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Wednesday October 01, 2014
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Devo Spice Update for 8/18/2010

Devo Spice Update for 8/18/2010

Hey folks,

Just a couple quick updates while I’m getting ready for Pi-Con...


This weekend I’ll be returning to the state where I grew up for a small, quirky, and fun little convention called Pi-Con.  The con takes place in Enfield, CT at the Holiday Inn (which apparently was a Crowne Plaza up until just a few days ago).

I’ll be performing along with Tom Smith, Rob Balder, and Worm Quartet.  My concert is Saturday at 4:00.  Worm Quartet is at 4:30.  Tom Smith is Saturday at 2:00, and at 3:00 there is a FuMP concert that will feature all 4 of us.  Rob doesn’t have a solo concert this year but he’ll be rocking at the FuMP show.

FYI, this is not your run of the mill convention.  Last year this con had a lot of panels on polyamory, bondage, and other stuff like that.  There appears to be slightly less of that this year just judging from the posted schedule, but for those of you coming I just wanted to give you a heads up so you to know what you’re getting yourself into.  There’s also a burlesque performance Friday night at 10 which I believe Madison will be a part of.

Jango is a music service similar to Rhapsody where you as a listener enter the names of bands that you like and the service plays those bands along with other artists who they think you will like.  Then you tell it whether you like those picks and it refines its playlist for you.

I got a free trial of the artist side of Jango and decided I like it a lot.  The way it works is I tell the service who I think will like my music (ie., fans of Weird Al, Eminem, etc.) and they put me in the mix for people who like those artists.  Then they tell me who likes my music, and who else they are fans of, and I can further refine my choices from there in order to find people who will like my music.

It’s been an interesting experiment.  Apparently fans of my music are also fans of The Doors, Britney Spears, The Pussycat Dolls, Queen, blink-182, Metallica, Guns ‘N Roses, and Usher.  And therein lies the problem with marketing a comedy-rap act.  I have a very eclectic fan base, which is cool, but it makes it infinitely harder to track down potential new fans.  So far Jango is the best tool I’ve found and a lot of new people are discovering and liking my music.  So I’m going to stick with it.

So if you’re a Jango user please enter me in as an artist who you like to hear.  I think that’ll get me more organic plays.

That’s all for now!  Hope to see a few of you at Pi-Con!


Video: Shawty Lo - "Tunnel Vision"

This is the official video for Shawty Lo's track "Tunnel Vision' featured on the "Bowen Homes Carlos' mixtape. The video was shot exclusively for the Shawty Lo "Bowen Homes Carlos" Hood Affairs DVD in the streets now!!

Audio: Big Rich - "It's Bigga"

Big Rich is back with a fresh new sound, with his hit single "It's Bigga" featuring Evenodds M.A. (produced the track as well) & D.E.O This song is an anthem for everyone getting money and for those who enjoys life. This is the first single off his upcoming album "Built to Last" in stores Fall 2010. For more information go to

Video DL LinkS: (To download files right click and "save target as...")


It's Bigga:

DJ Pack-

One of the Bay Area's supreme talents, Richard Bougere Jr., affectionately monikered Big Rich, was born on the date of September 12, 1981.

Richard hails from the notorious Fillmore District of San Francisco, California.

The Fillmore, a hot bed for cultural expression and talent, has produced several high profile rappers yet Rich has always stood out, as one of the area’s largest and most notable entertainers.

Growing up in the 90's, as the ruthless and proliferate epidemic of crack cocaine continued to grasp a manifold of inner city communities, such as the Fillmore. Young Rich, 11 years old, found himself in a love affair with rap music, just as many others of that decade. He describes his relationship with rap music as one whom fell in love, never stopped, and pursued it because he never had any other desires.

Mr. Bougere started out making beats, producing never wanting to be in the forefront of the movement. That kept him complacent until he ran out of rappers to give beats to; this encouraged Rich to finally pick up the mic.

Thus as fate would have it, Big Rich was born. Rich was influenced by the likes of the effervescent, world renowned lyricist, Tupac Shakur and also the Bay Area's very own pertinently talented, San Quinn. Although Rich believes, that he was not gifted with the God-given ability to rap, he believes that his diligence, perseverance and drive gave him the know-how to stand in the very same arena as one of his cities very best.

The resilient spirit and hunger for success drove him to inconceivable lengths. Big Rich, self made rapper and CEO, began to make a name for himself in his neighborhood at an immensely early age. He did so by working with major Bay Area rap legends as: San Quinn, Rappin 4tay, RBL Posse, and JT tha Bigga Figga, all before his 16th birthday.

However, Big Rich's professional career began in 1998 when his group

Fully Loaded was signed by Charles Kelly and San Quinn to Done Deal Entertainment. His group released two successful independent albums under the Done Deal umbrella.

Nevertheless, in 2005 it was time for he and his group to go their separate ways and pursue solo careers. Rich always being mogul-mind decided that he and Charles Kelly, former CEO of Done Deal, start Street Cred Music Group. Thus causing them to sign a joint venture deal with Koch Records.

In 2006, Big Rich released his debut album "Block Tested Hood Approved" which received praise and positive reviews. It was also critically acclaimed by the mainstream media but most importantly acclaimed by the streets.

