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Audio: Kidz in the Hall f/ Bun B, David Banner - "Pour It Up"

Audio: Kidz in the Hall f/ Bun B, David Banner - "Pour It Up"

Courtesy Matt B.

Naledge & Double-0 presents their latest smash, "Pour It Up (P.imp C.up)," featuring David Banner & Bun B off their forthcoming album, Occasion, in stores November 22nd on Duck Down Music Inc.

Purchase "Pour It Up (P.imp C.up)" now on iTunes: .

Listen: .

Kidz In The Hall "Pour It Up (P.imp C.up)" feat. David Banner & Bun B by duckdown

MP3: Andre Nickatina - "Still Gon Ball" Feat. Messy Marv

MP3: Andre Nickatina - "Still Gon Ball" Feat. Messy Marv & J. Valentine

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Andre Nickatina has been non-stop bouncing this month, jumping from coast to coast on his Money Shark 2011 Tour, which continues all the way to New Years Eve in Seattle. Despite his busy schedule, he's taking the time today to release the mp3 for his latest single, "Still Gon Ball," giving fans a chance to finally get their hands on the song after catching the video premiere last month on VEVO. For "Still Gon Ball," Andre lets fellow Fillmore compatriot Messy Marv jump on the first part of each verse, while ever-smooth crooner J. Valentine, also of the Bay Area, caresses the hook. The heavily electronic production is an unexpected choice for the emcee, but with lyrics like, "My style is candy painted/ My suit is tailor-maded/ My pinky ring would get a brick if I ever trade it," it's not hard to see why the song is quickly becoming a fan favorite for Nickatina fans.

Download "Still Gon Ball" for free here: .

Video: Nefew & 7 Inch - "Over Here"

Video: Nefew & 7 Inch - "Over Here"

Courtesy Melanie J Cornish.

Nefew and producer 7 inch are proud to present their collaborative effort, TRANSITIONS, which is available from all digital outlets today. The EP boasts the single OVER HERE which has already featured on some of the premier Hip-Hop sites with the video being picked up by MTVu in the US and various MTV networks in Europe.

Video: Marcus Manchild - "Bad Ass Yella Boy" (dir. Orbit Didit)

Video: Marcus Manchild - "Bad Ass Yella Boy" (dir. Orbit Didit)

Courtesy Nancy B.

Houston, TX - Marcus Manchild left town yesterday to link up with Method Man, Big K.R.I.T. and Curen$y et al for the first leg of his very first national tour, The Smoker's Club Tour - . The 32-city tour goes through November 24th, routing through cities like Detroit, Chicago, New York, Atlanta and San Francisco. Before he left though, Marcus dropped this brand new video, to his "Bad Ass Yella Boy" remix.

MP3: Big Pooh - "They Say" Ft. Chokolate

MP3: Big Pooh - "They Say" Ft. Chokolate

Courtesy of Audible Treats.

The other week, Big Pooh announced the forthcoming release of Dirty Pretty Things, and now, with the November 1st release date fast approaching for the North Carolina spitter's long-awaited sophomore solo LP, Big Pooh is excited to release the brand new single, "They Say."

The song, produced by Kudie Fresh and featuring R&B chanteuse Chokolate on the hook, kicks things off with an innately west coast-vibe; a mix of staccato strings, heavy bass, vocal chops, and synths create a fittingly raw backdrop for Pooh's aggressive raps as he rebukes naysayers and shakes off hanger-on's. "Get it done anyway/ Fuck what them people say/ As we look around, notice who ain't with me here today," raps Pooh, before exclaiming, "My circle getting small, my legend growing bigger/ And I'm yet to reach my apex, go figure/ All the respect that I've accumulated/ You could times that by 10 and it's understated."

Download "They Say" here: .

Video: T.iM.E f/ Joy Jones - "Breakthrough"

Video: T.iM.E f/ Joy Jones - "Breakthrough"

Courtesy Dunn Deal PR.

Video: T.iM.E (Theimagination & E Reece), "Breakthrough" f. Joy Jones.
The T.iM.E Is Now album out now on Elevated Mental/Culture Digital.

PR: J-Zone vs. the "Gadget Ho" (Book Chapter) + More Info

PR: J-Zone vs. the "Gadget Ho" (Book Chapter) + More Info

Courtesy of Kenny Hoggin$, $ir Charge, and the Old Maid Billionaire.

Ladies and Gents,

After months of delays and annoyances - UPS can learn something from the Jehovah's Witnesses about ringing the f*ckin' doorbell when delivering a book proof - I'm finally on the ball with my forthcoming book (Root for the Villain: Rap, Bullshit, and a Celebration of Failure).

