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Wednesday April 16, 2014
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[Nausea] The new Death Grips.

Moodie Black Review

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Free Music Friday: Free 99 Edition

Karniege :: Can I Kick It? Vol. 2

[Karneige wrecked havoc back when he was with Def Jux, but now that he is on his own, "Can I Kick It Vol. 2" serves a prelude to what this cat got to offer. This mixtape features productions done by Beatminerz, J-Kingz, the late Camu Tao, and Karneige himself. Can he kick it? Yes, he sho' can!]

01.) No Beginning (Produced By Karniege)
02.) Guess Who’s Back
03.) System Disrupt (Produced By Camu Tao)
04.) Check 1,2 (feat. L.T., Poison Pen & J-Zone) (Produced By Da Beatminerz)
05.) Hey Karni
06.) Spread The Word (Produced By Camu Tao)
07.) War Stories
08.) Kidz NYC (feat. Vast Aire) (Produced By Melodious Monk)
09.) Interlude (Produced By Karniege)
10.) Mush
11.) Welcome To New York (Produced By Thanos)
12.) How We Do Over Here
13.) Bang Bang (feat. Double A.B & Access Immortal)
14.) Catwalk (Produced By Lostsun of Armyfatique)
15.) Jimmy Swagger (feat. Marq Spekt) (Produced By Khalid Salaam)
16.) Hard Times (Produced By Camu Tao)
17.) Spread The Word (Remix) (Produced By Lostsun of Armyfatique)
18.) War Stories (Remix) (Produced By J-Kingz)


Gotham Green & Quickie Mart :: Haze Diaries Volume 2

[If you can't tell from the cover already, Gotham Green and Quickie brings hip-hop that's as rugged as their notepad. Frankly, if you're into folks who love hip-hop making joints together while smokin' joints, then you couldn't complain on this one.]

1. Intro
2. Triple Threat feat. Buff 1 & Tunji
3. Not Like Me
4. Nice As I Am feat. Freddie Gibbs
5. Chasin' The Money feat. AJ Gil
6. Gimmie The Money feat. Calvin Frazier & B. Heat
7. We Ain't In The Mood
8. Welcome Back feat. Malkovich & SumKid
9. Smoke Break feat. Nick Swardson
10. One Minute You're Here
11. You Gotta Be Kiddin' Me feat. El Prez
12. Put Them Hands Up feat. Know One
13. Back To Basics feat. Jabee & Truth Universal
14. It's Just A Game
15. Pick It Up feat. P-Rawb
16. Big Tipper feat. iamOmni
17. Couldn't Take It (Suicide Note)


Lil Cease & DJ Delz Presents Junior M.A.F.I.A. :: The Lost Files [Mixtape]

[Long story short, Junior M.A.F.I.A. was supposed to make release an album back in 2005, but for whatever reason (label problems, politics, etc), it was never brought into light...until now. Here's a Lil' Cease-approved mixtape with many unreleased Junior
M.A.F.I.A. tracks for all of you to hear. Check it!]

1. Lil Cease – Intro
2. 1 2 3 (feat. Prodigy)
3. Get Up Stand Up
4. That’s What It Is (feat. Bun B)
5. Everyone’s A Snake
6. Goodtimes
7. Lil Cease – Speaks Part 1
8. Nothing Wrong (feat. Method Man)
9. Come Get Me (feat. Beanie Sigel & Memphis Bleek)
10. Money All The Time (feat. F.T)
11. Lil Cease – Speaks Part 2
12. Riot Music (feat. Peedi Crakk)
13. Bang Bang
14. Lil Cease – Outro


Problem :: Take That

[They say "It's not what you know, it's who you know." Problem happens to know and got co-signed by legendary West Coast acts such as Snoop Dogg and DJ Quik. But it helps that who you know is caused by what you know and what you can do with it. Problem gives out his style on this mixtape and with braggadocious rhymes and tight beats, you can't front on that. The dude's a Problem.]

1. Intro
2. I'm Burnt (feat. Kurupt)
4. When I Come
6. Myspace Rappers (feat. Terrace Martin)
7. Imma Own That (Bust It)
8. Compton (feat. DJ Quik)
9. 3 Of Da Best (Bad Lucc, Problem, and Lady G.)
10. Take That Smoke Break
11. America
12. 6 N Tha Mornin
13. The Preview (feat. Bad Lucc)
14. I Dont Think They Like Me
15. On One
16. Take That Smoke Break 2
17. Im Good (feat. T-Lee)
18. Freestyle
19. Smokin My Weed, Drankin My Drank
20. Ridin Rollin (Snoop Dogg, Problem, and Terrace Martin)
21. Big Ego
23. Heat Of The Moment
24. All My Friends (feat. K-Active)
26.  Whereva You Like
27.  Fucked Up (Remix) (Snoop Dogg, Problem, and Jim Jones)
28.  You A Hoe 4 Dat
29.  Who's The Boss
30. The Comeback
31. Freestyle


Zo! :: ...just visiting too EP
Zo! - ...just visiting too

[Well, this one isn't a free rap album. But this is a soulful EP that I feel I must share (after all it's Free Music Friday, not Free All-Rap Music Friday). Zo! gives some of th ebest song covers you ever heard and you won't even realize they are covers. I can't talk for it, I'll just let the music do it for you.]

