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Video: J. Money Shares His Thoughts on Yung LA Situation

From DJ Smallz:

Video: J. Money Shares His Thoughts on Yung LA Situation

J. Money Shares His Thoughts on Yung LA Situation from DJ Smallz.

J. Money, who recently signed with Soulja Boy's SODMG label and Nitti Beatz management, shared his thoughts on Yung LA's situation in Atlanta.

MP3: AGQ - "Early Morning Stories"

From Digi Crates Records:

MP3: AGQ - "Early Morning Stories"

***Brand new Digi Crates Records release from Spain's own soul producer, AGQ, entitled "Early Morning Stories". The album features, SmooVth, Big Pooh, Prolifical, Hus, and Wildelux. Early Morning Stories is available now @ iTunes and all other major digital retailers, CD available May.

Digi Crates Records
MP3: Random and A_Rival "I Ain't No Joke" (8-Bit Remix)

I Ain't No Joke (Remix)From RandomBeatsMusic:

MP3: Random and A_Rival "I Ain't No Joke" (8-Bit Remix)

If Eric B and Rakim played N.E.S, this is would they would've made....But we know they wouldn't, because Rakim never jokes.

Teacher/Rapper/Hero Random aka Mega Ran, after announcing his stunning departure from the education field, promised to up the musical production output, and is right on time with his 8-Bit Cover of Eric B and Rakim's classic "I Ain't No Joke." Chiptune hip-hop superstar A_Rival provides the near perfect reproduction of the classic beat.

Slam it, when you're done and make sure it's broke.

Download the song for free (no email address needed!)

Purchase the song and instrumental for a buck here:

Thank you for the support of independent hip-hop! blog it, tweet it, facebook it, bump it!


Video/Audio: "EPIC" by Skyzoo, E Sober & Mr. Green

From Mr. Green:

Video/Audio: "EPIC" by Skyzoo, E Sober & Mr. Green

and a free download link:

Devo Spice Update - 4/20/2011

From Devo Spice:

Devo Spice Update - 4/20/2011

Hey everyone!

How’s things?  Things are awesome over here at Devo Spice central, although I’m as busy as ever.  Hopefully things will calm down long enough for me to catch my breath soon.  Breathing is good, especially when you’re asthmatic.


For those of you who may not have heard on April 1st I released my new album Gnome Sane and asked everyone to buy it on iTunes on that day in the hopes it would be pushed up the charts a bit.  After finding out that I could not list the album in the Comedy category and instead had to list it in Hip Hop I was skeptical that I would even break the top 200.  However, I was in the top 75 before I even left for work that morning.

By mid afternoon the album was hovering in the top 30 on the Hip Hop charts and peaked at number 28.  I have the screenshots to prove it.  And I take a certain perverse pleasure in the fact that I was higher on the charts, if for only a brief period, than Kanye West.  All that and I didn’t even have to use my AK.  Damn right it was a good day.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the rush.  It was a huge success.  If you took part and haven’t yet sent me your iTunes receipt please do so soon.  I underestimated how many people would take part in the rush and need to order more copies of the bonus CD, but I need to know how many to order, so please send me your receipts as soon as you can.

And for those of you who don’t like Apple or still want your music on shiny round things you can now get Gnome Sane on CD!  The CD is available in the store at ( or in the store at (  It doesn’t matter to me which one you use because they both come to me anyway.  (The FuMP takes credit cards directly.  I only have PayPal set up on my site if that’s an issue.)

Gnome Sane contains 19 tracks, that’s over 70 minutes of funny-rap goodness, including “I Hate Mondays,” “Platform Wars,” and my latest FuMP release “Earworm” with MC Lars.  It also includes album exclusive tracks like “Nerds Rule” with YTCracker, “Romantic Interlude,” and my Eminem parody “Not Amused.”  If you haven’t ordered your copy yet you can order it online at the links above.

Or if you’re going to be at PenguiCon at the end of the month you can pick it up from me there.  Speaking of which...

