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Free EP: TOPE - "Since the Last Time We Spoke" (@itsTOPE)

From TOPE:

Free EP: TOPE - "Since the Last Time We Spoke"

Following the March release of his sophomore album UNTIL THE NEXT TIME WE MEET, Portland rapper/producer, TOPE is back with a new EP entitled SINCE THE LAST TIME WE SPOKE available on Amigo/Amiga Records. This EP is a collection of songs that didn't quite fit the vibe of UTNTWM but still deserved to see the light of day. STLTWS shows a little more aggressive side of TOPE with songs such as "To The Top" produced by Ari Stackhosue and "Keep Talkin" produced by N.VS, but don't take our word for it. Download, and see for yourself.

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Video: Yo Gotti Road to Riches Tour Vlog #3 (@YoGottiKOM)

From Dove @ Tygereye:

Video: Yo Gotti Road to Riches Tour Vlog #3

Here is Yo Gotti's third official vlog for the 2012 Road to Riches Tour sponsored by Flat Fitty! In this installment, Gotti personally takes you behind the scenes as he prepares for the sold-out show at the NorVa in Norfolk, Virginia.

MP3: Shifta f/ Fresh & Kanye West - "Theraflu Remix"

MP3: Shifta f/ Fresh & Kanye West - "Theraflu Remix"

Courtesy M3W.

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Video: Saint Christopher EV - "Open Your Eyes"

From SCEV:

Video: Saint Christopher EV - "Open Your Eyes"

I am striving to give the you tube viewers what they truly deserve out of music videos, which is talent, integrity and quality. I also hope this song can effect your life in a positive way.

PR: 4two7 - "Time to Bring it Back" f/ Killa Ben, Planet Asia

From Ballin PR:

PR: 4two7 - "Time to Bring it Back" f/ Killa Ben, Planet Asia, Tristate

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4two7: Internal Dialogue on RapReviews: "... 4two7 stands out to me from all of that shit you can get for free, and his 12 song "Internal Dialogue" CD is tightly focused and smartly written - no filler and no bullshit."

In late October of 2011, while in the studio finishing his album “Internal Dialogue”, rapper 4two7 suffered a series of seizures that sent him to the emergency room. Three days later he was having major surgery, a craniotomy to remove a stage iii tumor that had grown in his brain.
“It was truly a shock,” recalls 4two7. “The album strangely makes more sense and means a lot more to me. These creative offerings help keep me alive and well. I have a new fight on my hands, but I plan on winning it! I’ll be clear in a year.”

Indeed, the San Francisco Bay Area bred creative force is back behind the microphone and his music means that much more to him. His debut album Internal Dialogue features Planet Asia, Casual, Fashawn, and a few others. Production on it is mostly by 4two7’s production team Eat Machine (4two7, Blozart, and Knock Squared) giving the album its very unique sound. Additional tracks were produced by Veterano (3sixty5 Records/The Fairview Group), Grammy Award winning producer Bobby Ozuna (Snoop Dogg, Rapheal Saadiq, D’ Angelo), and Bedrock (Goapele, The Jacka, Mistah Fab).
After spending the last decade as a talent manager, helping people such as Mystic, Planet Asia, Jake One and multi-platinum rock group Maroon 5 get major label deals, Grammy nominations and song placements, 4two7’s debut offering is high-quality rap music that focuses on top-notch lyricism and moving stories about life.
He continues his conceptual work with “Hero” and “Butta On Ya Muffintop” (EAT Machine) two subject driven songs that highlight his artistic vision.  “I’ve always written songs as opposed to just raps for rap’s sake,” he says.  “Managing the producers and rappers that I have over the years and having those A&R meetings and seeing some things work and some things fail, I’ve learned that a great song is the key to the game.  A song is a great idea that is played out over three minutes or so.  That’s something I picked up.”
“I have worked with and studied a lot of great talents,” says the man who has also been known as Eclipse 427 and DJ Walt Liquor during the last decade-plus.  “I’ve seen all that I wanted to see.  Now I’m coming back to what I love, why I got into the music business in the first place, to fill a huge void that I feel is out there.”
4two7 (the moniker is pronounced four-two-seven and is a nod to his birthday, April 27) reemerges as a rapper with the explosive “Comedy Central.”  Over a percussive, drum-driven beat from producer Knock Squared (EAT Machine), 4two7 in the first verse chides females who sell themselves short by using sex to curry favor with men.  In the second verse, he blasts rappers who present an inauthentic persona.  Casual (Hieroglyphics) finishes the song with a heavy-hitting verse that attacks both targets.
In fact, 4two7 picked up quite a bit of game growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The region is famous for its DIY ethos, something that 4two7 gravitated toward as a rapper, producer, and recording engineer with his own 24-track recording studio in the 1990s.  He worked with the Mystik Journeymen, The Dereliks The Grouch, Planet Asia, Murs and Zion I, among others, helping shape the Bay Area’s independent rap scene on multiple levels, including distributing and promoting Bay Area music to retail outlets worldwide.  His evolution as an indie talent manager allowed him to see how working with a label with a string of decision-makers can often dilute the music and slow things down.  4two7 benefits by being totally self-contained, an artist who can rap, produce, dj, engineer, promote and manage for himself.
4two7 creates more than the disposable music that is frequently pushed today.
“I want to be the counter-balance to what’s going on out there,” he says.  “It’s too one-sided right now and there’s a lot of perspectives that aren’t getting addressed. So I’m just putting that out there for those that want that too.”
* *
1. Reasons feat. Bloe
Produced by: EAT Machine