1. Perfect Angel feat. Yahzarah
2. Nights Over Egypt feat. Carlitta Durand
3. Crazy You feat. Sy Smith
4. Holding You, Loving You
5. My Flame feat. Phonte
6. Somethin Special feat. Yahzarah
7. The Highways of My Life (Pts. 1&2) feat. Darien Brockington


That's it for the "Free 99 Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....

B.G. Arrested on Gun Charge

B.G., a prominent local hip-hop artist, was arrested this week in eastern New Orleans and booked into jail on a felony gun charge, police said.

New Orleans police arrested Christopher Dorsey, who raps under the moniker B.G., or Baby Gangsta, Tuesday night following a traffic stop in which officers recovered three guns, two of which were reported stolen, according to the New Orleans Police Department.

Dorsey, 29, was booked with illegal carrying of weapons. He appeared in magistrate court Thursday morning, but the status of his incarceration, such as bond information, was not listed Thursday night in electronic court records maintained by the Criminal Sheriff's Office.

Police said Dorsey was arrested along with the two others in the vehicle, Demounde Pollard, 17, and Jerod Fedison, 28.

Officers from the NOPD's 7th District halted the late-model Chevrolet Tahoe after watching it commit a traffic violation, police said. They seized the three weapons, along with loaded magazines and two extended magazine clips, according to a police news release.

Fedison and Dorsey were each booked with illegal carrying of a firearm, according to court records. Pollard was booked on multiple drug charges -- including possession of hydrocodone, oxycodone and alprazolam -- and two counts of illegal possession of stolen firearms, and a count of illegal carrying of a weapon.


Juvenile's "Gotta Get It" Video



Cocky & Confident

In Stores & Online

December 8th, 2009


“We Be Getting Money” feat. Shawty Lo, Dorrough & Kango Slim
“We Be Getting Money” on iTunes
VIDEO: Jay-Z in Empire State of Mind at Yankees Parade

Jay-Z was an invited guest of Alex Rodriguez during the New York Yankees Championship Parade on Friday.  At the end of the ceremony, he performed his hit single "Empire State Of Mind" with Bridget Kelly.


Kwame & Beyond Belief Live @ Cake Shop in NYC

Multi-platinum selling producer Kwamé & his artist Beyond Belief hit the stage at Cake Shop in NYC last night for an impromptu performance.  They performed snippets of 3 songs off of Beyond Belief's debut album "What About BOB?" out November 27th.

DJ Khaled's New Artist Red Rum

From DJ Smallz: 

Reporting live from We The Best Studios in Miami, FL meet DJ Khaled's newest rhyme slayer Red Rum straight outta Richmond, Virginia

Fear The Future!


For more videos:

New Wyclef Jean Mixtape Coming November 10th, Live NYC Show

It's a return to hip-hop for the icon and humanitarian Wyclef Jean. Check out Wyclef's full stream of From The Hut, To The Projects, To The Mansion out November 10!
Purchase the CD at Best Buy in Union Square between 11/14-11/17 and receive a wristband to attend a live performance and autograph signing on at the store on 11/17 @ 6PM!
Suicide Love (feat. Eve)

Brown Bag AllStars - Last Day of Brown Bag Season

From J57:

Welcome to the final day of Brown Bag Season!

Brown Bag AllStars "The WorkHorse"
Produced by: The Audible Doctor

Hope you enjoyed yourself during Brown Bag Season - we REALLY appreciate all
the support you & Shake have shown us !

Fat Beats NY • J57 of the Brown Bag AllStars

"Rap Is Outta Control" w/ DJ Eclipse, D-Stroy & J57  • Sirius XM Radio • Hip Hop Nation Channel • Sunday Nights • 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Canibus & Keith Murray are "THE UNDERGODS"

From The Wonder TwinZ and Who Got Next:

Canibus & Keith Murray are "THE UNDERGODS"
Power. Passion. Poetics.

Hip-Hop is littered with emcees that use those three words as the blueprint for their style. But in reality, the list for the few who actually achieve it is painfully short. Rakim, KRS-One and Big Daddy Kane immediately jump out as emcees from an earlier era that best fused these three traits, joining Eminem, Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. from more recent times. You can make arguments about other artists, including but not limited to Chuck D and Mos Def as the most obvious, but there are two artists the mainstream will overlook every time.


