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Video: @Chloe_xcrush - "Bitch in the Back" (New Slip-N-Slide MC)

From Papa Smirf:

Video: Chloe - "Bitch in the Back" (New Slip-N-Slide MC)

Miami, FL – Known for some of the hardest hitting rappers in the game and not one to shy away from the female emcee (i.e. Trina), Slip-N-Slide records has officially announced the signing of their newest artist, San Diego rapper/wild child/surfer girl Chloe. 

Chloe started building a buzz last year when she dropped a video of herself walking down the streets of LA in nothing but a bikini and followed that quickly with her debut mixtape Free PXXXY. As shocking as the p-word can be, it actually stands for (in this case) “Parties Unlimited Single Sexy Youth”, which is how Chloe would describe herself. It’s not a sex movement but a youth movement of individuality, fun and confidence. The slim-built singer/rapper is already coming in with her own tailor-made sound that is one part crafted from her days as a go-go dancer in San Diego’s club scene, and one part built off her YOLO production team. 

Mikey Mo (the MC) Releases Free EP "Concrete Written"

From Nik @ Ballin PR:

Mikey Mo (the MC) Releases Free EP "Concrete Written" (prod. RBNG)

Bay Area based Mikey Mo has been putting it down for years and has made a name for himself by releasing numerous mixtapes, collaborated and appeared on many projects, rocking shows throughout the west coast and releasing underground albums. His debut LP "Rule By Decree" (3sixty5 Records) was released last year.

In 2006 Mikey Mo got together with Abyss and Dap Daniel and released an album titled West Bound. Inspired by the West Bound Tour 2005, the album was an independent release but it gave Mikey Mo more recognition as an MC. Aside from the West Bound Tour in 2005 Mikey Mo also opened up for the GCM Tour that year, which featured Planet Asia, Casual, Rasco, and Cali Agents.

In 2007 Mikey Mo released his debut album titled Focused. Drawn from the struggles and sacrifices in his life, Focused is full of personal experiences with lyrics and beats that complements each other perfectly. The first single and video, “Mikey Mo’s Theme”, was featured on HipHopGame. Also Urb Magazine’s website featured Mikey Mo and nominated him for “Urb’s Next 1000” and Okayplayer gave Focused 3 afros out of 5 saying, “Mikey Mo The MC is one of the most balanced rappers I’ve came across in quite a while”.


PR: NYC Hip Hop Artist @tramthemc To Release Long Awaited CD

From Masta Mix Records:

PR: NYC Hip Hop Artist TRAUM To Release Long Awaited CD “Mad Dreamz It’s Only A Nightmare” On May 29th

Robert Dixon, CEO of Masta Mix Records, announced the May 29, 2012 release of the latest CD, “Mad Dreamz It’s Only A Nightmare” from East Coast hip hop artist TRAUM. Boasting 18 versatile tracks, there’s something for everyone on the album, which will be available at Amazon, FYE, and Best Buy.

Dixon wears many hats at Masta Mix Records, as he is both CEO and the featured artist TRAUM. The new CD is the long awaited sophomore release from the Far Rockaway, Queens rapper, and features Cormaga, Big Noyd, Lil Fame of M.O.P. and many more. TRAUM also produces the album, along with Ayatollah and Ric Rude. “

TRAUM exudes an authentic essence of spitting a verse about living life in the grimy streets of Far Rockaway Queens, how one survives the struggle, and making one’s dreams a reality. Bringing back the familiar flavor of fluidly spoken hip hop is what TRAUM does best, as he now pushes through the walls of the underground to shine in the mainstream while keeping it real and distinctive.

The first single to be released, “Back That Ass Up” is a sexy and provocative song about a man meeting a woman at the club and having a one night stand, and both later deny it happening. The song is aptly named as the title isn’t the slightest bit misleading. TRAUM uses a great beat that’s good for cruising, at the club, or in the bedroom to display his skill in expressing his sexual desires and prowess. It’s entertainment in adult fashion, and is definitely for the grown, sexy, and uninhibited. TRAUM spits is straight in “Back That Ass Up,” accompanied by a nice flow, good hooks and plenty of hotness.

“Mad Dreamz It’s Only A Nightmare” will be available for purchase on May 29th through Amazon.com at: Mad Dreamz It’s Only A Nightmare.

LINKS: www.traum247.com and www.twitter.com/tramthemc .

New Audio: David Banner f/ Maino "Castles In Brooklyn"

From Matt B:

New Audio: David Banner f/ Maino "Castles In Brooklyn"

Here’s the new single, “Let Me In,” f/Tank (produced by David Banner & Swiff D) from David Banner’s upcoming free LP, “Sex, Drugs and Video Games,” scheduled to released on 5-22-2012.     “Sex, Drugs and Video Games” is a free LP, but Banner is asking for fans to support “The Movement”.  The goal of “Sex, Drugs & Video Games” is to show the world Urban music is still valuable. And how is he going to do that? Banner needs 2 million of you to download this mixtape for free, then he needs the same 2 million of you to donate at least $1 to the movement; but feel free to donate more, as there is no maximum donation.

