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PR: @Chippy_Nonstop Joins Kreayshawn's Group Hug Tour

PR: Chippy Nonstop Joins Kreayshawn's Group Hug Tour

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Chippy Nonstop, the Oakland-based electro-trap firecracker, has been added to Kreayshawn's national Group Hug Tour. Along with openers Rye Rye and Honey Cocaine, Chippy will embark on the 28-date tour across the country, beginning November 1st in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and ending December 16th in San Diego, California.

After a co-headlining performance at Atlanta Indie Fest and recently releasing her made-in-24-hours #MONEYDANCE101 mixtape, Chippy feels primed to bring her wild, bounce-tastic energy to major cities across the US and Canada. "This is the first really big tour I've ever done, I'm really excited," says Chippy, who also has a string of Bay Area shows lined up before packing out with the Group Hug emsemble. "We're a bunch of girls in the same general age group, so it's definitely going to be a fun tour."

The undeniable pint-sized party starter makes alternative club rap music and has an unconventional style of rapping in both English and Hindi. Chippy's worked with the likes of Major Lazer, Andy Milonakis, Big Baby Ghandi, and most recently spent this summer living in NYC and performing at Mad Decent Mondays, TOP 8, Nina Sky's album release party and over a dozen unofficial sweaty and not-legit warehouse and basement parties. A renowned rule-breaking riotous sweetheart, Chippy's leading the pack for today's emerging club music scene.

Stream #MONEYDANCE101 on SPIN here: .

You can also stream #MONEYDANCE101 at Complex here: .

Stay up to date on tour developments and purchase tickets, as well as exclusive ticket bundles, for the Group Hug Tour in your city here: .

Chippy Nonstop's Solo Shows:
9/7/12 Oakland, CA: Sick Sad Oakland/Chippy Nonstop's Birthday Party
9/13/12 San Francisco, CA: Future Perfect Party
9/20/12 Oakland, CA: Uptown Oakland
9/29/12 San Francisco, CA: Trap City
10/3/12 San Francisco, CA: Elbo Room

Group Hug Tour:
11/1/12 Oklahoma City, OK: Kamps 1310 Lounge
11/2/12 Dallas, TX: South Side Music Hall
11/04/12 Houston, TX: Warehouse Live Studio
11/05/12 New Orleans, LA: House of Blues
11/08/12 Tampa, FL: The Orpheum
11/09/12 Pensacola, FL: Vinyl Music Hall
11/10/12 Orlando, FL: The Social
11/11/12 Atlanta, GA: The Loft
11/13/12 Towson, MD: The Recher Theatre
11/15/12 New York, NY: Irving Plaza
11/16/12 Boston, MA: Royale Night Club
11/17/12 Philadelphia, PA: Electric Factory
11/18/12 Toronto, Canada: The Hoxton
11/29/12 Pontiac, MI: The Crofoot
11/30/12 Bloomington, IL: The Castle Theater
12/01/12 Chicago, IL: Metro
12/02/12 Minneapolis, MN: Varsity Theater
12/04/12 Lawrence, KS: The Granada
12/05/12 Boulder, CO: Fox Theatre & Café
12/07/12 Regina, Canada: The Exchange
12/08/12 Calgary, Canada: The Republik
12/09/12 Edmonton, Canada: The Starlite
12/11/12 Vancouver, Canada: The Venue
12/12/12 Seattle, WA: Neumos
12/13/12 Portland, OR: Roseland Theatre
12/14/12 Chico, CA: Senator Theatre
12/15/12 Hollywood, CA: Avalon
12/16/12 San Diego, CA: Porter's Pub

The (W)rap Up - Week of September 4, 2012

[Dedication 4] Lil Wayne :: Dedication 4
Dat Piff

Author: Steve 'Flash' Juon

"If Dwayne Carter says he's bored with rap one doesn't have to look further than "Dedication 4" for the reasons why. He tries to play it off like this was all for lolz (JUST KIDDING WAYNIACS - DON'T STOP BUYING MY RECORDS & MERCH) and he was just kidding when he raps the lines "I'm skatin and rappin at the same damn time/I said I might retire, but y'all know I be high" on "Same Damn Tune." The problem with that is that these 15 tracks are not a joke. The Dedication series has over the years been Wayne's "thank you" to loyal fans who stuck with him through all his legal problems and industry drama - truly a dedication to the fans. Now he seems completely indifferent to them. Now let's break this down to the organic compounds. First and foremost he's rapping over Kanye West's "Mercy" beat, which is a strong contender for the most overexposed song/instrumental of 2012. Secondly the movie references he's making are really dated - Unbreakable came out 12 years ago and Sister Act came out TWENTY years ago. Arguably even the Michael Phelps reference is dated since his most historic Olympic performance was 2008 - for a swimming reference Ryan Lochte would have been more apt. Hell for the 2012 Olympics in general he'd have done better with Gabby Douglas or Jordan Burroughs. The sample here also shows off his obsession with Trukfit, his own line of skater apparel, which gets referenced in seemingly every song. "