Keith Murray and Canibus are emcees that define what it is to be underground hip-hop. Each has had a measure of commercial success, toured the world, sold hundreds of thousands of records and established their names to several generations of fans. But more than that, there is no doubting the credibility a 16 carries when it’s attached to their name and it’s made them recognized rap heavyweights for nearly 15 years. Respected for their raw lyrics, unique voices and grimy deliveries, the two have joined together in an era when mainstream hip-hop is dying and independent success is no longer measured by record sales. As The UnderGods, Keith Murray and Canibus are ready to bring their brand of Hip-Hop to a place it’s never been before.


One of hip-hop's most “beautifullest vocabulists,” there is no mystery about Keith Murray other than you never know what he’s going to say on a record. With a million-plus records sold, Murray comes into this project with the same pure, rhyme ingenuity he’s known for, an eccentric vocabulary, the sandpapery vocals people love and the original edge that endeared him to so many fans sharpened again. For those just jumping on board, Murray smacked Hip-Hop over the head with his Gold-certified debut “The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World.” Catapulted by the album’s dual smashes – the lead single title cut and its follow-up "Get Lifted" – Keith rapidly established himself as one of hip-hop's most distinctive voices under the sure-handed tutelage and guidance of fellow Def Squad lyrical sharpshooter, Redman, and producer extraordinaire, Erick Sermon.


Canibus came to Hip-Hop by a very different road, albeit a well-traveled one. Born in Jamaica, he called the islands home until he was 13, moving to the Bronx, NY first, then making stops in Washington D.C., Miami, England and Atlanta before eventually settling in New Jersey. With his love for technology in hand, he forayed into the corporate world during the days and quietly honed his craft at night until exploding onto the scene in Atlanta, when he and his partner Webb battled the entire Wu Tang Clan. With respect earned, Canibus parlayed his newly gained props into allegiances with The Lost Boyz, Wyclef, Jay-Z and LL Cool J. The later meeting developed into one of the best rap battles of the 90’s, pointing the spotlight for the first-time on Canibus and setting him up for a prolific run of albums, mixtapes and collaborations that endeared him to fans around the world. An early adopter of the Internet, Canibus’ fans have already begun buzzing about this project on message boards and sites around the web.


The UnderGods debut EP will drop digitally September 29th on Sound Records for $5.99 at, with a brand new, full-length album of 12-14 tracks coming in January. The duo’s new music has already hit the Internet with a few early leaks, and the anticipation is building. The projects will feature production from rap icon Erick Sermon of EPMD (Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Redman, Blackstreet), joined by a certified Who’s Who of a production team: Streetrunner (LL Cool J, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Slaughterhouse), Jake One (50 Cent, Brother Ali, De La Soul, M.O.P., Slug), Amadeus (50 Cent, Talib Kweli, member of Bad Boy’s Hitmen), Da Beatminerz (Eminem, Boot Camp Clik, KRS-One), Shuko and Gordo.

   1. The Undergods : "DIE BIG TIME"
* *

Ryu, Apathy & Scoop Offer "Uzi Does It" for $1 All Weekend


MySpace and Get Busy Committee Offer 'Uzi Does It' For $1 All Weekend

Former major-label rappers forge new ground with MySpace offering MySpace users an entire album for $1 the weekend before street date

* *

Los Angeles, CA (November 6, 2009) - If you've been paying attention you already know Ryu (Styles of Beyond), Apathy (East Coast powerhouse MC and solo artist), and Scoop Deville (in-demand producer for Snoop Dogg, Clipse, The Game, etc) have a new group called Get Busy Committee, and that their new record, 'Uzi Does It', comes out November 10th.  The album has been called "hip hop album of the year" by Mike Shinoda and has fans in everyone from Rob Dyrdek to Snoop Dogg.
MySpace is pleased to be able to offer a very special deal this weekend only, the entire 'Uzi Does It' album will be available for only $1 (!), exclusively via MySpace and in advance of it being available in other digital retailers!  Courtney Holt, President of MySpace Music said, "Get Busy Committee is a great example of how a band can creatively use the power of the MySpace platform to market their music and lifestyle, engaging a savvy music audience."
You can visit Get Busy Committee's MySpace profile to stream the album and buy for your iPod for just $1!

* *

Free streaming widgets, photos, and bio visit: . Please embed a streaming version of the album in any online piece.  

"Remember the first time you heard the first Guns n Roses record?  That's what this is like." - Apathy

"Uzi does it is the hip hop album of the year, it's no wonder GBC is making so much noise without the help of a major label." - Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park

"For real this album is so good." - Rob Dyrdek

"INgrooves is proud to be working with Get Busy Committee's fantastic new release that is sure to connect with legions of passionate music fans.  I am certain our various retail and promotional partners around the world will be eager to share it with their customers." - Robb McDaniels, President and CEO, INgrooves

"We're making sure we connect with anyone interested in Get Busy Committee, giving them incentive and simple ways to share with others, and allowing them to buy the music in unique, collectible, valuable formats which flow from the creativity of the artists." - Ian Rogers, CEO, Topspin

"Selling records is just like selling houses.  Or at least I hope it is." - Dutch Markgraf, Manager, Get Busy Committee

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