native, born and raised in Richmond, CA, is lyrical-minded on the mic by expressing his inner thoughts and feelings but also provides heavy-hitting club anthems at the same time.

The rapper's awaited "Non-Fiction" EP is 16 tracks deep and strictly focuses on T-Reezy himself with keeping collaborations to a minimum, except the JT The Bigga Figga joint "New YRS Resolution". The EP is spearheaded by the hit singles "Talk Of The Town" and "The 80's", which have been well received among Hip-Hop fans and critics.

When asked about the concept for "Non-Fiction", T-Reezy explains: "I came up with the concept of the EP from books. When a book gets titled 'Non-Fiction', it tells the true story! Everything I rap about in my songs are real life experiences, things I’ve been through…all the trials and tribulations!"

T-Reezy will officially release his "Non-Fiction" EP on October 26, 2010 via Sawcy Music Group.

To connect with T-Reezy, please visit his Reverbnation page at or follow him on Twitter at .

VIDEO: T-Reezy - Stay Tuned .

* *
* *

Video: Beeda Weeda - "Hella Shit/Top Boyz"

From Audible Treats:

Video: Beeda Weeda - "Hella Shit/Top Boyz"

PR: Pigeon John Joins DJ Shadow Tour as Main Support

From 'Stache Media:

Pigeon John Joins DJ Shadow Tour as Main Support

Pigeon John signs on as the main support for DJ Shadow's North American tour kicking off on October 25th in Vancouver, BC at the Commodore Ballroom. Known for his wildly energetic performances, Pigeon John, deemed "a showman in the tradition of Cab Calloway and August Darnell" by the Los Angeles Times, will continue rocking out crowds on the road with DJ Shadow following a run of headlining dates on the West Coast and through the Midwest. The Los Angeles-based indie rapper released his most recent album Dragon Slayer last week, with lead single "The Bomb" featured in the new national Volkswagen Jetta commercial.

Check out this intimate performance of "Davey Rockit" from MyNinja Loft, and catch Pigeon John with DJ Shadow live on tour this fall.

Pigeon John Tour Dates

The Dragon Slayer Tour

Oct 22 Fri Colorado Springs CO @ The Black Sheep
Oct 23 Sat Durango CO @ The Abbey Theater
DJ Shadow & Pigeon John Fall 2010 Tour

Oct 25 Mon Vancouver BC @ Commodore Ballroom
Oct 26 Tue Seattle WA @ Showbox at the Market
Oct 27 Wed Portland OR @ Roseland Theatre
Oct 30 Sat Las Vegas NV @ House of Blues
Oct 31 Sun Los Angeles CA @ House of Blues
Nov 1 Mon Anaheim CA House of Blues
Nov 3 Wed Albuquerque NM @ Sunshine Theater
Nov 5 Fri Dallas TX @ House of Blues
Nov 6 Sat Houston TX @ House of Blues
Nov 7 Sun New Orleans LA @ House of Blues
Nov 9 Tue Atlanta GA @ Loft at Center Stage
Nov 11 Thu Baltimore MD @ Rams Head Live
Nov 12 Fri Toronto ONT @ The Phoenix
Nov 13 Sat Montreal QUE @ Club Soda
Nov 14 Sun Boston MA @ House of Blues
Nov 15 Mon NYC @ Irving Plaza
Nov 18 Thu Cleveland OH @ House of Blues
Nov 19 Fri Chicago IL @ Park West
Nov 21 Sun Denver CO @ Ogden Theater
Nov 23 Tue Salt Lake City UT @ The Depot

"Charisma is one of (Pigeon John's) greatest assets, in part because he can blend humor into lyrics." ~ All Music

"Pigeon John's sound reflects that of hip-hop greats such as De La Soul and The Pharcyde."


"Dragon Slayer is even more energetic than his previous albums and his witty lyrics are at their most introspective." ~ Filter Magazine

"John is the constantly self-effacing artist, mocking himself for being unconventional and fitting comfortably into rap stereotypes, while simultaneously making some of hip-hop's most interesting songs in the process." ~ Rap Reviews

"Pigeon John has made a name for himself as one of hip hop's most consistently outstanding live performers." ~ URB

Website | .
YouTube/ PigeonJohnTV | .
MySpace | .
Twitter/ @dothepigeon | .
Facebook | .

The Over-21 Effect

I turned 32 last week. To most people, I would still be considered relatively young, but if you’re in hip-hop, or if you’re a running back, 32 is downright aged. This started me thinking about one of the great ironies of hip-hop.

Hip-hop is a youth culture. Its progenitors and its main audience have almost always been young. But the best hip-hop is found in places where kids can’t go. Independent artists almost always perform in bars and clubs. Artists who are trying to develop an audience are relegated to venues where the majority of the audience they’re trying to reach can’t get in.