Rich gained nationwide exposure with his smash hit "That's The Business". The video was "Jam of the Week" on MTV Jams, 106 & Park's "New Joint of the Day" on BET, and also made it on the "Sucka Free Countdown" on MTV1. Not only had Rich won over the people but he won over the critiques as well by winning New Artist of the Year at The BARS Awards (Bay Area Rap Scene).

Rich who many call a “rappers-rapper” because of his professionalism and work ethic, has became one of the front runners in the Bay Area rap game. Rich's confidence and raw appeal has ushered him to the dawn of greatness. His presence alone demands attention and amongst a room full of greats, he superbly holds his own.

Rich has been featured on a plethora of remixes and mixtapes. He has worked with many different producers and names all over the country. Some of his project includes a group album "Unda Dogg Kings" with the Bay's, talented Balance in 2006, "All City" with the force that is San Quinn in 2007. But in 2008, Big Rich joined forces with his longtime mentor, San Quinn and Boo Banger to recorded one of the biggest songs in Bay Area history, the "SF Anthem". This smash hit, filled with pride and hometown heroism is packed with personal narrative from each, which depicts the city of San Francisco in a light that many have not seen it in. This song was the culmination of Big Rich the superstar. The "SF Anthem" video is still currently in heavy rotation on MTV Jams.

This song led to a deal with EHUSTL Entertainment, who came in, added further dynamite to the explosion that had already ignited to create an even more enormous movement.

Some of the projects that proceeded the "SF Anthem" were "Good As Money" with Balance in 2009 again and the powerful, "Guns & Roses" with the ever talented, Konvict's Music’s, Ya Boy in 2010.


Rich also finished up his highly anticipated Sophomore album titled "Heart Of The City" which has been dubbed a classic and has received numerous acclaim as well.

The phenomenon that is Big Rich will not cease. Rich has completed more than most artist of his caliber could ever dream. He has rocked 30,000 seat arenas, traveled the country, sold thousands of albums, walked red carpets, and has cultivated the hearts and minds of many.  Big Rich's "never stop, always on the go, continuum" mentality has him still touring and globetrotting frequently.The City is in deed on his back.

With a website:, videos, touring, more music and other ventures in the works, the ever perpetual working, son of the Fillmore continues to make his city proud.

To sum it up in his own words, "Every day’s a hard ride, but I'm determined. I just want the ultimate success."

And so far what Big Rich has wanted, Big Rich has gotten!

Video: Cashmere - "Where's Cashmere?"

Video: Cashmere - "Where's Cashmere?"

MP3: Skillz - "Regular Guy"

From Skillz Muzik:

MP3: Skillz - "Regular Guy"


Mixtape: J-Ronin's All Elements Vol. 11 Hosted by Jadakiss

From J-Ronin:

Mixtape: J-Ronin's All Elements Vol. 11 Hosted by Jadakiss

Here's the mediafire link - and DatPiff link - I worked with dozens of artists to make it happen. Source mag got gave it a lil' review this month so that's a good look. This tape to me is the best multi artist hardcore hip-hop tape to drop in 2010.
J-Ronin's All Elements 11 
MP3: Moe Green - "Lights, Camera, Action" (Bonus Track)

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Moe Green - "Lights, Camera, Action" (Bonus Track)

Vallejo California's Rising Son Introduces Wrestlemania Music With Rocky Maivia Bonus Track

The Song:

"Lights, Camera, Action," the bonus track off Moe Green's debut LP, Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match, is the quintessential fight song. Fresh off a Show & Prove feature in this month's XXL Magazine, the KMEL Freshmen 10 rapper delivers a fusion of braggadocio and punch line metaphors, a driving kick-to-snare combination, a triumphant staccato, and the distant clamor of an uproarious crowd for this epic opus. "It's what I call wrestlemania music," notes Moe. "It gets you ready to do something big." Produced by Rob-E, who handles production duties on Moe's forthcoming LP To Whom It May Concern, "Lights, Camera, Action" is an adaptation from French electro-house artist Kavinsky, known for his style reminiscent of 1980s film soundtracks.

Available only on the limited edition pressing of physical CDs, "Lights, Camera, Action" is in essence, Moe's closing remarks regarding the state of hip-hop and a declaration of his arrival to the game. Calling out Jabronis and spent emcees alike with barbed banter like: "Your times over/ You too old, bro/ There's new blood here/ Put your toes up," Moe sends out a strong affirmation of his intent to claim the title and rise among the ranks of hip-hop heavyweights. "If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready," notes the poised emcee. "Because when it's your time to shine you'll already be glowing."

Listen to "Lights, Camera, Action": .

Video: Jon John Cipher TV w/ Soul Khan, Jus One & More

From J-Ronin:

Video: Jon John Cipher TV w/ Soul Khan, Jus One & More

Video: Planet Asia & More - "Gold Chain War"

From J-Ronin:

Video: Planet Asia & More - "Gold Chain War"

MP3: Raekwon f/ Bun B - "Never Matter to You"

From Raekwon:

MP3: Raekwon f/ Bun B - "Never Matter to You" 

RT @OnSMASH: NEW MUSIC: @Raekwon "Never Matter To You" (feat. @BunBTrillOG) 

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