The first chapter leak deals with the “Gadget Ho”. You know who he / she is, don't you? If you find yourself in a social setting and someone around you just can't seem to stop texting, “LOL”ing, and emoticon-ing their way through the night; they're a Gadget Ho. I guess appearing interesting and disinterested at the same time is the new muscle shirt / mini-skirt. The traditional Gadget Ho has some cousins as well: The egregious behaviors of the “Huddle Ho”, “Cosmo Ho”“Flash Ho” are discussed in detail. Additionally, I examine the behaviors of the Gadget Ho that enjoys going at level 2 on the treadmill while texting (thus getting zero results after belonging to a gym for umpteen years) and the absolute worst offender in the Holiday Gadget Ho (he / she who sends disingenuous, holiday-related mass texts and runs up my phone bill). And to all of you overzealous promoter guys looking to promote your hip-hop events via incessant mass texting - you're Gadget Hoes as well. Lose my f*ckin' phone number. 

Read the “Go Go Gadget Ho!” chapter here! (Ego Trip blog)

Read the official PDF of the chapter (to see how the book interior will look) here! (J-Zone website)

To see a Gadget Ho take on Godzilla and King Kong, check this video: PSA - Don't Be a Gadget Ho

Stodgy folks will probably find this excerpt crass and slightly offensive (as are 95% of the things I say and do). But if you're on this e-mail list, it means I believe you don't have a stick in your ass and just may have a sense of humor after all. 

I've also attached the front and back covers of my book to this e-mail. Get a glimpse of the artwork and read what The Lonely Island / Saturday Night Live crew (Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer), Danger Mouse (Gnarls Barkley, Black Keys, Beck, Gorillaz), Prince Paul (De La Soul, Handsome Boy Modeling School), Chairman Mao (Ego Trip, XXL Magazine), Phillip Mlynar (Village Voice), and Dante Ross have to say about me and / or my book. 

Release date will likely be 11/15/11 (self-publishing is not always an exact science). Root for the Villain will also be available as an e-book and a limited edition cassette tape-only audio book (not a joke). That means if you don't have a Walkman, an old car, or a boom box, you'll just have to read the thing. 

More details and previews next week. For more info on the book, visit my website at 


Jay / J-Zone / The Gadget Ho Assassinator

Video: The Away Team - "The Road to Redemption"

Video: The Away Team - "The Road to Redemption"

Courtesy Matt B.

Music video directed by Kenneth Price.
The video features a cameo by Torry Holt.

PR: Rapper Fights the Odds to Release Latest Mixtape

PR: Rapper Fights the Odds to Release Latest Mixtape

Courtesy Yo! PR.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- On the heels of the release of his newest single "You’re My Everything", Toronto rapper L.I.R.I.X. has released his latest mixtape, "Against All Odds", which is now available on iTunes.

"Against All Odds" features several of the hottest songs released by L.I.R.I.X. over the last 2 years including "Respect My Grind", "Lady Luck", "Faithful", "Shout It Out" and his latest, "You’re My Everything" with production from Krazy Jay, Aaron Wood, The Awesome Sound and Brian Moon, as well as Canadian producers Big Pops, H.I.T.S., Young K and Maine. It also features up-n-coming artists Rayhaan aka Ray Ray Malone, Staasia Daniels, Tenika Hamilton and industry veteran Kin Smuv.

"I was truly blessed to work with as many people as I did creating this record over the last 10 months. 'Against All Odds' is more then the title of my project, it's a mindset and a way of life. To me, if you work hard and push for your dreams you can make anything happen 'Against All Odds'," said L.I.R.I.X.

"I wrote 'Against All Odds' from the perspective that nobody knows who I am as an artist. I had the opportunity to travel and experiment with my sound, which helped with the direction and storyline of the project. My goal with this project was to create an eclectic sound that shows my growth as an artist and takes the listeners on a journey. I hope that 'Against All Odds' gives listeners some insight as to who I am and who I aspire to be."

"Against All Odds" Tracklisting:

1. World Premier (Prod. by Young K)
2. Shut 'Em Up (Prod. by Big Pops)
3. Respect My Grind (Prod. by H.I.T.S.)
4. Take Off Your Cool (Prod. by Big Pops)
5. Shout It Out (Prod. by Krazy Jay)
6. Everywhere I Go (Prod. by Big Pops)
7. The Bright Lights (Prod. by The Awesome Sound)
8. Deal Or No Deal (Prod. by Brian Moon)
9. You're My Everything (Prod. by The Awesome Sound)
10. Lady Luck (Prod. by Aaron Wood)
11. Faithful (Prod. by Young K)
12. Living For The Moment (Prod. by Aaron Wood)
13. I Can Feel It (Prod. by Young K)
14. Full House (Prod. by Maine)
15. Bulletz (Prod. by Big Pops)
16. Snake Eyes (Prod. by Maine)
17. I'm Gonna Make It (Prod. by Big Pops)
18. Trust In Me (Prod. by Maine)

Download "L.I.R.I.X. - Against All Odds" Now .

Video: DJ Drama f/ Akon, Ya Boy - "Lock Down"

Video: DJ Drama f/ Akon, Ya Boy - "Lock Down"

Courtesy Chris @ E1.

DJ Drama "Lockdown" feat. Ya Boy and Akon official video.

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