Read the full story at:

MP3: Young Jeezy feat. Shawty Redd - "Don't Stop"

From Rapstar Promo #1:

MP3: Young Jeezy feat. Shawty Redd - "Don't Stop"

* *

Mikey 'Eyedea' Larsen Fundraiser & Service Details + Quotes

From Kristoff Krane:

Mikey 'Eyedea' Larsen Fundraiser & Service Details + Quotes

Hello Local Press friends.

My name is Chris Keller (Kristoff Krane). I have been given the task of collecting quotes from fellow performers and friends of Mikey. They are below and they are attached.

Also. Here is the info on the Service.

Mikey "eyedea" Larsen Memorial

DATE: Thursday, Oct 28th
        Private:  4-7pm
        Public: 7:30-10pm

LOCATION: Crown Plaza Downtown Saint Paul


On Oct 20, 2010, at 4:08 PM, KristoffKrane Gmail wrote:

Dear Son,

           Always remember that where ever you go and what ever you do my love will always be with you.  I knew before you were born that you were going to affect the world. I didn’t know how or with what gift, but now I do.  You have given me the most joy, trouble, happiness, and pain. Now it’s time for the rest of us to step up and be the humans you know we can be. All my love, -Mom

I never thought that I would become best friends with the person I looked up to the most, but I did.  When I first met Mike, he asked me what I was doing with my life and waited with open ears for my response. Although my answer was unclear and although I was unsure, he wasn’t and he made sure that one-day I would see in myself what he could already see in me.  I vividly recall his rollercoaster metaphor. He always said, “regardless of what labels you use to define yourself and no matter what you do with your time, you will always experience the same ride.” Micheal had more influence on me as a human being that anyone ever has and I assume ever will. He taught me how to listen to myself and to others. He taught me how to acknowledge my true desires and to face my attempts to escape. He taught me how to express myself.  He pushed me, but never too hard; he was a gentle friend.  He was never too busy to just be there with me when I needed him.  Of all the questions I still have for him and for all the unfinished business we will never get to complete together, I know one thing. I know that he wanted everyone to hear his message and I will make sure that that happens. I love you Mike .  May your love live through me. -Christopher Keller (Kristoff Krane).

Mike was always himself. He taught me how to be more myself. I’ll always remember him. – Joe Horton

Micheal is one of the most supportive, encouraging, and positive people I've ever met. He is  a creative genius who has accomplished so much in his career; but that is all secondary to the fact that he treated people with such kindness and fun energy. He is an optimist, who lived his life being extremely considerate, thoughtful, and generous to those around him. Micheal will continue to be a roll model to me for those reasons.-Michael Gaughan

“Mike was the closest friend I ever had. He was as caring as he was brilliant and was a true prodigy. I am honored to have been in his life and to have created with him and help spread his messages. He was a great human being and he will be missed.” –Gregory Keltgen (Dj Abilities).

"Eyedea was the purest artist I have ever met. An all around amazing human bieng. Great rapper. And a better friend." –Murs

How do you some up the career and life of a brilliant writer and musician in three sentences. I can do it in one word, Mikey. -Casey O'Brien (Bassist in "Carbon Carousel" and "Face Candy.")

I was able to become good friends with one of my heros. As the years went by I started to forget him as a famous muscian, and grow to love him as my friend. From time to time I was reminded of his impact on the world through him interacting with fans all over the country. A lot of people are going to miss "Eyedea", one of the most important hip hop musicans ever. I will too. But more than that, I will miss my friend Micheal.  -Michael Stangler

As only Mikey could, he found a way to burn a candle on three ends. As a friend and as an artist he pushed every boundary he walked, and did not hesitate to show you who he really was underneath his skin. I will sincerely miss him, and would not trade all the riches in the world for all the conversations and experiences i shared with him." Artist and Friend, Louis N.LaPierre

Micheal was sincerely the most inspiring and extraordinary person I have ever met in my life. His fearlessness in expressing himself so authentically in so many different ways has profoundly impacted me as both as an artist and as a person. I will always love you and miss you, Mikey, thank you so much for believing in me. –Cody Foster (Sadistik)

Eyedea helped me become a better musician and Micheal Larsen helped me become a better person. He will be missed by family, friends, and fans. The beauty of his life is that many of us are all three. – Cole Policy.