Antibalas :: Antibalas :: Daptone Records
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

"Antibalas are an 11-piece band from Brooklyn that have been perfecting their version of afrobeat over 14 years and five albums. The group is modeled after the late Fela Kuti's Africa 70 band. They even wrote and performed the music for Fela! the Broadway musical based on the late musician's life. Antibalas are not a mere cover band, however. They use the afrobeat template that Fela created, and add on to it other influences, including latin music, hip-hop, funk, and jazz. Their latest album is their first with New York funk label Daptone, and in many ways sees the band finding their sound and their home. The band started out on dance label Ninja Tune, and their last album was on indie label Anti-, a spinoff of punk label Epitaph. Daptone is the label closest to the band's spirit. The label is home of Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, the Budos Band, and the Menahan Street Band. All of these bands make funk and soul music that hearkens back to pre-digital days, when it was musicianship, not production, that made the band. Antibalas' latest album was largely recorded live, which gives the music an energy and vitality that you usually only get with a live show. While the band's sound has not changed dramatically over their five albums, this record sees them paring back their sound and presenting an even tighter package. Their earlier records had a stronger latin funk infuence which has been largely toned down for this album."

C-Rayz Walz :: The Code ::
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[The Code] 
"To put a fine point on it right from jump, "Ravipops" is one of those hip-hop albums everybody heard about that most people never bought. It deserves all the accolades and acclaim it got, as Walz was already ahead of his time when it dropped in 2003, which means hip-hop probably just caught up about 5 minutes ago. The boom for independent labels going underground gold was in the late 1990's though, and Def Jux is to hip-hop like Ring of Honor is to pro wrestling. If that doesn't make sense, it boils down to being able to sign the best in the world, then not be able to market or promote them like it. The underground fans will support it and the world will ignore it. C-Rayz Walz is CM Punk, only he didn't get discovered by WWE (Def Jam)... yet. Walz has kept hustling despite the handicaps, dropping albums like "Chorus Rhyme" and "Freestyle vs. Written" over the years, and getting a mixture of praise and indifference for each one. The buzz he had in the early 2000's is gone though, and record labels have increasingly given up on the idea of signing anybody who doesn't sound like the next Kanye West or Gucci Mane. What's a talented and underserved emcee to do in such an environment? Bandcamp. If ever a better purpose for the site has been invented than for a rapper like C-Rayz Walz to direct market to his fanbase, I can't think of it. This is not a bedroom emcee with his GarageBand app working overtime - this is a real legit spitter straight from The Bronx."

Gotham Green & Quickie Mart :: #HDv4 ::
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon
"Picking up where "Haze Diaries Volume 3" left off in 2010, the unusually third-coastal team of Gotham Green (New York) and Quickie Mart (New Orleans) have not missed a beat on #HDv4. Sounds like a whole review doesn't it? Damn, I wrote the conclusion before the intro. Well just play this movie in reverse and it will make more sense. To be honest this album is kind of backward for me too, as it came in an unsorted zip file with 19 songs in alphabetical order. Thankfully their Bandcamp page clears up the order it's supposed to go in, but since I was already listening to it in a "so-random it's sorted" order out of sync with that prescribed format, I've got a different and possibly better appreciation for this release. It starts with the highly enjoyable "All I Know" featuring Freddie Gibbs and T. Mills. Soon enough I'm hit over the head with the pothead anthem "Break it Down," and the instrumental raises goosebumps on my arsm because it re-interpolates the instrumental to Artifacts' "Cummin Thru Ya Fuckin' Block" featuring Redman, one of my favorite rap songs of all time. Appropriate that it's a weed smoking anthem too given the proclivities of the emcees I first heard on the beat almost 20 years ago. Listen to their version on Bandcamp, then listen to Tame, El and Reggie Noble below and tell me that I'm wrong. Goosebumps. "

Audio: @Vinnie_Paz f/ Tragedy Khadafi "7 Fires Of Prophecy"

Audio: Vinnie Paz f/ Tragedy Khadafi "7 Fires Of Prophecy"

Courtesy Matt B.