Penguicon’s comedy music track is becoming rather epic.  This year the list of performers includes: Devo Spice, the great Luke Ski, Tom Smith, Possible Oscar (Jared and Nathan acoustic), Insane Ian, Power Salad, Positude, Tom Smith, Norm Sherman, Frank Hayes, Toyboat, Gifted Gear, Derwood Bowen, and MC Frontalot.

Penguicon is taking place April 29th - May 1st in Troy, MI, just outside of Detroit.  For more information visit  There will be a dedicated merch table for all the dementia artists so look for my CD there along with a new t-shirt design.

That’s all folks.  Back to working on secret project #SIRH79.


Video: Tope Opening for Blu, Grouch, Zion I

From AA:

Video: Tope Opening for Blu, Grouch, Zion I

Born in Portland, Oregon in 1985, Anthony Anderson, better known as Tope, always maintained an air of worldly soul. At a young age, he absorbed the jazz, funk and soul records that his mother would play, ingraining in his being a visceral sense of what’s been done before.

Tope is most recognizable for his contributions to N.W. hip hop culture through his releases with Living Proof (Roots To Branches ‘07 & Full Speed ‘11), his first solo effort Soul Music, and as part of town-famous TxE; but as a true artist and musician, Tope is never satisfied with the expected, or the easy. He hates when producers say, “I got this joint for you, it’s a ‘Tope’ track” – or whatever. He hates to look back, and by the time you’ve heard his music, he likely doesn’t like it anymore, and is on to the next one.

Tope has worked with distinguished hip hop heavyweights such as Wajeed, Abstract Rude, TiRon, Scarub, Myka 9, Phil Da Agony, and Planet Asia; and opening for artists including Talib Kweli, Mac Miller, Blu, Nappy Roots, The Coup, Mistah FAB; to name very few, and while others in the region, merely hop from trend to trend; Tope refuses to change with expectations while constantly reinventing himself through his art.

Always looking for new angles, Tope has gained universal town appeal by opening himself up to other genres and mediums (*see The Angry Orts, Tony Ozier, Kelli Shaefer, Liv Warfield), while staying true to his vision.

With a new solo effort, Until the Next Time We Meet and instrumental album Free Lemonade, a new Living Proof EP produced exclusively by Stewart Villain, and a full-length produced exclusively by Calvin Valentine, and the long-anticipated TxE full-length all due out in the next 12 months, Tope remains a workaholic; unsatisfied and unrelenting, while always looking…on to the next.

Johnny23 Records Celebrates 4.20 With a Double Release Date

From J23:

Johnny23 Records Celebrates 4.20 With a Double Release Date

After 2 EP's and a successful mixtape in the last 2 years alone, brace yourself for the Bloody Monk Consortium's Official LP debut on Johnny 23 records. Already regarded as an instant underground classic, BMC plows through the scene taking it back to the essence of that golden era of 90's battle hip hop with a refreshing taste of pure raw talent over heart pounding production. Lyricists Leeroy Deestroy and LABAL-S show no remorse chopping down track after track by producer Lex Luger and others. Guest appearances by: LoDeck, Pacewon, C-Rayz Walz, (PH)Pumpkinhead, 2ugli, Damo and more!

Will available for sale on: iTunes, Amazon, & other retailers TBA.

Labal-S: "Zaap"

labal-s - zaap prod. lex luger [ bloody monk consortium | johnny23 ]

LoDeck & Boxguts Present:

A genre-breaking EP by duo Boxguts and LoDeck includes
odd odes to  Red Riding Hood, Grammy Award Shows,
and mind-altering experiences. Your senses of elegance and
adrenaline have never been more confused.
Production by Blockhead and Will Taubin.

Freestyle Cologne: "The Wolf"

the wolf (boxguts & lodeck are freestyle cologne)

LoDeck & Boxguts: "They Know"

they know (boxguts & lodeck) *official video*

Come out and party with BMC and Freestyle Cologne on 4.20
at the Red Star Bar in Brooklyn. FREE!!