Mikey was a challenge. To everyone. And to himself. His challenges seemed to bring him great joy and give his life meaning. If challenge is what life is all about, he lived several full lifetimes in the short while he was here. Mikey certainly challenged me and I'm eternally grateful to him for that. He was one of my favorite people in the world and I'll miss him very much.-Rich Terfry/

Buck 65

I started performing with Eyedea &(DJ) Abilities as their ‘hype-man/back-up vocalist’ in 1997 when we were all still in high school. I was hugely influenced by such talented and passionate artists and even back then I knew that Mikey was special and would leave a lasting impact on music or whatever he decided to do with himself. Mikey always pushed the boundaries of what was accepted as truth and commonplace and was always reaching for something greater. He made everyone around him better because he had such a confidence and charisma about him that it was infectious and impossible to ignore. The only comfort I can take in his passing is knowing that where ever he is now, he’s doing just fine because he never had trouble making friends or finding his own path. -Alexei “Crescent Moon” Casselle (Kill The Vultures, Roma Di Luna)

Let's say you're standing outside of a bar with a circle of friends having a cigarette before the next band starts.  You might be approached by someone who's been dealt a difficult hand in this life, and they ask you for change.  Maybe that day, hard as you usually try, you can't muster the energy to engage with that person, to be present.  To my knowledge, Micheal Larsen never had that day.  Maybe he didn't have change, but he always had an open smile and treated anyone he met, no matter how briefly, like a human being... with as much right to life and basic human respect as he held for himself.  I miss you, Mikey.  I promise I will carry the fire.-Michael Lewis

Mikey was the 15 year old kid sleeping on my couch at scribble jam, slaying mc’s 10 yrs older than him. There was nothing anyone could do. I’ve never met a more supportive mother in my life than Kathy. Kathy is the shit. –Mr. Dibbs.

Micheal Larsen was the best teacher and friend I've ever had.  He was a living muse.  He inspired countless people to become bigger and better individuals.  He is the only person I know that has dozens of people who say he is their best friend and those people went on to create beautiful things hoping to make him proud.  I am proud to call him a best friend and proud to have created art with him and for him. -Austin Dufault (Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream).

In life we are blessed with opportunities to cross paths with individuals whose souls are greater than what the body can contain. From this body is pure inspiration. The motive to do. The sheer will of desire to get from point A to Z, and all points between. We have lost a great body of being, however, what we had and what has always been is an energy that will live forever. -Will Jenkins.

Miss you Mikey like I miss being a kid. You’re one of my favorite people ever and I can’t thank you enough. I promise to hold you brave, humble, searching, empathetic, hilarious spirit infront of me and press it back into my chest when it feels empty. Sleep tight brother. –Jeremy Ylvisaker

PR: Gyptian Wins 2010 Mobo Award for 'Best Reggae Artist'

From VP Records:

Gyptian Wins 2010 Mobo Award for 'Best Reggae Artist'

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

(VP RECORDS, NEW YORK) - VP Records recording artist Gyptian received his trophy for the 2010 MOBO Award live during the ceremony at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England on Tuesday, October 20, 2010. Awarded the 'Best Reggae Artist of the Year,' Gyptian took the stage to accept his prestigious statue infront of a packed house and millions viewing around the world.

"It's an overwhelming feeling winning my first international award," reveals an elated Gyptian. "Give thanks to VP Records, miles ahead in reggae, give thanks to my fans, my management and everyone who has been supporting me on this incredible journey."

Gyptian's singles "Hold You" and "Nah Let Go" and the respective videos have been receiving steady airplay across the UK ever since the release of his album, Hold You, from VP Records in July 2010. He is currently touring Europe and took a quick break to attend the MOBO Awards, which was televised live on BBC 3. Gyptian resumes his tour tonight, opening for Omarion in Manchester, and will also join Mary J. Blige for her UK tour in November, opening for her London and Birmingham shows.

Gyptian now heads to the Soul Train Awards on November 10 in Atlanta, Georgia, where he is nominated for "Best Reggae Artist" and will also be a featured performer during the show, airing on BET and CENTRIC on November 28 at 9pm.

The Music of Black Origin or MOBO Awards are held annually in the U.K. and is the first awards show in Europe to honor urban music. It attracts the largest primetime multicultural audience and reaches over 250 million people, worldwide. Gyptian shared the nomination with fellow VP Records artist, Gappy Ranks.

Video: Smoke DZA Speaks On The Smoker's Club Tour

While some rappers may brag about cruising in a drop-top or luxury car, Smoke DZADZA blazes through Manhattan offering anecdotes of unadulterated amusement, touching on  going to Canada with the Smoker's Club tour, sitting in on a pothead press conference, trying to smoke 4 ounces in 4 hours with Curren$y, and smuggling the leftovers back into the states.  Smoke DZA’s highly-anticipatedGeorge Kush Da Button [Deluxe Edition] drops November 9th via FrankRadio / iHipHop Distribution. keeps it practical by being chauffeured around town in his very own smoker-friendly ambulette (AKA The Marley & Me Van).  With a blunt in one hand and a Blackberry in the other,


Check out the video now:





And if you missed it, be sure to check out the first single "Crazy Glue" Feat. Cory Gunz & Big Sant






Smoke DZA

"George Kush Da Button (The Deluxe Edition)"

In Stores Nov. 9th, 2010

FrankRadio / iHipHop Distribution


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