On October 22, 2012, Vinnie will release his sophomore solo album God of the Serengeti featuring production by DJ Premier, Havoc (Mobb Deep), Psycho Les (Beatnuts), Marco Polo, C-Lance and more with guest appearances by Scarface, Mobb Deep, Immortal Technique, La Coka Nostra, Army of the Pharaohs, Kool G. Rap, R.A. the Rugged Man and others.  The 18-track album promises to add another chapter in the growing legacy of Vinnie Paz’s uncompromising brand of hardcore hip-hop.

Here’s a new track from Vinnie Paz’s upcoming sophomore solo-album God of the Serengeti, “7 Fires of Prophecy” f/ Tragedy Khadafi.

DL link to Vinnie Paz f/ Tragedy Khadafi “7 Fires Of Prophecy” (Beatnick Dee on production and DJ Kwestion on cuts): .

Video: @LaCokaNostra1 - "Letter to Ouisch" (@MacMediaPromo)

Video: La Coka Nostra - "Letter to Ouisch"

Courtesy Matt B.

Always known for tackling controversial topic matter, the group’s sophomore project, Masters Of The Dark Arts, (which recently was a top 100 debut on the Billboard Charts) finds them once again in torch-bearing mode, addressing subjects that most artists shy away from as ILL BILL illustrates “as conceptually and musically dark as this album appears to be, there's also a flip side layer to it that you may not notice until you listen to it a few times. Masters Of The Dark Arts is a storm before the calm and a celebration of the good things in life that can only be achieved by walking directly into the heart of darkness and facing your inner demons head on."

Video: @DJVadim f/ Yarah Bravo - "Leader"

Video: DJ Vadim f/ Yarah Bravo - "Leader"

Courtesy Ballin PR.

Founding Father of Beat Culture DJ Vadim Announces New Record "Don’t Be Scared" on BBE Records October 4, 2012.

Video: Masterminds - "Suicidal Pigeon" (@manekinekopro)

Video: Masterminds - "Suicidal Pigeon"

Courtesy Johnny Nobody.

Masterminds "Suicidal Pigeon" Video Is Here.  And here are the first visuals and Audio from the first Masterminds album inover 10 years. "Suicidal Pigeon" is just the warm up to the new album "Giant Antlers." Giant Antlers On The Way!

Video: @DJJeanMaron + N.B.S. "The Bridge (Cambridge)"

Video: DJ Jean Maron + N.B.S. "The Bridge (Cambridge)"

Courtesy Big Bang Records.

Resurrecting hip-hop classic "The Bridge" by MC Shan & Marly Marl , long time French favorite DJ Jean Maron connects with homegrown mainstay N.B.S. (hip-hop duo consisting of E'Flash and V-Knuckles) connect to bridge the cross continental gap and bring an ode to their hometown Cambridge, MA rightfully entitled "The Bridge."

Video: @Stu_Bangas & @EricVanderslice "Half Dead" f/ @RocMarci

Video: Stu Bangas & Vanderslice "Half Dead" f/ Roc Marciano, Apathy, Planet

Courtesy Audible Treats.

This week, Stu Bangas & Vanderslice released their new album, Diggaz With Attitude. The long-hyped project is proving to be worth the wait; the two producers' shared love for sinister chops and heavy drums pairs well with the album's impressive line-up of guests, a list that includes Roc Marciano, The Alchemist, Evidence, Apathy, Ill Bill, Celph Titled, Blaq Poet, Esoteric, and more. To celebrate release this week, the two producers are now releasing the video for the album's latest single, "Half Dead," which features Apathy, Roc Marciano, and Planet Asia.

Video: @DChamberz_sch "All Day" f/ Smoke Gang Mac & Mel Perry

Video: D.Chamberz "All Day" f/ Smoke Gang Mac & Mel Perry

Courtesy DCI.

D.Chamberz "All Day" Ft. Smoke Gang Mac & Mel Perry (Prod. By Buda Da Future & Grandz Muzik). Follow D. Chamberz on twitter @DChamberz_sch.

Video: @Pacewon & Mr. Green f/ Snoop Dogg - "Lock Me Up"

Video: Pacewon & Mr. Green f/ Snoop Dogg - "Lock Me Up"

Courtesy Mr. Green.

Official video for Pacewon and Mr. Green's single "Lock Me Up" from their new album "The Only Number That Matters is Won" AVAILABLE NOW on Raw Poetix.  The song features BURNTmd and the legendary Snoop Dogg... Animation by Eric Hans King

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