And what is “The Movement” you may ask? This movement is to start controlling our own music, movies and content…PERIOD! As David Banner states “We are not simply characters in a video game being controlled by the invisible hand.  Once this donation goal is met, I’m going to shoot a movie that will drop 5-22-2013 and a portion of the donations are also going to charity.  Download this LP for FREE and make sure to support the movement."

DL link to David Banner f/Maino “Castles In Brooklyn”:

Clean: http://www.sharebeast.com/rdgmiboyj52a .
Dirty: http://www.sharebeast.com/r5r39ot7b8oo .

MP3: Anthm - "Life Imitates Art" @NoCosign

MP3: Anthm - "Life Imitates Art"

Courtesy Nancy B.

SOUNDCLOUD LINK: http://soundcloud.com/amgesquires/life-imitates-art .
SITE LINK: http://callmeanthm.com/ .
TWITTER: @NoCosign

Video: Justina - "Hip Hop Joan Jett"

From Chris @ E1:

Video: Justina - "Hip Hop Joan Jett"

Justina’s music has been featured on popular television shows such as NBC’S Steven Spielberg directed Smash, VH1’s Mob Wives, Oxygen Network’s Runnin Russell Simmons, and MTV’s True Life.  Her video, ‘Hard to the Body’, recently appeared on Spike TV’s Top 100 YouTube Videos.  She is about to release her upcoming mixtape, Route 80, produced by Shy Boogs, Skitzo, Ryan & Smitty.  She will also be on the Warped Tour starting in July.

Video: Raekwon Ft. L.E.P. Bogus Boys - "This Shit Hard"

From Audible Treats:

Video: Raekwon Ft. L.E.P. Bogus Boys - "This Shit Hard"

One of the highest respects that a hip-hop legend can offer to a rising artist is to invite that rising artist to take part in their own project. That's exactly what happened when legendary Wu-Tang Clan rapper Raekwon invited Chicago's L.E.P. Bogus Boys to take part in his Unexpected Victory EP. The project was highly lauded, and this collaboration, "This Shit Hard," in particular, became a quick fan-favorite.

MP3: Red Cafe - "I'm the Best" + "Game Over"

MP3: Red Cafe - "I'm the Best" + "Game Over"

Courtesy BF Blasts.


"I'm The Best"

Download Clean & Dirty

"Game Over"

Download Clean & Dirty

MP3: Dorrough - "I.D.G.A.F."

MP3: Dorrough - "I.D.G.A.F."

Courtesy Who Got Next.

Tell 'em The Wonder TwinZ sent ya...


PR: Drapht - "Sing It (The Life of Riley)" f/ on MTV Iggy

From Jerry Graham:

PR: Drapht - "Sing It (The Life of Riley)" f/ on MTV Iggy

New York, NY- MTV Iggy is featuring the video for “Sing It (The Life Of Riley)” by Drapht. The melodic whistle and drum-break laden tune is the perfect soundboard for Australian emcee, Drapht to reminisce about his childhood until now in a life surrounded by hip hop. The video reflects this narration in a dream-like state with Drapht opening doors of his past, sometimes with metaphors including a cypher with masked animals. The song which is the title track of Drapht’s newest album “The Life Of Riley” drops in the U.S. on May 8th and is already certified gold in his homeland of Australia. It’s worth noting that last year only two Australian artists had Number 1 records in their homeland, by now you are all familiar with Gotye..Now it’s time you met with other guy!

PERMALINK: http://www.mtviggy.com/videos/drapht-sing-it-the-life-of-riley/ .

Speaking on the track, Drapht (aka Paul Ridge) says “It was by far the hardest track to break the back of for the album. However I think that had more to do with the bullshit summer Perth was having and having no air conditioning in my home studio for its entirety. The content of the song is based around - growing up and being unknowingly influenced by other peoples’ choices. Realizing 15 years down the track that like it or not, if it wasn't for these people you would’nt be in the same position you are today.” 

A video for the break-away single “Rapunzel” (which reached double platinum sales status) was recently featured in the U.S. on Crave Online (craveonline.com/music/articles/186587-aussie-hip-hop-sensation-drapht-sets-us-date-for-life-of-riley). The two videos viewable now give an example of the range of Drapht’s music which incorporates elements of live instrumentation with samples that traverse through a record collection without boundaries and topped with the emcee’s uncanny sense of lyrical hooks. The album features production from long time musical collaborator Trials (also from Aussie hip hop outfit, Funkoars) as well as a veritable treasure trove of guest emcees (Nfa, Urthboy, Mantra) outside musicians, producers (M-Phazes) and singers (Abbe May, Simon Cox).

More info: www.Drapht.com.au .

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