FREE download Boxguts mixtape

@johnny23records @freecologne @bloodymonks

Kottonmouth Kings Celebrate 4/20 With 'My Garden' Video

From Kerosene Media:

Kottonmouth Kings Celebrate Stoner Holiday With The Release Of 'My Garden' Video

The Kottonmouth Kings are celebrating this year’s stoner holiday with the release of their new video for the track for “My Garden” at the group’s newly renovated website online at The song is the single from Kottonmouth Kings new digital “Legalize It” EP, which is now available through digital retailers.
The “Legalize It” EP embraces the hypnotic, positive vibrations of Kottonmouth Kings’ sound. "Rise Above" rallies the group's army of fans to soar above those that would hold you back with a powerful funk hook, while the breezy flowing rhythms and positive vibrations of "My Garden" are simply contagious. The reggae flavored protest track “Soon Come” feels like the group is channeling the ghost of Bob Marley while challenging the listeners to question the war on drugs, and “Defy Gravity” closes the EP with the group flexing their melodic prowess over the top of an irresistible acoustic hook.
The “Legalize It” digital EP is being served as an appetizer for Kottonmouth Kings upcoming full-length studio album “The Sunrise Sessions”, which is set for a July 19th release through Suburban Noize Records.
The Kottonmouth Kings will celebrate the release of the EP with a series of special festival shows beginning on April 17th in Pozo, CA. Kottonmouth Kings are currently streaming the new track "Ganja Daze" from the group's "Legalize It" EP online .
Apr 20 - Pomona, CA @ Fox Theatre
Apr 22 - San Diego, CA @ House of Blues
Apr 23 - Las Vegas, NV @ Fremont

Video: Pusha T - "My God"

From RMG:

Video: Pusha T - "My God"

PR: Soulja Boy Prepares Juice Mixtape Releasing April 20

From Greg Miller:

Soulja Boy Prepares Juice Mixtape Releasing April 20

April 2011 - Multi-platinum viral marketing wizard Soulja Boy will release his latest mixtape Juice at midnight on April 20th via mixtape hosting site  The mixtape, with inspired artwork from 2Pac's 1992 classic film of the same name, is presented by Atlanta's DJ Scream and DJ Swamp Izzo and will feature 22 tracks.  DJ Scream says, "Soulja Boy's new mixtape is his best to date.  It still has that young vibrant energy that his music has always possessed, but in a more mature fashion."  

Music video director Rage, responsible for Soulja's biggest music videos including "Crank That" and "Kiss Me Thru The Phone," is on board to direct three official music videos for mixtape songs "Juice," "Zan With That Lean," and "That Right" featuring Diamond from Crime Mob.  Following the music video releases will be the Juice inspired mini-movie that will feature Soulja Boy, the SODMG roster and cast members from the original film.

"I'm always in touch with my fans and thinking of new ideas to stay fresh and original" states Soulja Boy.  "A lot of thought and planning went behind the Juice concept.  I hope they like it."

Soulja Boy released an unofficial "Zan With That Lean" music video virally last week which received praises online in anticipation of the mixtape.  A link for the audio of the song is below with an unofficial "Juice" music video link and link to download the mixtape that will be live at midnight on April 20th.





1. Juice
2. Mistress
3. Make It Go
4. Soulja Boy Speaks (Interlude)
5. Racks Freestyle
6. Zan With That Lean f. Kwony Cash & J Money
7. Too Juiced Up
8. Buku
9. Soulja Boy 4-20 (Interlude)
10. Rich Hoe f. Lil B
11. Throwin Money Up  f. Calico Jones
12. Stacks f. Roscoe Dash & J Money
13. Lemme F***
14. Kickstand f. Tonio
15. Body f. Calico Jonez
16. That Right f. Diamond of Crime Mob
17. Numbas f. J Money & 2 Chainz
18. Money In A Trash Bag
19. J Money Checks In
20. Shawty Got Racks
21. Soulja Boy Outro
22. Money Gang Anthem

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