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Video: Moka Only - "Hustle Hustle Lemonade"

Video: Moka Only - "Hustle Hustle Lemonade"

Courtesy Live Vision Media.

Moka Only
Directed by Panayioti Yannitsos
Edited by Panayioti Yannitsos

Video: Creature - "Embrace the Day" (prod. Prefuse 73)

Video: Creature - "Embrace the Day" (prod. Prefuse 73)

Courtesy Creech Nomics.

"Please share it , Repost it, Thank you Creech."

Free EP: Stik Figa - "Choosy Moms Choose Stik"

Free EP: Stik Figa - "Choosy Moms Choose Stik"

Courtesy Michael Tolle.

Stik Figa returns with his new EP Choosy Moms Choose Stik , which see's the Kansas MC entering in new territory, with bass heavy tones and covering every topic from the love of money to the love of plus size models and everything in between. Features guest vocals from upcoming midwest artist Ron Ron, Gee Watts and Greg Enemy, as well as buzz about Oklahoma MC Jabee.

MILF or not, you to should choose Stik

and be on the look out for his full-length Mello Music Group debut Stik Figa as Himself coming April 17, produced by Micheal "Seven" Summers.


PR: Perfeck Strangers feat. Justin Nozuka - "Come Back Home"

PR: Perfeck Strangers feat. Justin Nozuka - "Come Back Home"

Courtesy Dan-e-o.

Hip-hop's super duo, Perfeck Strangers are just about ready to release
their debut album, "Series Premiere" on UBRNET Records!

You can download it from and on Tuesday, March 6th!

Peep the brand new single "Come Back Home" featuring Justin Nozuka HERE:

And don't forget to LIKE, FOLLOW and WATCH your new favourite group!

Video: Tokyo Jetz - "My City Bitch" (Rack City Freestyle)

Video: Tokyo Jetz - "My City Bitch" (Rack City Freestyle)

Courtesy Team Bigga Rankin.


MP3: Boom Blake - "Got It On Lock"

MP3: Boom Blake - "Got It On Lock"

Courtesy Who Got Next.


Label: Money First Music Group, LLC


Video: Sway - "Level Up"

Video: Sway - "Level Up"

Courtesy Park Street PR.

Never one to conform to the norm, Sway constantly looks for ways to stand out from the crowd and he will have heads and ears turning with his latest offering. Combining Flux Pavilion’s speaker-oscillating dubstep production with Sway’s signature lyrical word-play and newcomer Kelsey McHugh’s soulful vocals on the hook, ‘Level Up’ brings a unique sonic to the table.

MP3: Savant x Random x Phill Harmonix - "Just Wanna Know"

MP3: Savant x Random aka MegaRan x Phill Harmonix - "Just Wanna Know (Hexsagon Remix)"

Courtesy Reginald C.

Hector Flores', (better known as “Hexsagon”) love for music began as a childhood infatuation that he fostered via the playing of his parents' records. From Michael Jackson to Juan Gabriel, he seemed to absorb every nuance of what he heard, from key signatures to lyrics until eventually he became moved to try recreating the sounds via his own vocals or the many musical instruments that he tried his hand at playing. Soon, it was a matter of time before the playful trials of emulation became a drive to create for himself. Such a drive manifested itself in all six elements of music creation -- rhythm, lyrics, vocals, mind, heart and soul -- thereby giving him his moniker. Now more dedicated than ever, he continues to build his catalogue by working with his Visions of the Sun brethren, as well as  other artists from around the world that share a similar dedication and love for music.

Song Information:
Fresh off of the release of the 4th installment of his "Beat Flip Tuesdays", Hexsagon releases a new remix featuring 3 of Arizona's premier ink slingers, Random aka Mega Ran, Savant aka Stanstro and Phill Harmonix. The soulfully laced backdrop sets the stage as each emcee waxes inquisitively about the issues troubling each of them today. Be on the look out for the impending release of new projects from all 4 artists and also for Random's Vs. Tour coming to a city near you.

Stream and download the "Just Wanna Know" (Hexsagon Remix) HERE:
YouTube link:
Jon John TV/ All Elements presents - Grindtime/URL Cipher

Video: Jon John TV/ All Elements presents - Grindtime/URL Cipher

Courtesy J-Ronin.

Right after the Head ICE and Swave Sevah battle Jon John TV filmed this cipher  w/ Head ICE, Swave Sevah, Money Bagz, Ms.Fit, Jus-Daze, Jus-One, D.Chamberz, Jack Dan, Kay M and Renegade.

Video: Charlie Hustle - "One Man Army"

Video: Charlie Hustle - "One Man Army"

Courtesy Papa Smirf.


twitter: @Charlesmitche11

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