2. Here I Come
Produced by: Bobby Ozuna for Fith Estate Music Group

3. Butta On Ya Muffintop
Produced by: EAT Machine

4. Comedy Central feat. Casual
Produced by: EAT Machine. Scratches by: DJ Walt Liquor

5. Hero
Produced by: Veterano

6. Stand Up
Produced by: EAT Machine

7. I Luv The Way
Produced by: Bedrock

8. Makes Me Weak feat. Yuro
Produced by: EAT Machine
9. Time To Bring It Back feat. Killa Ben, Planet Asia, & Tristate
Produced by: Veterano

10. The Stage feat. Fashawn
Produced by: EAT Machine

11. Get Away From The Door
Produced by: Bobby Ozuna for Fith Estate Music Group

12. Pillow feat. Twist & Bloe and Reggie Reginald III
Produced by: EAT Machine

Audio: Critical - "The Difference" (prod. Tzarizm) @CJMHipHop

From Creative Juices:

Audio: Critical - "The Difference" (prod. Tzarizm)

Critical - Difference
First Single of Quarantine

* *

Free DL: One Dae - "Time Lapse" EP

From DM360:

Free DL: One Dae - "Time Lapse" EP

Brooklyn rapper One Dae debuts Time Lapse, the inaugural release off his recently formed DAELIGHT imprint. The extended play release captures Dae's progressive flow over the thick, sample-heavy sounds of the German-based production team, The Mindfeederz.  The title is in reference to Dae's return from his four year hiatus of releasing full length projects.  Rest assured, your man Dae won't be taking another sabbatical anytime soon as Time Lapse serves as a spring board to prepare us for the launch of his debut album Daes & Times, which at long last is nearing fruition and will be released before year's end. 

* *

Daes & Times includes guests features from the likes of Sean Price, Evidence and C-Rayz Walz and boasts production from M-Phazes, Domingo, Marco Polo and Ayatollah, among others.

Video: Rook f/ PCC - "M*A*S*H" (prod. Scram Jones)

From Papa Smirf:

Video: Rook f/ PCC - "M*A*S*H" (prod. Scram Jones)

Mbassy Records • VBC • PCC • ROOK
Resides in West Palm Beach, FL
Born New Haven, CT
Signed to Mbassy Records (inde)

Rook will be releasing his first solo project hosted by Evil Empire June 14th on

PR: Ricta - "Snacks & Deception" Out Now (@therealricta)

From Park Street PR:

PR: Ricta - "Snacks & Deception" Out Now

With mainstream Hip Hop still widely governed by the same tried and tired stereotypes we've all been used to for some time now, you could say it would be refreshing to hear something new and different and that's exactly what Ricta brings to the table in his debut album 'Snacks & Deception', big boom bap style beats reminiscent of acts like Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples & People Under The Stairs provide the backdrop to many a great story. From relationship trials and tribulations, hopes, dreams, or even just waking up to a cornish pasty, Ricta shows his vulnerabilities as well as playing his part of underground Hip Hop party rocker.

Much of the album production is Ricta's own but also features hits from Germany's 'Jusoul', 'Robot Orchestra', 'Beatowski' & Poland's 'The Returners'. Ricta also pulls a first on this album by bringing together big US rap artists with those from the UK, track 13 on the album 'Atlantic Anthem' sees Craig G (Juice Crew), Reks, Dizzy Dustin (Ugly Duckling), Idyllic, & Precha all coming together on one track to create something truely unique. The anticipation is high and the stage is set and yet one of Ricta's most important traits lends itself now better than ever, his ability to remain humble and "stick to what he knows best", this is Hip Hop!


Heducation (Birmingham's longest running Hip Hop night) are celebrating their 11th birthday this year and are hosting the official launch party for Ricta's new album 'Snacks & Deception' (Beat Back Records) on Friday June 8th. Midlands-based Ricta's distinctive voice, intelligent lyrics and golden era vibe are a winning formula! Don't miss his great live show...

DJ Moneyshot (Ninja Tune / Solid Steel)
Ricta (Beat Back Records) - Live (Official Album Launch)
DJ Mylz (
DJ Adios (Wizard Of Oz)
DJ Cro (Crate Escape Records)

Tickets: £2 + booking fee .
Door: £3 before 11 / members. £4 others

Carlsberg Pints £2.30
Spirit & Mixer £2.50

9 - 3am, Friday 8th June
@ The End (formerly Bar Academy), 51 Dale End, Birmingham City Centre, B4 7LS

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Video: @WordsmithMusic - "Music for the Masses"

From Wordsmith:

Video: Wordsmith - "Music for the Masses"

"Music for the Masses" Music Video is the B-Side single from Wordsmith's upcoming "King Noah" Album set to hit stores and online retailers June 19th, 2012.

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